TTG Chapter 354

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 354: nutrient solution 680000 Jiageng

The corn shoots flew out for thousands of meters, almost back to the ground, but they felt empty behind them. It had the courage to look back and found that the great worm did not catch up.

Why? The corn shoot was puzzled. It chewed the delicious meat in its mouth. The meat of the great worm was really delicious. It was very strong and chewy, but it was too tough. Even the dense fangs of the corn shoot couldn’t bite. After chewing hard, the corn shoot suddenly felt a little guilty. Such delicious meat should be dedicated to my father.

It just, it just chews and tastes. Yes, it won’t swallow the meat! It’s just a little too afraid of being swallowed by great worms. If it chews something in its mouth, it won’t be so nervous.

But why didn’t the great worm catch up? The corn shoot doesn’t understand, and it tries to send out “provocation!” But there was still no reaction behind him. Thinking that the task was not completed, the corn shoots didn’t understand and were a little depressed, they whispered to their father about it.

“You said that the great worms are a hundred, a hundred as big as you…”

Wei Xun thought deeply about the uneasy words of the corn shoots. Then he couldn’t laugh or cry. He didn’t accept the chewed meat handed over by the corn shoots with his tentacles. He just put on his gloves, looked through it and sighed. An Xuefeng took a look at his hand and smiled: “this can’t be regarded as meat. At most, it’s just a little dead skin of the star driller worm.”

Although it was only half cut by an Xuefeng, the size of the star driller worm is still very large. The “big mouth” of the corn shoot is like being pecked by a small fish to the star driller worm. The worms are very slow. The evolution direction of the star driller worm is large, thick, rough and shallow in emotion. It doesn’t feel pain at all, nor can it feel the provocative emotion of the corn shoot. I thought the handsome bug was cleaning its body.

The corn shoot riveted hard and pulled out one of its tentacles, which was more like a flattering touch.

“That is to say, can bamboo shoots still eat a lot of this kind of meat?”

The corn shoot was shocked. It didn’t know what dead skin was, so it understood a little – there were so many large pieces of meat on the great worm that it could eat at will! And great worms don’t get angry!

The Wuwuwuwu worm is really great, but the smart corn shoots certainly don’t say that. The father said that the great worm wants to eat its big bad worm. It’s not too much to eat its meat before being eaten!

My father didn’t want the bit of thin and broken meat. He swallowed the corn shoots, and then jumped back happily. As expected, the great worm stayed lazily in its original position, waiting for the service of Xiaojun worm. The corn shoot was completely released. It lay on the great worm, chewed hard and swallowed desperately.

The hard skin, tender meat, blood, mucus, tentacles of great worms, as well as some mineral crystals accumulated on the skin over the years, and small symbionts, are great tonics for corn shoots!

Worms are keen to reproduce. Even if they risk being swallowed by female worms, male worms will not turn back. Precisely because this “cleaning” is also a rare feast for them.

If we can work hard for a whole breeding season without being eaten, the strength of male worms will definitely improve by leaps and bounds when the breeding season is over!

They especially like to find females with large physical differences. First, good genes can produce stronger offspring. Second, they can eat well when cleaning up. Third, if the physical differences are large, females are more likely to despise their “thin” males after mating, so that male worms can survive.

We enjoyed eating corn shoots, but Zhang xingzang and others waiting on the ground were really suffering.

Why haven’t you come out for so long?

Nearly ten minutes have passed, but there is still no movement under the sand. Zhang xingzang pressed the dream chasing dragon’s back with one hand and the long knife with the other hand. His high concentration made him extremely sensitive to five senses. In this too sensitive state, any sound and breath were magnified countless times. The hot wind seemed to stick a film on his skin. It was very uncomfortable. The dream chasing dragon was anxious and wagged its tail. The disappearance of magic star Tibet made it more and more irritable and wanted to fly out to find him.

Not yet?

The mood of chasing dreams affected him and made Zhang xingzang’s jaw tight into a hard line. If the dream goes on like this, I’m afraid the star driller worm will react. After thinking about it, Zhang Xing hid his hand, held the little dragon horn of the dream chasing dragon, and gently stroked it to help it relieve its mood. In the connection between tour guides and tourists, tour guides help tourists relieve their nerves, but more often, the problem of tour guides is more serious.

It is not always safe to enter the psychic illusion for deep comfort. Simple comfort is similar to “dust shooting”, “touch”, “words soothing” and so on. There are many ways. Under his comfort, the dream chasing dragon finally calmed down, but with the passage of time, Zhang xingzang’s expression became more and more dignified.

The tip of his ear moved slightly, as if he had noticed a change in a certain direction. Countless thoughts flashed through his heart, but Zhang xingzang finally sank down and waited quietly.

“Hasn’t it started over there?”

Ma Katie, the man guarding the periphery, looked curiously at the oasis. However, from their direction, the tall figures of the red sand giants blocked everything, but there was no additional movement. That should be that it had not started yet.

“Be quiet and careful.”

Whispered lily, the psychic. In her hand was a skull full of grayish brown dots. The skull looked not like a human head, but more like the skull of some primitive man or ape. A round hole was drilled in the top of the skull, and a black candle was placed in the skull. Candlelight reflected from the hole in the skull’s head, but strangely, there was a faint light in the skull’s eyes.

In particular, there is a light spot similar to the pupil in the low light. At the moment, the light spot is leaning to the right, just like a skeleton looking to the right.

“Here comes the blood Baron, over there.”

At the same time, the infected person with them suddenly opened his mouth. He pointed to the place where the skeleton looked!

“Is the silver moon killer here?”

David asked. Seeing that the infected person shook his head and couldn’t speak clearly, he sneered and said, “well, if you know what relationship you have with them, just say what you should say. Anyway, you’re not going to stay in the butcher alliance anymore, are you?”

“I’ve said everything I know.”

The infected person said calmly. When David saw that he was so skeptical, he snorted coldly and said no more.

“Either the silver moon killer and the lizard Duke didn’t come, or they all came.”

The astrologer said calmly that he had not observed anything now. Only when the lizard Duke was around the silver moon killer could he block the astrologer’s observation.

When the astrologer speaks, the infected person lowers his head and does not look at the astrologer’s eyes.

The infected person speaks and does things one by one. He opens one on the surface and hides another behind. He can feel the blood Baron, not only because the infected person put something on him, but also because of his’ title ‘.

The “blood Baron” does not mean the person’s status in the blood family. The “blood family” is already the top orange title in the series of vampires, and the title of “Baron” was awarded to him by the “lizard Duke”. Knighthood is the function of a title of lizard Duke. Being knighted by him is like being infected into a werewolf by Rex, a blood wolf. He will be absolutely loyal to the superior. At the same time, the superior can sense the inferior at any time.

However, there is a limit on the number of times to grant the Baron, and it seems that the title is limited. The lower level should defend the upper level, but the upper level also has the obligation to protect the lower level. Therefore, in the face of it, only the blood Baron is awarded to the Western butcher alliance. As an A1 tour guide and the third leader of the Western butcher alliance, the blood Baron has this honor.

The reason is that the lizard Duke is seriously ill and will not grant rights to one person. As a A4 tour guide, the infected person with weaker strength than the blood Baron was secretly granted the title of viscount of a higher level by him to supervise. Because of this relationship, the two people were wary of each other, so as to maintain their status and the internal stability of the Western butcher alliance.

So the infected person can sense the blood Baron and will also be monitored by the lizard Duke. However, some of his words were right, but some of his words also deceived David – he really didn’t want to stay in the west side butcher alliance any longer. The lizard Duke acted more and more irritable and arrogant. He was even frightened when he thought of some secrets he had perceived.

But in addition, the most important thing is that the Duke of lizard found out that he would be killed by him. It is that the infected person used his special title to sense the silver moon killer according to the “Viscount”.

The silver moon killer has not been granted a title. He is equivalent to a “civilian”. This observation is too risky. Every look is equivalent to digging his own grave. But the infected person vowed not to do it again, but this time he decided to take the last risk.

“The silver moon killer is coming, and the lizard Duke seems to be coming too.”

When the voice of the infected person reached Wei Xun through the alienated Toxoplasma gondii, Wei Xun smiled and waited for the silver moon killer to arrive, and the good play could begin.

“Corn shoots, bite here”

Wei Xun ordered him to eat the corn shoots quickly. His heart began to beat faster when he was close, and the heat came from his heart. The activity of butterfly fragments in ancient oasis made Wei Xun’s perception more and more clear. Without Ann Xuefeng’s guidance, he could already sense the direction of the butterfly fragments in the star driller worm!


The corn shoot took a bite at once. This bite was not like the small bite before. Its whole mouth turned out, and its sharp teeth were exposed, just like a mace. Then the corn shoot spun rapidly and drilled into the star driller worm!


This is an absolute attack, especially the butterfly fragments below the corn shoot drill! It had just drilled two meters before it was directly torn up by the angry star driller worm, and the remaining half of the corn shoots rushed to the ground. However, the star driller worm was too fast and moved too hard. When it was 300 meters from the ground, the corn shoots were caught by its tentacles!

It will be completely torn to pieces!

Even if the corn shoots were torn into hundreds, they could not survive. At this time, Wei Xun directly provoked the butterfly fragments in his heart! The temptation from the pure abyss made the star driller worm dizzy. Before he could tear more, he quickly swallowed the delicious food!

When half of the corn shoots were swallowed together with an Xuefeng and Wei Xun in its fake mouth, the golden little palace guard was pasted on Wei Xun’s only active left hand, with a slight orange light.

An Xuefeng couldn’t make a move, but he handed over the control of the returning knife to Wei Xun!

At the next moment, the bright orange light reflected the darkness. It was a cold knife that could tear everything apart. The light flew into Wei Xun’s hands like a rainbow. Wei Xun’s left hand was heavy, and the warm handle covered with worm blood was held in his hand. It was the first knife of the hotel that deeply penetrated into the worm of the star driller and belonged to the strongest passenger.

An Xuefeng’s return knife!

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