TTG Chapter 359

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 359: The Sahara of Death (36)

Chen Cheng had another nightmare.

After staying in this damn place for nearly ten years, he hasn’t had nightmares as frequently as in recent days! And gradually, it is difficult for Chen Cheng to distinguish whether it is a past reality or a dream. The super dangerous death Sahara, hot sand storm, past teammates, red sand giant tribe, joint hunting ground, all the dream scenery are familiar but unfamiliar.

Oasis is a mysterious businessman who frightens the old and disabled giant. The psychic and dream dragon who rescued the Yu brothers and sisters from the old and disabled giant population, the familiar ice sword, and the familiar and unfamiliar young Taoist said they would protect them until the end of the journey, as if to make up for all the regrets of the past.

But Chen Cheng is more and more vigilant. He thinks he may be unable to hold on. His thinking and mood are almost chaotic, so he begins to have such delusional dreams frequently. Those vain redemption and hopes are easy to immerse people, especially in the vast darkness and under the pollution flood of despair day after day. They will die after all. Their once firm will has become fragile. Chen Cheng knows that Tang Shuang actually doesn’t want to live, and Cheng Tianbao has long wanted to rot forever.

But they have been holding on, just for a promise, that is, when they opened up the ancient oasis 20 years ago, when all the other teammates died and there were only three of them, Tang Shuang said, Captain, you and us, and Cheng Tianbao said that the Brotherhood was always there.

Then twenty years passed.

Chen Cheng understands that when he dies, Cheng Tianbao and Tang Shuang won’t stick to it anymore. It’s too hard. It’s really too hard. Recently, he sometimes wondered if he was the only one who wanted to insist. Would it be too selfish for such a drag on his brothers to suffer together.

Maybe he thinks too much, and nightmares occur frequently. Maybe as long as he is distracted in a certain pollution flood, everything will really end.

But Chen Cheng was unwilling.

Good dreams are good dreams, and bad dreams are bad dreams. Why do you often dream of the butterfly thief? To disgust him? Changing the fate depends on the playful people. The oasis will save the teammates. There should be playful people, not only playful people, but also playful people’s accomplices, playful people’s accomplices, playful people, playful people, playful people——

Is this nightmare persuading him not to insist? The hotel has become the world of life playing people. Even if you persist until the end of ten years, you won’t be half life metaphysics, but a group of life playing people’s accomplices?

Chen Cheng is going to be so angry that he gets angry at the thought of what happened in those years. The invasion of the flood of pollution makes the dark side of his negative emotions continue to enlarge. Even if he comes back and pretends to be in the cold mountain sword every time, his reason and calmness are no more than 1% of that in the past. The tyrannical emotions make him want to vent wildly, destroy and tear up his dreams directly. Dream again and again. Chen Cheng would be out of control if he didn’t vent a little every time.

But the only remaining reason also made him doubt. There’s definitely something wrong with having nightmares so often. Is there something else? Is this really just a nightmare?

Another dream, this time Chen Cheng didn’t waste any time, didn’t miss his past teammates, and didn’t see his young half life – he took advantage of his dream and directly kidnapped his accomplices who were in close contact with the hippies!

No matter what’s going on, whether it’s a dream, a conspiracy, chaos or madness, or questioning, it must be right to kidnap this Playboy’s partner. Chen Cheng, who is also good at divination, can even see at a glance that this boy is closely connected with the fate of the Playboy, and can almost be regarded as the half body of the playboy! (principal)

“I didn’t — Uh huh!”

Without waiting for the other party to say more, Chen Cheng directly covered his mouth. How many people can say that they will deceive him. After understanding it, they won’t let this person say half a word more. Taking advantage of the chaos and the growing sandstorm, Chen Cheng disappeared in the sandstorm with the man who violently resisted.

*  *

At the moment when Chen Cheng held him with his sword, the astrologer didn’t resist at the beginning – in fact, he basically wouldn’t resist before this kind of thing happened. This is fate, which means he should have met it. As for whether he will kill the kidnappers or control them and play with them, it depends on the choice of fate.

Especially when he found that Chen Cheng was the one who held his sword against him, the astrologer felt the blessing of fate!

Who is Chen Cheng? He was the strongest passenger in the eastern region in the last decade. Those who disappeared in the battlefield! Astrologers have long found that Chen Cheng, who repeats this scene, seems to be vaguely related to an existence, but the invisible darkness obscures the starlight, and he can’t see more clearly.

But what will happen ten years after the battlefield? Are those people who disappeared in the past still alive? What is the hotel and what will the journey of 30 degrees north latitude bring? This is the mystery that astrologers are eager to find out! If Chen Chengzhen in this scene is related to Chen Cheng in the battlefield, they are likely to solve many mysteries!

This is the turning point of fate and the opportunity that people who belong to this decade must seize! This opportunity is brought by the half life Taoist who is closely involved with Bingyi, and by the dreamers, an Xuefeng and Zhang xingzang who are closely related to Bingyi – they are all stained with the light of Bingyi! Their front will be bright, broad and smooth.

But when he opens his mouth and says, “you have close contact with the hippies, don’t you?” the astrologer has a bad heart.

Although he astrologers are involved in the fate of C-I by lending wheelchairs – using some small objects to rely on the son of destiny is their specialty, such as astrologers, astrologers, psychics and witches. But astrologers also clearly understand that being too close to fate is not a good thing. It is true that most of the effects will be positive, but it also depends on whether your own life is hard enough to resist these good things.

There will be opportunities, more dangers and more tests. Really smart people will be involved, but they will not get too close. Maintaining an appropriate distance and relationship is the smartest way to “observe”.

But the astrologer is eager to establish a closer relationship with C-1 because he wants to avoid the influence of life playing people! His principal??? He has established too close contact with the hippie, and everything that leads to the hippie will seriously affect him. Moreover, just because the playful people imprison the sun gate, astrologers simply can’t break the connection between them through some direct, rough and fast means, and can only use some small hands to influence them laterally.

However, this effect is still a drop in the bucket. Feeling the chaotic and crazy momentum of Chen Cheng, who kidnapped himself, the astrologer sighed and gave up the struggle.

Chen Cheng also had bad luck.

The astrologer thought.

Chen Cheng’s butterfly fragment was taken away by the hippie – even if the fragment is not in the hippie’s hands at present, Chen Cheng is entangled with the hippie’s fate. Chen Cheng chose to catch him and leave. In fact, it was bad luck for both of them. Because the second Chen Cheng and the astrologer disappeared in the sand, the cold light shot out of the dirty sand pit, frozen dirty blood, chopped cocoons, and half life Taoist jumped out with a cold mountain sword and looked anxiously around.

“Team Chen? Team Chen!”

Just when he was awake, he clearly felt the vibration of Hanshan sword and the trembling of ancient oasis keepsake. The familiar power and familiar breath are absolutely Chen team’s right! It’s team Chen who disappeared on the battlefield, not the young team Chen who repeated the scene! Half life Taoist clearly felt that this was the first time he was so close to team Chen in this situation!

However, the half life Taoist did not find any expected figure – Chen Cheng left too fast. Even if Chen Cheng left a second slowly, he could feel the familiar sword light, but the suspicion and hostility towards the life playing people blinded Chen Cheng’s mind. He left really too fast.

“Chasing dreams!!”

Half life Taoist subconsciously wanted to catch up, but then Zhang xingzang’s anxious cry came from behind. At this moment, the light is extremely dark, not only affected by the sandstorm, but also the wide dragon wing that blocks out the sky and the sun! The dream chasing dragon is getting bigger. I don’t know whether it is awake or falling deeper out of control because of the dead pollution torrent and worm pollution, but in any case, it will cause the repetition of the ancient oasis scene, extreme instability and even collapse!

Half life Taoist paused and looked deeply at the sandstorm that couldn’t see the way ahead. Countless emotions intertwined, making his eyes darker and darker. Finally, half life took a deep breath and chose to jump back into the bunker and fished Wei Xun out of the pool of semi solidified blood.

“Go and see Chen Cheng and them.”

As soon as Wei Xun was carried out by the half life Taoist priest, the bunker became a pot of porridge. The silver moon killer went down with a knife to defeat the dying torrent pollution, but the scattered pollution made the star driller worm more violent and powerful, In particular, the silver moon killer also wants to take something from it (the broken tail of the golden Little Palace Guard), which makes the star driller worm completely crazy, which has just been robbed of butterfly fragments and is about to collapse.

This is the last madness before collapse and death. Even the silver moon killer can’t immediately kill the star driller worm to recapture the broken tail. Coupled with the indiscriminate attack of the dream chasing dragon, the chaos centered on the bunker spread to the whole joint hunting ground.

Next, let’s see whether the silver moon killer killed the star driller worm first, recaptured the broken tail, restored the integrity of the golden Little Palace, and let the lizard Duke come, or did the dream chasing dragon take the lead in controlling sovereignty——

However, Wei Xun knows that there will be no additional results in this chaos. He has stuffed the worm meat containing butterfly fragments into Zhang xingzang. As long as he feeds the dreamer, the dreamer integrating butterfly fragments can completely regain consciousness and control power. Now Zhang xingzang has been riding on the back of the dream chasing dragon. The chaos will soon end. He doesn’t need to do it again.

Now Wei Xun is most concerned about the stability of the replay of the ancient oasis scene! It would be too bad if the scene collapsed again. Wei Xun still has many doubts and wants to do a lot of things! So he commanded the half life Taoist to carry him on his back and hurried to find the Party of Chen Cheng brigade in the chaos——

Fortunately, they were still alive. At the moment of chaos, Tang Shuang and Cheng Tianbao commanded everyone to jump down the river. The water resisted the increasingly hot sandstorm, alleviated the terrible shock wave of the star driller worm hitting the ground, and avoided those desert monsters who fled everywhere. Except for a few unfortunate injuries, they were in good spirits.

After simply confirming the situation, Wei Xun combined little rose and forced the red sand giant hunting team to come with pheromone. More than ten giants surrounded in a circle, with their hands on their companions’ shoulders and their heads against their heads, just like building a tower with their bodies to resist the sandstorm. Wei Xun counted silently and found that the red sand giant hunting team was reduced by more than half, and most of them were killed by crazy star driller worms.

There were 34 people when they came out. Now there are only 14 giants left, most of them with injuries, but Wei Xun can clearly find that they are more obedient to themselves, such as higher loyalty.

Is it because his body is covered with the blood of the star driller worm, which makes the red sand giants mistakenly think that he can kill more than ten giants? Will the chief seriously hurt it alone?

However, Wei Xun’s main focus is not here. After settling down for the time being, Tang Shuang anxiously asked Chen Cheng about his situation.

“Chen… Chen Cheng should be fine.”

Half life is humane. He holds the Hanshan sword in his hand. The beautiful frost and snow patterns on the sword body and the lead wire with Wei Xun make his anxious mood gradually calm down.

“Chen Cheng is in good condition.”

Half life Taoist said again, holding the keepsake of the ancient oasis.

The star driller worm, the silver moon killer and the dream chaser are so tossed that the replay of the ancient oasis scene is not directly broken, indicating who has maintained the stability of the replay of the scene.

It must be the key people, who are closely related to the scene, outsiders and ancient oases.

Chen Cheng.

An Xuefeng’s judgment is the same as that of the half life Taoist priest. Now he has become a Phoenix, standing on Wei Xun’s shoulder. His beautiful golden red wings are slightly spread, protecting Wei Xun’s head. His long tail feathers fall and fall on Wei Xun’s waist, just like the golden red feather weaving, quietly vowing to occupy you. The dazzling burning light makes outsiders dare not look directly at him.

After a brief exchange with an Xuefeng, Wei Xun’s face showed a different color. An Xuefeng means that the scene of this ancient oasis is repeated. Instead of being fragile, it is more tenacious!

But at the same time, an Xuefeng also believes that this does not mean safety, but a more unpredictable danger. The scene of the ancient oasis is now difficult to sense, just like being covered with a film, making it more difficult for them to control its state.

‘very dangerous’

An Xuefeng said seriously. In his opinion, this kind of “tenacity” is more dangerous, unable to control and perceive the state of ancient oases, making it difficult for people to react in advance. You know, when the scene is broken again, the destructive force is very strong. Even the strong at the level of an Xuefeng dreamer will be injured, let alone Wei Xun.

So next, he must protect himself closely and never leave.

When saying this, an Xuefeng looked righteous, but his heart was a little uneasy and self-examination. Although what he said was right, he was always “inseparable” and “close protection”, and he also had his selfishness. Even if he is separated from the dead, the impact of the pollution torrent is still there. An Xuefeng clearly knows that Wei Xun is like a bird and how much he likes to be free. Adventure is Wei Xun’s nature. From previous trips, maybe Wei Xun prefers to take risks alone.

Personal protection is still a little too much. People need a certain distance. It is really inappropriate to use the word “protection” on Wei Xun.

“Forget it –”


When an Xuefeng made a deep self-examination and self-criticism and decided to withdraw this sentence, he heard Wei Xun happily say, “OK.”

“How close is it?”

Wei Xun seemed to ask casually. His fingers shuttled through the silky feather silk of the Phoenix, stroking its feathers inch by inch. His slender and pale fingers reflected a golden red light. His chuckling and low voice made his finger movements ambiguous. His keen intuition made an Xuefeng instantly grasp the difference in Wei Xun’s attitude!

Only the two of them could hear the secret conversation, and only he could discover the changes. There seemed to be an invisible and hot spark between them. The atmosphere was subtly different from that before, hotter, more aggressive and exclusive——

But the next moment, Wei Xun turned his head: “the dreamer should be awake.”

Wei Xun could feel his heart beat disorderly. It seemed that there was a subtle feeling of regret from the bottom of his heart. However, Wei Xun clearly knew that this was not his emotion, but the emotion of “Butterfly”.

The dreamer should have fused the butterfly fragment.

In that case, the chaos outside will soon end. For an Xuefeng, his words have a second meaning.

Indeed, Wei Xun now wears the face of male and female indistinguishable Zhang xingzang, which is not suitable for getting close. An Xuefeng looked at his face calmly, and suddenly pulled away from the hot mood and became calm.

“Or Bai Xiaosheng?”

“It’s still Bai Xiaosheng.”

Wei Xun paused after his words: “Zhang xingzang will tell chase dream Bai Xiaosheng, but I think –”

If the dream chaser has memory, even if he only finds Wei Xun from his alienation state, that is, the dead silence of the black desert appears. When they hide in the Rocky Mountains, they will start. The dream chaser can think of the pure abyss atmosphere.

“Chasing dreams should know I’m C-1.”

The astrologer must know something about this matter, but thanks to Bai Xiaosheng who has been doing his duty outside to play Wei Xun’s blessing——

Wei Xun joked and said, “he might think that C-1 pretended to be a hundred Xiaosheng and followed.”

“Tut Tut, an Dui, are you going to enjoy the happiness of the whole people?”

Wei Xun’s ridicule made the Phoenix peck his head, but a smile flashed in his golden eyes. The next second, no one expected that he turned into a snow leopard. The huge snow leopard held Wei Xun firmly in his arms from behind, and the flexible and powerful leopard tail wrapped Wei Xun’s waist.

At the exclamation of Tang Shuang and others, the snow leopard’s silver beard shook, and it was hard to get excited. He joked: “who is sitting and enjoying the happiness of the whole people?”

“Oh, my God!”

However, the good atmosphere was broken by the scream of half life Taoist, and their bodies fell down as if the earth had collapsed. Wei Xun and an Xuefeng remembered that they were still on the back of half life Taoist! The strong snow leopard directly pressed down the small body of the half life Taoist!

“Crazy? Don’t you think it’s crazy?”

The snow leopard squatted down on the ground with his head down. He was trained by the half life Taoist priest to carry his back beyond his half round ears. Wei Xun was rarely justified and didn’t say a word. Fortunately, Zhang xingzang rescued them from silence in a short time.

“The star driller worm is dead, the silver moon killer runs away, and the astrologer disappears!”

As soon as Zhang xingzang came, he told all the most important information. He found it so quickly because the star driller worm had just died, the body was still hot, and the pollution had not completely dispersed.

Bai Xiaosheng is a “forensic doctor.” he can do autopsy. He can collect intelligence and recycle useful materials with maximum efficiency.

An Xuefeng stopped playing with flowers. He honestly became a phoenix and squatted on Wei Xun’s shoulder. On the way to the bunker, Zhang xingzang said as he walked, giving a general idea of the last fierce battle.

After merging the butterfly fragments, he completely recovered his reason. Especially after mastering the butterfly fragments, he basically took back the power of death Sahara, but he still needs to adapt. Otherwise, the truncated tail cannot be taken away by the silver moon killer.

“But the pollution on the broken tail is not light. The lizard Duke has to weigh it if he wants to come.”

Zhang xingzang smiled: “the astrologer is missing, but David, they are not in a hurry. Let them say – chasing dreams!”

Zhang xingzang waved hard at the sandbox, his smile faded, and his expression was serious: “thanks to you this time, thanks to you digging back the butterfly fragments – thank you!”

Too many thanks could not be expressed in words. Zhang xingzang clenched his fist and hammered Bai Xiaosheng’s shoulder. The broken tail surprised Zhang xingzang. If Bai Xiaosheng and an Xuefeng hadn’t risked to recapture the butterfly fragments, so that dream chasing could seize the opportunity, and the broken tail restrained the silver moon killer and the lizard Duke, it’s hard to say what the result would be this time.

Their conversation finally moved the dream by the bunker. He is still an alienated dragon, but his huge dragon body becomes smaller and slightly larger than before, about the size of a wolf dog. It squatted beside the sand pit full of blood pollution. Its wings were slightly spread. Its back looked very lonely and disappointed, as if the whole world had betrayed him and he was about to leave the world.

Clearly aware of their arrival, but the dream chasing dragon didn’t look back.

“How do you keep chasing dreams there?”

Wei Xun asked. The sand pit was heavily polluted and smelled bad.

“He’s going to squat there – probably the impact of pollution.”

Zhang xingzang shook his head: “I’ll relieve him later.”

There are not only dream chasing dragons near the bunker, but also a group of mystics a little farther away. Wei Xun glanced and did not find the astrologer.

The astrologer is really missing? If he’s really missing, why are mystics still here?

Bai Xiaosheng should know why, so Wei Xun didn’t speak, but Zhang xingzang asked for him.

“Ha ha, it’s normal, normal.”

David vowed: “the captain is fine. Really, alas, Zhang he pursues dreams. This time I have to say sorry to you.”

The silver moon killer really went into the bunker. The captain didn’t stop him. David was in a cold sweat. He knew on the spot that it was definitely the astrologer’s gambling – he can’t use his strength and can’t see the stars now. Isn’t it a gambling by feeling? Although the result was good, it was too thrilling after all. David was still very sorry and apologized again and again.

And now the astrologer doesn’t say a word to play and disappear. There must be some star indication – Hey, it’s his own captain. I still have to support him for so many years. So David vowed that the captain was absolutely fine. When Zhang xingzang kindly asked if he wanted to find him, he resolutely shook his head.

No, don’t look for it. The captain must be doing something. If it bothers him, it must be David who gets scolded.

“Chasing dreams, how are you now?”

While they were chatting and discussing, Wei Xun came to the dream chasing dragon. Before, butterfly fragments consumed too much pollution force of 30 degrees north latitude, so that he can basically walk normally now.

Wei Xun was curious about where the dream chasing melted the butterfly fragments, but as soon as he walked over, he saw that the dream chasing dragon was silent and moved aside. Then his whole body was stiff, and the slightly stretched Dragon Wings showed a poor and stiff feeling.

What’s the matter? Dead pollution impact?

Then Wei Xun saw that the dream chasing dragon was sinking. Wei Xun glanced down and found that the dream chasing dragon’s claws had broken the hard sandstone.

It’s not good for the whole dragon to recover his reason and recall everything that happened.


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