TTG Chapter 363

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 363: The Sahara of Death (39)

“You know better than me where Ji Feihong’s fragments are.”

Chen Cheng scoffed. What he said just now was just cheating him. He only knew that Ji Feihong’s butterfly fragments were gone. Why not? Ji Feihong refused to say that he was too proud. But Chen Cheng guessed that this should also be behind the life playing people, and not just the life playing people.

At first, Ji Feihong’s pieces were lost in the west side. In fact, it’s unreasonable to think of the life playing people as soon as he threw the butterfly pieces, but they were all lost in the last year. They were front and rear feet, and there was no trace left. They were all strange things that “when you wake up, the butterfly pieces flew away by themselves”. Chen Cheng really suspects that they were all done by the life playing people.

“You know hippies.”

Soon the astrologer restrained his emotions and asked keenly, “are you still connected with the hotel in the past ten years? Is it the poster corridor of Metaphysics?”

In the year when Chen Cheng and his family disappeared, the name of the playful man was not loud. Even he had no last name on the tour guide list. Chen Cheng can’t know the title of “life playing man”, let alone that he was the one who stole the butterfly fragments! Such great resentment and negative emotions… Maybe it’s the pollution impact of people who have been missing for ten years——


The cold mountain sword crossed the astrologer’s cheek, and the blood stain was frozen by the cold air in the next second. It was like a crescent shaped crimson animal pattern coagulating on his face. Chen Cheng’s eyes were bright and deep. This was a warning. A fierce spirit was revealed from his eyebrows and eyes and was forced down.

“Don’t test me, boy.”

He said faintly, “I’ll kill you.”

In the next moment, Hanshan sword brushed the hair of the astrologer’s ear, but only heard a sharp hiss. A dark shadow flying from the storm was cut off by Hanshan sword. Staring at it, it was a foggy black snake! Suddenly, the black snake burst in the storm, leaving no pollution at all.

Ancient oasis pollution?

The astrologer’s eyes coagulated and his face became serious in an instant. Isn’t the butterfly fragment of the ancient oasis in the hands of C Yi? How could this black snake be polluted by ancient oasis butterflies similar to the state of pollution source? The scene repeats itself, doesn’t it——

“The defeated generals dare to come and die.”

Chen Cheng’s words immediately confirmed the astrologer’s inner speculation. It’s just that Chen Cheng has been running with him at high speed, which has consumed a lot of strength. Now the feeling of instability on him is even heavier. Astrologers feel that Chen Cheng is now like a patient with serious mental disorder and distortion – like an Xuefeng, even worse than him.

This state can still keep calm. Chen Cheng is really strong. The astrologer’s thirst for knowledge became stronger. He quietly grasped his right hand, and the astrolabe pattern on the back of his hand flickered imperceptibly.

Chen Cheng also fell into a brief silence. This person did find the key point. The butterfly fragments in the ancient oasis are very active. Chen Cheng sealed it with a special orange title. In addition, the ancient oasis Keepsake is in the hands of half life Taoist. Half life has semi-finished Hanshan sword, and metaphysics has a poster corridor. Therefore, Chen Cheng has actually dreamed of some things intermittently in the past ten years.

Of course, we know the bloody man and the real murderer who stole his butterfly fragments at that time.

This even reminds Chen Cheng of a new traveler with high talent but early death, and doubts whether he is another identity of a life playing man. If so, it can be said that the hippies played around with their group of brigade captains who claimed to be the first and second.

It’s not that he doesn’t have the bearing to be a brigade captain. Under normal circumstances, Chen Cheng will only severely teach him a lesson and recapture the butterfly fragments. Later, he may appreciate this man. However, after ten years of being attacked by the torrent of pollution, negative emotions and dark psychology burst out like a blowout, and many good memories were wiped out by crazy pollution, leaving only all kinds of dark resentment in the end.

The deeper the impression, the heavier the hatred. Countless dark and repressed emotions urgently need an explosion point, which is where the life playing people are. Up to now, Chen Cheng is not completely sure what his current state is, whether it is a reality or a too real dream. He is about to explode with the backlog of countless negative emotions. The calmer he looks, the more dangerous he is in fact.


Chen Cheng said coldly that the astrologer’s right hand was held by him the next moment. Chen Cheng’s hand was like a pair of iron tongs. He exerted a lot of force. The astrologer snorted, and the knuckles of his hand hurt.

But he didn’t resist, but said calmly, “I don’t mean any harm to you. You can see that here limits my strength.”

The repetition of this scene is too restrictive for him. Now there are no stars at noon. The astrologer doesn’t want to astrology. He wants to make a simple and secret backtracking of Chen Cheng with the help of butterfly fragments in the astrolabe. However, he was discovered by Chen Cheng before he took action. This man’s sensitivity is really extraordinary – in other words, his sensitivity to butterfly fragments is very high.

Is it the impact of butterfly fragments in the active ancient oasis, or are there butterfly pollution in the places they went after they disappeared in the battlefield?

The astrologer has no excuse. He has nothing to do with life playing people. As Chen Cheng said, as long as??? Belonging to the hippie, he is indeed equivalent to the half body of the hippie.

“I believed the wrong person before.”

“I don’t think you believe him much.”

Chen Cheng sneered and tapped his fingertips on the back of the astrologer’s hand: “don’t tell me he’s a good sheep and doesn’t eat nest grass.”

If you really have a good relationship with life playing people, it’s just a butterfly fragment, and you don’t want to give it away? People who play with life will never let go of this cheap.

“He wants to eat last.”

The astrologer’s cheekbones were tinged with a thin red of anger, as if he were annoyed and angry at his stupid past. That was a long time ago. They didn’t disclose their identities to each other. When they came and went, all the life seekers wore cloaks. At that time, he didn’t get the orange title of “astrologer” and didn’t make that prediction. Just looking at the life seekers, he realized that he was unusual. He did divination for him hundreds of times for free and lost himself.

Think about it. There may be divination by Ji Feihong and Chen Cheng. Later, they showed their identity to each other and gradually became heart to heart. After knowing that the hippie wanted to collect butterfly fragments, he secretly helped a lot.

It is said that he imprisoned Zhang xingzang to capture the butterfly fragments of the dead Sahara from the dreamer. At that time, the astrologer said that if necessary, he could immediately give him the butterfly fragments of the lost ancient Maya.

“No hurry”

The astrologer remembered that the playful man looked at him with a deep voice. It was rare to see him smile. At that time, the smile in the eyes of the living people made the astrologers laugh, thinking that they were finally friends. Now think about it——

I’m afraid the hippie thinks his butterfly fragment is already a bag. After all, his astrologer was sliced and given to him by the master. What is a butterfly fragment? I’m afraid the hippie also wants to study the details of his embedding butterfly fragments into the astrolabe.

But I didn’t expect that the dreamer was so crazy in order to save Zhang Xing, which directly made the spiritual illusion completely out of control, erupted terrible strength, and even caused the fluctuation of the abyss, which led to the Ximing people and an Xuefeng to jointly suppress it temporarily. After this shot, the hippie was apparently punished by the hotel and imprisoned in the Inca Sun Gate. In fact, there was something wrong with him.

Also this time, let astrologers see a problem. In his opinion, although Zhang xingzang’s fortune is bad, the fortune of the dream chaser has been in good luck. He should stand by the side with the son of fate and worship without saying to accept his head. At least he has a very close relationship similar to the godfather. You shouldn’t be in such a hot water with life playing people.

Moreover, an Xuefeng’s fate is also excellent, almost not much different from the real fate, not to mention that they should blend and not be hostile——

Seriously, before the last minute, astrologers really didn’t completely doubt that there was a problem with the hippies. He took the initiative to make friends with an Xuefeng on his way home. He even divined and saw a doctor for an Xuefeng. He also wanted to really see if there was a problem with an Xuefeng’s fate or what pollution affected him.


The hippie is such an asshole.

No longer indulge in the past, but the astrologer still secretly encouraged himself. He thought that he was excited by the bunker just now and wanted to give the butterfly fragments to the bastard’s brother. Even if this third one seems to be the real son of fate, the astrologer still felt unlucky.

Just then, the silver coin hanging around his neck suddenly trembled.

Huh? Is C-1 contacting him? What new direction does fate have?

The astrologer was excited at once, but before he touched the silver coin, Chen Cheng moved his hand first. He picked up the trembling silver coin hanging around the man’s neck with the tip of his sword. He was very interested: “someone contacted you. Is that him?”

Then, without waiting for the astrologer to answer, he said directly, “pick it up.”

For a moment, astrologers think of a lot. The butterfly fragments of the ancient oasis are now in Bingyi. He is the younger brother of the playful man. He has no less contact with the playful man than him and is more easily misunderstood by Chen Cheng. Does Chen Cheng have the strength to kill Bingyi across silver coins?

But the astrologer still received the communication directly. Anyway, the son of destiny C is not afraid of these. It should be Chen Cheng’s bad luck to meet him.

This silver coin was made from ancient alchemy. It is not a hotel prop. It can be used. Only the master team of mystics has one. After using it, the silver coin will not only sound, but also show each other’s face – the sound can be fake, and the face can also be. In order to prevent the silver coin from falling into the hands of others, it is specially made to have the characteristics of “authenticity” when smelting silver coins.

What is the true face of C-1? What is the real identity of him and the hippie? In order to prevent themselves from being cheated again, astrologers also kept this hand. There are hotel rules outside, but the hotel cannot be controlled during the journey of 30 degrees north latitude.

But unfortunately, he was disappointed. What appeared on the silver coin was a golden red bird face.

In other words, the only thing that silver coins can’t show the true face of human beings is that they alienate or become guides or tourists with wild hearts, because their faces are also “real”.

The astrologer is lucky. An Xuefeng knows the little secret of silver coins. As long as he knows that silver coins are given to C Yi, he will definitely tell C Yi the main points of silver coins – don’t an Xuefeng give C half of his private space? Did C-I tell an Xuefeng everything? That’s how he trusts an Xuefeng? Shouldn’t this silver coin be the secret of him and C-1! Or did David’s fool just give him the silver in front of everyone?

“Astrologers, team Chen.”

An Xuefeng simply said hello and roughly described the situation of the enemy behind them. Then the golden red bird’s face retreated, followed by a lovely mink’s face on the silver coin.

“Hello, team Chen.”

Looking at the astrologer’s situation, he saw that Chen Cheng was still the one who disappeared on the battlefield. Wei Xun immediately suppressed the idea of asking the secret of the astrology chart – astrologers can ask anytime here anyway.

It would be a pity not to ask Chen Cheng some questions now and wait for him to disappear again.

“Cenqin has some problems. I hope you can help us.”

Wei Xun was straightforward and revealed the thread on his finger: “Cen Qin is my good brother. The way home is closely related to metaphysics. Cen Qin has been able to use Tianwen successfully with my help before, and we have fought against the life friendship of life playing people together -”

“I swear to help him recover half of his life, but cenqin doesn’t remember where he lost his life. I think you may know some news, team Chen.”

Wei Xun said sincerely, the mink closed his claws and bowed: “please, this is really important to Cen Qin.”

“What you said… Is the truth.”

To the surprise of the astrologer, Chen Cheng’s tone was very gentle!


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