TTG Chapter 352

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 352: The Sahara of Death (30)

Even if the corn shoots were blocked by tentacles, Wei Xun and his party could still feel the horror of the sandstorm. Now the temperature was a little higher than at night, but it was still freezing and the moisture was heavier. The sand grains in the sandstorm were all wet. When they were scraped off, they directly adhered to the outer surface of the corn shoots and soon stained a thick layer.

“Bamboo shoots are so happy! Father, bamboo shoots are so happy! ”

But the corn shoots were very happy. This humid sandy environment made it think of the familiar underground life and happier. Although it’s on the ground, shuttling in a sandstorm is almost the same as opening the wet sand and sneaking under the ground!

As for the low temperature – Hey, the corn shoots have rough skin and thick meat. I don’t care about this.

But people riding on it can feel the horror of nature. In order to see the road and guard against possible dangers at any time, the tentacles of corn shoots are not completely closed, but split several cracks to observe the external situation. Although it has long hair on its tentacles, which can resist sand like camel eyelashes, the cold wind and moisture flow in unhindered.

Before, corn shoot tentacles would not grow this colorful long hair. It was Xiaocui who “evolved” it. The abyss worm is a very primitive and stable demon worm. Primitive means that its gene is simple. Xiaocui can make many modifications on it. Stability means that these effects and modifications will disappear with the molting and growth of corn shoots, and there will be no substantive changes in the end.

In addition, the corn shoots are insects born by Xiaocui, which is more convenient to affect.

That’s great! After getting the genes of the ugly green moth and the little rose, Xiaocui is ambitious to make great achievements, but the genes of both are unstable. Although the owner says he accepts the ugly green insect cubs, Xiaocui can’t really produce a batch of such insects. After asking the owner’s consent, Xiaocui has made some influence on the corn shoots to try these two genes.

At present, the preliminary impact is relatively successful! Corn shoot tentacles grow colorful, soft and thick long hairs. However, although these long hairs can block the wind and sand, Wang can’t block the cold wind.

Many people were shivering. Chen Cheng’s clothes were wet and there was a layer of water vapor inside. He took out a fairly dry spare assault jacket, but he didn’t wear it himself, but handed it to Yu Hexuan.


Yu Hexuan whispered and gave his coat to his sister. The Sahara desert is still hot this month. Most of them only brought one or two coats to resist the cold at night. The coats of the Yu brothers and sisters were burned and torn by thunder, fire and giant in the nightmare last night. They can’t wear them anymore. Of course, the best way to warm up is fire, but Yu Hexuan doesn’t dare to light the sky fire sign.

They are inside worms. Worms like damp and dark, and hate fire most. The Western man with the little fire dragon just let the fire dragon spit out a fire and was rushed out. The strong can resist the wind and sand outside, but they can’t. They don’t want to be hated by the worms of the boss.

“If only the bird were there.”

Cheng Tianbao said sleepily that Chen Cheng and Tang Shuang are not particularly afraid of the cold. After all, Chen Cheng has a cold mountain sword, and Tang Shuang can ossify, so they are not afraid of the cold. But his corruption needs humidity and temperature. The low temperature will make Cheng Tianbao sleepy and sleepy.

“If the Phoenix were there, it would be driven out.”

Half life Taoist heard their conversation and returned: “the Phoenix is much more powerful than the Western little fire dragon. Hey, are you very cold.”

Half life Taoist didn’t feel cold, mainly because the tide was annoying. The inner wall of corn shoot tentacles was full of water droplets, and there was no dry place at all. Even if the half life Taoist took out some animal skins to keep Chen Cheng warm, these animal skins were soon soaked.

“The temperature and humidity of sandstorms are changing.”

Chen Cheng distributes the skins to others and walks to bailaoer and whispers.

“It’s damp and cold now. Wait a while…”

When the sun comes out in a few hours, the temperature rises, and the cold tide turns into hot tide, that’s really hard.

“This sandstorm is more like the scenic spot task of the hotel.”

On top of the corn shoots, Wei Xun and others are also discussing this problem. Half life Taoist, Tong Hege and Chen Cheng are together in the tentacle protection of the body behind the head of the corn shoot, while Wei Xun and others are on the top of the corn shoot. Not everyone stays on the worm. The dream chasing dragon and David’s little fire dragon fly in the sky, and the human □□ Di becomes a half man and half horse, running freely and wantonly nearby.

Wet wind and sand can’t have a great impact on them, which makes them care more about the deep meaning.

“It is simply cold at night, cold in the morning, hot in the morning, and pure dry heat at noon.”

Zhang xingzang said that this is the law of sandstorm they speculated, and it is also the reason why it is more like a scenic spot task. Sandstorms in nature will not have such obvious changes, but it is much easier to understand the task of bringing them into the hotel.

“There will be a special and precious prey in the sandstorm, which is the key to enable the giants to survive the next dead period. Therefore, when the severe sandstorm blows up, the giants of other tribes will also gather in the hunting ground.”

Wei Xun found that the giants had no objection to hunting during the sandstorm, but they were very excited. He asked a few more questions and got more information from the giants of Hongsha tribe. His temptation did not cause any doubt. Even the giants were much more loyal to him. All the members of the hunting team knelt down on one knee before going on the expedition and expressed their loyalty to him again.

In the view of the giants, it is undoubtedly a lucky performance that the big sandstorm appeared on the night after the new chief held the ceremony. It is because God likes the new chief and acknowledges the new chief that the big sandstorm will come so soon. The special prey that only appears in the big sandstorm is described by the red sand giants as a “giant insect hidden in the sandstorm”, which can be called “giant” by the giants, which can see how big the insect is.

But this reminds Wei Xun of the star driller worm.

If they are all worms, star driller worms are likely to be chased by other giant tribes. Maybe we can take advantage of this.

“If the giant comes too much, you have to add some money.”

David said with a smile, “in Mandarin, we are close brothers, but I can give you a 20% discount, right, captain?”

Yes, the action of hunting star driller worms will not participate in the occult science. After all, it involves a precious butterfly fragment. There is no friendship between mysticism and chasing dreams. Everyone wants butterfly fragments. If mysticism is used, the division of interests will be troublesome. Not to mention what happens in the middle, such as the fact that the star driller worm digests the butterfly fragments (impossible) and makes the butterfly fragments disappear. Things like melon field and plum will hurt feelings.

But in an Xuefeng’s face, the mysterious society helps in the periphery to stop the silver moon killer or other tribal giants.

Butterfly fragments disappear?

Wei Xun took a deep look at the astrologer. Wei Xun always felt that this man was talking to him. No, no, the reason why mysticism doesn’t work is that astrologers suspect that he will take away the butterfly fragments and frame it on mysticism, so don’t get involved in this kind of thing at all.

Wei Xun was so curious about whether his brother had done such a thing.

Feel the eyes coming from the side, the astrologer’s expression remains unchanged, and his eyes close like a false sleep.

Is it aimed at? You can think as you like.

With the passage of time, the temperature gradually rises, and the temperature in the desert is hardly “suitable”. It is almost cold. The temperature begins to soar just after the cold. The damp and hot is more difficult than the damp and cold. Even the corn shoots are beginning to be unbearable and want to drill into the sand to find shade.

When they got to the hunting ground, the astrologers got off in advance and went around to deploy defense. Wei Xun and the red sand giant tribe hunting team continued to move forward.

“As I said before, the star driller worm has the habit of swallowing food. I can disguise the smell of chasing dreams. I drill in and kill it.”

Zhang xingzang said, this is what they discussed last night. Zhang xingzang pretends that the weak dreamer is swallowed by the star driller worm. An Xuefeng leads the return knife. At the same time, Zhang xingzang also draws a knife to kill from the star driller worm. With good luck, he can directly cut the meat hidden with butterfly fragments, and with bad luck, he can seriously hurt the star driller worm.

In this way, an Xuefeng doesn’t use too much power.

“It’s too risky. I can see that your seal hall is blackened.”

Half life Taoist came up to participate in their topic and didn’t agree with Tao. It’s too risky to drill into a worm. Worms have so strong digestion that Zhang xingzang was melted as soon as he went in.

“I’m a clay figurine. I’m not afraid of this.”

Zhang xingzang doesn’t care and smiles, but Wei Xun is noncommittal. Corn shoots like to eat mud most. Zhang xingzang, a soil rich in high energy, is afraid that worms want to eat it when they see it. This is not without danger, but very dangerous! Zhang xingzang also knows this, but he wants to attract the star driller worm as quickly as possible. After all, it’s too dangerous. It’s even more difficult to attract other enemies after dragging on for a long time.

Rich in nutrients, weak and clay figurines, he has to be moved if he is a star driller worm.

Of course he knew it was dangerous, but Zhang xingzang didn’t want to drag Bai Xiaosheng and them into danger. He had helped them too much in the past ten years.

But Wei Xun has his own ideas.

“The spirit of the magic star is out of control. You are seriously injured. The probability of chasing dreams and going crazy is as high as 90 percent.”

He just said a quiet word, which made Zhang xingzang stunned and stopped talking.

“During the sandstorm, the special giant insects will gather in the hunting ground for mating. They will release a large number of special liquid blocks to make other desert monsters love together.”

The hunting season of giants is the breeding season for desert giants.

“Insect monsters will be more strongly affected.”

Wei Xun patted the tentacles of the corn shoots, and the corn shoots rubbed Wei Xun, still foolishly happy.

Zhang xingzang and others listened to him softly: “if you want to lead the worm out of the star drill, you don’t have to be so troublesome.”

Then he smiled and showed this sinister smile on Zhang xingzang’s face. Zhang xingzang felt very happy. He listened to Bai Xiaosheng’s slow way: “the star driller worm… It’s female.”

So many worms in the dead Sahara obey it and live around it for no reason. A worm is not a social creature unless it gives birth to a child.

so hot.

The star driller worm lying eating and drinking turned over under the sand and didn’t feel a handsome worm approaching.

The author has something to say: what a big bamboo shoot! It’s Junda bamboo shoot now! Heart trap! Tonight is the 500 red envelopes sent by Junda bamboo shoots. Bo Bo, bamboo shoots are going on a date tomorrow! Say, I wish bamboo shoots happiness!


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