TTG Chapter 349

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 349: The Sahara of Death (28)

Yin Yang butterfly talked about what happened in the nightmare. Although the key of the old disabled giant is the giant eye in the center of his face, eye injury will only make him angry and crazy, and he can’t kill him at all. Attack the eyes, cut off the head and dig out the abdomen. These yin-yang butterflies have tried, and so did his injuries.

The most terrible thing is that he finally beheaded the old and disabled giant and divided it into several pieces. Thinking that it will take at least some time to recover, they can also have some breathing time to think about how to break the game. However, the old crippled giant whose head was cut in half formed another giant in the next recovery, with half of his head connected to the meat of his body.

Two immortal giants!

“Killing the giant is not the way to break the game. Killing it can’t wake up from the nightmare.”

The statement of Yin-Yang butterfly makes everyone’s heart tight and can’t break the game by killing the giant, because it has died in reality. Then they can think of ways to break through the nightmare – either Yu’s brother and sister are killed by giants and history repeats itself, or yin-yang butterflies kill Yu’s brother and sister and get free.

Or they are all killed by giants. According to this giant split model, if they don’t make a choice, sooner or later they will be forced to make a decision.

“In the nightmare, Yu brothers and sisters wake up first, and you wake up later, right?”

“That’s right.”

While listening to the story of Yin-Yang butterfly, Wei Xun asked some details. Zhu Yuande, Yu’s brother and sister and the newcomer are not at the same level. If they meet and wake up in a nightmare at the same time, there will be almost no way to live. When Yu’s brothers and sisters wake up first, they have the opportunity to escape first or set a trap first.

At the same time, Yin Yang butterfly also said that the scene in the nightmare was basically the same as the reality. There was no one except the three of them.

“Have you ever tried to get out of the bunker?”

“No, time is too tight to have a chance.”

Beware of giants and protect Yu’s brothers and sisters. Yin and Yang butterflies really have no points and body skills. In the past, he certainly wouldn’t care about the life and death of his brothers and sisters, but since adults want to protect them, he will try his best to keep them.

“It’s not easy. The giant’s blood is particularly corrosive.”

Yin Yang butterfly rolled up his sleeves, and his arms were full of large and small pits, all of which were corrosion spots. However, he had good physique and did not fester. He could hardly take Yu Hexuan’s mouth, which had bitten the giant himself.

“Chen Cheng, yes, it’s you.”

While talking, yin-yang butterfly suddenly came up to Chen Cheng, grabbed his clothes and looked at him. Tang Shuang and Cheng Tianbao went there to take care of the injured Yu brothers and sisters. Chen Cheng was also worried, but as a captain, he needed to know what happened in the nightmare, so that he could be more careful next. So he also listened to the story of Yin-Yang butterfly by the campfire.

“What’s the matter?”

Chen Chengshun asked suspiciously as he stood in front of the yin-yang butterfly.

“I saw you in my nightmare.”

However, the following words of Yin-Yang butterfly were not only unexpected to others, but also within Wei Xun’s expectation: “you have ice on your body, protecting that woman.”

It’s incredible that after Wei Xun’s careful inquiry, he found that what yin-yang butterfly said happened before he led Chen Chengzhi’s power through the astrologer, that is, it had nothing to do with team Chen on the battlefield. Team Chen in the replay of this scene sheltered his team members without his knowledge.


Chen Cheng was stunned by the statement of Yin-Yang butterfly. He subconsciously took out his sword. Wei Xun took a look and found that Chen Cheng’s sword was far from the semi-finished Hanshan sword held by half life Taoist. It was different in appearance and momentum. It should be recasting and forging in the next ten years.

No wonder half life Taoist didn’t hide Hanshan sword in front of him, but Chen Cheng was nothing different.

“Yes, but it didn’t last long.”

The yin-yang butterfly told the truth: “he didn’t move and didn’t appear in the nightmare. The frost on his body disgusted the giant and didn’t want to get close.”

The red sand giant tribe has the power of fire, and it is reasonable for the old and disabled giants to hate frost. It is with the protection that Chen Cheng doesn’t know himself that the yin-yang butterfly has the opportunity to break up the old and disabled giant.

Unfortunately, in this way, there is an additional giant and a new enemy.

“Then we saw the fire, small and weak, closer to the candle.”

On the other hand, Yu Hexuan looked at his sister who was being treated from time to time and said something in her nightmare. The yin-yang butterfly has been fighting with the giant in front, while they are helping to avoid and try not to drag the yin-yang butterfly back. Therefore, Yu Hexuan knows more about some things in the nightmare than yin-yang butterfly.

“The frost on the captain was soon roasted by the new giant. I couldn’t stop them anymore. I was almost taken away.”

Speaking of this, Yu Hexuan was still terrified: “just then I saw the candlelight, which was lit on the head of a black crow. It was very strange. I didn’t want to get close, but I saw the Dragon by the candlelight.”

He looked carefully at the dream chasing dragon nestled in Zhang xingzang’s arms. Yu Hexuan saw it in the candlelight, but it was different from the reality. It was very illusory, more like a touch of light, and it was the kind of dim warm orange light. The light was brighter than the candlelight of the black crow, just like the small lamp at the head of the bed at night, quiet and beautiful, It reminds people of warm quilt and sweet dream.

In addition, there was no way back at that time. Yu Hexuan’s heart was horizontal and rushed into the light with his sister.

Zhang Xing hid it. The black crow candle light and the warm orange dragon light they saw were the protection of the psychic Lily and the dreamer. But Lily’s strength in “dreaming” is really average. She is better at backtracking. The power of chasing dreams is limited, so we can only build a small safe area in the nightmare, but we can’t directly solve the nightmare.

The time in the nightmare seems to be longer than the reality. Yu Hexuan said that he should seize the time to draw symbols on the scene and use a large number of frost falling symbols to temporarily force the giant back and exchange Yin and Yang butterflies for a rest. At this time, the half life Taoist frowned and held Yu Hexuan’s hand. He found that his body was cold and he was shaking all the time. Moreover, his palm was wet and he was sweating.

Yu Hexuan’s specialty is to draw sky fire runes. Water and fire are not allowed. He forcibly drew a large number of frost runes, which led to his serious counterattack. This kind of regurgitation is very painful, but Yu Hexuan didn’t shout a word of pain. He always said to save his sister.

Half life Taoist immediately strongly interrupted Yu Hexuan with limited materials. He used a special technique to rub several acupoints on Yu Hexuan, then took out a peach wood sword, painted his fingertip blood and pressed it on Yu Hexuan’s lower abdominal acupoints. After a cup of tea, Yu Hexuan finally got a little blood on his face. Half life Taoist asked him to press it by himself, and then continued to talk about what happened during the nightmare.

Although the Dragon light and candle light constitute a small safety zone, there is no yin-yang butterfly pressing against two old and disabled giants in front at the same time, and the candles are almost extinguished. Therefore, the yin-yang butterfly must continue to fight after taking a rest. Yu Hexuan is racking his brains to think about how to leave.

“You know, we metaphysical people all know something about metaphysics. I just want to try to burn some paper. Fire is usually a bridge between the sun and the hell.”

Moreover, the darkness in the nightmare also made Yu Hexuan feel that the light would certainly bring some changes.

Yu Hexuan said reluctantly, “but I can’t light the flame at all. It seems to be pressed by something. The bonfire in the nightmare is clearly extinguished, but it’s as hot as burning. These bubbles on my hands are burned out.”

As Bai Xiaosheng said, Zhang xingzang thought. The real bonfire is still burning, and the bonfire in their nightmare can’t be lit.

“And then?”

“Then the captain moved!”

Yu Hexuan’s tone of voice suddenly rose, and his mood soared in an instant!

“I saw the captain wield his sword like this! I’ve never seen his momentum. With such a sword, the temperature around him dropped sharply, and the bonfire cooled down. I can light the flame again. Moreover, his sword directly chopped up the two giants and cut off the bunker top! The sword light was like flying to the sky, and I even saw the stars!”


Half life Taoist suppressed a smile, and the sword light chased the stars. Yu Hexuan described it too appropriately.

Yu Hexuan said as they judged in reality, that sword weakened the blockade of nightmare to a certain extent, and the dark bunker where Yu Hexuan and they were located was like the embodiment of nightmare. The local Castle top was cut off and the flame ignited in the dark. The huge orange dragon beak and the shadowy crow beak came in from the bunker top, grabbed them, threw them out of their nightmare and came back to reality to wake up.

“But, but…”

However, the next moment, as if he remembered something, Yu Hexuan’s face turned pale again: “finally, I saw that the giant in the bunker… Seemed to have become four heads.”

Chen Cheng chopped the giants with his sword, but also made their number more.

“Six headed giant.”

By the bunker campfire, yin-yang butterfly said two more than Yu Hexuan said. Yu Hexuan’s strength is limited after all. Yin Yang butterfly sees more things.

“The four giants stood up, but behind them, on the earth, there were two giant faces.”

“There are six giants in total. There is a high probability that they correspond to the six of you.”

Wei Xun twisted his eyebrows. Six to six is logical, but no one knows whether cutting the giants will increase their number. According to the yin-yang butterfly, the nightmare will come again, so the next time they fall into a nightmare, they will directly have six giants. In particular, Wei Xun is more worried about he Yunlai, who should have died in tomorrow’s sandstorm.

If he Yunlai doesn’t die after his death time tomorrow, will there be another sandstorm in the nightmare? They face more and more dangers and will never go as smoothly as they do today.

“Whether there is a sandstorm tomorrow or not, we must kill the star driller worm.”

Wei Xun made a final decision, recaptured the butterfly fragments and restored some strength to chase the dream, so as to better deal with the danger in the nightmare. In addition, the other two people in the western district will certainly think of the simplest way to relieve their nightmares after tonight. The yin-yang butterfly didn’t meet them tonight, but maybe tomorrow night.

I hope David and they can find one or two people here. In this way, things will be easier.

However, a quarter of an hour later, the astrologer came back with David and others. It could be seen from his gloomy face that the situation was not going well.

“Damn it, that black werewolf is the silver moon killer!”

As soon as David came back, he filled his mouth with water. The little fire dragon on his shoulder flew down and ate some charcoal, and then began to take care of his scales. Wei Xun noticed that David and little fire dragon had many knife wounds, and the bowstring of the longbow, the exclusive weapon named Katie the horse man, was cut off. She didn’t care about her wound and was distressed to change the string of her longbow.

But when they saw the yin-yang butterfly, they woke up from their nightmare, David and they were still relieved. At the same time, Wei Xun was listening to the report of corn shoots. When the infected people went out, Wei Xun sent a section of bamboo shoots to hide in the ground and follow them quietly. After all, the infected person is an evil insect slicer, so he can’t have an accident.

‘father, father! Bamboo shoots brought back a delicious one! Absolutely delicious! ”

The corn shoots were so excited that they almost twisted into sugar stocks underground and couldn’t wait to report to Wei Xun. Wei Xun listened to David and them while listening to the corn shoots.

“So you didn’t bring anything back?”

Knowing the cause and effect, seeing that they haven’t seen others for a long time behind them, the yin-yang butterfly couldn’t help asking.

“Who said, we almost moved the silver moon killer back!”

David retorted loudly, then was coldly glanced at by the astrologer, and immediately lowered his voice: “there was a little accident.”

What accident?

Everything was going well. They soon found the unconscious black werewolf outside the tribe. Because he suspected that he was special, David was going to make a binding restriction for him first. As a result, it was at the time of binding——

“Who would have thought that he would hide the palace guard in his arms and take it with him.”

David said bitterly, “well, the gadget reacted too fiercely. It bit me, I threw it out, and then…”

“Then its tail broke and the silver moon killer went crazy.”

The astrologer said coldly that the golden little palace guard broke its tail, and the silver moon killer immediately woke up from his nightmare. Then he stopped hiding his identity and fought with them until the astrologer arrived. The silver moon killer left, and the plan to pick up people this night was completely ruined.

“I doubt it’s the incarnation of the lizard Duke. It’s too straightforward to break its tail.”

David sighed. At the same time, the tentacles of corn shoots sneaked out of the ground and stuffed something into Wei Xun’s hand.

The thin and long one, cold, feels like a living creature, moving around in the palm of Wei Xun’s hand.

Wei Xun opened a slit with his fingers and glanced at it. Then he immediately clenched his fist and looked expressionless.

The corn shoot was brought back to him with a broken, golden and small tail.

The broken tail of the golden guard of the suspected lizard Duke.

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