TTG Chapter 364

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 364: The Sahara of Death (40)

Play someone “an Xuefeng, I remember you.”

Chen Cheng’s voice was a little blurred due to sandstorm and high-speed running, and his voice was also very light, but the radio effect of this silver coin was excellent, and Wei Xun could even hear Chen Cheng sigh at the end.

“Now you should be the first passenger, good.”

Wei Xun felt that Chen Cheng’s tone was a little complicated, and there seemed to be a little regret between calm and appreciation. Once half life was the first passenger to be valued in the next decade. He was also Chen Cheng’s Apprentice. He was absolutely close. Now an Xuefeng is the first, which means that half life has not recovered its strength.

However, Wei Xun feels that Chen Cheng’s mood is not only regret, but he hides well. Wei Xun can’t see more. But it doesn’t matter. From the moment he planned to contact the astrologer, Wei Xun secretly called half his life by holding the wire. Let them meet across the silver coin, that is, they all read and think, and Wei Xun can observe more things.

And even if Chen Cheng is excited or has something out of control, it’s okay. Anyway, they can’t be affected by coins. There are astrologers next to Chen Cheng, which can always be solved.

The astrologer made small moves on the silver coin, and Wei Xun just reported it again and again.

“What’s your name?”

Just a polite word with an Xuefeng, Chen Cheng’s attention returned to Wei Xun, which can be called a pleasant face.

Wei Xun remembers Chen Cheng’s sentence “you didn’t lie”. Obviously, what titles should he have to judge whether he is honest or not. But it’s subjective to say you didn’t lie.

Just as Wei Xun said, “half life and I are friends who have fought against the life of the life of the life of the life of the life of the life of the life of the life of the life.” in fact, they have not really fought against the life of the life of the life of the life of the life of the life of the life of the life of the life of the life of the life of the life of the life of the life of the life of the life of the life of the life of the life of the life of the life of the life of the life of the life of, In the end, the reason is that half life big mouth and Wei Xun’s various actions of “weakening the butcher alliance” (such as poaching butcher guides, poaching Yin and Yang butterflies).

He and Wei Xun often wore a red cloak in the funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing. When they pretended to be life playing people, the half life Taoist lifted his cloak and took pictures when Wei Xun rarely carried him as a souvenir of “life playing people carrying half life Taoist!” And so on.

It’s natural to have friends over life, which is countless.

This sentence is not completely honest, but if you want to be more serious, you will never find anything wrong. It is Wei Xun’s temptation. Since Chen Cheng said he was honest, Wei Xun also knew the degree of Chen Cheng’s judgment.

“Team Chen, just call me Xiaocui.”

Wei Xun said.

“Xiaocui, good name, Geely.”

Chen Cheng pondered for a moment and praised.


There seemed to be an astrologer’s cough in the silver coin, but Chen Cheng ignored him.

“I can tell you about cenqin.”

“But not now.”

Wei Xun understands that there may be something hidden about cenqin’s half life. Chen Cheng said it was inappropriate here. If it wasn’t for his refusal, it means that he didn’t want the astrologer and an Xuefeng to know the secret.

Then why do you want him to know? He has no friendship with Chen Chengzhen, or does Chen Cheng see what days are between him and half life? Wei Xun is really curious and instinctively wary of those who engage in metaphysics and astrology. He doesn’t like people talking about his fate and luck at the first glance. He also uses that kind of determined tone. Now think about it, his habit is brought by Wei Xuechen.

I remember Wei Xuechen never had anything to do with fortune telling. When Wei Xun went to school in Hong Kong City, he knew that many big people actually believed in it. The feng shui masters there also had some Taoism, but he had never seen his brother touch it. Before, someone wanted to tell Wei Xun fortune for free. It was fate. Wei Xun was rarely interested at that time. When he called Wei Xuechen and asked about his birthday, he was scolded.

“The birthday word can’t be given easily. It’s not good.”

Wei Xuechen said carelessly, “it’s just something to seek self comfort. He said that if your life is good, you can sit and wait for good luck? He said, “if your life is bad, are you going to die?”

He never told fortune, nor did he allow Wei Xun to do it. So Wei Xun was really curious when he knew that his brother had a good relationship with astrologers. Of course, his brother just thought astrologers were easy to use.

“Then we’ll talk when you come back.”

Chen Cheng is surprisingly good at talking. Wei Diao also reciprocates with a clever smile. Suddenly, he shows an expression of desire to speak and stop, and then apologizes: “cenqin, he has always missed you. He is outside now, you see…”

“I know, you are kind.”

Chen Cheng sighed: “let’s meet.”

Half life Taoist whispered when he received Wei xunmi’s chat. What happened again? When he came out in the face of the sandstorm and was received by the corn shoots into the underground bunker, he saw that Wei Xun became a ferret and habitually recruited cats to tease dogs. He rubbed a small ferret and was pecked by an Xuefeng.

But when he got the silver coin and saw the face on the silver coin, half his life was stunned.

They left the silver coins for half their lives. They talked privately. An Xuefeng and Wei Xun went to the other side of the bunker, but they both heard well and could vaguely hear their conversation.

“Cui… Is Jin… Wang. You… Ordered the noble man… To treat him well.”

“The guide is also very good… When will you take him back to Metaphysics?”


“An Xuefeng… The first passenger… No wonder people choose him”

Eavesdropping Wei Xun felt numb pain on his head, like being taken away a hair. He immediately knew that an Xuefeng was jealous.

“Team Chen misunderstood. I just have a lead with half my life.”

Wei Xun and an Xuefeng talked in secret and talked about the matter: “but before, I poured some energy into his body. Maybe it made us seem connected?”

“Those who know divination and divination see different things from us, but they can see it. Of course, they can also see that you and I are lovers.”

His words immediately appeased an Xuefeng, but an Xuefeng didn’t say that he was jealous. It’s not bright for a big man to be jealous. He downplayed: “that’s not what I’m worried about.”

“You’re too dangerous. If Chen Cheng wants to move you -”

An Xuefeng looked at the silver coins before and sank down at the sight of Chen Cheng’s state. Although it seems normal and calm, an Xuefeng knows that Chen Cheng has definitely had a problem – more serious than his mental disorder at that time. In this case, an Xuefeng doesn’t want Wei Xun to see him. After all, Chen Cheng has shown hostility and aggression to Wei Xun before, just like the runaway sword of half life.

Even if you can’t feel the butterfly fragments across the silver coin, the sable face can’t see anything, but for an old metaphysician like Chen Cheng, he can roughly see something as soon as he meets him.

Wei Xun and Xi Ming are blood brothers. If Chen Chengzhen sees something, it’s small to lose control on the spot.

An Xuefeng really didn’t expect Chen Cheng to be so kind to Wei Xun. Even if Wei Xun reported a code name but didn’t report his real name, he could boast a “good name”.

But on the other hand, does it also explain the relationship between Wei Xun and half life, or his closer significance to metaphysics, which Chen Cheng only sees? I think deeply of an Xuefeng

Even if Wei Xun and half life and metaphysics really have some fated connection, it can’t be emotional. After all, they are already together. However, the three words “tour guide”, “take him back to metaphysics” and “treat him well” still make an Xuefeng jealous who has distorted the legitimate relationship between tour guides and tourists in his mind.

He puffed and tried to bury the whole Wei ferret in his feathers. Wei Xun happily rubbed the soft and fluffy feathers on the Phoenix’s chest. He only felt that his mouth was full of saliva and his mind was wandering.

If there are birds like an Xuefeng in the wild, it must be delicious. Such soft feathers are also suitable for taking them back and laying their nests.

But when he heard the key points of the conversation over there, Wei Xun suddenly raised his spirits.

“I delayed you…”


Wei Xun thought carefully. Sure enough, when facing half his life, Chen Cheng showed some real emotions. It’s not only a pity, but also a little unwilling and remorse.


Wei Xun’s heart gave birth to a conjecture. Is the half life lost by the half life Taoist really related to Chen Cheng in those years and their desire to transfer the control of the ancient oasis? The hotel did not discuss the news of the journey of 30 degrees north latitude in the last decade. It was like being shielded and eliminated historical information.

The ancient oasis keepsake of half life Taoist is the only Keepsake Wei Xun has seen on his journey at 30 degrees north latitude in the past ten years. He can leave this keepsake, and he can’t do it casually.

Moreover, the half life Taoist did not start to get better until he entered the ancient oasis, which made Wei Xun’s imagination more vivid.

Chen Cheng and banming didn’t talk for long. After all, they were still in danger of being chased by the enemy. However, they returned the silver coin to him in a minute and a half, and the image on the silver coin had disappeared. Chen Cheng didn’t give astrologers a chance to speak at all, so he hung up the communication directly.

“It works very well, but the time limit is a little short.”

Wei Xun took the hot silver coin and felt the pattern on the edge of the silver coin thoughtfully. Half life Taoist is still a little excited. The specific performance is that he talks more and talks a lot, from the past to the present.

“Sometimes I wonder if he is pollution or an illusion.”

Suddenly, half life Taoist took care of himself. The smile on his face disappeared and was replaced by seriousness and worry.

“Pollution is very dangerous. Really, it will see through the weakness at the bottom of our hearts, defeat us and make us collapse and crazy.”

As he said this, half life smiled again: “team Chen thinks so. In fact, he is also testing when talking to me. We talked about some secret signs – only the two of us knew that year.”

“For ten years, he, if he has been in a more polluted environment than the battlefield, may he still remember those signals?”

The codes were all right, but it made half life Taoist more hesitant. It’s not that I don’t want to believe it or see team Chen again. It’s just because I “want to”, so I’m more vigilant.

“Half life, you look like a captain.”

Wei Xun smiled and was surprised. Wei Xun found that half life, like those brigade leaders he had met, had a characteristic, that is, paranoia. Chivalrous, righteous and ideal people have been eliminated by the treacherous hotel environment, such as Zhang xingzang. Those who can survive and reach the peak are all cautious, suspicious, and alert to their own thoughts and desires like poison.

The pollution of 30 degrees north latitude, the pollution of the abyss, and even the spiritual pollution caused by their own changes make it difficult for them to face their original wishes and dreams.

If you have wishes, dreams and expectations, there will be loopholes in your heart.

Is it an illusion? Is it true? Is it another nightmare disguised as a dream, or pollution?

Zhuangsheng dreams of butterflies, or diemeng Zhuangsheng.

Chen Cheng, who was running in a sandstorm on the desert, lowered his eyes and looked at his hand that had just taken the silver coin. Slender and powerful, with distinct joints and some sword cocoons. He is a good hand with a sword. If he is twenty years younger, his hand should be like this.

CEN Qin’s face on the silver coin is also very young, even small, just like a teenager.

How old is Cen Qin? I can’t remember. Memory is a young man in his twenties. He is energetic, diligent and pleasant. He likes to laugh when he sees people.

Can it be an illusion? But he hasn’t seen Cen Qin, a teenager. The illusion shouldn’t appear in an image he hasn’t seen. It’s too easy to be seen through. Chen Cheng holds Hanshan sword and talks with silver coin. It is his last reason. In fact, he can’t suppress it.

After ten years of dark pollution invasion, ten years of day and night fighting, phantom sound and mental disorder, his first reaction when he encountered a suspected phantom was to cut it with a sword.

The tyranny of the heart can only be expressed in this way, trying to destroy all this. Chen Cheng knows that they are crazy. Although he still says to go back, he can’t go back.

Even if you go back, you can’t adapt at all. You may even chop and kill indiscriminately, just like the devil.

They are more like monsters than people.

“My silver coin.”

Just then, the astrologer suddenly said, “give it back.”

“Why are you such a stingy captain? It’s not atmospheric at all.”

The astrologer’s voice interrupted Chen Chengxin’s increasingly manic desire for destruction. Just now he talked with cenqin. He knew that the astrologer was the captain of the second brigade in the western region. He was not bad and had a little friendship with them.

With the hippies, but now it’s more like an enemy.

“I’m a miser.”

The astrologer said faintly and said to him, “it’s not as big as the great cause of metaphysicians.”

He interrupted at this time and disturbed Chen Cheng’s anger at the thought of playing life.

“Yes, our metaphysics is a big family and a big cause.”

Although the astrologer spoke like a strange man, Chen Cheng recognized it directly and generously. Then he looked at the astrologer with a smile: “you can speak.”

The timing is very good. It’s no accident. Astrology? Fate? Divinatory symbols? Days?

Chen Cheng thinks of Xiaocui and cenqin he saw just now. His sword is tight. He doesn’t want to destroy this illusion.

After all, the curtain is coming to an end, and people become weak. Maybe I’m just tired and tired

Gradually, Chen Cheng stopped running, but stopped. When they stopped, a tall and thin shadow appeared in the sandstorm like a nightmare.

Black sand giant.

Besides it, Chen Cheng also felt two strong enemies. However, the two people were unexpectedly cautious and never gave him a chance.

“When you come back…”

Chen Cheng mumbles what Xiaocui just said and pulls out Hanshan sword. The next second he threw the astrologer directly to the black sand giant. Sure enough, he saw countless black snakes deep in the middle of the body of the old difficult pair of handbrake, such as a special-shaped blood pot, swallowing them to the astrologer. Chen Cheng’s sharp eyes focused on the positive point of thousands of black snakes.

Can you really come back?

“Sword out -”

In an instant, the Hanshan sword fell like a vast white snow peak, the hot and dry air suddenly cooled down like ice, the desert suddenly froze under his feet, and the cold ice spread rapidly. For a moment, the space shook, but Chen Cheng laughed and threw the Hanshan sword. This space can’t even bear the complete sword out of the cold mountain. At the next moment, he suddenly fell to the ground and was unconscious.

However, the sword did not stop.

In front of Chen Cheng’s sword, not only the black sand giant, but also the astrologer thrown out by him! In the blink of an eye, the Kung Fu sword will fall. If you don’t stop it, the astrologer will be cut in half at the first time!

But just then, a golden arrow flew from the inclined ground. It dragged the star tail mark very fast and directly hit the Hanshan sword edge! The arrow disappeared in an instant, but Hanshan sword was crooked at the same time!

It was at the moment when the Hanshan sword was crooked that the red flame suddenly hit. Look closely, it was not a flame, but a robe sleeve as red as dragon wings. The magic fire dragon attached to the magic robe gave the great mage the magic of flying. At the critical moment, David saved the astrologer, and the castrated Hanshan sword fell on the left shoulder of the black sand giant!


In an instant, the frost splashed, the smoke and dust raged, and the sandstorm rose again. The figure of the smoke flying sand black sand giant suddenly disappeared, just like it had never appeared. Only a dark arm was left on the ground, but it also disappeared in a second.

“Darling, you deserve to be the strongest passenger in the last decade.”

David and Wang pengpai couldn’t stop their mouth addiction when they were shocked. He touched the blood mark on the astrologer’s face and said anxiously, “Captain, can you hold it?”

“I can’t die.”

Most of the astrologer’s body was frozen, but he was not seriously injured. He touched David’s shoulder with his only active hand. There he rubbed Hanshan sword, and the magic robes of fire dragon enchanted were cut, and the scars were frozen by frost. But the astrologer did not touch the wound or let David melt the frost on him.


“Captain, the pollution level in this area has reached 52 percent.”

The psychic Lily said that a black granulation appeared on her finger holding the crystal ball. It looked strange and terrible: “we are all polluted and need to be isolated.”

One arm of the pollution source black sand giant can cause such bad consequences. If Chen Chengzhen is here, he will kill it. I’m afraid that the repetition of the ancient oasis scene will collapse and dissipate the next second.

He knew that the mystics were behind him, and his sword didn’t really want to kill the astrologer and the black sand giant. The astrologer saw clearly, so he had a little admiration for Chen Cheng.

It’s not only because Chen Cheng has been able to stay rational and not completely crazy because of pollution, but also because Chen Cheng is so unlucky that he can still live until now. It’s a novel species.

However, judging from his pleasant face towards C-1, we can know that this man is definitely better off. Just like this time, Chen Cheng fell down after waving his sword, because he fell far away and was not polluted. Katie picked up the Hanshan sword. The astrologer found that the sword was not polluted. I can’t tell the reason. It can only be attributed to good luck.

Most of the astrologer’s body is covered by frost. The frost of the Hanshan sword seems to naturally restrain the pollution of the ancient oasis. He was the closest to the black sand giant just now, but the degree of pollution is not high.


The astrologer pressed down his mind and ordered, “don’t touch Chen Cheng. Let an Xuefeng send someone to pick him up.”

*  *

“Captain, Captain, wake up.”

Chen Cheng was tired and opened his eyes. Through the ice blue Hanshan sword, he saw a skeleton and a pool of mud. There was darkness in front of me, and there was a clear sound of jade hitting in the distance.

It was Ji Feihong, who was at the forefront, who warned that the pollution flood was coming soon. The jade knocked three times, implying that the danger of polluting the flood would be doubled this time.


Skeleton Tang Shuang’s voice was worried. Chen Cheng knew that he had fallen into a nightmare many times recently, which worried them.


Chen Cheng came out of the sword and felt inexplicably happy: “I had a good dream this time.”

“Good dream?”

As soon as he said this, Tang Shuang became more anxious. Everyone knows that in such a ghost place, a good dream is a hundred times more dangerous than a nightmare!

“Captain, you –”

“Shut up, fool!”

Cheng Tianbao was suddenly hoarse and spoke. It was rare. There was a trace of excitement! He held his breath. Chen Cheng looked at him in surprise, but Cheng Tianbao held his breath and listened. I don’t know how long it took. Tang Shuang couldn’t help it for a long time. At this time——

Bang bang.

For a moment, Tang Shuanggu was shocked and fell half. Cheng Tianbao took a breath of air conditioning, and Chen Cheng was stunned.

That’s the sound of a heartbeat.

After ten years of pollution invasion, they all had serious distortion. Tang Shuang and Cheng Tianbao were no longer like anyone. Although Chen Cheng sealed himself with Hanshan sword, his whole skin was like ice crystal jade. It was extremely cold and even had no heartbeat.

“Maybe I heard wrong.”

Chen Cheng subconsciously touched his heart. There was a dead silence and there was no sound. They waited again until the pollution torrent came again and didn’t hear any heartbeat. But this time their mood is inexplicably high. It is clear that the pollution flood is more terrible, but their mental state is better than last time.

Tang Shuang directly lay on Chen Cheng’s chest, like listening to the movement of a pregnant baby, holding his breath and listening to his heartbeat. I don’t know how long later Tang Shuang jumped up happily: “I heard it! I heard it again. It’s really a heartbeat!”

“I also think the pollution on the captain is a little less.”

It’s rare that Cheng Tianbao didn’t pour cold water on it. Even if it’s just a little less, it’s something that can make them extremely happy.

Excited and happy, Chen Cheng thought of his dream and suddenly asked, “how’s Ji Feihong now?”

Tang Shuang sighed: “Ji Feihong’s jade is becoming more and more serious. I think the old boy is dying.”

After thinking about it, Chen Cheng whispered a few instructions to them, and asked Tang Shuang to bring them to Ji Feihong.

“Tianbao, try it now.”

Chen Cheng warned seriously, “remember, don’t suppress your emotions, don’t keep calm, and go to sleep in anger – you want to kill people.”


Chen Cheng doesn’t sleep. He protects Cheng Tianbao’s Dharma. Is it a dream? Is it an illusion? Or did they really catch the lucky tail and catch a glimpse of reality? Anyway, this may be an opportunity. Cheng Tianbao is the one with the highest degree of pollution distortion among the three of them. He is also the most dangerous now.

If it is really an opportunity, Chen Cheng hopes that Cheng Tianbao and Tang Shuang can find a chance. If Cheng Tianbao can’t do it, this is the opportunity only for those who have been stolen butterfly fragments.

He hopes Ji Feihong can survive.

*  *

“Ji Feihong?”

On the way back, Wei Xun asked Ji Feihong. An Xuefeng was a little strange: “how could you ask him? He was the captain of the Feihong brigade in the last ten years.”

The captain of Feihong brigade in the last decade?

Wei Xun touched the edge of the silver coin just now. The astrologer left him a secret message. Of course, the only way to convey information is not video communication on the surface of the silver coin. The astrologer left the words “Ji Feihong”.

The astrologer suddenly mentioned him for no reason. Ji Feihong and Chen Cheng are all people and captains of the last decade

Wei Xun pondered for a moment and suddenly his heart moved.

“Ji Feihong… Has he lost anything?”

Wei Xun said tactfully, “for example, butterfly?”

“The sudden drag of what English, isn’t it the stolen butterfly fragments?”

Half life Taoist said strangely, “didn’t an Xuefeng tell you? What did he do?”


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