TTG Chapter 357

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 357: The Sahara of Death (34)

An Xuefeng smelled the heavy smell of rain. The cold air brushed his body and stirred up a layer of goose bumps on his arms. It was raining heavily outside the window. It was as dark as at night. The rain and thunder were so loud that people’s brains were buzzing. After a long time, an Xuefeng heard someone calling him.

“… an Dui, an Dui?”


With a random reply, an Xuefeng calmly looked at the surrounding environment and examined the illusion. He had expected that the dead pollution torrent would appear when the butterfly fragments were brought out of the star driller worm. An Xuefeng has experienced countless pollution torrents in the past ten years. It can even be said that an Xuefeng has carried other pollution torrents on his journey at 30 degrees north latitude except the new chieftain King’s tomb.

In fact, with pyramids and keepsakes from Western Europe in hand, an Xuefeng can completely counter impact the dead pollution torrent. But he cannot use this power at present unless the destruction scene is repeated.

I can only endure it, but an Xuefeng is too familiar with the hard anti pollution flood.

Most of the visions that can stimulate him are the death of his teammates in the past, or the failure of the final plan and the tragic death of all his companions on the battlefield.

There are so many such pollution illusions that an Xuefeng can turn a blind eye to them long ago. Although pollution will still have a bad spiritual impact on him, it is all piled up in the “cemetery” and “blood path” of an Xuefeng’s spiritual fantasy. An Xuefeng will not have any emotional fluctuations when dealing with the pollution illusion.

After connecting with Wei xundou, the mental disorder of the cemetery is gradually cured, which can not bring too much interference to an Xuefeng, let alone defeat him.

He is more worried about Wei Xun, Zhang xingzang and half life Taoist. Zhang xingzang and half life are old hands in the end – well, he is worried about Wei Xun.

Although he told Wei Xun about the stillness of the pollution torrent and how to leave the pollution torrent, an Xuefeng couldn’t help worrying about Wei Xun’s mental state before he was unconscious.

I’m afraid it is this concern amplified by pollution that constitutes the illusion of this time. But even an Xuefeng rarely feels a little novel. The scene of this illusion was rare. It was the days before he entered the hotel.

What’s the trick of this illusion?

“Team an, take a rest. The brothers are too tired these days. You haven’t closed your eyes for a few days…”

The voice was worried. The person who advised him was Zhou Xiyang, his vice captain at the beginning.

I’m too tired these days. I haven’t closed my eyes for a few days… What’s the big case?

An Xuefeng pinched the bridge of his nose and said vaguely, “we can’t relax,… We haven’t been caught yet.”

“Yes, this fucking Wei Xun is as difficult as his brother!”

Wang Pengpai, who was taking out the outside, returned to make complaints about his thick face and big black circles.

got it.

An Xuefeng thought.

He understood what the new illusion was that would stir his emotions.

“Is Wei Xuechen dead?”

An Xuefeng asked casually, which attracted people’s concern and attention. Zhou Xiyang frowned and said, “team an, you really should have a rest… Terrorist Wei Xuechen was killed by you when he escaped. Have you forgotten?”

Sure enough.

An Xuefeng thought that the illusion caught the moment of his emotional fluctuation. An Xuefeng seemed to have a scene in front of him. Wei Xuechen’s crime was exposed and the criminal evidence was conclusive. This man was cunning and difficult to deal with. After several containment failures, according to the informant’s intelligence, their brigade ambushed at the airport. Finally, they caught Wei Xuechen and wanted to send his brother Wei Xun to study——

What? Wei Xuechen buried explosives at the airport, kidnapped hostages and other illusions. The images are all vague. The illusions also know that this is not the focus of an Xuefeng’s emotion. All vague illusions, only one person is clear and real.

Snow white and soft hair, pale as porcelain skin, and sunglasses cover most of his face. When Wei Xuechen was shot, the blood splashed on his face. The teenager caught Wei Xuechen who fell soft to the ground, and his sunglasses fell, revealing blue and purple pupils. The rainstorm poured, lightning and thunder, and the airport seemed to disappear. They confronted each other on a rainy night.

Even though he knew it was an illusion, the moment he saw Wei Xun, an Xuefeng’s heart softened for a moment. The emotion of this moment was captured and amplified by the illusion, and instantly became a surging passion, like love at first sight.

The rain fell, diluted the blood marks, wet Wei Xun’s face, and could not tell whether it was tears or rain. An Xuefeng’s heart seemed to be gripped by something. He made Wei Xun cry. How could he make Wei Xun cry.

The illusion encouraged him to come forward, but an Xuefeng didn’t come forward. He stood silently like a rock. He saw that the blue and purple eyes of the young guard reflected the electric light, just like the revenge spirit of the storm. Looking at his eyes, there were no warm emotions and full of cold hatred. The emotion was so strong that an Xuefeng couldn’t breathe.

But he just looked at it without expression, cold and serious, and didn’t reveal any inner fluctuation at all.

He had thought about it for a long time.

An Xuefeng thought.

His relationship with the hippies was never friendly. It was about a few cooperation, but it was more hostile. Moreover, he had long been aware that some of the hippies’ plans were extremely dangerous, involving butterfly fragments, the abyss and the deeper secrets of the hotel.

If the hippies had not been confined to the Inca Sun Gate, the conflict between them would have broken out long ago. An Xuefeng had expected to be killed by the hippie, or to kill him and terminate those calculations.

The only thing he didn’t expect was Wei Xun.

Watching Wei Xun pull out his knife and hold it against his throat, an Xuefeng still didn’t move.

The pollution torrent will amplify all emotions, and the illusion will appear the worst situation expected. However, since he was with Wei Xun, an Xuefeng completely overturned some previous plans. He discussed with Bai Xiaosheng several times and made new ideas. Reliable men are always very responsible in all aspects. They never only want temporary happiness with Wei Xun. An Xuefeng has imagined their future more than once. An Xuefeng thinks more and does more.

He knew clearly that this kind of thing would not happen, so in addition to the initial emotional fluctuations, he was calm and looked at Wei Xun of the illusion. Look at Wei Xun cutting his neck with a knife, but the blade can’t even cut the skin and flesh. Unable to kill his knife, not powerful enough, the phantom Wei Xun closed his eyes, and then a blue purple butterfly pattern suddenly appeared on his face.


An Xuefeng sighed silently.

The power of butterfly fragments, the erosion of butterflies.

Yes, that’s what he’s really worried about.

The next second, an Xuefeng hugged Wei Xun. Before the mutation was completely completed, the return knife ran through his heart and also through an Xuefeng’s body. Wei Xun, who was pierced into his heart, seemed to wake up suddenly. The butterfly pattern on his face gradually faded and coughed up a mouthful of blood. Wei Xun looked weakly at an Xuefeng and slowly smiled.

“There’s no way.”

He sighed helplessly, slightly tilted his head and looked at an Xuefeng, muttering: “did we die together in the end? It’s also good…”

“No, not death.”

An Xuefeng smiled. Cunning illusion, if he answers this sound, death together can be regarded as death together, and he will fall into deeper pollution.

But this is not simple, just to combat dead pollution.

If one day, Wei Xun is really polluted and controlled by butterflies, and everything can only be ended by killing him, will an Xuefeng kill him?

“If things really get to that point, I won’t be too useless.”

An Xuefeng sighed. He closed his eyes and opened them again. The look of his eyes changed faintly, just like when he integrated * *.

The missing an Xuefeng is selfless, calm and dedicated. The complete an Xuefeng is just a mortal. The returning knife bloomed a mysterious and bright light in his hand. It is not a common bright orange, deep and elegant, but more similar to the honey color of amber. The illusion is that the knife is broken on the way home, and the light of the knife flows into Wei Xun’s body like flowing amber, wrapping his whole body.

Even in the worst and most critical situation presented by the illusion, Wei Xun will completely lose his mind and be controlled by the butterfly energy. An Xuefeng will not kill Wei Xun. He can seal and seal Wei Xun with his return knife, himself and the power of two 30 degree north latitude journey keepsakes until the day when he can completely unlock the butterfly control.

“I have long thought that if one day…”

An Xuefeng’s hand touched Wei Xun’s cheek, but only a layer of smooth and moist hard shell.

“Just have a good sleep.”

An Xuefeng’s voice became lighter and lighter, and his eyes were filled with gentle light. Deeper, he was also known as the dark awn of possessiveness. It is the induction of illusion that magnifies the subtle thoughts, but an Xuefeng thinks that he also has the root of male inferiority, which is based on instinctive plundering, control and monopolization. Want Wei Xun to belong to him alone and stay with him forever, just like——

“Good night, my little butterfly specimen.”

All the surrounding scenes gradually faded down, leaving only the purest, black pollution torrent. An Xuefeng knows that this is the silence of the pollution torrent. It wants to dig out more secrets and emotions in his heart.

But an Xuefeng was fearless. He closed his eyes and waited quietly for the next attack.

*  *

Wei Xun looked at phantom brother and an Xuefeng with great interest, and his eyes were shining.

When he decided to deal with the star driller worm himself, an Xuefeng emphasized the danger and various effects of the dead pollution torrent, so Wei Xun also understood what the illusion was now.

It is nothing more than arousing his various emotions, especially the negative emotions, which are the most tormenting and easy to make people collapse. One is a relative and the other is a lover. They are sworn enemies of each other. Killing each other is arguably the most painful and worrying.

But Wei Xun had no such feeling at all.

Wei Xun has always wanted to know where the strongest peak of tour guides and tourists is. Only when he knows that the strongest point has a goal, can he have a better prospect of surpassing.

Want to know where the strongest vertex is? Xi Mingren and an Xuefeng fight with all their strength. Don’t you know!

One is the strongest tourist and the other is the tour guide. Xun wanted to see them fight early!

Fight, fight!

The illusion is illogical. It is clear that the scene is real, but an Xuefeng holds a return knife, while his brother wears a scarlet cloak and uses a blood sucking knife. The battle scene is extremely intense and exciting. Wei Xun is full of interest and can’t help thinking.

It is reasonable to say that his brother has been imprisoned in taiyangmen for many years, but an Xuefeng has been experiencing and becoming stronger, and he has two 30 degree journeys in north latitude. Theoretically, an Xuefeng should be stronger.

But Wei Xun just thought so. The next second he saw Wei Xuechen stabbing an Xuefeng’s heart with a blood sucking knife. Unexpectedly, half of an Xuefeng’s body was sucked into a mummy in an instant!

I see. Wei Xun feels that this illusion is to deliberately go against his ideas, so as to shock Wei Xun and break his defense, and then take advantage of it when he can’t suppress his emotions.

The silent pollution torrent was cunning and powerful. Wei Xun even felt that when an Xuefeng’s heart was pierced, his heart was trembling.

It’s a pity. If he was a tour guide now, I’m afraid he could really feel that the leader of the connecting brigade was deeply hurt, anxious, painful, nervous and angry. But now Wei Xun is a passenger and sick. All those emotions have been weakened to the extreme, and Wei Xun clearly knows that an Xuefeng can’t be so weak.

But even if his brother was imprisoned in the sun gate for so many years, he could not be weak.

Wei Xun thought again.

His parents and brother left him a quarter of the butterfly fragments, and there should be many there. The butterfly mouthpiece was also left to him by his brother. There should be more butterfly fragments and butterfly parts there.

Thinking of this, Wei Xun suddenly had a new idea.

My brother has been trapped in the sun gate for so many years. Is it really just because of the punishment of the hotel and the deterrence of an Xuefeng? It should be for these reasons, but Wei Xun feels that he stays at the sun gate. Maybe there is another point – the heavy 30 degrees north latitude pollution flood can suppress the power of butterfly fragments.

Will my brother also get into too many pieces and get out of control, so he stayed at the sun gate all these years and didn’t come out once?

Thinking of this, the illusion in front of him changed again. Wei Xuechen, who pierced an Xuefeng’s heart, showed a cold smile. The scarlet hood was lifted by the cold wind full of moisture, revealing his face – his face was covered with messy blue and purple butterfly patterns, primitive terror, and his cloak puffed up behind him, as if butterfly scales and wings were growing and brewing.

But Wei Xun is only curious. Will he become like this after being deeply influenced by the power of butterflies? The more Wei Xun thought about it, the more terrible the changes that took place in the life playing man. When his face finally turned into the big hairy face of Yin-Yang butterfly, Wei Xun finally tasteless.

Illusion is just an illusion, which will not reveal any unknown things. If you want to know more, you have to explore by yourself.

Wei Xun’s calm mood affected the illusion and changed into a huge life playing man with extreme terror. He occupied almost all his vision and could no longer see an Xuefeng. But just then, the body of the life frolicker suddenly froze, and an orange machete cut off his head like a falling moon.

“Polluted by butterflies… All die.”

Hippies die and their bodies turn to ashes. The ashes stood trembling, and it was an Xuefeng who was half mummified. His still intact eye looked at Wei Xun, with pain, love and struggle, and finally turned into firmness. He raised his returning knife to Wei Xun and sighed:

“Wei Xun… Sorry.”

“So I was worried about it?”

Wei Xun didn’t care much about the action of the illusion and talked to himself with great interest. His emotions were too difficult to touch, and the illusion almost dug out the slightly concerned things from every corner of his brain and tried to touch him.

An Xuefeng is in opposition to Xi life people. Xi life people kill an Xuefeng, an Xuefeng kills Xi life people, and Xi life people are seriously polluted by butterfly fragments. Wei Xun only cares about these things, because he knows that these conjectures are meaningless, but they are just groundless. He never worries too much about what hasn’t happened yet, and Wei Xun believes in his own strength.

However, he didn’t expect that he actually cared about an Xuefeng subconsciously. Because of his responsibility and the danger of butterfly fragments, he finally chose to kill him.

If the illusion hadn’t dug this out and magnified it countless times, Wei Xun really didn’t expect it.

He never felt much about death. After entering the hotel, he took risks again and again and was in danger again and again. He never had too many emotional fluctuations. An Xuefeng knows how responsible he is. He also knows that an Xuefeng has been worried about his integration of butterfly fragments.

The connection between them will make them live and die together – cough, if Wei Xun dies, an Xuefeng will die together.

Wei Xun likes power, but he hates being controlled. If one day they determine that butterflies are the real reason for the emergence of thriller global hotels, when butterflies completely occupy Wei Xun’s body, everything is irreparable, and it is necessary to kill him to end all this, an Xuefeng chooses to kill him and die with him. Wei Xun also thinks it is normal.

But why does the illusion present this picture?

“He shouldn’t have killed me”

The phantom babble, full of malicious grievances and unwilling emotions poured into Wei Xun’s heart, and carefully picked out the trace of unhappiness and grievance at the bottom of Wei Xun’s heart like picking cat hair.


Wei Xun is full of interest and tastes carefully. He has almost never felt this emotion. Wei Xun has never felt that who owes who, even if his relatives are not born to be fully responsible for your consideration. Everyone has everyone’s life, which his brother taught him before.

“You shouldn’t have killed me.”

Wei Xun thought deeply and talked to himself.

Why not? Why does he think so? Does he really have such an idea in his heart?

He knows that an Xuefeng has a heavy sense of responsibility, but it should be taken for granted that an Xuefeng will eventually choose to kill them even if it is replaced by any of an Xuefeng’s companions, such as Bai Xiaosheng and Wang pengpai. Wei Xun knows that an Xuefeng looks at him, loves him and wants to be responsible for him – but if he is completely controlled by butterfly fragments, killing him is more responsible.

So the key is his idea, which originates from his heart.

It’s not “an Xuefeng shouldn’t have done this” or “an Xuefeng was wrong,” but it’s unreasonable and illogical.

Why do you think it’s natural for an Xuefeng not to kill him?

When guitu Dao touched his throat, Wei Xun suddenly laughed.

“I see…”

He sighed and stared at the illusion an Xuefeng in front of him.

Wei Xun is very clever. He understands.

Of course, it’s not overconfidence. Wei Xun is always rational and calm.

Only when their emotions really diffuse over a certain degree, will they be so unreasonable, of course.

The returning knife cut his throat, but Wei Xun stood on tiptoe and hooked an Xuefeng’s chin with his fingers.

“I find that I seem to like you more than I expected.”

Everything in front of us gradually blurred and faded, and finally returned to darkness. Invisible black torrents surged around us, like ink ribbons, full of malicious pollution energy.

Wei Xun knew that this was a torrent of dead pollution. He had just won a “victory” in the fight against pollution. Now the torrent of dead pollution has died down and plans for the next attack.

But Wei Xun doesn’t want to waste any more time.

I really want to see an Xuefeng soon.

Wei Xun thought, his heart moved, and the human skin map appeared in his hand.

“In fact, there are strong and weak points in the pollution of the 30 ° n journey and the 30 ° n journey, but they are extremely terrible. The slight difference between the strong and the weak is no difference to most people.”

“But for those of us who pioneered the journey of 30 degrees north latitude, this difference is of great use.”

An Xuefeng’s previous advice echoed in Wei Xun’s mind.

“In theory, since the opening of the 30 degree north latitude journey, pollution has actually been gradually spilled and reduced. Moreover, it will be polluted by hotels, pioneers, monsters and abysses… Pollution will not be as strong as it was at the beginning. In general, the later the 30 degree journey, the stronger the pollution. ”

“Of course, the situation of the pioneers will also affect the pollution intensity of the journey at 30 degrees north latitude, such as the special situation of black widows, astrologers and hippies, but it has nothing to do with us this time. I’ll tell you later.”

“You remember the journey home list. The order of the journey home list is the order of the journey at 30 degrees north latitude. You can understand that the weaker the front, the stronger the back.”

Wei Xun clearly remembered the order of the return list. The first place was an Xuefeng’s [Pharaoh’s pyramid], the second was the dreamer’s [death Sahara], the third was the black widow’s [Babel Tongtian tower], the fourth was the hippie’s [Inca Sun Gate], the fifth was the astrologer’s [lost ancient Maya], and the third was an Xuefeng’s [sinking into Western Europe]

Finally, Wei Xun’s “dusty chieftain’s tomb” ranked seventh

What if you get involved in the silent pollution flood?

It’s just the torrent of death caused by the rampant worm of the star driller. It’s not so troublesome at all. The simplest and rough way an Xuefeng taught Wei Xun is to plunge one end of his blood sucking knife into the torrent of death pollution and connect the keepsake human skin map of the chieftain’s King’s tomb!

Wei Xun did this, and sure enough, the next moment the silence around him was absorbed, and all the pollution was absorbed into the human skin map! Wei Xun’s breath stagnated, as if he had surfaced from the deep sea. It was cold and heavy around him. The viscous and smelly solidified blood wrapped him. Wei Xun immediately held his breath and felt everywhere.

Zhang xingzang and half life Taoist priest are on his left and right respectively. Zhang xingzang seems to be weeping silently. Half life Taoist priest is in good condition. Maybe it is because pulling silk also plays some role. Wei Xun clenched his hand. His left hand was a piece of meat wrapped with butterfly fragments and a small golden palace guard. The tail tip of the palace guard tightly wrapped around his fingers, like a ring.

The foul smelling and viscous solid blood was surging like mucus. As usual, Wei Xun would definitely leave immediately without delaying a minute and a half. Moreover, the three of them were not far from the blood surface, and it could be said that they had surfaced immediately.

But Wei Xun held back and didn’t move, because he found that there was chaos outside. All the monsters and giants had surrounded the pool of blood and had a sharp eye. In such a chaotic war situation, if he goes out, he will definitely become the target of public criticism.

After thinking about it, Wei Xun silently stuffed the meat wrapped with butterfly fragments into Zhang Xing’s arms. In his left hand, he only holds the golden Little Palace keeper surnamed an. After thinking about it, Wei Xun, who is a little enlightened in the illusion, doesn’t want his own man to sell his hue, and “broken tail” and “broken tail golden Little Palace keeper” should be more able to stimulate the silver moon killer and the lizard Duke.

So without hesitation, Wei Xun pulled an Xuefeng’s tail off.


Wei Xun took a silent breath of air-conditioning and figured it out. His connection with an Xuefeng seemed to be closer, so that at the moment of pulling off his tail, Wei Xun felt as if he had been pulled off his tail. It feels really strange.

*  *

Outside the huge sand pit, the silver moon killer, who was fighting with a crowd of mystics, suddenly twisted his eyebrows, and snow-white wolf ears appeared in his hair. He wriggled with a small drum and poked out a golden little palace guard head. One wolf and one palace guard stared at the pool of blood. Seeing the palace guard, David became vigilant for a moment.

“Be careful! The lizard Duke is going to do it!”


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