TTG Chapter 358

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 358: The Sahara of Death (35)


The moment David said that, he also found that his judgment was wrong,

“Take advantage of now, lizard Duke consciousness disappeared!”

A red shadow shot out before the voice fell. The fire dragon on David’s shoulder flew faster than the meteor, and almost took the golden little palace guard out of the arms of the silver moon killer. Unfortunately, the golden little palace guard was forcibly pressed down by him at the moment when the silver moon killer was pregnant. At the same time, the silver moon killer suddenly retreated 100 meters, obviously on guard against them taking the opportunity to attack the golden little palace guard.

However, although he retreated to give way to his position, David Katie and others could not catch up with the press in time. They could only reluctantly build a defense line to prevent the silver moon killer from approaching again, because now the scene beside the bunker suddenly became more chaotic!

The chaos of the joint hunting ground has reached its peak since the emergence of the dead flood, but the dead pollution flood caused by the madness of the star driller worm losing butterfly fragments has a small impact. The most affected are the sand pit and several people near the sand pit, such as Wei Xun, an Xuefeng, Zhang xingzang, half life Taoist, yin-yang butterfly, Chen Cheng and dreamers.

But the impact of the dead pollution torrent is also relatively closed, so that they will not be affected by external stimuli. At this moment, what is really dangerous for others outside the giant sandpit is the crazy star driller worm and the heavy spiritual pollution it carries!

The frozen pool of blood in the bunker is like the crushed blood frost, and the ferocious tentacles of the star driller worm extend out of the bunker like the tentacles of the king squid, slapping heavily on the gravel ground, and the cracks spread rapidly like a cobweb, but the most terrible thing is that the original flesh gray Star driller worm is covered with dense blue and purple dots.

From a distance, these dots look like the ring pattern of blue ring octopus and a crowd of blue and purple butterflies, but from a closer look, I find that those blue and purple dots are all “eyes”! The flesh gray rough skin folds gather into a horizontal spindle eye socket. The blue purple ring is like the eyes. The flesh folds wriggle like the opening and closing of the eyes, giving people an extremely strong sense of spiritual pollution.

The giant monsters trapped in the sand pit blood pool decayed in an instant. The skeletons were covered with worm like filaments, and the blood pool gradually turned to dirty gray green, making the cocoon silk covered with a gray green dirty color. The huge sand pit 300 meters deep changed completely, and the dense cocoon silk gradually covered the surface of the whole blood pool, which was like a deformed monster nest from the outside.

The most terrible thing is that the pollution is still spreading outward. The tentacles of the star driller worm stretch wildly through every living creature that can be found. The female giants of the red sand giant hunting team and some powerful giant desert monsters fought with it. At the moment of the change, the astrologer immediately gave up marking the periphery and came directly to the bunker.

The mystics also retreated to the bunker, the defense circle became smaller, and the silver moon killer and others came close. The astrologer directly observed the location of the silver moon killer. The massive overflow of worm pollution by the astrologer made the space for the replay of the ancient oasis scene unstable. From the direct slight alienation of the infected person, it can be seen that this can make the tour guide play a stronger role. However, for the lizard Duke, the situation is quite the opposite.

The golden Little Palace with broken tail is no longer a complete individual. It is the limit to accept the arrival of some of his consciousness. The concussion of the replay of the ancient oasis scene directly led to the lizard Duke pouring more power, but the little palace with broken tail can’t bear his more powerful power!

In order to protect it in a moment, the lizard Duke’s conscious power can only be removed. Without his protection, the silver moon killer was observed by astrologers.

But now the astrologer has no time to take care of the silver moon killer. His face is ugly and covers his right hand. There is an irresistible temptation from the depths of the dirty sand pit. The butterfly fragments of his astrolabe are ready to move. This feeling makes the astrologer think of bad things and his face becomes more and more gloomy.

He stood silently at the edge of the bunker, with dim starlight around him. During the day, the sun covered the stars. Now it was close to noon, and the astrologer’s body breath disappeared. Even the crazy star driller worm didn’t find him for a while and a half.

He stared at the pool of blood covered by gray and green cocoons, and his eyes were like staring at the abyss. At this moment, the fierce battle and chaos around him seemed to have nothing to do with him. Even if he could not use his power completely, astrologers could guess what was happening under the bunker.

The blue and purple eyes of spiritual pollution, the gray and green cocoons, the butterfly’s will above the abyss, the pollution of 30 degrees north latitude has become its nourishment, and the pioneers have become the servants of the butterfly – there are more, more bad and desperate pictures that astrologers have predicted and seen, that is the day of destruction.

The sound of the coming day of destruction is like the ticking of the countdown to death.

Few people know that astrologers are passengers with a countdown to death. He overdrawn too much life in prophecy and could only buy life with the hotel like a guide, but he did not regret making the prophecy and did not despair, because he knew that the last sentence of the prophecy was that ‘the passenger will change everything’

That year, the astrologer deliberately revealed his secret to him. When he said something suggestively, the astrologer mistook the astrologer for the most special “passenger”. Although he has been suspicious for several years since then, it was not until this year that the astrologer really confirmed that he really recognized the wrong person when he saw that the chieftain’s tomb was opened up and the developer was a “traveler”.

But now, at this moment, the sight of “destruction day” makes astrologers hesitate.

Is C-1 really the right person?

Will he be part of another plan of the hippie? Will it be the back hand of the life frolicker? Is he the real son of fate, or the Joker who deceives fate?

The attraction of butterfly fragments, C-1 in the bunker now absolutely needs strength and more butterfly fragments. If astrologers had never hesitated before, they would directly buckle the butterfly fragments of the astrolabe and throw them down to him, but now astrologers hesitate.

The hippie cheated him of his slice. Now will this man just cheat his butterfly fragments?

“Leave everything to fate.”

Too much thinking and entanglement is actually just a few seconds. Watching the body getting bigger and the body scales becoming more and more shiny, the dream chasing dragon who is about to wake up from the pollution torrent stimulated by Zhang xingzang’s current situation and the dead torrent, the astrologer finally made up his mind and his eyes are calm and crazy full of gambling.

“David, let the silver moon killer in.”

Now the dreamer is still dead and the torrent is not awake. The silver moon killer is the best time to kill him and seize power. The dreamer died in a beautiful dream – he saved Zhang xingzang. Even if he fell into the illusion of dead silence and pollution, it should be a beautiful dream for the dreamer.

The astrologer thought that if Bingyi was really the son of fate, the tragic fate of the people around him would change.

When David thought that the astrologer had some tricks to deal with the silver moon killer, they stopped decisively and let the silver moon killer in, but the astrologer didn’t take any precautions. He just stood quietly in front of the dreamer and cleverly blocked his key. The astrologer thought calmly that he still had to side with fate. If Bingyi was really the one favored by fate, he should protect the dreamer who was so close to Bingyi.

If the silver moon killer wants to kill the dreamer, kill him first. Even if the astrologer can’t do his best now, the silver moon killer can kill him directly. See that the silver moon killer doesn’t hesitate to attack the bunker directly. The astrologer is still calm. If he really doesn’t see the wrong person this time and has fate, he and the dreamer can’t die.

Let him see——

At the same time, Wei Xun in the pool of blood heard the astrologer’s few words at the edge of the bunker. It was a coincidence that he woke up, almost a few seconds before the astrologer said “let everything be decided by fate”.

“I know why you said you should be careful of astrologers”

Wei Xun muttered, even if an Xuefeng can’t hear it now.

“This man is abnormal”

It’s even more abnormal than yuntianhe. Dreamers still faint, astrologers can’t do their best. Isn’t silver moon killer killing them the same as killing chickens? But at the same time, it was almost a strange coincidence. Wei Xun just pulled out the broken tail. He just thought it would be good if he could get the silver moon killer over and clear the scene. Then the astrologer really asked David to let the silver moon killer in.

Is it a coincidence, or is there really some strength of fate in it?

Wei Xun is more interested in astrologers and decides to study him later. No longer hesitated, Wei Xun raised his hand directly in the pool of blood like frozen meat, put the broken tail of the golden little palace guard out of the pool of blood, and wound the gray green cocoon outside. In an instant, the evil and dirty gray green spread to the broken tail of the golden little palace like a plaque.

At the moment, the crazy and out of control star driller worm is like a monster. Solidified blood pools, gray-green hyphae, and even swallowed bones are part of its “body”, including the current golden Little Palace Guard tail, which is about to become a part of the star driller worm.

Unless the silver moon killer can completely break the silent pollution torrent and kill the star driller worm, he will not be able to recapture the broken tail!

*  *

Wei Xun and astrologers in the sand pit outside the sand pit are like heart to heart. The next second, astrologers see the silver moon killer without looking at them. They jump out of the sand pit without hesitation!

Does he want to grab the butterfly fragments of the star driller worm before dealing with the dreamer? no

When he saw the dirty pool of blood covered by gray-green cocoon silk suddenly sticking out a bright yellow tail tip, the astrologer suddenly smiled, and his eyes were shining, as if there were stars shining inside.

The tail tip of the golden little palace guard is in the hands of C Yi!

Unexpected and unexpected!

The pollution of the star driller worm prevented the lizard Duke from falling on the incomplete golden guard palace;

The lizard Duke urgently needs to find the broken tail;

The lizard Duke longed for the journey of 30 degrees north latitude. He had to kill the dreamer himself to win power;

Only the silver moon killer who is connected by degrees resists the temptation of mastering the journey of 30 degrees north latitude and is loyal to the lizard Duke;

The first is to wake up in advance;

He had the broken tail of the lizard Duke in his hand;

Just at this time, the broken tail was integrated into the star driller worm——

All kinds of things, only when all are satisfied, the silver moon killer will give up killing the dreamer and attack the star driller worm first!

When I saw the silver moon machete slashing at the star driller worm, the dead torrent that was about to end was violently disturbed and burst in advance. Yin and Yang butterflies and others woke up in an instant. The dream chasing dragon suddenly opened his eyes. The dragon’s eyes were no longer chaotic, but the light of human wisdom. When he flew up to fight with the star driller worm, the astrologer stroked the astrolabe on the back of his right hand and laughed silently.

What is fate? This is fate! This is fate!

The back of his hand is sore and bleeding, but the star driller doesn’t care. His fingers dig into the back of his right hand, and his fingertips touch the butterfly fragment. If, if C Yi needs this butterfly fragment, he will dig it out and throw it to him without hesitation! It seemed that under the influence of his mood, even the quiet butterfly fragments began to tremble slightly.

But just then, suddenly, a cold sword hit the astrologer’s back heart, and he didn’t feel anything before!

The next second, Chen Cheng’s voice sounded behind him, but his tone was different from that before. He was tired and cruel:

“You’re in close contact with the hippies, aren’t you?”


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