TTG Chapter 356

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 356: The Sahara of Death (33)

The reason why the 30 degree journey in the north latitude is called an unsolvable journey by the hotel is not only because it has no specific task and no end index. The only requirement given by the hotel is “exploration”. Most of them are lost monuments or death exclusion zones with countless mysterious dangers.

The fierce climate, harsh environment, natural variation from historical myths, polluted monsters, unknown terrorist existence, no support or hotel assistance, and extremely weakened props depend on the strength and title of passengers. These are the standard configuration for the journey of 30 degrees north latitude.

But what is really called no solution is the pollution unique to each journey of 30 degrees north latitude.

In fact, Wei Xun was not impressed by the pollution at 30 degrees north latitude before. He was even more impressed by the pollution of “can’t see, can’t listen, can’t see” when he first met * *. Because no matter the crazy sun pollution, the black desert dead pollution, or the assimilation pollution of ancient oases, there was no too terrible performance and did not make Wei Xun feel dangerous.

Even after mastering the blood sucking knife, these pollutants can be transformed into a lot of energy and fed back to him, so Wei Xun is just curious, but he has never been too vigilant. Seeing the half life Taoist priest and Zhang Xing hiding them, and even an Xuefeng and the dreamer talking about no solution to the pollution, Wei Xun only felt that he was special, or that they didn’t hold enough butterfly fragments.

But now Wei Xun knows that those he met before are never really terrible pollution attacks.

In fact, just as an Xuefeng was worried, Wei Xun’s situation was very bad. He didn’t know how he called the butterfly fragments in the star driller worm at that time. At that moment, he seemed to lose control of his body. He stood strangely in the perspective of a third party and looked at how he called the butterfly fragments, And how to cut off the worm meat containing butterfly fragments.

He wants to eat it.

Wei Xun clearly knew what he was going to do next. It was a kind of strong emotion and desire almost morbid. It originated from the butterfly fragments in his heart. The gouged worm meat also looked like the shape of his heart. He wanted to eat it and wanted more and more – if he was in a coma one second later, he might really swallow the worm meat.

However, although “he” was unconscious, Wei Xun’s consciousness was still strangely awake. He still “watched” what happened next from a third-party perspective, like with the help of the residual body of corn shoots.

There is a monster living in my body. It is taking my body.

After such a strange thing happened, Wei Xun remained calm, even curious and interested.

The butterfly fragment is’ waking up ‘, Wei Xun thought, and it is gradually occupying and controlling his body. It’s like a vice personality, and it’s like the plot of “losing” written in some novels, and his original owner is like being squeezed out and excluded., And it’s’ smart ‘.

Taking the dying corn shoots back to the magic insect ball is not to protect it, but to make Wei Xun unable to do more with the corn shoots. Only with the remnant of the corn shoots constantly corroded by the worm’s blood, Wei Xun can only “observe”, but can’t communicate with an Xuefeng and can’t speak.

No one could hear him or see him act. This state can easily bring people a sense of helplessness, but Wei Xun knows that someone can find something wrong with him at the first time.

Wei Xun looked at an Xuefeng. The golden little palace guard was lying on the return knife. The orange light was emitted from the return knife to protect him from the worm blood, but this was just the most superficial function. One of the real characteristics of the return knife was backtracking.

Even if an Xuefeng can’t do his best, the things shrouded by the light of the knife will slowly go back, just like Wei Xun’s body, just like his abnormal situation at the moment – go back, go back to the time when he was not injured and return to the time when everything is normal.

I’m afraid it’s not only because I consume too much energy, but also because I’m using the return knife. Teach him the blade technique, share the control of the return blade, and give him the return blade. An Xuefeng has already made perfect preparations.

He is not facing all this himself, so even if he has not “returned” to his body, Wei Xun is not nervous. He can even calmly observe “himself” from a third-party perspective and observe the worm meat containing butterfly fragments.

No more butterfly fragments can be fused for the time being.

Wei Xun thought.

A quarter of the butterfly fragments may be a certain boundary point. The butterfly fragments of the multi integrated puppet master may make the butterfly fragments in his body reach the critical point. The scene of getting the butterfly mouth blood sucking knife and entering the ancient oasis is repeated, which makes the butterfly fragments belonging to the ancient oasis more and more active. These quantitative changes add up to the final qualitative change.

But it’s better to expose the problem early than to lurk and grow all the time and be irreversible in the end.

Did my brother expect this?

Wei Xun even had leisure to think about this, but after thinking about it, he felt that this problem didn’t make much sense. All unknowns stem from lack of strength. When he goes out from the Sahara this time, Wei Xun thinks he has enough strength to go to taiyangmen and meet his brother with an Xuefeng.

The remnant of the corn shoot was quickly corroded. Wei Xun lost his “eyes” and could not see all this again, but he could feel the arrival of Zhang xingzang and half life Taoist priest, take them away from the worm body of the star driller and float upward. But just before leaving the worm to pollute the blood, the star driller worm with butterfly fragments leaving the body finally broke out.

Death pollution surged and flooded them. The pollution was so terrible and powerful that even the butterfly power that had been faintly preventing Wei Xun’s consciousness from returning was swallowed and crushed, unwilling to be pressed back to the depths of his heart. For a moment, Wei Xun’s body sank and returned to himself, but then he was also invaded by dead silence pollution and fell into a real coma.

*  *

The burning sensation ignites the skin, burning from the skin to the five internal organs, bringing unbearable pain.

The sound of prayer continued. The crazy pious mood made people nauseous. The violent nausea made Zhang xingzang’s Adam’s apple move slightly and resist the desire and hope of nausea, but his breath was suddenly heavy.

This is when he was imprisoned in the sun clock, surrounded by crazy and pious prayers and unbearable heat. Once contaminated by the crazy sun, the impious people will be roasted in pain and tortured by the sun again and again until their hearts collapse and convert to the crazy sun.

This is totally unbearable for ordinary people, but Zhang xingzang has calmed down as soon as possible. He knew exactly what was happening now – they were being invaded by the heavy pollution of silence.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Zhang xingzang thought that his anxious mood was forced down by him as soon as he got up. In the invasion of dead pollution, all your senses and emotions will be infinitely amplified and become a terrible torture. It will torture you to complete collapse, actively hope to abandon all your senses and emotions, and actively hope to return to silence.

At this time, you will also be completely invaded by the dead pollution, which is the real dead torrent. Compared with it, the dead pollution of the black desert is like pediatrics.

The clay sculptures of the four holy beasts collapsed one by one, and crazy prayers were heard, but Zhang xingzang could forget them all. Zhang xingzang knows that what he sees and perceives are illusions and auditory hallucinations. Even if all this is very real, it presents the people and pictures that you remember or fantasize the most deeply and can most affect you.

The only thing that can resist it is not listening, not looking, not thinking, and not having any emotional fluctuations, but it’s really difficult.

Butterfly fragments are isolated, and the torrent of death caused by the madness of star driller worms can affect him for up to a quarter of an hour.

Zhang xingzang thought that when he was exploring the death Sahara with chasing dreams, he encountered a stronger pollution flood, so he could carry it this time.

Suddenly, an idea came to mind.

I haven’t come for a long time.

He thought.

For a moment, Zhang xingzang’s heart seemed to be hard clenched and a little out of breath. Even if he knew to suppress his emotions and knew that it was an illusion, Zhang xingzang couldn’t help it at this moment. With unspeakable fear, it seemed that he really went back to the past, that difficult decade.

Sometimes Zhang xingzang doesn’t want to chase a dream to save him, which is too dangerous. Sometimes Zhang xingzang wants to chase a dream. Whether he succeeds or not, he can at least see his Bruce Lee and confirm that chasing a dream is still alive.

What is the real name of the dreamer?

I don’t know

What does a dreamer really look like?


What disease does the dreamer get in reality?

These Zhang xingzang had guessed, and the illusion dug everything out and showed it bloody in front of him. Chang Hsing Tsang guesses that what he got from his dream may be “Sleeping Beauty disease”. This disease is extremely rare. Most of the patients are women. Only about 1000 people in the world are sick, and about 70 of them are men.

He wants to pursue such a good person again. He shouldn’t be so unlucky.

Zhang xingzang thought that if he could really go out alive, or finally go to the battlefield, he should know the real appearance and real name of chasing dreams. According to the predecessors, the constraints of the hotel would be weakened to the extreme at that time. If the guide could stay awake, he would hardly hide his passengers and his team.

But will he live to go to war?

Even if he knew clearly that he had come out now and the dream was not far away, Zhang xingzang still could not suppress the amplified fear, which was his deepest nightmare when he was imprisoned in the sun clock.

For a moment, the surrounding scene changed.

It’s quiet around. The cold wind blows, with the smell of damp soil and the smell of rain. When Zhang xingzang realized this, the fishy smell suddenly increased thousands of times, like a drill into his lungs and straight into his brain,

“Aren’t you feeling well? Are you okay?”

Next came the voice of worried words, but the memory should have been gentle. At this moment, Zhang xingzang sounded extremely sharp and harsh, making his mind buzzing. His five senses seemed to have been amplified dozens or hundreds of times. Any small sound, the friction of clothes folds and the sound of breathing sounded like deafening thunder at the moment.

“I’m fine.”

Zhang xingzang took a breath and whispered. He knew that he was surrounded by his long dead mother, but Zhang xingzang looked at his nose, nose and heart without any emotional fluctuations.

“What a pity, what a nice young man, young…”

“A rare disease, I haven’t heard of…”

The voice of others whispering to themselves resounded through Zhang xingzang’s mind. I don’t know who opened the door. The strong and disgusting smell of ashes was replaced by the smell of rain. The cold wind with raindrops was not burnt out paper money.

This is a funeral.

Zhang xingzang lowered his eyes and saw the front of his black suit and a white paper flower pinned to his chest.

He is attending a funeral.

“It’s said that this disease is mainly caused by women. I don’t know why he is so unlucky. Hey…”

“Yes, it seems that only 70 men in the world have suffered from this disease. What’s the name? It’s -”

The words of others made him quickly squeeze away these illusory figures and walk to the coffin.

In front of his face was wet rain foam blown by the wind, with or mixed with other liquids. Zhang xingzang looked at the person lying in the coffin, soft black hair and pregnant bouquet. He lay there quietly, as if he was just asleep. Even if his face was blurred, Zhang xingzang knew who the coffin was.

It’s chasing dreams.

Tears fell silently. Only a trace of sadness was revealed and caught by pollution. It was magnified countless times. Zhang xingzang couldn’t help swallowing more. He closed his eyes and his hand holding the coffin was trembling. After all, he couldn’t keep calm any more.

*  *

At the same time, Wei Xun also smelled the strong smell of rain. The sound of the plane taking off was deafening, as if to crush his eardrum. It’s raining outside. It’s wet everywhere.

Wei Xun knew it was an illusion because he remembered that Wei Xuechen didn’t come to see him off when he flew to college.

But now, he is holding the man’s hand.

“Read carefully when you go there.”

The low male voice sounded, familiar and strange, and the touch of the palm was too strange. Wei Xun seldom touched others physically. Even his brother didn’t really touch them several times, and he never heard of such advice.

Is this the effect of the silent pollution torrent? What happens next?

Wei Xun couldn’t help thinking that he should have strong negative emotions, but his illness itself would make Wei Xun lack negative emotions, so he was calm until Wei Xun realized that Wei Xuechen’s hand wanted to pull away.

This makes Wei Xun instantly sensitive! Since entering the hotel, this kind of thing has happened countless times. The feeling of powerlessness that he can’t hold has simply aroused Wei Xun’s PTSD. He didn’t try to hold it back, because every time he tried to hold it, he didn’t succeed, but Wei Xun subconsciously thought that when he can’t hold his brother’s cloak, who should come out at this time——

“Hands up, you’re under arrest.”

When an Xuefeng’s cold and serious voice sounded, Wei Xun was relieved when he saw the black barrel against his brother’s head.


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