TTG Chapter 351

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 351: nutrient solution 670000 Jiageng

An Xuefeng and Zhang xingzang left the black desert long ago, but the lizard Duke stayed here all the time. This is not normal. There are no infected people. It has nothing to do with those in power. The lizard Duke should have been excluded long ago.

But the authorities all entered the scene replay from the black desert. When they were away, the black desert fell into a special stagnation state and no longer died. In addition, the lizard Duke had some special titles, which made him take advantage of the loophole – of course, more importantly, he had been fighting with the magic star Tibetan and was deliberately polluted by the magic star Tibetan, In this way, it can barely be indirectly related to those in power.

If the dream chaser is good at leading people into dreams and fighting in dreams, the puppet master is powerful in controlling puppets, quietly controlling others, and the life playful people are used to controlling and distorting fate, the advantage of the lizard Duke lies in his super physical quality, he is best at close combat, simple □ □ his strength is very strong, and he can resist the return knife even without alienation.

Generally speaking, the physical quality of tour guides is weaker than that of tourists without alienation. One is that most hotels choose tourists with good physical quality, and only a few are weak but gifted in some aspects. But the tour guides are all terminally ill in reality, and the physical quality of dying people is naturally different.

The second is that at the end of each journey, when passengers get a score upgrade, the hotel will imperceptibly strengthen their quality in some aspects. For peak passengers like an Xuefeng, their physical quality is also in an absolute peak state, but the peak direction may be different, which will be affected by factors such as title and age.

This is what the guide doesn’t have.

It is true that the tour guide will become stronger every time he is promoted, but it is mainly stronger in the abyss. For example, the strength of low death countdown is enhanced, and the tour guide controls more power after zero alienation. The tour guide has always been connected with dying and death. The physical quality is too strong and difficult to die. To some extent, it is not convenient.

But the lizard Duke was an alien. Under high-intensity combat, he simply threw aside his obstructive cloak and showed his hair as dark red as blood. He is extremely tall, with tender yellow hard scales covering the key parts like scales, especially on his fists. The sharp and mutated bone hooks cover the joints, just like a pair of ferocious and terrible boxers.

The pollution from the magic star reservoir impacts and corrodes the scales quickly, but when it touches the polluted scales, it immediately floats a layer of light white film, just like a lizard molting, and all wound pollution goes with it. In less than five seconds, the white film falls, and under the white film is the recovered skin.

“Ah –!”

The failure of the killer several times made the phantom star hide angry. He was a runaway spiritual illusion. His calmness can only last for a moment, and crazy collapse is his core. The situation reversed in an instant, and the angry phantom star hid the lizard Duke and retreated. However, the lizard Duke showed a wanton and arrogant smile in his dark blue eyes hidden under the mask made of tender yellow scales.

He is deliberately trying to make the magic star hide angry again and again and lose his mind again and again! The state of magic star hiding is bound to affect the dreamer. Until now, the lizard Duke still hasn’t given up taking the keepsake from the dreamer and controlling the wild prospect of death Sahara.

Passengers are too unreliable. Yinyue is only good at killing people without the shrewd brain of astrologer Bai Xiaosheng. It is almost impossible for Yinyue to assassinate dreamers under the protection of an Xuefeng, Zhang xingzang and others. The Duke of lizard knows that he doesn’t expect Yinyue to kill people. He wants to do it with his own way!

“Woo -”

The dream chasing dragon sleeping by the fire kicked his legs, and the tip of his tail shook anxiously, which attracted Zhang xingzang’s attention.

“Wake up, dream, wake up.”

Zhang xingzang found that the dream chasing scale was a little dark, and immediately woke it up directly. He can judge what kind of dream it is in from the scale color of the dreamer. When dreaming, the scales of the dreamer will shine like bubbles in the sun, and when having nightmares, they will be dark.


The dream chasing dragon, who was forced to wake up, had a bad temper and roared directly at Zhang xingzang’s Raptor. His bad temper turned his face gray, and then flapped his wings. He flew out of the bunker directly – and fell in the arms of Wei Xun, who was located in the chief Tower!


Wei Xun was surprised and touched Bruce Lee in his arms. The two dream chasing dragons basically didn’t get close to him. What’s the matter now?

“Whine –”

The dream chasing dragon landed in his arms soon climbed over Wei Xun’s head. Bruce Lee’s chest vibrated and made a special, low dragon chant. Wei Xun felt that his hair was bitten by the dream chasing dragon, and his dragon claws rubbed on Wei Xun’s head like a cat stepping on milk. It’s strange that Wei Xun has never seen the behavior of chasing dream dragons.

“What’s going on?”

Moreover, Wei Xun was even more surprised that an Xuefeng, who always had a strong desire for monopoly after changing into an animal state, didn’t stop it.

“Hiss -”

Zhang xingzang, who chased out quickly, saw the unspeakable expression behind the scenes, and then his face coagulated. Unexpectedly, he showed a somewhat serious expression. Instead, he asked him, “Bai Xiaosheng, are you okay?”

Wei Xun doesn’t think he has any problem. He was just discussing with an Xuefeng how to use the golden little palace guard to break the tail. If he can turn his wild mind into a golden little palace guard, then break his tail and connect the broken tail, can he annoy the silver moon killer to be irrational at the critical moment——

Even if the astrologer can sense the location of the silver moon killer, he is still too dangerous. When a killer has no reason at all, his threat will be much less.

Because of the problem of wild spiritual change, the two avoided others and left the bunker to talk over to the chief tower. But the dream chasing dragon’s swoop attracted all their attention.

“I’m fine.”

Wei Xun first replied that his brain rotates rapidly. In the heart of the dream chasing dragon, he is not Bai Xiaosheng, not Wei Xun, but a magic star. Since he has no problem, there must be something wrong with the magic star.

“This can cure mental disorders and mental loss caused by pollution.”

An Xuefeng’s answer also reflects Wei Xun’s idea. Dream chasers have done this for returnees before. Even if they are not connected tour guides and tourists, the strong strength of dream chasers enables them to remove some mental pollution by this special means.

“Did the lizard Duke leave the black desert?”

Wei Xun asked this question, but Zhang xingzang was not sure about it.

“Didn’t you drive him away when you left?”

An Xuefeng hardly opened his mouth, and Zhang xingzang showed an annoyed expression.

“The lizard Duke’s body is probably still in the black desert. There is a problem with the magic star hiding – he induces the magic star hiding out of control through combat, thus interfering with the dreamer?”

Wei Xun quickly reasoned out the most likely cause and effect. At present, he can’t fully understand how powerful the spiritual illusion has on the tour guide. After the magic star was hidden out of control and sealed in the death Sahara for so many years, isn’t there no big deal for the dreamer?

However, Zhang xingzang’s gloomy face and an Xuefeng’s rare silence let Wei Xun understand that mental illusions are frequently out of control and crazy, which will definitely interfere with the tour guide to a great extent.

“Fortunately, I recognize the wrong person.”

Zhang xingzang breathed heavily and watched the end of the “treatment” on Bai Xiaosheng’s head. He was holding his hair and leaning down and gently rubbing his head against his cheek. Zhang xingzang flashed a little guilt in his eyes and then became firm.

Now the dream chasing dragon depends on instinct, both good and bad. It doesn’t recognize people and doesn’t have much calm and reason. If the magic star Tibet really goes crazy and collapses, it may lead to crazy pursuit of dreams and destroy the replay of the scene and the struggle for power. But it’s also because it can’t recognize people. The magic star Tibet played by Bai Xiaosheng can always calm and pursue dreams for a period of time.

When the butterfly fragments are recaptured, chasing dreams can restore more strength, and its recovery can also indirectly affect the state of magic star hiding and solve the crisis.

“Star driller worm, be careful… Bait… Location of butterfly fragments… How to dig it out…”

Zhang xingzang and his team discussed the roundup plan in detail for a while. It’s already 4:30 a.m. and they’re leaving in an hour. Chen Cheng and his colleagues at the bunker have begun to move things to the corn shoots. At present, the plan is not to return to the red sand giant tribe after killing the star driller worm, but to go directly to the petrochemical forest. The terrain and landform there help to resist the big sandstorm.

“OK, I’ll go back first.”

Zhang xingzang takes the dream chasing dragon back. Wei Xun and an Xuefeng still stay in the chief’s tower. They rarely keep silent for a while. Then Wei Xun smiles and says, “you see, if the lizard Duke wants to influence dream Chasing through magic star hiding, we have to pay a tooth for a tooth.”

An Xuefeng was silent. After a while, he wanted to change the topic: “there are better ways.”

“No, we’ll hunt the star driller worm tomorrow. The silver moon killer will definitely come. And it’s on the hunting ground of the nine giant tribes. I doubt there will be giants of other tribes. ”

The nine giant tribes have their own hunting grounds, but they also have a common hunting ground, the largest and richest prey, near the petrochemical forest. There are a lot of giant prey there, which attracts star driller worms to lie and eat in the sand.

Wei Xun said decisively, “this is the simplest way.”


An Xuefeng sighed helplessly and finally let go: “OK, but let me come.”

They said that Wei Xun’s brain hole was wide open before. He wanted to turn his wild mind into a golden little palace guard, and then cut off his tail and connect the broken tail, so as to interfere with the silver moon killer. David, they have seen the little golden palace with their own eyes. It’s not difficult to imitate it. An Xuefeng has the orange title of the great Druid. He can not only turn himself into an animal, but also make others become an animal within a certain period of time.

But an Xuefeng doesn’t want Wei Xun to break his tail and then connect with others. Now he finally let go, but he asked himself to come.

“You are strong and vulnerable to flaws -”

However, Wei Xun doesn’t want an Xuefeng to break his tail. He can have fun by himself, but when it comes to an Xuefeng and wants him to take someone else’s tail, Wei Xun has a subtle sense of displeasure.


Feeling the change of Wei Xun’s mood, an Xuefeng snorted and smiled, and his mood changed for the better. He no longer said that he became a golden little palace guard, and then the tail muscle tightened and broke his tail. After connecting the broken tail of the golden little palace guard, he couldn’t see any difference. Especially with the title of the great Druid, even Qi and taste imitate vividly.

Wei Xun put away an Xuefeng’s broken tail and collected it well. Wei Xun is not sure how much can interfere with the silver moon killer, but an Xuefeng is very confident. After all, the little golden palace guard associated with the lizard Duke is different from the real palace guard. It is a “whole”. The lack of any part will affect the lizard Duke’s control over the palace guard.

So the silver moon killer will definitely find this tail.

It’s said to be a golden Little Palace keeper, but in fact, the color is closer to tender yellow. There are orange patterns on his side and head. His eyes are dark red. He will be uncomfortable to narrow his eyes when illuminated by the light. His eyesight seems not very good. He instinctively spits out his tongue and sniffs the surrounding air from time to time. He looks very cute. An Xuefeng is familiar with the door and gets into Wei Xun’s arms. He still wants his face, Didn’t show up in front of astrologers.

At 5:30 a.m., the sandstorm had no tendency to weaken. The wind force was at least force 10. The strong sandstorm made the sky dark as dusk, but it could not have much impact on the giants.

Wei Xun and others sat on the corn shoots. Several tentacles were raised to prevent wind and sand. The hunting team of the red sand giant tribe was ready. The giant’s spears banged on the ground and roared. The fire from the giant’s eyes melted the huge searchlight, and even dispersed part of the wind and sand!

After the “expedition ceremony,” the new chief of the Hongsha giant tribe and the hunting team rushed to the United hunting ground.

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