TTG Chapter 362

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 362: The Sahara of Death (38)

What the dreamer showed Wei Xun was the dark scale under his chin, which was heavily protected. His butterfly fragments were embedded there. If the human shape was restored, it would probably be at the throat knot. Wei Xun observed carefully and found the small butterfly fragment in the center of the scale.

The blue and purple butterfly fragments are very small, just as small as Wei Xun obtained from the puppet master. Wei Xun guessed that it was also one twentieth of its size. He focused on the butterfly fragment and sensed the energy overflowing from it, especially the power of pollution. But the feeling of butterfly fragments in other people’s house is different from that in the wild. Wei Xun didn’t feel any pollution.

Only when the blood sucking knife wound around his waist moved, Wei Xun’s heart felt hungry again. It was the desire of the butterfly fragments in his heart. The fragments in the pollution source state of the black sand giant seemed to stimulate them, making them want to grab more energy and obtain more companions – but the original most active ancient oasis butterfly fragments were silent, and other fragments were more reserved and moderate, There is no such strong feeling.

On the contrary, Wei Xun thought of his eyes.

In the face of butterfly fragments, butterfly mouthparts will react. If his eyes are really related to Maria butterfly, his eyes should also see different.

After thinking, Wei Xun closed his eyes, and then he only opened his left eye.


Chasing the dream secretly took a breath of air conditioning. He felt a little strange. He couldn’t tell whether it was C Yi’s too focused eyes that embarrassed him or whether the butterfly fragments really changed. It seems that the butterfly fragment is really active. Chasing a dream feels that it is like an active bug, crawling slightly on his inverse scale, a little itchy and numb——


At the next moment, I shivered violently, the scales were a little fried, and the unbearable cold came, as if to penetrate the scales and immerse them into the depths of my skin and bones. In particular, the inverse scale was as cold as ice. For a moment, he couldn’t even feel the existence of his inverse scale. He subconsciously wanted to cover his neck, but somehow he didn’t want to do it.

No, it’s not that he doesn’t want to do it! This is his mood of butterfly fragments on the scales. It wants to be exposed to C-I’s eyes. At the same time, the dreamer can feel his faint longing for C-I! Does his fragment want to pollute C-1?!


The worry about Bingyi instantly outweighed the worry about his own butterfly fragments. The dreamer immediately raised the Dragon Wings to cover Bingyi’s eyes, but the next moment he saw Bingyi leaning back slightly and sighing lightly: “I see.”

Wei Xun closed his eyes and then opened them. The vague and strange vision just now disappeared. When he focused on observing with his left eye, he did see a faint shadow from the fragments of butterflies chasing dreams.

It was a vast, desolate and dead desert.

It belongs to the dead Sahara, or butterfly fragments contaminated by the dead Sahara. But this is actually different from Wei Xun’s idea.

“Your eyes…”

At the same time, an Xuefeng’s voice sounded in Wei Xun’s mind and pondered. The Phoenix on Wei Xun’s shoulder also closed his eyes. Just now, an Xuefeng seemed to share Wei Xun’s vision.

“Not much like the eyes of a butterfly”

An Xuefeng paused and corrected his statement: “it’s not just like the eyes of a butterfly.”

The butterfly’s eyes stare at the abyss. The pollution of the abyss is like fragrant flowers, like honey. It can see all the truth from the abyss, especially for the pollution from the abyss, the guide to zero alienation and those abyss creatures.

If it was really the butterfly’s eyes, what Wei Xun saw from the butterfly fragments of the dreamer, it should be the worm of the star driller, the alienation state of the dreamer, and all the information about the dreamer and the pollution of the abyss.

But what Wei Xun saw was not an abyss. What he saw was 30 degrees north latitude pollution attached to butterfly fragments.

To some extent, 30 degrees north latitude pollution is completely different from abyss pollution.


The Phoenix bird closed its eyes. There was a gilded slit between the fiery red fluff on its forehead. The slit was slightly open. It was a vertical, slender, delicate and mysterious eye. Just like the heavenly eye of the mythical Erlang God.

If you have the purple title of “perceiver” and the purple title of “Observer”, and complete a series of special tasks, you can get the orange title of “heavenly eye”. For travelers, the two best orange titles for exploring the 30 degree journey are “Explorer” and “heavenly eye”.

Because the sky eye is the most pure and flawless, it can see the hidden 30 degrees north latitude pollution, so that passengers can avoid high pollution areas in time, or guide passengers to the depths of pollution to kill monsters.

At the same time, Tianyan can also see the pollution of the abyss, so an Xuefeng can kill one by one before killing the butcher and guide who hide his identity.

However, Maria butterfly fragments are special, and the pollution carried on them is very difficult to be observed. Even an Xuefeng can’t see any pollution of 30 degrees north latitude from the butterfly fragments of dreamers.

It was Wei Xun who had an extremely keen eye for the pollution of 30 degrees north latitude, so he saw the dead pollution. Or was he so sensitive to butterflies that he could keenly observe the dead pollution on the debris?

An Xuefeng doesn’t want the latter, but he thinks the latter is more likely. Thinking of the alienated pollution of Wei Xun’s cocoons, an Xuefeng sighed in a low voice: “use your eyes as little as possible in the future.”

If you don’t expect, the butterfly fragments in Wei Xun’s heart are far more active than those held by the life-saving people at the beginning, and it is easier to enter the state of pollution source. The position of heart is too deadly, and there are too many butterfly fragments in Wei Xun. An Xuefeng is really worried.

“Use your eyes less in the future.”

At the same time, the dreamer also warned seriously. The creepy sense of activity of the butterfly fragments at the reverse scale still existed even after C Yi looked away. It took nearly a quarter of an hour to gradually reduce. Such a small thing made the dreamer sweat all over his back. His uneasy mood even attracted Zhang xingzang, who dug a shelter under the sand pit.

Wei Xun happens to have something to tell him. He asks Zhang xingzang and them to stay here first. Wei Xun decides to go out with an Xuefeng to deal with some personal things.

“Can you dig out my heart again?”

It was noon, and the dry, hot and terrible sandstorm finally reached the most powerful moment. The dry and hot wind dried up all the water, and even the river became hot. However, the deep underground sand pit where the corn shoots are arched out is still cool. Under the arched body of the fat shoots, Wei Xun is serious about the Anfeng bird way.

“Do you want to see butterfly fragments?”

An Xuefeng pondered. He knew what Wei Xun meant: “but not all butterfly fragments come from the journey of 30 degrees north latitude.”

In addition to opening up a 30 degree north latitude journey to get a fixed piece, other things such as year-end celebrations, battlefields, and even good luck may be found in the abyss node. The butterfly fragment like the puppet master did not come from the journey of 30 degrees north latitude.

It’s just that the butterfly fragments from the journey of 30 degrees north latitude plus 30 degrees north latitude pollution are more in line with the developers and will be easier to use.

“I want to have a look.”

Wei Xun shook his head. Now he has three tenths of the butterfly fragments. If one twentieth is counted as one, he has one. Except for the ancient oasis and the determined place of production from the puppet master, the source of the other four pieces is unknown.

Wei Xun’s purpose is not entirely to see the origin of the butterfly fragment. Indeed, he wants to know whether the fragment of the Inca sun gate is on his brother or given to him.

But Wei Xun has other purposes.

“I want to see if I can separate the butterfly fragments.”

Wei Xun had always believed that after the butterfly fragments entered his body, they merged into a whole. Whether it was the butterfly tattoo or the butterfly wings on an Xuefeng’s heart when he cut open his chest, they were indeed one.

However, the activity of butterfly fragments in the ancient oasis surprised Wei Xun to find that the butterfly fragments in his heart are actually distinct and disconnected.

In other words, the butterfly fragments in the previous cocoon state are connected by cocoon silk, which looks like a whole, while the hyperactive ancient oasis butterfly fragments are isolated.

Wei Xun decided to take this opportunity to try to get the butterfly fragments out – not out of the body.

“What happened to the astrologer’s chart?”

Wei Xun asked an Xuefeng, “how did he integrate butterfly fragments into the astrolabe?”

The astrolabe was once the exclusive weapon of astrologers. Wei Xun wanted to know how he did it. Butterflies are powerful but dangerous, but Wei Xun doesn’t intend to give up eating because of choking and don’t use them. He also wants to separate the butterfly fragments, remove them from the heart, and then fuse them with weapons.


Wei Xun’s problem is difficult to an Xuefeng for the first time. Only astrologers do that for those who have butterfly fragments. This belongs to someone else’s secret. An Xuefeng really doesn’t know.

“It’s rare that you won’t.”

Seeing that Fengniao was embarrassed to raise the feathers on his head, Wei Xun smiled and took out a silver coin with the pattern of awn star engraved on it. This is what David left him before they left. It can be used to contact astrologers. It is said that the astrologer specially ordered to give it to him.

“Then let me ask the astrologer.”

*  *

“Hippies are friends, aren’t they?”

“And sophistry!”

“Do you think I’ll believe you?”


After being robbed by Chen Cheng, this nutritious dialogue has always appeared between him and the astrologer, so that the astrologer has been completely open from the beginning. He is perfunctory about what Chen Cheng says: “yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, what you say is what you say” and “life playing waste!”

“Hiss, you are a bit interesting, but you think you can cope with me?”

Chen Cheng sneered and suddenly changed his direction. Like an intuition, they have been avoiding the enemies behind them in the sandstorm. As if walking around, he even had time to pat the astrologer on the cheek with Hanshan sword and threaten in a low voice: “in addition to my butterfly fragments… You also brought Ji Feihong’s butterfly fragments, right?”

His question was like thunder on the ground, which shocked the astrologer’s eyes and said in silence: “Ji Feihong – the butterfly fragment of the 30 degrees north latitude journey of the Feihong brigade in the last decade was also taken by the playful people?”

“He didn’t even tell me about it!”


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