TTG Chapter 347

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 347: The Sahara of Death (27)

Yu Hexuan shivered and suddenly opened his eyes. His whole body was frozen, his hands and feet were cold, and the chill penetrating the bone marrow was like the feeling of forgetting to close the window by the bed in winter, kicking off the quilt, and then waking up from the cold.

It was dark and there was no light from the campfire. It was the bonfire that went out. No wonder it was so cold – no!

Yu Hexuan’s heart was cold. He had agreed not to sleep tonight, and everyone sat around the campfire. How could he let the campfire go out?

Something must have happened!

“Fei Luan, Fei Luan”

Yu Hexuan held his breath and did not dare to move. He called his nearest sister. They were twin brothers and sisters. Twins always had a strange feeling, which was strengthened by various titles after they came to the hotel. Sure enough, Yu feiluan was awakened by him in a few seconds. She was also cold and frightened.

The brother and sister looked around carefully, but the thick darkness swallowed everything, without any light or sound. Even the sound of sandstorm outside disappeared, and everything was quiet and strange.

“How did you sleep?”

Yu Hexuan asked his sister in his heart that there was something wrong with his lethargy. He clearly remembered that he was awake before. He was ready to continue drawing symbols after eating dates. It was impossible to suddenly fall asleep for no reason.

“I don’t know… Brother, what the hell is going on? Where’s the captain? Brother Tang, are they still there? I can’t see anything ”

Yu feiluan’s voice is soft and frightened. He is obviously good at the most explosive thunder guiding charm, but feiluan is a soft sister who speaks softly. There are many people in their family, especially men over women. Feiluan is a little weak and obedient, but the brother and sister have a good relationship. Yu Hexuan will protect his sister when he is sensible. Now he also protects his sister when he is in danger.

“Feiluan, hold on to Lei Fu. I’ll have a look.”

Yu Hexuan crept up and carefully groped for the place where the memory squadron friends were. Soon he found that his teammates didn’t disappear. They were still there, but the next second Yu Hexuan felt like a basin of cold water.

The teammates are all sleeping on the ground and can’t wake up anyway! Even the most vigilant team Chen can’t wake up!

What the hell is going on?!

Yu Hexuan’s back was covered with white sweat. At this time, he heard his sister’s anxious call.

“Brother, something is coming!”

Yu feiluan has strong inspiration. Growing up in a complex family, she has been very good at looking at people’s faces since childhood, is very aware of other people’s emotional changes, and has a keen perception of danger and malice. After coming to the hotel, she won the blue initial title of “sixth sense”, which further strengthened this point.

Now, Yu feiluan heard some creepy sounds.

Sasha, Sasha.

Like the sound of something walking on the sand. It’s been a sandstorm outside for a long time. It should be full of sand outside the bunker. Who is approaching, accompanied by a heavy, greedy and malicious gasp.

A smell came faintly. Yu feiluan turned pale. She smelled it. It was the smell of fresh blood.

Tick, tick.

The sound of falling water drops sounded, but it sounded more viscous than water. It was like blood flowing from the fresh neck fracture just broken. The smell of blood became heavier and heavier, and the sound of breathing became faster and faster. The other party was approaching rapidly and closer to them – it came from the Northeast!

“Brother, come back!”

Yu feiluan called anxiously. His brother was in the northeast, which was also where the strong men of the hundred boss were originally. He wanted to see if they were still there and whether they fell asleep, but now the danger is approaching from that direction!

However, at the next moment, Yu feiluan felt a strong feeling of fear from his brother! What’s going on? What did my brother find? Does it mean that the monster has——

“Fei Luan, get away!”

Suddenly, the red fire light tears the darkness. It is Yu Hexuan’s best sky fire talisman. For example, more than ten fireballs fall, but the falling direction is not the Northeast where Yu feiluan is aware of the danger, but the other side of Yu feiluan! While the flame fell, Yu feiluan heard his brother’s desperate cry. It was too late to think more. Yu feiluan immediately rushed to the side and threw all the thunder symbols in his hand.

Even if using Lei Fu at such a close distance would hurt her at the same time, Yu feiluan didn’t hesitate. Roaring thunder accompanied the flame to break the silence and tear the darkness. Yu Hexuan ran over at the fastest speed and tried to reach forward to catch his sister. But Yu feiluan was caught by another big hand.

She couldn’t escape. Yu feiluan couldn’t move. She was frightened and opened her eyes. The whole person was caught by the great fear and looked blankly behind her.

In the darkness behind her, there was a huge, deformed and twisted face two meters high. The face was full of blood, dark red and viscous. It fell with the silk. The fire talisman and thunder talisman did not cause any harm to the enemy. The smell of blood was heavier, and the cold came, like the most terrible nightmare.

It’s the face of the disabled giant who killed Hao Yun and song Feixing!

“Let her go, you let her go!”

Yu Hexuan rushed to the giant and threw all the fire symbols, but it didn’t have any effect. The thunder and the light of the fire didn’t wake others. He could only watch the giant lift his sister. His two fingers pinched her head like tweezers – unscrewing her head and pulling out her spine and internal organs. That’s how the giant ate Hao Yun and song Feixing!

“Fei Luan -”

He shouted sadly and hoarsely, like a cuckoo crying blood, and despair filled his heart. Yu Hexuan directly bit the giant with his teeth, whining like a beast forced to a desperate situation.

However, the next moment, things turned around!

“Zheng hum!”

The sound of the sharp blade cutting through the air, Yu Hexuan saw a knife in the gradually dim light of the fire symbol! The knife directly pierced into the giant’s eye in the middle of the giant’s face. It roared angrily in pain. It threw Yu feiluan away and raised its hand to draw the knife.

Besides their brother and sister, there are others waking up! Yu Hexuan heard a cold, angry voice from the northeast,

“So noisy.”

Red sand giant tribe in ancient oasis.

The sandstorm outside didn’t stop. The sand rolled by the wind crackled outside the bunker like rain and hail. Even the corn shoots blocked the door, they couldn’t completely block the sand. There was a layer of light, soft and cold thin sand on the dry and hard animal skin on the ground. The cold spread, and the bonfire that was burning in the middle suddenly suffered a few inches, and the flame flickered, as if it would go out at any time.

The uncertain light of the fire set off the gloomy environment and made everyone look bad. The Yu brothers and sisters who slept with their eyes open were moved to the campfire, among all the people, but they were not the only ones.

“No… not just two people.”

The words of the psychic Lily made everyone feel cold. Lily lit a black candle and took out a ritual knife. She first chopped the knife in the air above her brothers and sisters, then roasted the knife on the candle, and then Lily turned her back to the people and took off her sunglasses. Carefully observe the blade, as if there was a picture on it. This action made Wei Xun think of an Xuefeng’s return knife.

But the backtracking picture is the function of the returning knife itself, which is Lily’s own means. Candles and knives are just media. But two or three seconds later, Lily’s voice sounded again, but it was no longer ethereal and a little hoarse: “I saw five shadows, five, five. Three people except two of them were enemies, I saw…”

Five shadows? Are there five people who fell asleep? How is that possible – no!

“Yin Yang butterfly?”

Wei Xun immediately reacted and looked up. After all, the yin-yang butterfly and the infected person had a criminal record (butcher alliance). At this tense moment, they both knew each other and didn’t come close to the passengers. Yin Yang butterfly sits in the east corner. The campfire lighting is limited. Most of his body is hidden in the dark, like sleeping.

But the infected person dragged the yin-yang butterfly to the campfire, and the people found that he slept with his eyes open, almost the same as Yu’s brothers and sisters!

“I didn’t feel anything different. I was eating dates just now.”

The infected person immediately said that he didn’t do it. In fact, Wei Xun immediately understood and exchanged eyes with Zhang xingzang.

“Is the corresponding person.”

Wei Xun manipulated the wheelchair to the side of Yin-Yang butterfly, and his eyes suddenly fell on his knife. Yin Yang butterfly was maintaining the blade before, but now his blade was stained with a trace of blood, as if he had just fought with something.

Not only Yu’s brother and sister, but also three newcomers corresponding to the three people who should be swallowed by the old disabled giant. Before, the old disabled giant who faced the yin-yang butterfly wanted to break his neck like crazy. At that time, Wei Xun wondered whether the yin-yang butterfly corresponded with one of Yu’s brother and sister and Zhu Yuande.

Now it’s confirmed.

“There are two more, two of the blood Baron, Rex the blood wolf and the black werewolf.”

David said seriously. He opened his brother’s and sister’s eyelids and observed carefully: “if you can’t wake up, they have been lost. If the outside world is too stimulated, I’m afraid they will die suddenly.”

The situation is not good. The sleepy Yu brothers and sisters may have to deal with not only giants, but also two more powerful and terrible enemies for them.

“You can try chasing dreams.”

Noting Bai Xiaosheng’s eyes, Zhang xingzang frowned and said, “but it’s not guaranteed to succeed.”

Dealing with the enemy in the nightmare should be the specialty of the dreamer, but the problem is its current state. If the dreamer were not in the form of a dragon, he might be able to use some power. Zhang xingzang wouldn’t even say the word “try”.

“Lily can try, too.”

The astrologer said, the psychic Lily nodded slowly and whispered, “I need their blood to let the candlelight guide them back.”

Everyone gave their place to Lily and dream chasing dragon. Next to them, there was ferret Tong Hege, who always paid attention to the situation of family brothers and sisters and yin-yang butterflies. No one asked why the ferret appeared here and why it looked like Wei Xun’s ferret. Everyone was busy.

David, Centaur Katie and the infected man went out in a sandstorm. They want to try if they can pick up two of the sleeping Rex, blood baron or black werewolf by sensing the infected person. They are not prepared for each other, and they won’t be prepared for anything. Tonight is a good opportunity.

Half life Taoist intended to go together. Although he was very worried about Chen Cheng and them, all the people who went out were from the west side, not their own people. It’s not decent, especially half life was a little biased against the people in the west side. He always felt that these people were too cunning and insincere. The astrologer is here. An Xuefeng must stay here to protect Wei Xun. Zhang xingzang should pay attention to chasing dreams. He is the only one who can move.

“Half life, come here.”

But Wei Xun didn’t let him out.

In addition to the people on the campfire, an Xuefeng, Wei Xun and astrologer are all next to Zhu Yuande. They are studying the tentacles of corn shoots.

Zhu Yuande, who should have fallen asleep together, is now awake, which is completely unreasonable. Lily also said that there were five shadows in her dream, obviously without Zhu Yuande.

“Ordinary worms.”

The astrologer was the first to say, “the key is not in it, but in fate.”

According to him, Zhu Yuande was awakened at the moment when he fell into a nightmare. It’s useless to move forward, and he won’t be able to sleep at the next minute. It’s just this time. Because Zhu Yuande was favored by fate, he was too lucky.

Is it really just lucky?

Wei Xun doesn’t think so. There are some things that astrologers don’t know.

“Half life, come and have a look.”

Wei Xun said that on the surface, he asked half life to make a divination for Zhu Yuande, but in fact, he talked to half life Taoist secretly by holding silk.

“Do you have a problem with Chen Cheng?”

Chen Cheng is comforting Zhu Yuande now. After the accident of Yu’s brother and sister, he calmed the panicked and worried team members as soon as possible. After confirming that Lily doesn’t need help, he sat back with Zhu Yuande. Zhu Yuande was stupid and frightened. He spoke a little stumbling. Chen Cheng answered many things for him.

It can be seen that Chen Cheng knows his team members very well. He keeps Zhu Yuande’s past, habits, personality and some small things in mind. When he speaks, Zhu Yuande nods next to him. They don’t hide anything. It can be seen that Chen Cheng is also like helping them find some special points of Zhu Yuande’s soberness, so as to help Yu’s brothers and sisters wake up quickly.

Chen Cheng is a good captain who cares about the team members, so Wei Xun wants to know whether Zhu Yuande’s stay awake is related to Chen Cheng sitting next to him.

At that time, the feeling of Wei Xun was not forgotten when he was against the old chieftain.

“You, you mean…”

Half life Taoist was a little stumbling and a little unbelievable. When he woke up, he also knew what had happened at that time and knew that his sword out of the cold mountain was not only the support of Wei Xun’s energy, but also had something to do with team Chen. But half life Taoist only thought it was accidental – Hongsha giant tribe, sword out of Hanshan mountain, unfinished Hanshan sword, keepsake of ancient oasis, Chen Cheng in scene replay, pollution at 30 degrees north latitude and his half life Taoist were all related to Chen team.

In addition, an Xuefeng’s action at that time led to unstable space shock. Under various conditions, it attracted a trace of Chen team’s breath, strength or consciousness. Even the half life Taoist couldn’t determine Chen Cheng’s current state. He was not sure whether the power came from the real Chen Cheng or what he left in the keepsake or Hanshan sword.

But Wei Xun’s words made half his life more hopeful. He immediately squeezed into Chen Cheng and Zhu Yuande’s side. He grabbed one person’s hand with one hand and closed his eyes. However, a moment later, he frowned and released Zhu Yuande’s hand, holding Chen Cheng in one hand and holding the keepsake of the ancient oasis in the other.

“It seems a little, but I’m not sure”

The half life Taoist said in distress. He put down the token, took out the unfinished Hanshan sword and said, “it’s very weak, very weak, so weak that I don’t know whether it’s the token or what really happened – I’ve been calling him in my heart just now, but team Chen didn’t respond to me.”

But Wei Xun can basically confirm that Zhu Yuande’s soberness is definitely related to Chen Cheng, because his heart beat subtly and disorderly just now. Wei Xun commanded Chen Cheng to stand by the fire. I don’t know if it’s an illusion. The Yu brothers and sisters seem to look better.

The butterfly fragments of the ancient oasis are really related to Chen Cheng, and this connection is still close. Perhaps this is what half life Taoist said before, “there is a problem with the butterfly fragments of the ancient oasis.”.

“Is there a special connection between butterfly fragments and pioneers?”

Wei Xun asked an Xuefeng about this question, and the answer given by an Xuefeng was No. If there was any special connection, Wei Xun could not have picked out the butterfly fragments directly from the puppet master at that time, and the fragments of the dreamer should not have been taken away by the worms. On the way home, the butterfly fragments they won were simply not placed on an Xuefeng.

“It may have an impact, but it’s not a connection.”

Owning butterfly fragments will make people stronger. Even if this strength is more inclined to the direction of pollution variation, after getting butterfly fragments, developers will not be too afraid of pollution in their journey of 30 degrees north latitude. As strong as an Xuefeng, you don’t have to carry butterfly fragments when you go to Western Europe and Sahara.

“But astrologers are an exception”

The astrologer is the only exception before he has seen Wei Xun’s heart fused with butterfly fragments. It is said that the astrologer is the exclusive prop for his orange title of “astrologer”, but the astrologer combines the butterfly fragments with the astrologer and becomes a tattoo on the back of his hand.

The tattoo is subtly similar to the butterfly tattoo on Wei Xun’s heart, and this “coincidence” makes Wei Xun wonder what the astrologer saw in his prophecy, whether it is related to him, and how close he was to the life playing people in those years.

There is no doubt that the butterfly fragments in the ancient oasis can definitely stimulate Chen Cheng. After absorbing a large amount of pollution energy, this fragment is now very active, in sharp contrast to other butterfly fragments.

Wei Xun even felt that he could move this fragment without digging his heart, but he didn’t intend to do anything directly with the ancient oasis butterfly fragments. He didn’t understand these fragments and didn’t fully grasp them. What’s more, the uncontrolled sword of the half life Taoist before shows that Chen Cheng is never friendly to the life playing people who took away his butterfly fragments. Ten years later, he still kills them when he meets them.

We have to relax, indirect, and find an intermediary.

Butterfly fragments and fragments are related. Butterfly fragments of astrologers, butterfly fragments of ancient oases, astrologers,???, Xi Mingren, Chen Cheng.

This is a feasible logical chain.

Wei Xun thought that he controlled the wheelchair and came to the astrologer. As the “Bai Xiaosheng” in the wheelchair approached from the right, the astrologer’s slow posture of inserting his right hand into his pocket changed to standing with his arm in his arms, and his right hand hid in the bend of his left arm.

My brother definitely coveted the butterfly fragments of astrologers.

Watching the astrologer change his posture, Wei Xun thought. Although the astrologer becomes more and more curious, now he doesn’t want to study the astrologer’s chart in depth. He took a fancy to the fact that astrologers and hippies were once closely linked.

“Astrologer, fate let me see the stars.”

Wei Xun observed his words and expressions and found that the astrologer’s face eased. He immediately hit the snake and stick: “I want to see your right hand, can I?”

Can you look at your right hand? For astrologers, this sentence is as bad as a bully saying to a yellow flower girl that I’ll take a look! But what Bai Xiaosheng just said about “fate let me see the stars” really poked the astrologer’s joy. He glanced at the campfire with the light from the corner of his eye. Lily and the dream chasing dragon still didn’t move. It was obvious that they were in some deadlock.

The longer this situation drags on, the worse it gets. Moreover, there are Phoenix birds on the back of the wheelchair. Bai Xiaosheng has to be more or less cautious. It is impossible to do anything to him openly.

The break may really be on his chart.

“Whatever you want.”

The astrologer said coldly, stretched out his right hand and held Bai Xiaosheng’s hand. However, the next moment, something unexpected to everyone happened!

Wei Xun grabbed the astrologer’s right hand, and then, with the momentum of lightning, put his right hand back close to his heart!

“What are you doing?!” the astrologer withdrew his hand as quickly as possible and asked, but Wei Xun’s goal has been achieved.

“Clang buzz -”

The semi-finished cold mountain sword in the hand of half life Taoist suddenly hummed.

The author has something to say: tomorrow will be Jiageng, BoBo!

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