TTG Chapter 35

Driving corpses in Xiangxi (35)

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 35: Driving Corpses in Xiangxi

When Wang pengpai prepares something, he always feels chilly behind him. It seems that he is peeped by something. Moreover, this feeling of being peeped is everywhere, which makes him feel numb.

Simply Zhao Hongtu, they also have this feeling.

At eleven o’clock in the morning, an hour before washing the clothes, they got together again and discussed their preparations in a low voice. To be on the safe side, they didn’t prepare anything like “making babies braver”, “more agile” and “stronger”. Instead, they chose tall and short people, and carefully selected some eccentric ones, which had less impact.

For example, gold and silver, Shengzi and so on, each person should not prepare more than one sample.

Even so, each of them has a minimum baby liking of 6 points. Almost every time they prepare something, they can add 2 points.

“Too much.”

Wang surging said, his eyebrows and eyes did not move, and he compared with everyone by 5. It’s the safest to keep the popularity at 5:00.

“I’ll come to the midwife when I wash my clothes. Pay more attention then.”


“I’ll kill one.”

Zhao Hong said that his eyebrows and eyes were sharp. After experiencing the Taofu project, he understood that the second scenic spot was more dangerous, that is, they chose the baby’s side.

“Don’t be nervous.”

Wang pengpai smiled to ease the tension: “director C has killed the corpse flying fox king. Next, all we meet are small minions. Just be careful.”

He lowered his voice: “pay more attention to dirty things. I always feel chilly in my back near. Tut, it’s weird.”

“I feel the same way.”

After listening to his words, the people looked chilly. Yu he’an hesitated and whispered, “do you have any questions? Now, the black old six always follows us.”

When preparing things by the stream, Diaojiaolou and Huotang, Yu he’an will subconsciously find Bingjiu’s figure to be at ease. But every time he saw Bingjiu, he saw Wu Laoliu’s sneaky figure behind him several times.

“I don’t think the old vegetable skin is kind. Everyone should be careful.”

Wu Laoliu?

Wang pengpai was stunned. He just thought about Bingjiu. He hasn’t noticed whether Wu Laoliu has been following behind. When Yu he’an reminded him, he thought again. Hiss, yes, every time he got cold behind his back, not only Bingjiu was there, but also Wu Laoliu was far behind.

Damn it, is it that Wu Laoliu wants to make trouble? What does an aborigine want?

Wang pengpai’s small eyes sharpened.

Wei Xun left Yingzhu Miao village and went to qiebi village. Wu Laoliu’s wooden box was no longer in his hands. Before, he had some communication with the boss from the Senate and understood that with its current power, he could not control anyone unless his body was completely alienated into a monster.

But Wei Xun did not worry because the whole bamboo sticks were everywhere. If Wei Xun wanted to observe the people, they could act according to circumstances.

It can also be pushed to Wu Laoliu.

In that case, Wei Xun doesn’t stay much longer in Yingzhu Miao village. With them staring at Wang pengpai, he simply goes to qiebi village – Yu Hehui appears again. Wei Xun has a hunch that the washing clothes in qiebi village will be more interesting.

In the final analysis, there are five of them. There are only four ghost babies. What will Yu Hehui do when it’s time to wash them?

Another ghost baby, or?

Wei Xun took out the glass vial and shook the fireflies in it. It flashed. The light was very bright. It looked very energetic. The thin limbs were scratched on the glass bottle wall, and Wei Xun felt that it was looking forward to it.

Looking forward to the next wash?

Moreover, since he came to qiebi village, Wei Xun always felt that there were cold and resentful eyes peeping behind him. When he talked to Wang pengpai about this matter, they must have a common language.

Cold eyes.

Wei Xun didn’t avoid it. He looked up at the other party. The person looking at him was stunned and hurriedly bowed his head.

“What’s the matter?”

Miao Fangfei noticed the difference between Yu Hehui at the pre and post combat meeting.

“I see the firefly in director C’s hand. Director C found it.”

Yu Hehui was a little embarrassed, smiled and sighed like a memory: “our hometown is in the mountains. We can’t see many things. I told my brother before that when we grow up, we will go outside to see fireflies, Aurora and the sea. I think people’s life is short, so we need to see a lot of things with our own eyes, otherwise it’s too bad. ”

“Ah, sorry to get off the point. Let’s go on.”

Yu Hehui was embarrassed and scratched her head. She smiled shyly and looked like a big boy next door.


Miao Fangfei glanced at his stomach and didn’t drum up. Yu Hehui didn’t have a ghost baby.

Will he do it when he washes it later?

Miao Fangfei, Hou Feihu, Shi Tao and Lin Xi exchanged eyes,

“This time, we are together.”

Miao Fangfei said that they had negotiated this. After all, it was too difficult to find something for washing clothes in qiebi village. Even if they found it, most of them had only one or two. If you divide the laundry, everyone gets too few things, and the ghost baby is not necessarily satisfied.

Li Guiping is not necessarily satisfied.

Let’s put things together.

“I see.”

Hou Feihu nodded and whispered, “if… Give me that thing.”

Most of the things they searched for were the same, such as abacus, ox horn, scale and so on. After nearly a hundred years, the preservation of these scattered things in qiebi village is completely different from other rotten furniture. They are still intact, just like… Someone saved them specially for this washing.

There is almost only one piece of each, which is a very obvious hint.

When you are washing your clothes, you should be together

Only one ghost baby really needs washing.

The former is good, the latter has the risk of gambling, and it is a great test of the cohesion of the team. After all, everyone found two or three things to wash their ghost babies. They can barely wash them. If you contribute and give it to someone, if you make a wrong judgment, you will fall into a completely passive position.

Hou Feihu believes in his judgment. If he really can’t wash the clothes together at that time, he will give what he has collected to Miao Fangfei. After all, Miao Fangfei is possessed by a ghost. The ghost baby in her hand is the most likely.

“What if the ghost on her is not a good one?”

In contrast, Shi Tao and Lin Xi hesitated.

“The things we met at the fetal meat grave are the same.”

Shi Tao is analyzing: “that is to say, the ghost babies we get are the same, and there is no special possibility.”


Lin Xi muttered: “I think Yu Hehui is special. I’m not sure he is…”

Miao Fangfei stared at Lin Xi. He shut his mouth and didn’t speak.

“Hey, brother Lin is joking. What’s special about me.”

Yu Hehui didn’t know why the atmosphere suddenly became a little strange. Han smiled and scratched his hair: “I’ll see it later. Maybe I’ll wash it together.”

Twelve o’clock at noon is a delicate time point. Some people say that this time reaches Yang because it is the peak of Yang Qi in a day. Some people say that this time is Yin, because twelve o’clock is the node from Yang to Yin in a day.

When five dark, thin shadows appeared quietly at the gate of qiebai village, the ghost spirit and the light became dim, and the pressure, if any, was on everyone’s heart.

“Wash your clothes -”


A sharp Gong broke the silence of the village. Each shadow held a gong in his hand and knocked as he walked. The sound of the Gong was sharp and harsh, like the creaking of a beast grinding sharp teeth and claws.

“Wash your clothes -”

In the sharp sound of gongs, the voices of the shadows are also particularly distorted. They sound strange and unpredictable, unlike the real human voice.

“The baby is as strong as a mountain”

“The baby took a bath – the longer the better -”

Wei Xun stood nearby watching. When the five shadows appeared and shouted, the firefly, who had been quietly in the glass bottle, suddenly became excited. It climbed up and down, showing a sense of urgency. Wei Xun could sense its emotion, confused and excited. The ghost baby didn’t know what this was, but washing it must be very important for it.

“Good boy, go.”

Wei Xun opened the glass bottle and released the ghost baby. The beautiful firefly didn’t leave the bottle immediately after flying out of the glass bottle, but circled around him.

“Do you still want to play ball?”

Wei Xun picked his eyebrow and spent 1000 points at will. He changed a purple River cart ball to ghost baby: “take this and play it yourself.”

“Hee hee, ha ha”

The firefly landed on the ball of the Purple River cart, and Wei Xun vaguely heard the baby’s happy and pure laughter.

“Cluck, cluck”

The Purple River chariot ball disappeared, and the firefly landed on the back of Wei Xun’s hand. He paced several times like nostalgia. Since he played ball with it, it had an ignorant favor for this man. Especially after he killed the corpse flying fox king, the favor became attachment. The ghost baby vaguely understood that what he did was helpful to himself.

But it’s leaving now.

The firefly rubbed the back of Wei Xun’s hand.

[you gain the trust and love of ghost fetus (scene)]

[time: during this journey]

[effect: no effect]

[Note: what’s the use of the love of the weak ghost fetus? Of course, there’s no use. At best, it’s just that the ghost’s family will treat you better]

Ghost’s family?

When the five tall and thin black shadows came to Miao Fangfei, even if the ghost fetus was reluctant to give up, it finally fluttered its wings and flew away, and the glittering green light flew to Yu Hehui and fell into his belly.

Yu Hehui’s stomach bulged.

Only Lin Xi, who is always watching Bingjiu, noticed this scene.

He was stunned and watched the firefly fly fly into Yu Hehui’s stomach.

[the pure soul of a dead baby will become a firefly]

Lin Xi still remembers what director C said. Every word he said is deeply remembered in her heart.

Guide C has a firefly in his hand. When the firefly flies to Yu Hehui’s shoulder, the dead baby’s pure soul will become a firefly.

Firefly, ghost baby, ghost baby, firefly.

Only enough items for one ghost baby to wash, special ghost baby, special.

Lin Xi’s body was trembling slightly. He clenched his teeth and clenched his fist and turned around.

They are negotiating with the midwife, but judging from the ugly faces of Miao Fangfei and others, the negotiation is not smooth.

“There’s no way. We can’t be together.”

Miao Fangfei frowned. When the five “midwives” arrived, they surrounded them and shouted “wash your clothes -” with a long and short voice, implying a rush, making people flustered and short of breath, but there was no other action.

Obviously, the five of them are not in line with the project. This time, they are not together, but one-to-one.

Miao Fangfei and Hou Feihu looked at each other. Hou Feihu nodded seriously and gave Miao Fangfei a small bag of things without hesitation. Then he turned and walked to his room. A “midwife” staggered behind him.

Sure enough, it was divided!

Miao Fangfei, Shi Tao, Yu Hehui and Lin Xi were left. The midwife took a step forward, surrounded and tightened. They could vaguely detect their malicious eyes hidden in the shadow of their hood.

The atmosphere suddenly became more depressed.

“Miao team, are you sure?”

Shi Tao lowered his voice in a dignified tone. He also agreed that the washing items were only enough to wash a ghost baby, but he could not judge who the correct choice was. If it is not absolutely right, he would rather keep something for his ghost baby.

You can’t be too cautious in the choice of life.

But Shi Tao still admits Miao Fangfei. If Miao Fangfei really thinks that what’s in her stomach is the most critical ghost baby, Shi Tao can also give her something.

The problem is——

Miao Fangfei shook her head, smiled bitterly, and covered her bulging belly with her hand.

After she was pregnant with the ghost baby, she no longer had abdominal pain, and the powerlessness of the ghost upper body was much better. But Miao Fangfei is still not sure whether the ghost baby in her belly is “Pingping’s child.”

Hou Feihu’s trust and Shi Tao’s eyes put great pressure on her. Miao Fangfei knew that the bold captain would definitely make a decisive choice. The more this time, the more we can’t hesitate and the more we need a voice.

But she’s really not sure.

The sound of the Gong was getting louder and louder, and the midwife was getting closer and closer to them. The smell of the beast’s breath came faintly. It seemed that you could see the sharp teeth and red tongue hidden under your robe. There is no time to discuss. We must make a choice immediately.

“Take care.”

Shi Tao said helplessly that if Miao Fangfei was not sure, he would not take risks. In the rush of gongs, Shi Tao clenched his teeth and turned to leave, but just then——

“Fuck! Fuck! ”

Lin Xi suddenly burst out a series of foul words. He was very short of breath and his body was shaking nervously all the time. The eyes are red and can’t hide the madness and fear in the eyes. It looks like crazy.

Lin Xi is mentally fragile and mentally unstable. Everyone has a threshold under the tension and high pressure all the time, but I didn’t expect Lin Xi to collapse at this time!

“Hold on, Lin Xi!”

Miao Fangfei was worried about the heavy burden. She was going to wash the clothes soon. You can’t make mistakes at this time. Shi Tao, who had not yet left, turned around, frowned, grabbed Lin Xi’s shoulder and shouted, “Lin Xi, what’s going on!”

But the next moment, no one expected that Lin Xi suddenly shot, grabbed their washing items from Miao Fangfei and Shi Tao, and then hit them out.

“Lin Xi!”

Miao Fangfei was knocked back a few steps, and Shi Tao stumbled. They had trust in their companions and didn’t take much precautions. Who knows that Lin Xi suddenly started! Miao Fangfei was about to rush to grab it with a fierce look in her eyes, but Lin Xi bumped her into the midwife’s arms. Miao Fangfei’s wrist was firmly held by the midwife and couldn’t get away.

“Wash your clothes -”

“Wash your clothes -”

“Lin Xi, what are you doing?”

Shi Tao couldn’t turn back. He gritted his teeth and glared at Lin Xi angrily, but saw that he stuffed all the robbed items into Yu Hehui’s arms.

Yu Hehui panicked and hurriedly caught him: “Lin, brother Lin Xi, this is

“Don’t fucking install it for me!”

Lin Xi said sharply, as if afraid of her regret, she stuffed all her washing things into Yu Hehui’s hands. Then he bumped out, bumped himself into the midwife and was held tight.

“Get out of here, get out of here, don’t stand in the way!”

Lin Xi is incoherent and doesn’t know what he’s scolding. From the beginning of the journey to the present, he’s really afraid that he’s going to collapse. In particular, washing clothes can only wash a ghost baby. Lin Xi’s first reaction is to grab other people’s things, or at least he can’t give them to others.

He is afraid of death. He is crazy. He wants to live. Putting everything into Yu Hehui completely violates Lin Xi’s instinct, like cutting meat from him.


Lin Xi wanted to look back at C Jiu, but the midwife clamped his big hand like a shackle and dragged him away. Lin Xi stumbled and couldn’t turn back. He trembled with fear and his eyes were dull, like a prisoner on the death row.

Lin Xi’s mind was full of confusion. He didn’t know whether what he had just done was right or wrong, and whether Yu Hehui was the special one in his stomach. He has hardly made this important decision, and he will always be a transparent person in the decision-making in the brigade.

When she didn’t have enough time to tell Miao Fangfei and Xu Chen and let them discuss again, Lin Xi could only believe in herself, or he believed in Bingjiu.

Director C chose Yu Hehui, the firefly around director C.

Absolutely special, absolutely special.

Miao Fangfei and Shi Tao both saw the scene that Lin Xi stuffed the washing items into Yu Hehui. Shi Tao was stunned and angry on his face. His eyes turned down and looked at Yu Hehui’s stomach.

Yu Hehui didn’t know when he was old.

Lin Xi’s sudden madness is strange. Could it be ‘Yu Hehui’ who controls Lin Xi?

Miao Fangfei was so upset that she noticed Yu Hehui’s bulging stomach and frowned suddenly.

“Miao team, brother Shi, what’s going on?”

Yu Hehui held a lot of things and wanted to cry without tears: “I’ll throw them to you, but brother Lin Xi has gone -”


Miao Fangfei blurted out that she had no time to think too much at such a hasty and chaotic stall. Countless pieces of clues were mixed together. The ghost fetus of the four of them was not special. A total of five people participated in the washing. In order to insure themselves, each of them had laundry items in their hands, but Yu Hehui didn’t.

Yu Hehui didn’t find it himself, and his stomach was flat. Miao Fangfei didn’t treat Yu Hehui as a person. If Lin Xi didn’t make such a fuss, Yu Hehui would have nothing and go to the washing!

Miao Fangfei was thrilled. The midwife had already dragged her out. She couldn’t think about it any more. She looked at Yu Hehui and saw the anxiety and confusion in his eyes. Miao Fangfei took a deep breath and stabilized her voice:

“Hehui, wash him well.”

Miao Fangfei said: “my brother is still waiting for me. Remember, we have an appointment to meet at the three dynasties reception.”

“Chao reception… Miao team, I remember.”

Yu Hehui nodded heavily and hugged the items in his arms: “take care, people.”

After saying that, the people separated and left with their midwives. Wei Xun looked at everything and raised his eyebrows. He looked at Yu Hehui. Miao Fangfei and Shi Tao have gone far. If they look back, they can see that Yu Hehui’s figure is getting thinner and thinner. His clothes are like a cloth pocket. His walking posture is very strange, shaky and unstable.

Like a fox learning to walk.


Wei Xun followed him with great interest. The midwife and Yu Hehui ignored him. Sure enough, as Wei Xun expected, the two men went farther and farther. Later, they walked out of qiebi village and came to a cave in the mountain forest behind qiebi village.

The cave is covered with vines and thorns, which ordinary people can’t find. The midwife tore up the vines blocking the cave entrance, and Wei Xun glanced inside. Now there are traces of people living in the cave, but they are very messy. Broken and rotten bedding fragments are on the cave floor, as well as broken porcelain pieces.

“So Pingping lives here.”

Wei Xun talked to himself and saw the midwife and Yu Hehui go to the cave. He didn’t treat himself as an outsider, so he followed him in – to the entrance of the mountain.

The mountain pass is so messy that Wei Xun doesn’t want to go in.

He stopped at the entrance of the mountain and didn’t go any further. He turned his head and stared at Wei Xun’s midwife and Yu Hehui youyou. After looking at him, he stopped paying attention to Wei Xun and continued to walk into the cave.

As they walked through the cave, it seemed like a movie replay. The broken porcelain pieces on the cave floor were turned into porcelain pots again, and the ragged bedding was restored and piled in a corner of the cave. It seems that the baby’s faint cry came from the bedding, and a faint yellow fire lit up.

The stream water was burning in a porcelain basin. In the water, Miao Fangfei’s collected Acer truncatum, four wheeled grass, bitter bamboo leaves and fragrant leaves were put. When they were boiled, they left the fire. The midwife put a bamboo lattice sieve on the porcelain basin. In the lattice sieve, she put a washed abacus, weighed onions and ox horns, and then scooped up the water in the basin, poured it from top to bottom, so that the water poured over these items.

“The baby is as strong as a mountain after washing”

The midwife read in a long voice. She added some cool stream water to the porcelain basin and tried the water temperature. Her hand stretched out from under the black robe had a layer of yellow hair, slender fingers and sharp fingernails, like a legendary monster.

He took down the sieve, put the rice measuring Sheng Zi upside down in a porcelain basin, put a clean soft cloth on it, and then carefully took the ghost baby from Yu Hehui’s hand.

Wei Xun had seen the ghost baby before, but now it hasn’t changed much. It has a thin gray skin, smaller than the cat, with a big head and a small body. The umbilical cord hasn’t been cut, and it’s long on the slightly bulging belly. It’s not cute or clever.

But the midwife was very careful in holding it. Yu Hehui looked at the ghost baby with soft eyes. It seemed that it was really a good child they loved in their hands.

* *

Miao Fangfei sat in the room, face to face with the midwife, and the atmosphere was very dignified. Miao Fangfei’s stomach has shrunk down. Wenpo holds a green gray ghost baby in her hand. Among them is a pottery basin full of stream water.

Yu Hehui was given all the washing things, and each of them still had stream water and herbs such as Acer truncatum and four wheeled grass.

In the depressed atmosphere, Miao Fangfei’s forehead was full of cold sweat. The ghost baby was separated. She began to have abdominal pain again. For a while, it was worrying.  it’s Yu Hehui who upset Miao Fangfei.

Is it a real ghost baby in Yu Hehui’s hand? If so, Lin Xi is right. If not

Miao Fangfei glanced at the midwife with a corner of her eye. She still sat in front of the pottery basin with a ghost in her arms, motionless as a sculpture. No news is good news, but waiting is worrying. It’s like a prisoner who doesn’t know when to face the death penalty. He wants the gun to come soon.

Come on, come on.

Miao Fangfei took a deep breath, calmed down, looked at her nose, nose and heart, and waited quietly.

Lin Xi couldn’t calm down. His legs were soft and he was almost dragged into the house by the midwife. When her stomach was empty, Lin Xi was cold and stared at the ghost baby in the midwife’s arms.

Lin Xi’s mind was numb. Her mind was in a mess. She didn’t know what to think again. For a moment, he thought about his way of death, whether to be torn or eaten alive. For a moment, he thought that he was not alive. He was too tired. It was better to die. I was thinking about C 9 again. Thinking of Bingjiu, Lin Xi felt that she had some strength again. He would not die. With Bingjiu, he would not die.

He brainwashed himself when he lied to himself. At least Lin Xi gradually calmed down. After calming down, he vaguely heard a song in the distance.

“The baby is as strong as a mountain after washing”

“The baby takes a bath, and the longer it grows, the better it becomes.”

The sound was getting closer and closer, and Lin Xi’s eyes opened wider and wider, because in front of him, the stream in the porcelain basin suddenly boiled. The water was light green, like boiled herbs. There were more bamboo lattice sieves on the porcelain basin, with ox horns and other things on it – all of which were collected by everyone through great efforts. After that, Lin Xi gave Yu Hehui all the washing items!

Well, what’s going on?!

Lin Xi’s pupils suddenly constricted and subconsciously touched the things in front of her. The back of her hand was severely pumped by the midwife, and immediately became red and swollen. Lin Xi was at a loss and took back her hand, because he didn’t touch the real object just now!

Everything in front of us is an illusion. These things do not exist here. But when the midwife carefully tested the temperature of the water, the water in the porcelain basin rippled like a real one.

What the hell is going on!

“That’s what happened.”

Shi Tao looked at the scene in front of him and thought, “no wonder he only prepared a set of things. It turned out to be so.”

“Right choice.”

Shi Tao finally breathed a sigh of relief and muttered with a bitter smile: “Lin Xi is really…”

Only one set of items for washing was found to be in good condition, because it was specially preserved by Pingping for her children, and only the things by Pingping’s hand can be immortal for a hundred years. Only this ghost baby is the most important, and these items can only be used for it.

Pingping’s ghost babies are closely related to other ghost babies. It is even possible that other ghost babies are playmates Pingping found for her ghost babies. When it is successfully washed, other ghost babies will also get relative benefits.

If Lin Xi had said it earlier, it wouldn’t have made everyone panic like this.

Shi Tao’s stomach Fei, Lin Xi’s posture really startled him. But think again, it can’t be said that Lin Xi had just arrived at that time, and had no time to tell them, so she had to make such a bad decision.

“The baby takes a bath, and the longer it grows, the better it becomes.”

The midwife repeated. Shi Tao came back to himself. Now he was looking at himself darkly. The soft cloth rubbed on the ghost baby.

“The baby took a bath, the longer, the better, the better, and the better”

The midwife repeated again. Her voice was almost gnashing her teeth and looked into Shi Tao’s slender eyes, showing sharp and bad eyes.

What’s the matter?

As soon as Shi Tao’s nerves tightened, he looked blankly at the midwife and the ghost baby in his arms. Suddenly he had an idea.

“Yes, yes.”

Shi Tao stumbled. He coughed and spoke smoothly: “you’re right.”

“The Gong shines on both sides, and the baby is loud when he grows up”

The Gong brought by the midwife was filled with herbal medicine in a porcelain basin. It held the ghost baby to sit on the Shengzi and wiped him with a soft cloth dipped in the medicine.


Hou Feihu said, every time the midwife said a word, he said right. Although he only said one word, Hou Feihu’s tone was firm, sincere, full of power and subconsciously convincing.

“When the Gong rings, the baby will grow up.”


The midwife said auspicious words. The baby washing was supposed to be a lively time for the family to get together. Every time the midwife said an auspicious word, everyone would loudly echo and laugh, as if the baby could really grow good, healthy, happy and safe as the wish said.

There will be such a project. Pingping loves her children.

Hou Feihu thought.

Perhaps, as Miao Fangfei’s ghost said, Pingping’s child, who had not been washed and blessed by her family, was eaten as fetal meat by villagers and outsiders.

The main body of the second project is ghost baby. Washing clothes and drinking wine are all to meet Pingping’s wishes.

Hou Feihu’s heart suddenly sank and his breathing became heavy.

In that case, what does Zhao Hongtu’s baby mean?

The washing is almost over.

Miao Fangfei looked at the midwife, holding the ghost baby in one hand and a weight in the other, knocking on the porcelain basin. It was a sharp voice like a fox. Now it sounds a little pious.

“If the weight knocks, the baby is not afraid of anything;”

“When the weight knocks twice, the baby is bolder than heaven;”

“The weight knocks three times, and the baby walks the world healthily.”


I cry?

Miao Fangfei found that she didn’t know when to shed tears. A strange emotion filled her chest, mourning and despair. This is not her emotion. Miao Fangfei can clearly realize this.

The current situation is a bit like being possessed by a ghost, but not very much, because Miao Fangfei is not in a coma and has her own consciousness.

[favor of ghost baby (10 / 10)]

[Li Gui Pingping is very satisfied with the washing items you have prepared, and she will receive extra memory fragments]

[fragments of Pingping’s memory, records part of Pingping’s past and her miserable life]

Miao Fangfei quickly pulled away from her sadness, and fuzzy pictures flashed before her eyes. These are all key clues! Miao Fangfei tried to remember every flashed picture, and the more she looked at her, the bigger her eyes opened.

i see!

* *

“Sure enough.”

Wei Xun stood at the entrance of the mountain and watched the washing ceremony with relish. After the ceremony, the ghost baby giggled and waved his hands vigorously. His original blue and gray skin color became normal. In addition to being a little thin, he looked like a normal and lovely baby.

“Pingping is really a miserable person.”

Wei Xun tut said, holding a booklet in his hand, it was the second Pingping diary that Wei Xun got after killing the corpse turned flying fox queen.

[Name: Pingping’s Diary (2 / 3)]

[quality: Scene (it can only be used in this journey and cannot be taken out of the journey)]

[function: get some information]

[Note: Pingping’s diary records her past events in different periods]

Without racking their brains to guess Pingping’s life, Wei Xun can finish the key of each project by reading his diary.

The sentences in the diary are more lively than the previous one. If the previous one is an adult Pingping full of hatred and resentment. In the words in front of this diary, although Pingping is sad about her brother’s death and worried about her father’s taking her as an heir, on the whole, her style is still relatively positive. Pingping also worried about how to better inherit the inheritance of her family.

She knew that her constitution was Yin, she could not have enough Yang like a man, and she would get sick after staying with the body for a long time.

But father said he had a way.

Get married.

As the phantom of the corpse turned flying fox king said, her father asked Pingping to marry her brother, but the diary was different from what the corpse turned flying fox king said. Pingping didn’t want to escape marriage.

[this is my responsibility. Only I can inherit it]

In Pingping’s diary, there are few men she likes, but she is determined to devote her life to inheriting the family’s secret technique of driving away the dead.

She is a good girl with a strong sense of responsibility.

But when Wei Xun knew that Pingping had a child, he knew that the phantom of the corpse flying fox king was false. Pingping must have encountered something more cruel and crazy.

Here is the diary. On the night before the wedding, Pingping was rarely nervous. When she went out to relax, she unexpectedly heard her father talking to the villagers, saying that to change Pingping’s physique, she needed to “bring Fan Yang into her body.”.

What is the reason for introducing Yang into the body?

The next diary is a large piece of crazy ink. The madness and despair revealed in the ink is shocking. Wei Xun directly turns to the last page. Just like the previous diary, the handwriting is crazy and scribbled, revealing the deep-rooted despair and madness.

[they all have to die, they all have to die!!!]


Bai Nennen’s baby reached out to Wei Xun and wanted to hug him. As a result, Yu Hehui held him in his arms.

When the washing was over, the midwife didn’t leave. He stared at the ghost baby and drooled. Then the slender fox looked at Yu Hehui and Wei Xun, and said in a shrill voice:

“If you have a noble son today, you will embrace a virtuous grandson tomorrow;”

“The court is full of congratulations, the guest is good, the house is full of Linfeng, and the heart is happy!”

After that, a white fox ran out of the black robe and ran into the deep forest.

“Me, why am I here?”

Yu Hehui looked around blankly. He didn’t seem to know why he was in the cave. Seeing Bingjiu outside, he trotted all the way behind Bingjiu, holding the ghost baby like a chick’s mother.

“C, C guide?”


Wei Xun put away his diary. He just turned it twice and always felt that there was something wrong. Seeing Yu Hehui running over with the ghost baby, Wei Xun recovered.

It is reasonable to say that Pingping’s diary should be related to scenic spots, such as Xiaolong Yizhuang, which is related to that time. The diary obtained at the second scenic spot should reasonably record how Pingping left qiepi village quietly and hid in the cave to produce. How could she be found by the villagers? How could she retaliate when the child was eaten as fetal meat.

The diary Wei Xun got is about Pingping’s marriage.

One is missing.

Between marriage and Xiaolong Yizhuang, there is a ghost fetus diary.

“Are you afraid?”

Wei Xun is multi-purpose. While thinking about his diary, he is still paying attention to Yu Hehui. Yu Hehui didn’t look surprised and flustered when he saw a fox running out of the midwife’s black robe.

“I was chosen by Hu Santai milk when I was a child. I’m not afraid of this.”

Yu Hehui smiled shyly and explained to Wei Xun that their hometown was a horse fairy. To put it more popularly, the horse fairy is to let the spirits and monsters in the mountains get on the upper body. What’s the milk of Hu Santai and uncle Hu Santai? They are the fox spirits.

Hu Santai Nai is a fox with very high seniority and strong mana. Compared with him, the newly born white haired fox must be a grandson. Yu Hehui is naturally not afraid.

“What a pity. It’s in the wilderness. Only genies come to congratulate you when you wash your clothes.”

Yu Hehui bumps the ghost baby in his arms, but the ghost baby doesn’t give face. He still sticks out his hand and wants Wei Xun to hold it.

Wei Xun stretched out his hand, and the ghost baby immediately firmly grasped his fingers, but it felt as if it was wrapped by a wind, even more illusory than the cold feeling before.

The ghost baby has washed away the resentment, but the ghost baby already exists in the world because of the resentment. When the resentment is reduced, it should disappear.

“What happens to the ghost baby?”


Yu Hehui sighed and looked at the ghost baby with pity: “its soul is unstable. It is too weak. It will be submerged by the black water of the soul losing stream. The ghost baby cannot be reborn unless it can pass through the mourning stream. ”

Mourning stream, the four places named in the journey information, have all appeared.

Yu Hehui holds the ghost baby and walks to qiebai village with Wei Xun. The two had only a few words of communication along the way. When they were close to the place, Wei Xun Leng Buding asked:

“Yu Hehui, where did you come from?”

“What? Director C, what are you talking about? ”

Yu Hehui was confused. He subconsciously hugged the ghost baby in his arms, looked around in panic, and spoke a little stumbling, just like his brother.

“Where, where is the soul? Do I have a resentful soul? ”

Yu Hehui didn’t seem to realize that he shouldn’t be in this brigade.

Wei Xun raised his eyebrows and remembered Yu Hehui’s thin back when they left side by side with the midwife.

If the guide dies during the journey, he will become a monster like Wu Laoliu.

What if… The passenger dies on the journey?

“Let’s go.”

Wei Xun said casually without explaining what he had just said. Yu Hehui was stunned for a moment and followed him blankly.

“After washing, there will be a grand chaojiu.”

In front of qiepi village, Miao Fangfei and others held the ghost baby and listened carefully to Wei Xun’s speech.

“This morning’s reception was held by the funeral soul stream, but the rainstorm the day before yesterday overturned the ferry on the other side of the funeral soul stream, so that the guests of Chaping Miao village could not come.”

“We have to pick them up.”

Mourning stream is on the left of qiebi village, opposite to Xiaolong stream. It’s a mighty river that can’t be seen at a glance. The black river is very urgent and surging. You can only look at the other side from a distance.

A blood red ferry is on the side of qiebai village, undulating up and down with the water waves.

Only a special boat can sail on the mourning stream. The boat was very narrow. Miao Fangfei and his team tried it. They could only accommodate two adults and two babies at the same time. As soon as the ghost baby left, they began to cry. It was said that there could be no crying on the mourning stream, otherwise they would be taken away by the Dragon Lord.

“It’s like that ferry game.”

During the discussion among the five, Miao Fangfei cheered up: “you’re a ghost. You should go from shore to shore. If there are fewer people and more ghosts, ghosts will eat people. ”

Miao Fangfei was just trying to arouse everyone’s spirit. After all, they are a little tired after going through many projects. But speaking of this, Miao Fangfei suddenly moved in her heart.

The key point of chaojiu… Is it really the three chaojiu party.

After washing, the resentment of the ghost babies has been eliminated, and the morning wine is also a blessing, which seems to be a little repeated.

Pingping’s wish, from Pingping’s point of view, what does Pingping want?

Ghost baby soul body is too weak. After the resentment is gone, it is not as good as before. If it goes on like this, they will dissipate.

And mourning stream

“Ghost babies cannot be reborn unless they can pass through the mourning stream.”

Yu Hehui whispered. Miao Fangfei and Hou Feihu looked at each other and thought deeply at the same time.

It’s really necessary to pick up the baby opposite and hold a drink.

Or do you take the opportunity to send the ghost through the mourning stream with “chaojiu” as a gimmick?

“Why haven’t they come yet?”

There is still time. This matter needs to be discussed. Miao Fangfei looked across the river, but there was no sign. Now Wang surging their figure, she couldn’t help worrying.

“The washing should have ended long ago… They won’t be in danger.”

* *

At the same time, Wang pengpai and several of them hid in the animal circle downstairs where Wu Laoliu hung his feet and dared not move.


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