TTG Chapter 360

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 360: The Sahara of Death (37)

How could he? How could he——

The dreamer’s mind is full of chaos and suffocation.

If Bai Xiaosheng is really Bai Xiaosheng, it’s OK to be stupid occasionally in front of old friends for many years. Bai Xiaosheng is a smart man and can’t mention this kind of thing more. It’s over if he has a thick skin.

But it happened, it happened.

But this man is not Bai Xiaosheng! This pure abyss breath, this yin-yang butterfly loyalty, this worm, this——

If it weren’t for C-1, the dreamer could bite off Zhang Xing’s hidden head! This is obviously an Xuefeng’s smuggled goods. He asked C Yi to disguise Bai Xiaosheng as a passenger and bring them into the team together!

I’m ashamed of myself in front of the younger generation… This younger generation is still the younger brother of the joker. The dreamer doesn’t talk about his past hatred with the hippies. At least he appreciates the new tour guide C-1 and wants to cultivate it. There is also a subtle “my tour guide passenger cooperation theory” that is better than the hippies’ comparative psychology of “only paranoid pursuit of tour guide strength and completely leaving tourists behind”.

In particular, the dreamer is optimistic about Bingyi and wants him to know which route is the best choice.

But now, now——

[you think I can’t beat the Joker!]

[just call me dragon!]

He also, he bumped into an Xue snake, fought with an Xue snake childishly, and pushed an Xue snake away to sit in the arms of C Yi!

The dreamer was desperate. He didn’t regret beating an Xuefeng. He clearly brought Bingyi in to enjoy the happiness of the whole people, but think about himself – he also arched Bingyi and Zhang Xing together and squeezed between them!

Who wants to sit and enjoy the happiness of the whole people? Oh, so I want to.

Ah! How did the silver moon killer run so fast? How could the star driller worm be killed so easily! The dream chaser wants to fight fiercely for 24 hours until everyone is tired and lies down to sleep, so that he can drill into Zhang Xing’s dream and say that no one can cry out for healing, and he doesn’t want to talk harmoniously after the war!

“Your face is still so thin, ha ha ha -”

The blood surged up, the dreamer almost fainted, the sandstone scratched by his claws creaked, and the fool Zhang xingzang was still laughing! But in the end, Zhang xingzang solved the siege for him: “well, Bai Xiaosheng, let me calm down for a while, and you’ll ask later.”

The body of the hot star driller worm is right in front of us. It’s too bad not to dissect and search it now. In addition, the chaos here has subsided, but the momentum was too strong before. Giants of other tribes may come at any time. The most terrible sandstorm is coming in the afternoon. Now time is still very urgent.

Although it was too shameful, the dream chasing dragon still breathed at Wei Xun before he jumped out of the bunker. The dead silence pollution was transformed into an energy wrapped around C Yi’s whole body so that he would not be affected by the residual pollution of the star driller worm.

Really, a group of tourists are too worried. Don’t you know that tour guides are easy to be polluted? If it were Bai Xiaosheng, Bingyi was a newcomer to the hotel. He had been eroded by pollution before, which made him dissect the star driller worm again. The dreamer really didn’t know what an Xuefeng thought.


Looking at C, Zhang xingzang’s face showed him a happy and grateful smile. The discomfort in the dreamer’s heart has finally weakened a lot, showing an elegant and easygoing style of predecessors.

The passengers are too rough. They just don’t notice some things. They have to have him.

Dream chasing dragon also went down the bunker. With his help, Wei Xun really moved much faster – at least when he secretly put disabled corn shoots to eat, dream chasing will inadvertently open the Dragon Wings to help him cover.

I’m rich.

Wei Xun, who went down to the bunker, thought that even if the bunker at the moment was like a rotten and smelly chowder soup exposed to the sun by flies in midsummer, Wei Xun could stubbornly suppress his obsession with cleanliness and see the essence of wealth through the mess.

The star driller worm is too big. Even if it is seriously polluted and its body is almost collapsed when it dies, there are many solid components other than pus, blood, cocoon silk and polluted juice, especially those mineral energy crystals are still well preserved.

It is unimaginable that a worm as big as it has eaten a lot of soil in his life. The minerals in the soil, including the bones of other demons swallowed by the worm, are digested and condensed into a special crystal, which exists in a cavity.

The worm crystals in the star driller worm are surprisingly large, like the little crystals gnawed off when cleaning the dead skin of the great worm before the corn shoots, which is only one in ten million. This crystal is rich in energy, extremely precious and widely used. Whether it is used to grind and make medicine, grind cinnabar added to draw runzhuan, feed demons and forge weapons, it is the best.

In addition, worm meat, worm eyes, worm tentacles, crustaceans and unfertilized worm eggs are also good things. The reserve price of any one to the hotel is at least hundreds of thousands of points. Although these things are not like crystals, most of them have been polluted and useless, but who makes the star driller worm too big? There are still a lot of things that can be used!

Even for big brigades like homecoming and mystics, a star driller worm is definitely a valuable asset.

The corn shoot was already broken and badly damaged. Even if you stay in the magic insect ball, you can’t raise it for a few years, but Wei Xun secretly put it on the star driller worm. Hey! In less than five minutes, the corn shoots inflated again! In this regard, it has not eaten too precious things, mainly eating half polluted leftover materials.

The corn shoots are arched below. Wei Xun and the dreamer are mainly collecting those precious crystals and worm meat that once came into contact with butterfly fragments. When Wei Xun heard the sound of eating corn shoots like intoxicated pigs, he endured it, but he still couldn’t resist it. He put Xiaocui, xiaorose, the responsible devil bug, the third generation of ladybug, the devil mosquito Xiaojin, the devil bee queen and so on down to eat.

Eat, give me everything you can eat!

When the dream chasing dragon saw it, he pulled his eyes and his tail.

Hold back, aren’t you still pretending to be Bai Xiaosheng!

“Too slow.”

Looking at the progress of Wei Xun and chasing Menglong, an Xuefeng frowned.


An Xuefeng politely asked David about them.

“Hey, we can’t take it.”

David waved his hand and refused. If the captain didn’t let the silver moon killer in, they would take a little as a reward for carrying the silver moon killer and resisting worm pollution. But the captain got the truth wrong – he took Chen Cheng away!

Yes, David now knows why the captain is missing. Looking at the status of the replay of the ancient oasis scene and the information previously disclosed by the half life Taoist, Chen Chengbao in the replay may have some connection with Chen who disappeared on the battlefield.

To tell the truth, David’s heart is not on the star driller worm and butterfly fragments at the moment. He wants to see Chen Cheng. Who doesn’t want to know what it is like to go to the battlefield at the end of ten years?

Moreover, they are all here. If there is any news about this event, it is unlikely to hide it from them with an Xuefeng’s character. The captain took Chen Cheng away, but it’s really unreasonable. Although the captain always goes his own way, maybe some star wants him to talk to Chen Cheng alone, at least say it.

In this way, David felt more guilty. Now he was afraid that the relationship between them and the way home would collapse. How dare he think of the star driller worm? Even if an Xuefeng and they were going to go out to find the astrologer now, David and they could not say anything against it.

An Xuefeng was just polite. David didn’t want to go down. An Xuefeng directly asked the half life Taoist, yin-yang butterfly and infected person to go down to help – after the fierce battle just now, the infected person completely stood firm in front of the silver moon killer and the lizard Duke, and didn’t swing left and right. It was barely available.

The astrologer and Chen Cheng are missing. It is said that the astrologer kidnapped Chen Cheng. In this ancient oasis scene, the astrologer is limited, but there is no upper limit on how strong Chen Cheng can play.

In particular, Wei Xun said that he seemed to have heard a saying, “you’re in close contact with the hippies, aren’t you?”, Of course, I didn’t hear clearly, but an Xuefeng thought this should be said by Chen Cheng. It’s not clear who kidnapped who. But now I don’t have time to chase them both.

Most of the joint hunting ground was destroyed. There was no vegetation to resist the wind and sand. Near noon, the temperature was getting higher and higher. The terrible sandstorm drained all the water in the air. Everyone was sweating, but a lot of sweating also meant dehydration.

In this case, we should go to a safe point to adjust our state and survive the hottest noon. However, the increasing sandstorm shows that the special giant insects that the giant tribes most want to catch in the hunting season will appear soon, and the giants of other tribes are coming soon.

Moreover, the silver moon killer, the blood wolf Rex and the blood Duke who never appeared may not have left, but ambush outside to pick up the leak. There was no time to rest and speed up the handling of booty, but at this time——

“Whine –”

The red sand giants outside issued a warning and threatening roar, indicating that the strong enemy is approaching! It can make the red sand giants roar with such vigilance. Those who come must not be underestimated. Leave Zhang xingzang and Xiaosha to watch over the people of Chen Cheng’s brigade. An Xuefeng and mystics go to the red sand giant hunting team to check the situation.

“The most powerful of the nine giant tribes is the Heisha giant tribe.”

The half life Taoist who went down to the bunker whispered with his silk and Wei Xun while handling the worms quickly. Perhaps influenced by Chen Cheng, the keepsake of that ancient oasis became active, and half life Taoist could get more information from it.

“The nine giant tribes are quite corresponding to the colors of death Sahara. They are all nine colors.”

The half life Taoist said, “there are three tribes in this group and the red sand group. The other four tribes group themselves. The only one is the black sand giant tribe. The captain said black sand was very evil. ”


Wei Xun wondered how evil the black sand giant tribe that Chen Cheng, who didn’t mention the ancient oasis at that time, specially told half life Taoist priest? But at the next moment, Wei Xun’s expression became subtle.


He immediately took back all the magic insects, and then jumped onto the back of half life Taoist priest. Half life Taoist priest’s conditioned reflex directly ran out of the bunker after listening to Wei Xun’s words. The place where they were just now was the soft meat that the star driller worm had come into contact with the butterfly fragments. It was totally unreasonable to leave in advance before the meat was dug.

But even if they didn’t know what happened, they ran away quickly when they left the infected person, but the yin-yang butterfly saw that the adult rode on the back of the half life Taoist so naturally, and his action was more or less slow. For such a dull moment, the deeply dug and sunken worm’s nest suddenly turned pure black, such as solidified asphalt. Even if the yin-yang butterfly reacted very quickly, his ankle was touched.


The dream chasing dragon roared, and Wei Xun saw that the dark mud burst out scarlet and terrible blood, which condensed into a terrible eye. It looks as like as two peas on the eye when it breaks down with the drone worm. At the same time, the yin-yang butterfly, who returned to the ground, suddenly turned white and fell on one knee as soon as her feet were soft.

Without hesitation, he opened his trouser legs and saw that the spot stained with black dirt had also become scarlet eye lines, spreading upward like blood vessels! The place covered by eye spots is no longer under his control and out of control!

“Cut off your leg!”

He noticed that it was wrong here. Zhang xingzang Li, who came here, didn’t need him to say more. The yin-yang butterfly pulled out the knife early and cut off his knee joint without hesitation. However, before he dropped the knife, a hand stretched out from the side of the ground and held his calf.

“Hundred adults?!”

The yin-yang butterfly lost her voice and immediately stopped the knife, but the knife went too fast. It still scratched Bai Xiaosheng’s wrist, and the blood flowed out, but Bai Xiaosheng didn’t care. Something strange happened. The skin touched by Bai Xiaosheng’s blood and the place held by his hand slowed down the spread of scarlet eye lines!

“Chasing dreams, you feel it.”

Ignoring the red faced yin-yang butterfly, Wei Xun stared at the dirty black’s open scarlet eyes. He held the yin-yang butterfly’s calf in one hand and clenched his fist in the other hand.

For a moment, the butterfly fragments of the ancient oasis lost contact, as if it had never existed.

“Half life, the evil team Chen said –”

Wei Xun’s voice was transmitted to the half life heart through the silk.

“Were the butterfly fragments of the ancient oasis discovered by the Heisha giant tribe?”


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