TTG Chapter 355

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 355: The Sahara of Death (32)

“Gulu -”

The surroundings began to vibrate and twist violently. On the way home, the knife came and tore the tender abdominal meat of the star driller worm all the way. Even the worm with dull perception would struggle and resist desperately. At the moment, the star driller worm is like a drum washing machine, and the worm muscle is extremely strong and strong, squeezing the contents, The gushing worm blood quickly condenses into a colloidal solid, cooperating with the muscles to firmly stick the enemy——

As long as the star driller worm breaks this □□ body, it can directly throw down the immovable enemy, and then run away quickly!

Wei Xun didn’t expect that the shadow left by an Xuefeng to the star driller worm was so deep, even if they had been swallowed into the worm and soaked in muscle and solid blood. Even with the strong temptation of a large number of butterfly fragments, the star driller worm didn’t want to be greedy, but directly chose to escape!

But Wei Xun had already made preparations in advance. The corn shoots have just been swallowed, and the position is too close to the head of the star driller worm. It can’t directly throw down half of its body and run away as before. It either vomites out this large group of corn shoots, or swallows it deeper and then throws it off.

The former is undoubtedly the fastest. The star driller worm can start spitting in less than a second, but the problem is that there is a return knife. The star driller worm is afraid that this terrible blade will directly cut through its head during vomiting. That’s where the butterfly fragments are hidden! Therefore, it chose to swallow the corn shoots of this large mass of blood and muscle adhesive deeply, but this gave Wei Xun more time.

Although the corn shoots were squeezed by the astrologer’s worm muscles and coagulated blood, Wei Xun’s actions hidden in the false mouth of the corn shoots were not affected for the time being!

The tentacles in MI sun’s false mouth firmly bound Wei Xun’s body so that he could maintain his balance. At the moment of holding the knife, Wei Xun closed his eyes and felt carefully. Even if the corn shoots seem to be stuffed into the drum washing machine, and the distortion and deformation squeezed by the worm muscles of the star driller makes people completely confused between the southeast and northwest. Even if the strong stench of worm pus and blood makes people cry and vomit, they can’t think at all, but now Wei Xun has abandoned his thinking.

Poop, poop.

The sound of his heart beating is the only sound in Wei Xun’s mind at this moment. It seems that all his muscles, bones, internal organs and blood organs have disappeared, leaving only this heart and the broken butterfly perching on the heart. It was a wonderful feeling. Wei Xun seemed to feel that the butterfly fragment was no longer the fragment of the tattoo, but changed into the remnant wing of the butterfly and brushed slightly on his heart.

Some are itchy, some are sour and numb, and more is the terrible sense of emptiness. Maintaining this state seems to consume terrible energy. In only one second, the 30 degrees north latitude pollution energy originally blocked in Wei Xun’s body consumes more than half. It seems that the right arm and right leg without any perception can move, but Wei Xun can’t care about it.

The remnant wings of the butterfly only appeared for a moment and then turned into a tattoo and hid it in his heart, but it was only this second that Wei Xun found the location of Maria butterfly fragments hidden in the star driller worm in the chaos!

This butterfly fragment is moving. It is pushed by the muscles inside the star driller worm to change its position quickly. It can be said that even an Xuefeng can’t clearly capture the position of the butterfly fragment in the layers of muscle pus and blood pollution like him! Find it, lock it, and——

Tear and pull——

At the moment of holding the knife, Wei Xun suddenly cut up, just like an Xuefeng once taught him the knife technique. Obviously, it was the first time to use the returning blade, but Wei Xun felt very comfortable. An Xuefeng’s blade technique was run in with the returning blade, so he could give full play to his greatest strength! Under the guitu knife, the skin and meat of the corn shoots were easily cut off like butter cut by the hot knife, and the solidified blood was purified by the guitu knife before it could flow in.

Those tough and powerful muscles are as soft as tofu under the homecoming knife. They are much harder than corn shoots, but they can’t resist the homecoming knife at all. The initial resistance disappears in an instant. The homecoming knife and Wei Xun’s whole left arm penetrate into the muscle of the star driller worm, but the direction is right, but the distance is not enough!

The worm of the star driller is too strong. The length of Wei Xun’s arm and the return knife alone can’t reach the butterfly fragments! That fragment is at least 15 meters away from them! After all, Wei Xun is not the real owner of the returning Dao. He can’t release his Qi. The opportunity is fleeting. If he hesitates, the butterfly fragments will soon be moved deeper by the star driller worm!

Seeing this, the golden little palace guard will immediately turn into a human shape to assist the hand. Even if the replay of the ancient oasis scene will collapse, I can’t care so much. But at the next moment, an Xuefeng’s breath stagnated, as if he had found something, and his action stopped for a moment.

I don’t know when Wei Xun opened his closed eyes. The beautiful blue purple eyes, like gemstones, twinkled mysteriously and perplexingly in the dark, as if they could see through dirty pus and blood, through muscle veins, and look into the deep darkness.

“Come here.”

He whispered quietly, as if he were just saying what he deserved, and then the incredible thing happened. The next moment, the knife on the way home suddenly shook, and a piece of meat with a big fist was cut off. Wei Xun threw the knife and caught the falling meat with his left hand. An Xuefeng can clearly see a butterfly fragment embedded in the center of the meat!

The butterfly fragments that were originally 15 meters away were really called close by Wei Xun, but an Xuefeng’s nerves became more and more tense. It was so similar that Wei Xun was so much like when he was polluted by butterfly fragments and covered with snow-white cocoons. However, at least people can see where the pollution is wrapped with cocoons, but this time Wei Xun didn’t have any cocoons.

This is not a good thing, which shows that the pollution of butterfly fragments does not appear on the surface, but deeper. An Xuefeng is eager to connect with Wei Xun to confirm his situation. But now is not the time. A more dangerous situation is coming!

At the moment of catching the meat, Wei Xun lost his strength and fainted. At the moment of fainting, he collected the dying corn shoots back into the magic insect ball. The only thing that protects them is the broken body of corn shoots. It still has a little vitality, but it will soon become a pool of meat mud.

Although the butterfly fragments were cut off, they were still in the belly of the star driller worm. Now the star driller worm can’t throw them out anyway. The strong muscles and viscous blood began to cooperate to wrap and squeeze the corn shoots in circles. The huge muscle blood clot trembled slightly, just like a heart about to take shape.

The tentacles of the remnant of the corn shoot became weak and weak. It could not last longer. The viscous blood soaked and fell down, but it was blocked by the warm orange knife light. The returning knife thrown by Wei Xun glows slightly, the golden Little Palace Guard lies on the blade, the tail tip is wrapped around Wei Xun’s fingers, and his eyes are slightly closed.

This is the power an Xuefeng can use without causing the scene to repeat and stir. He can temporarily protect Wei Xun from the infection of blood and pus, but he can’t split the body of the star driller worm. If he can’t go out immediately, they will always stay in the star driller worm and become a part of its body!

But an Xuefeng was not in a hurry. He knew someone would come and believed someone was coming. It was a silent tacit understanding. Even if he had been imprisoned for ten years, the person had never changed.

Sure enough, at the next moment, a knife cut open the worm muscle blood clot of the star driller. A bloody hand with corroded skin firmly extended in, grabbed the return knife and Wei Xun!

Before, the star driller worm was only 300 meters from the ground. How high is 300 meters? That’s the height of the Eiffel Tower, which is as high as more than 100 floors, but just now the star driller worms struggled violently and surged down. The 300 meter deep sand was stirred into a pot of porridge, and half of the joint hunting ground sank directly down into a giant sand pit more than 300 meters deep.

Zhang xingzang and half life Taoist jumped down from the dangerous bunker without fear of death at the moment of their underground movement. However, they could not fall to the bottom. A large amount of viscous blood filled the inside of the bunker like flowing asphalt, two or three meters high. Some desert monsters were swallowed by the sinking bunker and flooded into pus and blood, But whether it is huge or small, it will not move at the moment when it falls into pus and blood, as if it were dead.

“It’s dead pollution!”

Half life road people cry bad, this worm pus and blood is full of dead pollution, in front of this place is like a miniature version of the black desert! It seems that Wei Xun and them should have succeeded, but how to get them out is the real problem. Just when the half life Taoist priest wanted to feel Wei Xun’s position by pulling the silk, there was a dull noise nearby, and Zhang xingzang jumped directly into pus and blood!

“You’re not dying?!”

Half life Taoist screamed and fretted. He bit his teeth and finally jumped into pus and blood.

Forget it, I don’t want to die.

In the thick pus and blood, the half life Taoist quickly caught up with Zhang xingzang. In fact, after jumping into the pus and blood, they found that the pollution in the pus and blood was much less than they thought, but the corrosivity was stronger, and the severe pain spread all over the body like a fire. They soon became completely different, but they could bear it.

The half life Taoist, guided by the silk thread, soon found the right place. The knife that cut the blood clot of the worm muscle was Zhang xingzang’s knife. The half life Taoist Hanshan sword held the crack to prevent it from healing quickly, while Zhang xingzang grabbed Bai Xiaosheng and the return knife and pulled them out!

On the way home, the knife still glowed with a faint orange light. Under the protection of the knife light, the surrounding pus and blood were repelled outward, which made them float up much faster than dive, but the dignity in everyone’s heart didn’t dissipate.

These pus and blood are also part of the star driller worm. When they leave the pus and blood and the butterfly fragments leave the star driller worm, it will launch the craziest and most terrible counterattack and release all the pollution.

Sure enough, when pus and blood were about to emerge, the cold silence came completely, and the darkness was like a velvet curtain slowly covering everyone’s consciousness.

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