TTG Chapter 36

Driving corpses in Xiangxi (36)

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 36: Driving Corpses in Xiangxi

“Whoa, whoa, whoa –”

“Wheezing –”

Wu Laoliu circled under the stilted building to raise animals. They crowded and leaned against each other, wheezing and shouting like a baby crying.

Wang pengpai  and these animals crowded together and hid in the innermost part of the animal circle. Strangers came to their own circle, but these animals didn’t respond much. They just hummed and howled a few times, and their white and round bodies were crowded closer one by one.

Just enough to stop Wang pengpai.

The smell of these animals is very strong, like rotten dried meat fermented for a long time, with a bad oil smell, which barely covers up the blood smell.

Crowded among the animals, Xu Chenchong made Wang surging eyes. ♪ next to Yu Yuan, she was trembling all over, wrapped in old cowhide, and holding a unconscious blood man in her arms.

We must break the game and leave quickly. Zhao Hongtu can’t last long.

The more blood flows, the more “they” will always be attracted. In the end, if they are caught in a jar, they will be completely free of mermaid meat.

Wang pengpai noticed Xu Chen’s eyes, but the range was very small and shook his head.

It’s not time to leave.

Xu Chen pressed down his worries, continued to hold his breath and concentrate on hiding in the pile of animals, paying attention to the situation outside without blinking.

♪ the four of us are in danger at the moment, and everything starts when we wash the clothes.

After the Taofu project, everyone was on guard. This time, the washing will not go smoothly, not to mention that they specially collected less items.

Under such tight nerves, the midwife went to Yingzhu Miao village and took the baby out of their stomachs. The little babies do look cute, pitiful and lovely, but Wang pengpai’s heart burst. After the baby was born, he was short of arms and legs, missing a piece of parts on his body, but the fracture was good meat. It was like a natural deformity, where there was no meat.

But when the baby was carried back from the grave, they were still intact!

Although it was not clear what happened to the others and whether the baby also lacked arms and legs, Wang pengpai had an ominous feeling in their hearts. Before they could think more, the midwife took out an egg from her sleeve and put it in a basin filled with stream water.

This egg is called medicine egg and is cooked together when boiling water. After the midwife reads the auspicious words in front, she picks up the medicine egg to test the temperature, then rolls the egg on the baby from head to foot and reads while rolling:

“Roll the medicine egg once, and the skin and meat will be tender and fresh”

“Roll the eggs twice, but the mosquitoes don’t come together.”

The midwife did not stop until she read that “the medicinal eggs rolled a thousand times and were not troubled by all kinds of diseases.” under the salivating eyes, she peeled the medicinal eggs and handed them to the passengers.

“Please take medicine eggs -”

It is said that every time pregnant women give birth, they will lose their vitality. The medicinal eggs that have been wished in the potion and rolled all over the newborn are the best thing. Eating them can strengthen their health and replenish their vitality.

Wang pengpai felt uncontrollable hunger when they saw the medicinal eggs.

“We’d better not touch anything this time.”

In Pingping’s story, all the people who drank fetal broth died. Only those who were late and didn’t drink fetal broth were still alive.

There is no name of the surviving village in the story, and they are not sure whether their Chaping Miao village is the lucky one. The best way is not to touch all the food in the baby bamboo Miao village.

The imagination is very happy, and the reality is very skinny.

After Wang pengpai and others resolutely refused to eat eggs, the baby in the midwife’s arms suddenly began to cry, and everyone’s face changed suddenly the next moment.

♪ their stomachs actually moved, as if there were something hidden inside. The belly, which had been shriveled down, bulged like a balloon again, but the bulge was more excessive than when it was pregnant. The belly was as thin as paper, and the movement of things inside could be printed on the belly.

That’s a very small mark, a small stick or a small foot!

“The baby likes you and won’t come out.”

Just then, the midwife made a long voice, her narrow eyes were malicious, stared at her bulging stomach and whispered softly:

“Take the medicine egg, or it will be with you forever”

At this moment, the eggs in the midwife’s bag were so tempting to them that they almost disturbed their mind. Wang pengpai bit the tip of his tongue and sprayed wenpo’s face with blood. When his face was twisted and ferocious, he jumped down from the window. The stilted building is not high. Wang pengpai rolls up and runs nonstop. The closer he is to the egg, the more attractive he is. He can delay a little time if he is far away.

When Wang pengpai was running away, Zhao Hongtu also rushed out of the stilted building next to him. His face was blue, and three arrows were shot at the midwife. It screamed bitterly in pain, and the babies were thrown out. When the baby landed heavily, Zhao Hongtu twisted his facial features and vomited out at once. He grabbed his stomach and almost fell.

Wang pengpai quickly supported him. When he looked back, the baby didn’t fall out. At least, he turned over and lay on the ground and climbed towards Zhao Hongtu. It’s nothing to say. Wang pengpai picked up Zhao Hongtu and ran around the passenger dormitories.

When she turned to the second lap, there was an angry cow moo in Yu Xiang’an’s room, and the bamboo door was directly arched open. Yu Xiang’an rushed out with a cowhide panic and almost rushed to the midwife’s face. Thanks to Wang pengpai’s pulling the horn, hard Sheng broke Yu Xiang’an to the right position, and then the three began to run in circles.

At first, the midwives who chased after them were very slow. The midwives seemed to be unaccustomed to walking on two legs. They staggered, and the baby could only climb. Wang pengpai ran so fast that he almost made an extra circle to catch up with them.

But after a few rounds, they found that the baby and the midwife were getting faster and faster. The midwife began to run on four feet, and her body fluctuated like a beast. The babies stopped climbing as if they were tired. They began to sit on the ground and cry. The more babies cry, the more things in their stomachs move. The more painful Wang pengpai’s face is full of beads of sweat.

The baby sat still,  they couldn’t run in circles, or they would have to run back to him sooner or later.

Fortunately, Xu Chen finally ran out with a pale face, and the four got together again.

“Babies have a high liking.”

Running, Wang surging briefly analyzed the key points: “there are few articles to wash.”

∵ we have tried our best to control the baby’s popularity, and we only find some of the items when washing, so as to prevent the popularity of single babies from rising too fast. But even so, each of them has half the baby’s favor.

Wang pengpai, Yu an 5:00, Xu Chen 6:00 and Zhao Hongtu 7:00. At present, Zhao Hongtu has the greatest reaction and can only be carried by Wang pengpai.

Wang pengpai thought about washing the articles. The hotel always sets restrictions on the children everywhere. Since it knows that preparing less articles can limit the baby’s ability to wash the articles, it must be dangerous to prepare less things.

“With high liking and low temptation, the more babies stay.”

The four people had a simple exchange, and Wang pengpai quickly arranged an order.  each of them prepared two items for washing, and only three items were available. ∵ I didn’t want to put horn powder, but the noisy baby in my stomach almost hurt me to death. From more to less, Zhao Hongtu’s fetus is short of one foot, and Xu Chen’s fetus is short of one foot.

Wang pengpai’s fetus lacks only the left ear.

♪ they have these things in their stomachs.

“You can’t go on.”

At present, the four are running around Yingzhu Miao village, not to mention that they are still five hours away from the three dynasties cocktail party, and their physical strength can’t support that meeting. But the increasingly painful stomach and the extremely empty sense of hunger make everyone’s state decline constantly.

“Go to the animal circle.”

Wang pengpai made a quick decision: “run over there.”

♪ they quickly threw away the midwives’ fetuses and rushed into the animal circle. The animals crowded together. The midwives’ fetuses seemed to suddenly lose their target and wander aimlessly in Yingzhu Miao village.

Finally, I can breathe a sigh of relief.

“Aboriginal houses are usually safer.”

The panting Wang pengpai was not afraid of dirt and sat on the ground. The whole man was like he was fished out of the water. He ran all sweaty.

“Wu Laoliu feeds the animals at five in the afternoon. Fortunately, we can stay until then.”

“It can still be like this.”

Xu Chen was also panting. His running glasses were crooked. He thought, “but the aborigines must be more dangerous.”

“Yes, brother Xu is right.”

Wang pengpai patted his stomach and showed his teeth in pain: “unless you have to, you’d better not use this method – who knows what you’ll get into. Let’s just stay in the circle and don’t go to Wu Laoliu’s house. ”


Everyone took this rare opportunity to rest, supplement water and energy, and discuss countermeasures.

“The morning reception is at six in the evening. We went an hour late. It’s seven.”

“The Korean cocktail party is the last project of the second scenic spot. It must be very difficult. If we are late, we can’t meet and discuss with the Miao team.”

“The key is how to get rid of the stuff in your stomach.”

Yu Yan’an looked worried: “we can’t take this scourge with us, and we certainly can’t eat the Laoshi medicine egg.”

However, Yu Xiaoan still swallowed uncontrollably. She had just eaten two energy bars, but it didn’t alleviate her hunger at all. Others are the same, no matter how many high calorie and high energy things they eat, they don’t feel full at all.

“We have to find out what the medicinal egg is for the fetus.”

Xu Chen said calmly, “I saw a special gray Yin Qi on the eggs. Only the medicinal eggs can satisfy them, or something of the same nature as the medicinal eggs.”

It was in order to observe the medicinal eggs more that Xu Chencai delayed this time. In his eyes, the medicine egg was a gray brown resentment. This color is actually very similar to the color of resentment on the fetus.

Listening to what he said, everyone was thoughtful.

“Grab their fetuses and stew them?”

Zhao Hongtu’s face was pale with pain. He couldn’t eat anything. He just drank some water and burst into blue tendons holding his bow tightly. It’s painful to speak word by word.


Xu Chen shook his head and supported Zhao Hongtu in another direction, so that he could lean his back against the beast and relax quickly.

“The Korean reception project hasn’t come out yet. It should be impossible to kill babies now.”

It would be nice to know the situation of the Miao team.

Xu Chen sighed helplessly,  our two sides should be mirror images of each other. If the ghost baby hasn’t dissipated after Miao Fangfei’s washing,  our babies may still be useful.

But now they are trapped in Yingzhu Miao village. Miao Fangfei is far away in qiebai village. Only guide Bingjiu can travel freely between the two places.

Soon, soon Bing Jiu will come.

Wang pengpai said, “look at the next project first.”

After the washing, there is sanchao wine. Bingjiu is bound to come and inform them of the new project.

“Yes, director C is coming!”

Yu Yu was very happy. The depressed  immediately became excited and rubbed his hands. He even ignored the hunger in his stomach. He said urgently:

“We have to find a way out quickly to let guide C see us in the animal circle. How much we lose.”

Xu Chen took a smoke from the corner of his mouth. Unexpectedly, Yu Xiang thought of this kind of thing. However, Xu Chen couldn’t bear to look straight at the picture as soon as he walked along his mind.

But even so, we have no alternative in a short time. The midwife outside the circle saw the fetus crawling all over the ground. When the washing time was over, the midwife finally disappeared with a howl of resentment. After a while, Bingjiu came out of Wu Laoliu’s stilted building.

Wei Xun stood on the bamboo steps of the stilted building, overlooking the animal circle, and met the miserable passengers who smiled at him.

♪ there are more than a dozen big white animals across the bamboo steps and the animal pen. Although the purpose of the hotel and the explanation of the project should be face-to-face between the tour guide and the tourists, even if Wei Xun is to be killed, it is absolutely impossible for him to stand in the animal circle in his life.

What’s more, this is the animal circle downstairs of Wu Laoliu. I don’t know how many insects are hidden in it. Wei Xun feels suffocated when he thinks about it.

As soon as the rules of the reception for the next three dynasties are said, it’s Wang pengpai’s turn to suffocate.

“Take the babies to the Korean cocktail party… Alas.”

This is not good news for them.

At present, Wang pengpai’s urgent problems have become two.

  1. How to get rid of things in your stomach without taking medicine eggs.
  2. How to take the baby to the mourning stream without taking medicine eggs.

The washing has passed, but the remaining problems have not been solved. The Korean wine information brought by guide C is the greatest help to the passengers. The remaining problem passengers must find their own way.

Especially when explaining the project, the stilt squeaked and the door opened. Wu Laoliu, with a gloomy face, walked down with a bamboo dustpan and broom, as if to clean up the animal circle. At this moment, everyone’s heart was raised. Wang pengpai quickly carried his backpack and was always ready to run out of the animal circle. Compared with babies, Wu Laoliu is undoubtedly a stronger monster.

♪ they don’t seem to annoy him at all.

But what everyone didn’t expect was that when Wu Laoliu saw Bingjiu, he drooped his face and snorted coldly, and then turned back to the house!

God bless!

Although I don’t know how director C did it, it won them valuable time. Even Wang pengpai subconsciously breathed a sigh of relief.

Time is precious. Wu Laoliu didn’t know when he would come back. They immediately discussed and discussed.

“The complaint color of the medicine egg is similar to that of the baby?”


Xu Chen affirmed, “I haven’t seen this color of resentment in other places of Yingzhu Miao village.”

“That’s strange.”

Wang pengpai touched his chin: “can they be the same thing?”

“The same thing?”

Yu an frowned, “that is to say, the medicine egg is also the missing limb of the baby?”

“That’s not what I mean.”

Xu Chen shook his head and thought, “brother Wang, you mean…”

“Suppose, I’m just making a hypothesis.”

Wang pengpai said, “if the medicinal egg really represents’ fetal broth ‘, what is the fetus that is homologous with it?”

“Fetal meat!”

He lost his voice and immediately covered his mouth. Although the midwives disappeared, the babies were still there. They held the medicinal eggs and wandered outside the animal circle. Several pairs of dark eyes looked here quietly. The evil spirit was like a ghost, and they had lost the loveliness of the baby. But in the end, babies dare not get close to the animal circle. It’s safe for the time being.

Yu an immediately lowered her voice and hurriedly said:

“But, however, the one that was eaten at that time should not be in…”

Shouldn’t it be a ghost baby? How did these babies come from?

“The clan leader in the stockade is seriously ill and is in urgent need of treatment. It is said that he ate fetal meat that can prolong his life… He lied about fetal meat and gave a big banquet. He invited guests from all stockaded villages in an attempt to suppress the resentment of the fetus with Yang pressure…”

Xu Chen muttered to himself, “the ghost attached to the Miao team says that the clan leader of the stockade wants to eat fetal meat for treatment, and those who drink fetal meat soup are dead…”

“The fetus is so small. Do you think there will be other fetal flesh? The patriarch ate Pingping’s children, and others drank soup of other fetal meat? When I first looked at the fetal meat graves, there were several tombs. ”

“But if there were other fetal meat, the patriarch would have to eat the child of his own daughter.”

Wang pengpai said: “ the child born to my daughter may be special.”

“There is another problem.”

Xu Chen frowned: “ghost baby, baby, is a sub item selection, that is, the selection of these two sides should be the opposite result.”

“If the ghost babies and babies are all eaten fetal flesh, they should not be antagonistic. They should hate to eat them.”

Yu Xiaoan was confused and listened blankly for a long time. She simply took a stick and drew a picture on the ground.

Ghost baby (fetal flesh) – patriarch – village + visitors (?)

Baby (fetal meat) – village + visitors

The former has a grudge against the latter.

“The group of rotten corpses in Xiaolong Yizhuang should be the village of qiebai village.”

Yu an was not sure: “they are in the first scenic spot and will not come to the second scenic spot?”

“The story told by the ghost possessed by Miao Fangfei must be related to this scenic spot.”

Zhao Hongtu reluctantly picked up his spirits, grabbed the small stick from Yu Xiangan and drew a circle on his words.

“What you write above is from the ghost baby side, and what you write below is from our side.”

♪ they are divided, and the objects they face are naturally different. Instead of thinking about the ghost baby Pingping and their patriarch, the rest of the clues were connected, and they suddenly became bright.

“Why does the baby want fetal broth?”

Xu Chen said: “do you want to find your complete limbs and reincarnate?”

“Brother Wang said that ghost babies are opposed to fetuses”

Yu Xiang took a stick to connect randomly on the ground and muttered to himself, “I want to drink fetal broth, but ghost babies are against each other. Want to drink fetal broth, ghost baby confrontation… Hiss! ”

♪ suddenly his eyes lit up, he looked up and said hurriedly, “yes, could it be those visiting villages – Zhao, Zhao Hongtu, where are you going?”

“Fetal broth, fetal broth.”

Yu Xiaoan’s scream made everyone subconsciously look at Zhao Hongtu and was surprised. I didn’t know when to stand up and walk towards the edge of the animal circle.

“Hongtu, what are you going to do?”

Wang pengpai roared and directly caught Zhao Hongtu back. But Zhao Hongtu, who was caught, struggled desperately, covering his stomach with pain, sweating and muscle spasm: “I want to drink fetal broth, I want to drink fetal broth!”

“ it’s a nightmare!”

Wang pengpai clamped Zhao Hongtu under his arm, took a knife and scratched his finger. He pressed the blood on Zhao Hongtu’s forehead, which immediately burned his heart and lungs and screamed. Waiting on the side, Xu Chen quickly covered Zhao Hongtu’s mouth. For a time, he struggled like a fish out of the water. He heard people’s hearts startled and flesh jumped, and the green tendons on his forehead stretched. His originally confused eyes gradually recovered to Qingming.

“How about waking up?”

Zhao Hongtu gasped and nodded hard,  he shook his head gently, Xu Chen took away the  and Wang pengpai gave a worried look.

Sure enough, the hotel won’t let them relax. Zhao Hongtu was fascinated by the desire for fetal broth just now. As long as he didn’t take out the things in his stomach, he couldn’t completely return to normal. Now Wang pengpai and Yu an can wake up in time, but it is conceivable that with the passage of time, Xu Chen and Yu an will come to the problem sooner or later.

That’s it!

Zhao Hongtu also understood that when he recalled that he was in a trance just now, he was completely manipulated by the desire for fetal broth and lost his mind. He was shocked into a cold sweat. And I know that this desire is only temporarily suppressed, still hidden in the deepest part of the body, and will make a comeback in a more extreme way soon.

You can’t go on like this.

No, no more——

Zhao Hongtu clenched his teeth, grabbed Wang pengpai’s bow and said with difficulty, “bow, mine, bow…”

“Calm down, let’s calm down. The situation is not so bad.”

Wang pengpai comforted Zhao Hongtu, took the bow and kept an eye on Zhao Hongtu. Seeing  shaking  he knocked in his hand and knocked out a bottle of medicine. Xu Chen and others were relieved.

Special weapons and props bought from the hotel or obtained by chance during some trips. There are indeed places like dark pockets that can store some precious items.

Zhao Hongtu swallowed the intermediate blood tonic, which was the most expensive medicine on him. Drunk beauty xiangxili props basically don’t work. Zhao Hongtu can only pray for his good luck.

When a warm current poured into his belly, Zhao Hongtu also recovered some strength. He stroked his swollen stomach for a long time, as if he were looking for something. A moment later, Zhao Hongtu took a deep breath. While Wang pengpai and his colleagues continued to discuss, Zhao Hongtu had a cruel light in his eyes

∵ clench your teeth, turn your bow upside down and stab the sharp bow arm into your lower abdomen without hesitation!


Zhao Hongtu’s face turned pale and he suddenly pulled out his bow. Blood splashed, and the tip of the bow arm pierced out a small blue gray hand from the abdomen!


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