TTG Chapter 348

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 348: Nutrient solution 660000 Jiageng

No one could have imagined that the cold in the forest swept over and directly extinguished the campfire. The bunker fell into darkness, but the darkness could not stop the sight of Zhang xingzang and others. In particular, the darkness was only for a moment, and the cold snow was blooming on the Hanshan sword the next second.

It seemed as if snowflakes were falling, and the bone chilling ice line poured out of the cold mountain sword like a light, but it crossed the campfire and directly attacked the astrologer!

The astrologer was caught off guard and lifted his right hand to block it. The cold immediately wrapped his whole right hand, making a layer of plush white frost on the back of his hand. It was so cold that it hurt that it was like someone grabbed his hand and wanted to break his hand directly!

“Take care of your sword!” the astrologer’s face was so ugly that his cold eyes fell on Bai Xiaosheng and tried to get close to him – it had nothing to do with him!

But Wei Xun, who had already prepared, stepped back from here and came to the fire. When everyone’s eyes were attracted by the half life Taoist and astrologer, he only heard his voice ring and said calmly: “take care of your sword, half life.” as if he was responding to the astrologer, it was completely unexpected that he caused all this and could itch the popular teeth.

However, Wei Xun paid attention to Hanshan sword. As Wei Xun expected, this time he was clearly around the half life Taoist, but Hanshan sword did not attack him, but attacked the astrologer. But Wei Xun tasted it carefully and felt that the power of Hanshan sword was far weaker than that of the old chief. The power of the sword was even less than half, and——

Wei Xun looks at Chen Cheng and puts out the fire. Chen Cheng Zheng, who is beside the campfire, stands nervously beside his brothers and sisters, as if he is afraid that they will be affected by the sword. There is no abnormal performance. Wei Xun asked Xue Feng in his heart and confirmed that there was no battlefield pollution this time.

It seems that the astrologer caused the butterfly fragments, which could not be completely connected to the missing Chen Cheng and others in the battlefield, nor did it make any change to Chen Cheng in the replay of this scene. The change of Hanshan sword is more like an instinct to vent some emotion.

Such a big revenge? Wei Xun’s heart jumped. Ten years have passed. Does Chen Cheng still remember so clearly? How on earth did my brother get his butterfly fragment? In particular, a quarter of the butterfly fragments on his side – how many people did Wei Xuechen offend?

Sure enough, Sen Han’s sword light only bloomed for a moment, and then he was re controlled by the half life Taoist priest and no longer attacked the astrologer.

It’s rare that some embarrassed astrologer strides towards this side with a black face. Wei Xun suppresses all kinds of emotions in his heart and calmly nods: “it’s really effective, astrologer, you’re right.”


The astrologer sneered and said harshly, “how can I forget what I said?”

The astrologer didn’t cooperate with him this time, but Wei Xun didn’t panic. He just raised his eyelids and glanced at him, then smiled and nodded, as if he wanted to keep a secret for the two, which made Zhang xingzang anxious: “don’t play charades! What’s going on just now? Why didn’t you chase dreams!”

As he said, at the moment when Sen Han’s sword light extinguished the campfire, Lily and the grumpy dream chasing dragon, who had been slightly shaking and were channeling, squatted on the yin-yang butterfly and slapped his face with their wings, suddenly stopped moving, as if they had become statues. However, this sudden stillness was more like the performance of successfully sneaking into a dream. Zhang xingzang didn’t bother the dream chasing dragon, But looking at the thin layer of ice covered on them, Zhang xingzang was worried. He wanted to know what happened.

But Wei Xun, a dog, glanced at the astrologer and looked at Zhang xingzang. His expression revealed the meaning of “astrologer won’t let him say more”. He directly brushed over the reaction of Hanshan sword aroused by butterfly fragments, and only said: “half life sword is connected with them and will make the right choice.”

“I speculate that their nightmare is very likely to be contrary to our current reality. The bonfire on our side is extinguished, and the bonfire in their nightmare may have the opportunity to light up and guide them back to reality.”

The sudden vision of Lily and dream chasing dragon proves that the bonfire extinguishment is an opportunity!

Speaking of the end, Wei Xun still owed a whizzing cue to the astrologer: “astrologer, you think so, don’t you?”

“There are no stars tonight. Just say what you say.”

The astrologer said coldly, but Chen Cheng and Zhang xingzang had surrounded the half life Taoist in the middle. Zhang xingzang whispered to him all kinds of questions. The half life Taoist took the sword, and Bai Xiaosheng and the astrologer refused to say. Then he must know something more detailed.

“Not counting the sword out of the cold mountain, it’s a little energy left over from the last time.”

He and Wei Xun explained to the half life Taoist who had confessed that he was still excited, but he could control it a little this time. Holding the Hanshan sword, the half life Taoist carefully patted the shoulders of his brothers and sisters and yin-yang butterflies one by one.

“Bai Xiaosheng is right. It’s time to put out the bonfire.”

As the old saying goes, people have three fires, one on their head and one on their shoulders. In the past, those special businesses usually didn’t wear hats when walking at night, otherwise they would suppress the fire on their head. If someone calls you from behind, you can’t look back, otherwise the fire on your shoulder will be extinguished. But the Taoist sword is not an ordinary murder weapon. The semi-finished Hanshan sword of half life Taoist is more exquisite.

The sword cuts evil and evil spirits. The half life Taoist priest opened the eyes of yin and Yang before. He can see that there is no fire on Yu’s brother and sister and Yin and Yang butterfly. It can be said that they are no longer in the sun, which is the junction of the sun and the hell.

However, when the cold frost extinguished the campfire, half life Taoist priest saw with his own eyes that a faint fire lit up on the heads of Yu’s brother and sister and yin-yang butterfly.

As the saying goes, there is a God three feet above the head, and the fire above the head means the protection of the God. Although there are no gods here, the three people who fall into a nightmare are being protected by some power. Half life Taoist still held Chen Cheng’s hand in his other hand. He didn’t look back and knew that team Chen didn’t come consciously this time.

But the power from Hanshan sword, the emotions and beliefs left in the sword, are guarding them. It is obviously a cold sword, but it ignites a hot fire of guarding. Half life Taoist had a sour nose. He took a deep breath to suppress the surging emotion. He could feel a slight heat on his head, and team Chen was also protecting him.

Under the guidance of Hanshan sword, the fire on their heads became more and more vigorous. Finally, they brought a little more fire on their empty left shoulder. The fire on their left shoulder represents Yang. The ignition of the fire shows that these people may be brought back.

Although Wei Xun didn’t have yin-yang eyes, they could also see the changes in the faces of Yu’s brother and sister and yin-yang butterfly. The psychic Lily closes her eyes. The light of the candle in her hand was extinguished by the cold, but it lit up strangely again. The light of the fire is becoming more and more prosperous, and the body of the dream chasing dragon is becoming more and more illusory. The beautiful silver dragon scale is full of color, just like a dream bubble, empty and beautiful.

Everything is going in a good direction, and the next thing we need is to wait. Before long, however, the astrologer suddenly frowned.

“David, they’re in trouble.”

Leaving only this sentence, the astrologer left the bunker without hesitation. Wei Xun and Zhang xingzang exchanged a look. Who can be called trouble for David, Katie and the infected person?

Silver moon killer, or lizard Duke.

“They should wake up soon.”

But half life Taoist was relieved and a little lucky.

David, they are in trouble, indicating that the other party may have sobered up from the nightmare. That is to say, Yu’s brother and sister and yin-yang butterfly should only face giants and no other enemies.

Sure enough, just after the half life Taoist’s sentence fell, the dream chasing Bruce Lee suddenly opened his eyes. He grabbed the head of the yin-yang butterfly and bit it hard, followed by a swing! Then it bit Yu Hexuan and threw him away with the same strength and angle.


The only sound of hitting the wall was that of Yu Hexuan. When the yin-yang butterfly was thrown into the air, it was awake. Stepping on the stone wall, it landed with strength. A series of movements were agile and vigorous, and the smell of evil spirit and blood filled the air. After waking up, there were all kinds of bruises and wounds on the yin-yang butterfly, just like the feedback from the nightmare to the real body.

He didn’t react for the first time. His sharp eyes scanned all directions, and even a layer of butterfly fluff grew behind his neck. When he saw “Bai Xiaosheng”, he finally came back to his mind.

I’m awake?

For a moment, he was excited and happy: “big… Hundred adults!”

The blurted words were changed by the yin-yang butterfly, but it still sounds a little strange. The yin-yang butterfly was so excited that she could not make up for it without thinking. She shouted to an Fengniao, “Lord an, thank you for your help.”

It sounds reasonable to call Bingyi adults and those returning home surnames + adults! Yin Yang butterfly was nervous, but no one paid attention to him for the time being.

“Sister! Help my sister, help her, please help her!”

Yu Hexuan, who woke up in a daze, flew to the extinguished fire for the first time. His injuries were much more terrible than yin-yang butterflies. Half of his body was as black as if he had been struck by thunder. His mouth was full of blood and two teeth fell out, as if he had been cut by something (the hard skin of the old crippled giant). The most terrible thing was that the wound in his mouth was slightly yellow and infected like pus, The lips were half corroded and looked terrible.

But he didn’t care about himself at all. His anxious eyes fell on his still unconscious sister in the arms of the psychic lily. In fact, Yu feiluan just woke up once. While the dream chasing dragon took out the yin-yang butterfly and Yu Hexuan just now, the black candle in Lily’s hand lit loudly. She whispered hoarsely, biting her finger and wiping the blood in Yu feiluan’s mouth.

At the next moment, the candle suddenly went out, and Yu feiluan suddenly woke up from the nightmare, but the next moment she woke up, she was unconscious again. There are too many injuries on her body. Her body is full of traces of thunder splitting and fire. There are pinched bruises on her chin, neck, chest and lower legs. Her mandible is dislocated, and her neck bone seems to have been pinched. Her whole neck is red and swollen. She is struggling to breathe in a coma, and her breathing sound is getting weaker and weaker. She is about to die.

But there is nothing wrong with Tong Hege. Skin and flesh injuries were even better for him than those polluted by giants like Hexuan. It is inconvenient to disclose the treatment process. Yu’s brother and sister, Tong ferret, Zhang xingzang and Yan’s spiritless dream chasing dragon went to the chief tower for rest treatment. The bonfire in the bunker was rekindled. Lily, who was a little weak, wore a thermal blanket and drank a cup of boiled date water.

The yin-yang butterfly, which is no big deal, said all the things in the nightmare.

Darkness, extinguished bonfire, others seemed to be asleep and could not wake up. Only the three of them were awake – nightmare was contrary to reality, just as Wei Xun speculated. But the most dangerous thing is——

“That giant can’t die.”

Yin Yang butterfly fidgety way:

“Now we wake up, but the nightmare will not end – it will come again.”

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