TTG Chapter 350

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 350: The Sahara of Death (29)

“Is the little golden palace keeper on the silver moon killer really a lizard Duke?”

Wei Xun asked Ann Xuefeng in secret for the first time. He didn’t feel any deep breath from the broken tail. The other party was neither an abyss creature nor a devil. It seemed that it was an ordinary and beautiful golden palace guard broken tail. And not only did he not feel it, but the astrologer, an Xuefeng, yin-yang butterfly, Lily and David didn’t have any special reaction.

But the corn shoot said it was absolutely super delicious, so there was definitely something Wei Xun didn’t find. Last time, it was said by the corn shoot that the delicious thing was the pure crystal abyss flavor, and the adjectives added in front of the corn shoot were not as much as this broken tail.

“It’s highly probable. What’s the matter?”

An Xuefeng was very sharp and asked directly.

“I was thinking that if it were really a lizard Duke, it would be a high-level abyss monster. It shouldn’t break its tail so easily.”

David murmured his doubts and was asked by Wei Xun to an Xuefeng. After listening to his words, an Xuefeng understood and smiled in his voice: “how can you say that it can’t be a complete lizard Duke? Think about the cake.”

The Maine cat raised by Wei Xun has something to do with the slicing of life playing people, but as long as the slicing doesn’t wake up, it is a serious and pure kitten. Even Yu Hehui, who takes care of it, doesn’t find anything wrong.

“You mean that little golden guard is a slice of the lizard Duke?”

Wei Xun suddenly became interested.

“It’s similar. It can’t be said to be absolutely. It may also be directly related to the lizard Duke.”

An Xuefeng thought: “otherwise, it would not have caused such a strong response from the silver moon killer, or even directly woke him up from his nightmare.”

While they were whispering, the astrologer also came to confirm the time.

After confirming that Yu’s brother and sister woke up at about 0.15 a.m., and the time when the silver moon killer suddenly woke up was still around this, astrologers rarely frowned, while David tutted.

“They didn’t wake up because they woke up, silver moon killer.”

Chen Cheng, who has been quietly listening, has a quick mind and immediately understands why astrologers ask so. The Yu brothers and sisters and Zhu Yuande are “historical figures” in this scene replay, and their corresponding newcomers were involved in the nightmare just to kill them in the nightmare. If the Yu brothers and sisters and Zhu Yuande wake up and have no target characters, the newcomers who fall into a nightmare are likely to wake up.

But the silver moon killer is more forward than they wake up. When they wake up suddenly, it can only be because the golden little palace guard is broken.

“But Zhu Yuande didn’t fall into a nightmare.”

Chen Cheng was calm when he noticed the astrologer’s eyes, he added.

“I didn’t find another person.”

At the same time, the infected person also whispered at Wei Xun’s side. When he came back, he was disheartened. The whole person was covered with sand and ragged clothes. He looked more embarrassed than David and others, but in fact, the infected person was too refined. He didn’t have many injuries at all. He just looked embarrassed.

“Lily, are you sure you saw five shadows in the nightmare?”

Wei Xun asked the psychic lily that Zhu Yuande had not fallen into a nightmare, and what might be different from his counterpart.

“It’s five, but one is very illusory. I, I’m not sure how long he stayed in the nightmare.”

Lily whispered. Her words made David frown: “in that case, this man may be a silver moon killer. Maybe he didn’t sleep well.”

When David spoke, the astrologer’s expression remained unchanged. Obviously, he thought of this, but it didn’t mean much to them. Considering the worst situation, when the golden little palace guard is really a lizard Duke slice, David’s action tonight confirms a few points.

First, the silver moon killer and the lizard Duke came. Second, the silver moon killer lurked around the red sand giant tribe with impure motives. Third, they offended them severely.

Not to mention how much strength the lizard Duke can play here, he got into a top tourist killer. He hasn’t been able to grasp his trend and let him continue to lurk in the dark. This is the worst result. The corners of the mouth of the infected person are tight, and the eyebrows of the yin-yang butterfly are locked, but Wei Xun found that the star occupiers are very calm.

“Astrologers can find potential silver moon killers.”

An Xuefeng and Wei Xun whispered that this is what Bai Xiaosheng should know: “there has always been a subtle traction between the stars and the moon, which makes it difficult for the silver moon killer to work in front of astrologers. Of course, the silver moon killer can also find astrologers at the first time.”

Although they found each other, silver moon killers who are good at lurking and camouflage suffer more.

“The range of perception is not large.”

Wei Xun asked in a low voice. According to David, the silver moon killer lurked next to the red sand giant tribe. It only took about a quarter of an hour to get there from the chief tower, but the astrologer did not perceive the silver moon killer lurking there.

“Of course there are limits to perception, but astrologers should be marked as silver moon killers.”

An Xuefeng firmly said, “as long as the silver moon is observed and marked by astrologers, he can find the silver moon killer on the astrolabe.”

“Silver moon” is the core orange title of the silver moon killer. His series of titles are built around the “silver moon” and can already represent him. As long as it is observed and marked by astrologers, there is no hiding place – of course, this “mark” is equivalent to the role of name in hotels and can be removed.

So astrologers have to observe the mark with their own eyes, but now it’s done.

“In that case, Zhang xingzang should be the most hated person among astrologers.”

Wei Xun smiled and saw Zhang xingzang’s dream chasing dragon and Yu’s brothers come back after they had treated their wounds. Wei Xun specially manipulated the wheelchair to give way to the next position. With great interest, he gave the position around the astrologer to Zhang xingzang, which also attracted the astrologer’s vigilance.

Star hiding, hiding stars from observation, literally restrained astrologers.


An Xuefeng pretended to be serious, but his slightly smiling ending revealed his real mood: “astrologers hate your brother most.”

Wei Xun:.

“Take a break. We’ll start at five tomorrow morning.”

Instead of paying attention to an Xuefeng, Wei Xun gave a brief order, and her eyes fell on he Yunlai, who was listening carefully. Psychic lily has a strong ability to trace back, and she plays an extraordinary role in the face of “historical figures” such as Chen Cheng brigade. She saw he Yunlai missing in a sandstorm, which is the hottest noon in the sun.

She didn’t know when he Yunlai died. Maybe it was because he Yunlai, who was involved in a sandstorm in history, was unconscious. However, Lily saw that when the sandstorm retreated at 11 p.m., he Yunlai was found by Chen Cheng, who had never given up looking for him. When they found him, they had taken off all the water and turned from a living man into a mummy.

Although the death date of he Yunlai hasn’t come yet, the big sandstorm has come in advance. According to the death time in the history of he Yunlai, the most dangerous and terrible period of sandstorm is from 12 noon to 11 pm.

An Xuefeng said that the star driller worm is currently hidden in the west of the red sand giant tribe. According to the giant’s feet, it takes about three hours to run from the tribe to there.

It’s best to dispose of the worms and recapture the butterfly fragments before 12 noon.

Everyone was surprised, but although it was a rest, no one slept at all, and they didn’t even dare to close their eyes. In particular, Yu’s brother and sister and Zhu Yuande, who were worried, were afraid that they would fall into a nightmare once they closed their eyes.

Wei Xun was deep in thought with a cup of date water, while Fengniao stood on the back of the wheelchair and gently combed Wei Xun’s hair with a long beak. The beak was hot and warm, like someone massaging his scalp. It was very comfortable.

Wei Xun has healthy hair.

An Xuefeng regretted and quietly hid a few fallen hair under his wings. But at this time, Wei Xun suddenly poked an Xuefeng.

An Xuefeng:?!

It’s not the kind of poking in the physical sense, but Wei Xun’s spiritual movement. He thought about “poking an Xuefeng”, and then an Xuefeng could really feel something poking him.

“Is the medium connection so strong?”

Wei Xun sighed in his heart, “Hey, you said, if one day I was kidnapped and the kidnapper cut off one of my fingers and sent it to you, can you find me through this finger?”

“It will never happen.”

An Xuefeng, who thought his little action had been found, just wanted to be shameless to fool Wei Xun. He immediately said flatly that an Xuefeng obviously didn’t like this assumption. Even for a moment, there was evil spirit in Fengniao’s eyes. When his action was bigger, he directly took off several hair of Wei Xun.

However, after Wei Xun’s persistent questions, an Xuefeng answered the question: “don’t send your finger, I can find you immediately when he hurts you.”

“What if it wasn’t me who was kidnapped, but a part of my sliced creature?”

Wei Xun obviously had a strong interest in the imaginary kidnapper and continued to ask, “for example, a cat. The kidnapper robbed the cat’s tail. Can you help me find it?”

“Are you talking about the broken tail of the golden Little Palace keeper?”

An Xuefeng immediately understood what Wei Xun really wanted to ask. He fell into thinking: “if your tail is robbed… Cough, I mean, if you imagine, I should be able to feel your tail, but it’s not safe.”

“How can we insure?”

Wei Xun asked for advice with an open mind.

“If we are deeply connected, we must feel it.”

An Xuefeng is determined to arrive.

“In other words, the silver moon killer must feel the broken tail of the golden little palace guard?”

Wei Xun was surprised, but an Xuefeng denied his idea: “who says the silver moon killer and the lizard Duke are deeply connected?”

“There are few tour guides who can deeply connect with tourists, especially suspicious people like the lizard Duke.”

An Xuefeng said, “they do have a connection, but not a deep connection… I don’t think they are.”

An Xuefeng said with a smile, “if you are deeply connected, the silver moon killer will never let someone take away the small palace guard’s tail, unless he really doesn’t feel it. What, do you think astrologers brought back the tail of the golden Little Palace keeper? ”

“That’s not true.”

Wei Xun understated: “your son brought it back to me.”

An Xuefeng:?!

* *

“Waste, all waste!”

At this moment, in the dead Sahara and the black desert, the lizard Duke was furious and his scales turned white. At the thought of what he had just sensed about Angel (the little golden palace keeper), he realized that he was possessed by the past, and then felt that something was missing from him, the lizard Duke with a deep sense of shame wanted to kill and vent his anger.

In particular, the silent silver moon killer, who is turning into a white wolf and searching wildly in the desert, can’t fart with three sticks under his questioning. He just moans “looking” and stops talking – pulling away the lizard’s sense of Duke’s spirit on the spot!

“What a waste!”

The angry lizard Duke woke up the sleepy Zhang xingzang illusion. He was very angry. He just wanted to play another round and heard the map gun of the lizard Duke. So Zhang xingzang’s illusion gave him a rare look when he waved his fist.

“You’re right!”

The author has something to say: Wei Xun [watching the excitement is not too big]: he broke the defense, he broke the defense!

There will be more tomorrow, boo boo!


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