TTG Chapter 361

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 361: Supplement

“Roar -!”

Before the half life Taoist answered, the strange situation in the bunker made the red sand giants who had been deadlocked with the enemy on the edge of the hunting ground rush over quickly. Even the rough and shallow giants expressed strong anger and dissatisfaction – in their view, the black sand giants wanted to rob their red sand prey! And invade their red sand hunting ground!

Despicable and despicable – the red sand giants are not so rich in emotion. Angered, they just want to defend their prey and their territory in the hunting ground with a bloody battle. However, Wei Xun still found the subtlety from it – even if the red sand giants were so angry, all the creatures on their bodies waved their teeth and claws, their giant eyes burst out flames, and their totem patterns swelled like a soldering iron, but the red sand giants didn’t do it directly.

As for the normal situation, the red sand giants have long been killed, which is more like a kind of deterrent roar, trying to scare off the black sand giant tribe. The roar of the red sand giants is more afraid than anger.

How much did the black sand giant □ □ Xun doubt that the butterfly fragments of the ancient oasis were once on the black sand giant, because they were so afraid that they were only the eyes of the black sand giant!

Yes, the scarlet eyes of the dead flesh of the sandpit star driller worm are the eyes of the black sand giant. Wei Xun stared into the distance, vaguely he could see the scenery over an Xuefeng. This is like a deeper spiritual connection. Although it is still vaguely unreal, everything is clear with an Xuefeng’s description.

The giant ten meters high is not tall compared with the red sand giant, and can even be called thin. It is like a deformed black telegraph pole, with long hands and feet, and a cloak of animal skin – compared with the red sand giant, the black sand giant’s cloak is much more exquisite, and it seems to be more evolved than the red sand giant tribe.

It is Tong’an Xuefeng who confronts with mysticism. Unlike the red sand giant, the black sand giant has no huge eyes on his face – the eyes that appear in the sand pit are the eyes of the black sand giant!

It seems to have mastered some kind of blinking ability. Wei Xun saw that the black sand giant body on the other side of an Xuefeng disappeared, and the dark mud emerging around the scarlet eyes in the deep sand pit was intertwined like thousands of black snakes, and entangled like muscle bundles, which quickly condensed into the black sand giant’s body.

When it condensed into shape, everyone had come. Red sand giant hunting team, mystics, dream chasing dragon, Zhang xingzang, an Xuefeng, Wei Xun, infected with Yin-Yang butterflies – everyone stands on the sand pit and overlooks the black sand giant in the 300 meter deep sand pit. It looks so thin, but its thin body contains a terrible and evil power.

It’s like a ghost fire coming out of the darkness of the cemetery at night, like a zombie climbing out of the wasteland grave in the mountains and forests. An inexplicable sense of evil and terror haunts everyone’s mind. The instinct is crazy shouting and driving them to flee!

“No wonder team Chen says that the black sand giant is the most evil…”

‘pollution source’

The voices of half life Taoist priest and an Xuefeng rang in Wei Xun’s mind at the same time, but the different voice lines were in the same dignified tone. David on the side directly said ‘Fuck’.

“This monster is really hard to deal with, my old guys. It’s really hot.”

David’s voice was still brisk, but a staff suddenly appeared in his hand. The little fire dragon directly penetrated his staff and turned into a fierce burning magic flame – even when facing the silver moon killer and the lizard Duke just now, David never looked like a great enemy!

“If I say this is another kind of luck, aha? I see two rare pieces of Maria butterfly in one day. Hey!”

Maria butterfly fragment! David’s words directly confirmed Wei Xun’s conjecture! The butterfly fragments of the same ancient oasis cannot appear on two people at the same time. At the moment of the emergence of the black sand giant, Wei Xun sensed that there were butterfly fragments in its body. At the same time, the butterfly fragments of the ancient oasis in his heart lost contact and could not be manipulated.

It can only be said that at this time point when the scene is repeated, the butterfly fragments of the ancient oasis are located on the black sand giant!

“The butterfly fragment in the state of pollution source, hiss, it is attracted by the butterfly pollution of star driller worm.”

Zhang xingzang said that, indeed, the black pollution coverage of the black sand giant’s physical outflow was the remnant meat of the star driller worm butterfly fragments, which seemed to be fruitless. When the scarlet blood solidified eyes returned to its face, the black sand giant’s eyes fell on the dreamer.


The dreamer’s Dragon wings are open, the eyes of the dragon are fierce, arched like a cat, and the Dragon claws grasp the broken sandstone, posing an aggressive posture. After a short ‘look at each other’ with the dream chasing dragon, the black sand giant looked away, and his eyes turned and fell on Wei Xun.

Wei Xun felt as if he had been swept by a special flood of pollution. It is reasonable to say that 30 degrees north latitude pollution will cause the flutter of butterfly fragments in his heart, but this time it was abnormal. The butterfly fragments in Wei Xun’s heart were very quiet, just like they disappeared. There was no movement even when the “eyes” of Heisha giant scanned back and forth.

Until the black sand giant’s eyes moved from Wei Xun’s chest to his left arm, the blood wound into his eyes seemed to wriggle, and the feeling of acid swelling, numbness and itching immediately came from the arm it was watching. At this time, an Fengniao suddenly spit out two flames, one to the black sand giant and the other to Wei Xun’s left arm. The flame fell on his left arm, and Wei Xun found that a row of strange black granulations grew on his left arm!

The granulation is like a newborn snake head. When it is burned to ashes by fire, it wriggles and struggles like life. It looks strange and disgusting. And the flame sprayed on the black sand giant directly burned its whole left arm, tooth for tooth! An Xuefeng’s mouth is not only a deterrent, but also the strongest strength he can bear when thinking about the repetition of the solidified ancient oasis scene.

The Phoenix Fire was absolutely not weak. The black sand giant seemed stunned. His “eyes” fell on his disappeared left arm. The next moment, the black snake like black meat strips grew and extended from the fracture. However, a few seconds later, the arm burned by the Phoenix Fire recovered as before!


A strange voice echoed in the bunker, showing a sense of evil and strangeness. Everyone was on alert immediately, but Wei Xun’s expression was subtle.

The black sand giant spoke! It’s talking!

“Fire, very strong. Chief, very good.”

Wei Xun is not the only one who can understand the words of the black sand giant, but also the half life Taoist. The words of the black sand giant are the recognition of an Xuefeng – no, he is the recognition of the chief of the red sand giant!

The ‘eyes’ of giants are not real eyes. They do not have the same vision as people, and they perceive more energy. The special relationship between an Xuefeng and Wei Xun makes the black sand giant mistakenly think that an Xuefeng is Wei Xun, that is, the eye of fire of chief Hongsha!

After saying this, the black sand giant twisted his head and looked southeast with scarlet eyes. The next moment its body suddenly disappeared, as strange and mysterious as when it came. The strong sense of evil pollution also disappeared. The black sand giant really left, not pretending to ambush. The crisis was temporarily lifted, but David’s face was gloomy for a moment.

“Ann, it seems that we have to separate first.”

After leaving this sentence, David did not hesitate and quickly chased southeast!

“I’m afraid he feels the butterfly fragments of astrologers… There are astrologers!”

The infected person spoke with unspeakable fear: “butterfly fragments in the state of pollution source, it is hunting! It must not get more butterfly fragments!”

“I always thought the butterfly fragments in the state of pollution source were just legends. I didn’t expect…”

Yin Yang butterfly took his words. Then he looked at Bai Xiaosheng solemnly and said, “Bai adult, what are we going to do next?”

An Xuefeng has talked to Wei Xun about several states of Maria butterfly fragments in the shortest words – in fact, he also talked to Wei Xun before, but he didn’t say it in that detail.

At present, the known states of Marya butterfly fragments include “insect state”, “cocoon state” and “pollution source state”, which is classified by an Xuefeng, because before Wei Xun, most of the Marya butterfly fragments were very calm and embedded in the owner’s body without any movement or classification.

The “state of pollution sources” has not been found in people. At most, it has been found in monsters that accidentally devour butterfly fragments when opening a 30 degree journey north latitude.

For example, the initial state of butterfly fragments in the star driller worm can be regarded as “insect state”, and when it finally collapsed, it was almost in the state of pollution source – but at that time, butterfly fragments had been isolated and could not be regarded as a complete pollution source.

Even an Xuefeng was the first to see butterflies like Wei Xun contaminating cocoons and silk. That’s why he speculated that butterfly fragments may have three states. Just like the abnormal growth of butterflies, they are divided into “insects”, “Cocoons” and “pollution sources”.

The final pollution source state is the most terrible. It will completely control the host, indiscriminately pollute all enemies, and has a strong predatory to other butterfly fragments. It will actively hunt butterfly fragments in other states. Like this black sand giant.

“I really don’t know if the black sand giant is a source of pollution… The captain didn’t tell me the origin of butterfly fragments in ancient oases.”

Half life Taoist had no choice but to explain to Wei Xun. An Xuefeng also talked about this.

“Chen Cheng will not reveal that no one has ever owned butterfly fragments in the state of pollution source. If butterfly fragments in the state of pollution source appear outside the journey of 30 degrees north latitude, the tourism society will directly send the principal to completely kill their hosts.”

Wei Xun nodded thoughtfully. Even hotels are afraid of butterfly fragments in the state of pollution sources. Its pollution and harm are absolutely strong. It seems that Chen Cheng’s words to half life Taoist “there is a problem with butterfly fragments in ancient oases, if they are lost, they will be lost” are not complete self consolation or deterrence.

An Xuefeng said, “Chen Cheng must have used some method to restrain the butterfly fragments in the ancient oasis.”

It must have been restrained. The ancient oasis butterfly fragments in Wei Xun’s body did not explode. It had been sleeping peacefully before.

“It doesn’t sense the butterfly fragments in my body”

The butterfly fragments in the cocoon state should be shielded. Wei Xun is sure that the butterfly fragments in his heart just now disappeared quietly.

“You say that butterfly fragments in the state of pollution source will hunt other butterfly fragments?”

Wei Xun asked.

‘yes, it must have sensed the astrologer. Compared with the current dreamers, astrologers are weaker… ”

So the black sand giant temporarily put down the dreamer and went after the astrologer first.

“Rest assured”

After a pause, an Xuefeng said again. He knew what Wei Xun really wanted to ask: “a man who plays with life is not completely crazy. He has reason.”

Hunting other butterfly fragments, strong strength, staying in the Inca Sun Gate for several years, the butterfly fragments out of control need to be suppressed by pollution at 30 degrees north latitude… The situation shown by the hipping people, coupled with Wei Xun’s speculation, is almost completely consistent with the butterfly fragments in the state of pollution source!

Did the butterfly fragments owned by my brother really enter the state of pollution source? Wei Xun suddenly became more interested in Heisha giant and Chen Chengsheng. He urgently wanted to know more about this information. Wei Xun wanted to know whether it was butterfly fragments in the state of pollution source or Chen Cheng’s method of sealing pollution source fragments!


“No chase.”

Wei Xun said calmly that there is no point in chasing the past now. I’m afraid there are astrologers, Chen Cheng, silver moon killer, lizard Duke, black sand giant and mystics chasing after each other in the southeast. If they join it again, it will only make the scene more chaotic, but it’s difficult to get more benefits.

“The noon sandstorm is coming soon. Find a place to settle down first.”

Wei Xun’s eyes fell on Tang Shuang and others. With these people, Chen Cheng will come back sooner or later. Moreover, he always felt that half life Taoist had secrets to hide. Wei Xun needed more information. But it’s impossible not to track at all. Wei Xun wants first-hand information.

“Infected, you go.”

To everyone’s surprise, Wei Xun chose the infected person. Wei Xun looked at him with deep meaning and said with a smile, “it’s not impossible to turn from the west to the East.”

After this trip, the infected people can’t get along in the West. Of course, he can seek the shelter of the Devourer, but judging from the performance of the infected person these days, he is no longer in the west side. Wei Xun’s sending him out is not only a test, but also the best choice.

“Hundred adults, let me go.”

The yin-yang butterfly couldn’t help but say, wary of glancing at the infected person. He always felt that the boy looked like a villain and couldn’t be trusted at all!

The infected person completely ignored the yin-yang butterfly. He took a deep look at Bai Xiaosheng: “with you, I’m relieved.”

Bai Xiaosheng will let him out, which even the infected person didn’t expect. Even if Bai Xiaosheng has several Toxoplasma gondii in his hand, what can he do? He can’t control him with these insects. It seems that… This is a final test.

Whether they can really get their trust depends on this time.

“Yin and Yang butterfly, I have more important things for you to do.”

In a word, Wei Xun calmed the yin-yang butterfly and watched the infected person leave. Wei Xun’s eyes narrowed slightly. In fact, since he got the Toxoplasma gondii of the infected person, he is not very important to Wei Xun – although he is a part of the evil insect master, Wei Xun can cultivate the Toxoplasma gondii with butterfly tattoo blood like cultivating the four maggots.

At that time, whether the infected person is rebellious or dead, he can use the mutant Toxoplasma gondii to be part of the evil bug master.

The key is whether butterfly blood can be used or not. If this is not safe, Wei Xun’s demon insect Legion will suffer heavy losses.

Most of the joint hunting ground was destroyed by the fierce battle just now and can no longer withstand the storm, but the 300 meter deep sand pit dug by the star driller worm is a natural shelter. Zhang xingzang and yin-yang butterfly took Chen Cheng’s brigade to clean up and dig a shelter. Outside the bunker, the dream chasing dragon blocked the sandstorm. Wei Xun, an Xuefeng and half life Taoist hid behind the dream chasing dragon. From a distance, they could see the huge shadow of the sandstorm looming and disappearing.

There are red sand giants and giants of other tribes. They are going to start catching giant monsters following the sandstorm.

“The relationship between black sand giant and red sand giant is not general.”

Wei Xun said faintly that before the black sand giant was attacked by the fire, he was not angry. The sentence “chief, very good” was not a threat or weird, but a tone of appreciation, which was clearly perceived by Wei Xun.

“I didn’t know a lot of news from the beginning. I didn’t know it until I entered this scene and repeated it.”

Half life Taoist said solemnly that he didn’t hide too much and didn’t lie.

“The nine giant tribes have nine colors, not the corresponding nine colors of death Sahara, but the corresponding Arab mythology, the legend of Bahamut.”

As Chen Cheng said before, the legend of Bahamut represents the Arab world view. On the back of the giant fish named Bahamut is a giant cow. The giant cow carries a ruby mountain. There is an angel on the mountain. On the angel’s head is heavy hell, above hell is the earth, and above the earth is seven heaven.

Under Bahamut’s body is an endless ocean. Under the ocean is a dark abyss, and then below is an ocean of fire. At the bottom is a giant snake that will devour the world*

“Taking whale Valley as the dividing line, the four giant tribes hostile to the red sand giant tribe are yellow sand Tauren giant, ruby giant, mirage giant and seven color rainbow giant.”

The names of these giants were taken by Chen Cheng according to the giant’s body appearance at that time. The mirage giant corresponds to the heavy hell. Its giant eyes can give people the illusion of being brutally abused and killed in hell, and the seven color rainbow giant corresponds to heaven.

“The three giant tribes that hold a group with the red sand giant tribe are the deep blue ocean giant, the dark abyss giant and the pure white flawless giant.”

Half life Taoist means taking the giant fish in Arab mythology, that is, the whale Valley corresponding to the ancient oasis as the boundary. The giant tribe represented by the giant cow, ruby mountain, heavy hell and seven heaven on the back of the fish is a camp, and the giant tribe represented by the ocean, abyss and flame (i.e. red sand giant) under the giant fish is a camp.

No wonder the black sand giant is friendly to the chief of the red sand giant tribe. The black sand giant represents the giant snake that can devour the world under the ocean of fire. To some extent, they can also be regarded as the same camp.

“The pure white flawless giant represents the mythical angel. It should not be in the same camp as the red sand.”

The dream chasing Dragon said keenly, “is it a spy?”

“That’s right.”

Half life Taoist, as long as he is familiar with Arab mythology and has rich imagination, and can find its corresponding relationship with the nine giant tribes of ancient oasis, he can understand the real solution to the whole ancient oasis.

Either expose the pure white flawless giant tribe, let the red sand side win and annex the enemy tribe, or cooperate with the pure white flawless giant tribe to destroy the three giant tribes of red sand, ocean and dark abyss, and finally kill the black sand giant.

From this point of view, it is no accident that Chen Cheng won the support of the Hongsha tribe. The journey of 30 degrees north latitude can not give too much convenience to the pioneers. If the Hongsha side wins, it is very likely that they will all be swallowed up by the Heisha giant.

You know, black sand represents a giant snake that devours the world.

But the final solution is certainly not to help one party win. Chen Cheng finally killed the nine giant tribes and finally completely controlled the ancient oasis.

“The mythical ‘earth’ is not represented by any giant tribe.”

Wei Xun’s eyes fell on the half life Taoist’s neck and killed the nine giant tribes. The keepsake finally condensed from their heart and blood represents not only their reality, but also the “Earth” of visitors.

“Yes, it is worthy of baixiaosheng!”

Half life Taoist used to boast, and then worried: “but I also gradually recover my memory. Hey, you should understand the feeling of getting Alzheimer’s disease and gradually recovering my memory?”

“I haven’t had it. I don’t understand.”

The dreamer was ruthless. Then he asked, “here’s half your life? When you lose your life, you lose part of your memory at the same time?”

The loss of life of half life Taoist is very special. In fact, it is somewhat similar to an Xuefeng’s slicing principal to some extent. It’s just that an Xuefeng won’t weaken themselves and their strength after slicing. If they can re integrate, their strength will double in an instant. What they lose is something else.

But half life Taoist has lost half of his vitality, half of his strength and half of his soul. Now it seems that he may have lost half of his memory. Including being able to understand the words of the black sand giant and so on, these are his gradually restored memories.

His situation is getting better and better now. He must have something to do with Chen Cheng and Hanshan Jian.

It is very helpful for them to be familiar with the real background and solution of the ancient oasis. He continued to think here half his life. Wei Xun went to the dream chasing dragon and whispered to him:

“Chasing dreams, can I have a look at your butterfly fragments?”

Wei Xun wanted to know the status and various manifestations of butterfly fragments, and whether the butterfly fragments representing different 30 degree north latitude journeys would be different – when he got the puppet butterfly fragments, he fused too quickly and couldn’t observe them carefully. After cutting off the butterfly fragments from the worm meat, I didn’t have time to see them. The astrologer is a cheapskate. He doesn’t even agree to let him have a look.


The dreamer was a real man. He wanted to get smaller and become as big as a cat. Then he fell into Wei Xun’s hand a little embarrassed. He raised his chin and opened the silver dragon scale and crystal bone spur of the guard under his chin.

“You see.”


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