TTG Chapter 353

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 353: The Sahara of Death (31)

In fact, the corn shoot is still small and not yet an adult. Although it has learned a lot of messy things, such as division, such as camouflage, and its size is far larger than that of worms of the same age, it is because it eats well. The delicacies that wild worms can’t eat in a lifetime (such as the power of the abyss, the polluted eyes of Mountain God peach trees, etc.) and corn shoots have eaten back and forth.

This makes it a huge and powerful big fat bamboo shoot. After pretending to be the same kind of star driller worm, it barely looks like an adult. After all, usually, the female worm is bigger and fatter than the male worm. The physique of bamboo shoot and star driller worm is poor.

The problem is that it is not sexually mature and can’t give full play to the smell of the star driller worm. Even if the special liquid mass released by the special giant insects gathered during the big sandstorm can make other desert monsters feel together, normally the star driller worm can’t smell the young bamboo shoots.

But Wei Xun has two mother insects, Xiaocui and xiaorose. It’s not a problem to make a fake.

What they really want to think about is how to get rid of the star driller worm.

Thinking about it, the joint hunting ground of the nine giant tribes is close at hand. The foot is no longer pure sand, but sand mixed with sand and mud. Large tracts of trees similar to desert Populus euphratica grow on this land. This is a real desert oasis, which is more than ten times larger than the Oasis Wei Xun met at the beginning. After entering the hunting ground, the wind and sand are suddenly much smaller.

What really brings countless desert monsters here is a sparkling Lake in the oasis. The temporary residence of the red sand giant hunting team is in the east of the lake, next to a surging river. This river can not be seen outside the oasis. Only the ancient river hidden under the Gobi can be seen, and the river flows underground, In this depression oasis, it flows to the surface.

The arrival of the giants startled back a group of small gazelle like beasts who had been drinking water by the river, but after a while, the gazelles carefully returned to the river to drink water. There are many giant desert monsters around the lake. It’s too dangerous. The river should be safer.

The red sand giants really didn’t want to fight these little things. This beast is too small for them, just like sparrows to people of normal size. Although compared with giant desert monsters, the gazelle has thin skin, tender meat and more delicious, it doesn’t bother enough to eat. The female giant should eat meat and drink water, This kind of gadget is what male giants and little giants love to catch.

The sandstorm was not big enough, and the giant insects did not arrive. The female giants sat down lazily on the ground, and those close to each other began to help play with the symbiosis between the hairs. Some lay down like resting lions, and some did not match. Looking at the pile of attractive dwarf male giants brought by the chief, they began to pile up and whisper, looking like they wanted to catch gazelles and some birds fishing on the river.

The female giants laughed hoarsely and rudely, and gestured with thick fingers like gossip, arguing who was the shortest and most popular dwarf male giant loved by the chief. Two clever and flattering female giants got up, one standing from left to right to two tall towers, surrounding the group of gazelles, so that the chief’s men and her daughters could play hunting games.

“These beasts look like gazelles. They should be able to eat.”

Tang Shuang and they are also discussing this problem. These days, they eat dates and drink hot water. The boys are a little greedy for meat. And they should take this opportunity to store more food.

However, Cheng Tianbao was a little absent-minded. He didn’t look at the silly gazelles who were still drinking in the group. His eyes looked at the hundred eldest brothers, and his heart was full of envy. It’s good that team Chen is also there. It shows that the strength of the captain is recognized by the hundred leaders. This time, they will also participate in the hunting of monsters. Unlike them, they can only hunt as logistics to obtain some food and water.

If I could be stronger

Cheng Tianbao clenched his fist, took a breath and seriously discussed with Tang Shuang. Logistics is also an important part. Metaphysics has been an old team for many years. They pay more attention to the team. They should do things in which position. This is something that metaphysics newcomers will be repeatedly stressed and told by the old people.

Half life Taoist also has this kind of team consciousness, which is specifically reflected in Zhang xingzang’s direct and decisive way when he puts forward different ideas: “no matter how you say it, I listen to Bai Xiaosheng, and what Bai Xiaosheng says is what he says.”

The closer the implementation of the plan, the better. There is only one voice in the team, so the efficiency is high enough.

“But he’s –”

Zhang xingzang was angry. He looked at Lai in Bai Xiaosheng’s arms. He was a little anxious about chasing the dream dragon. He knew that the problem over there must be more and more serious. He couldn’t delay any more time. Finally, he had no choice but to give way.

“Well, well, I still think… Hey!”

The main reason is that Zhang xingzang thinks that the method proposed by Bai Xiaosheng is essentially no different from that proposed by him. The difference is that Bai Xiaosheng decides to hide in the male worm that will be used to seduce the star driller worm, and then be swallowed by the star driller worm. They cooperate inside and outside again – isn’t this similar to the method originally proposed by Zhang xingzang!

Moreover, he is always stronger than Bai Xiaosheng and can persist in the worm body for a longer time.

“That’s it.”

The yin-yang butterfly said impatiently and rubbed her long knife, and the momentum gradually brewed up. After the opinions were unified, everyone moved quickly. Zhang xingzang ambushed the other side of the river with the dream chasing dragon, and the provincial star driller worm was found in advance. When he left guard Xun, he temporarily lifted the mental fusion and directly called out the mental state of Xiaocui and xiaorose.

The corn shoots drill out of the sand, and the eighteen sections of corn shoots form a fat shoot. Curiously “lean” beside Wei Xun, we see that little rose has become a mother insect, timidly clasping her fingers with Xiaocui. Little rose is weak and timid, and Xiaocui is confident and fierce. The mother insects wantonly sprinkle pheromones, push waves and help the waves, and soon disturbed many monsters in the desert oasis.

Under the influence of pheromones, the smell of corn shoots gradually changes, and soon it is filled with a mature and restless smell, which automatically and continuously sends ambiguous signals.

In the ancient oasis where this scene is repeated, it can be said that only the camouflaged corn shoots and the star driller worm are the same kind, and the star driller worm can only choose it. The restlessness here even affected the red sand giants, but soon Wei Xun merged with little Rose’s spirit, and the giants under the chieftain’s authority stood by the river.


Wei Xun gives a look and takes back Xiaocui. The half life Taoist immediately understands to go to the other side to ambush with Chen Cheng, and Wei Xun quickly drills into the false mouth of corn shoots with the golden Little Palace keeper surnamed an.

“When the great worm comes out later, it may do some strange things to you”

Wei Xun communicated with corn shoots: “just fight hard.”

“Bamboo shoots, bamboo shoots are a little afraid”

The corn shoot honestly expresses some fear and fear. It doesn’t know about the big insects, but when it meets the adult and terrible giant worms, its biological instinct first reaction is to escape, but its loyalty and attachment to the father enable it to resist its instinct. The corn shoots went under the sand and whispered to their father.

“After resistance, run away, run away?”

‘no, you’re going to be eaten by it… Of course, you’d better lure her out of the sand and be eaten.’

Zhang xingzang’s previous proposal is actually reasonable. It’s better to be swallowed by the star driller worm, which can surprise and take away the fragments of Maria butterfly.

“Ah? eat up? Are you going to finish all the sobbing? Yes, can you just eat a little? ”

The corn shoot sobbed with sadness and fear. He bit his tentacles sadly and ate two mouthfuls first, but his clever little brain soon figured it out. The corn shoot quietly swallowed his father down again.

Father and father are so smart and powerful that great worms will not dare to eat them. Even if they eat bamboo shoots, they will stop at their father’s festival!

“Don’t worry, it’ll be fine”

Wei Xun comforted the corn shoots: “when the great worm dies, let you eat big pieces.”

“Eat big pieces!”

The corn shoots immediately became excited and worked harder to drill into the sand. It could feel that the great worms were under the sand, and it also released a momentum that made the shoots tremble with fear. However, considering that they could eat large pieces, the corn shoots were afraid and couldn’t help swallowing their saliva. They had the courage to bargain with their father in a low voice: “bamboo shoots, bamboo shoots are still afraid. Yes, can you lick the super delicious food first? Just lick it ”

Corn shoots are super delicious. Of course, it’s the broken tail of the golden little palace guard.

“Rest assured”

Listening to it, Wei Xun laughed and asked the corn shoots to move the false mouth of the tentacles to the front. Then he took out an Xuefeng, took hold of his small body and exposed his tail outside like fishing bait.

“It’s too risky…”

An Xuefeng’s voice was a little helpless, and xiaoshougong’s claws firmly grasped Wei Xun’s fingers. Just now he told Wei Xun that as long as they were swallowed by the star driller worm, it would be no problem to seize the butterfly fragments. The key is that the star driller worm has fused butterfly fragments for nearly ten years. It is a monster. It is different from the puppet master. Taking butterfly fragments away from it is bound to cause terrible phagocytosis and pollution.

These pollution will seriously affect them and corn shoots. How to get out after taking the butterfly fragments is the real problem. Wei Xun said, “don’t worry, as soon as the impact of butterfly fragments comes out, silver moon killers will definitely go this way, and astrologers may not be able to stop them.”

As long as the silver moon killer can come and see what is “swallowed up” by the worm, and there is only a “golden Little Palace” with a poor little tail tip, he must use the strength of aloes to save the mother to split Huashan to split the star driller worm and save them.

The further down the drill, the place where the star driller worm is located is about to be reached. An Xuefeng stops talking and converges his breath. The provincial star driller worm finds him, and Wei Xun also holds his breath and waits quietly.

Spring is coming, the season of recovery of all things, and the season of mating of worms… Well, although winter is coming soon, the star driller worm can still feel the fire like enthusiasm burning in its body, making it more excited and restless, especially the proximity of a male handsome insect.

If you put it in the past, it can’t look at such a short and thin male worm. Its suitors will directly tear the worm to pieces, but there is no other kind in this place. What’s more, the wound on its body hasn’t healed (the return knife is inserted in it), which needs a lot of energy to repair.

There is nothing more powerful than similar worms. The star driller worm decided to give the little man a chance to eat it after a □□ to replenish his strength. At this moment, it has dug a huge cave underground, covered the cave with mucus and lazily waiting for the arrival of Xiaojun insect.

When the other party came, the star driller worm didn’t move, but stretched out and waited for the male worm to please it and get close to it.

But this makes it difficult for corn shoots.

It approached carefully – but the great worm was different from what her father said. She didn’t do anything strange to the bamboo shoot?

What can I do?

The corn shoots waited again. Seeing that the great worm had not moved, it decided to fight directly.


The corn shoots rushed up fiercely, riveted hard, bit the star driller worm, twisted its body, pulled its tentacles, and then turned and ran with a mouth full of meat!

The author has something to say: tomorrow will be Jiageng, Bo Bo!

Corn shoots (vaguely eating meat): enterprise level resistance, have you learned it!

Star driller worm: what is this?? Ah??


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