TTG Chapter 365

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 365: The Sahara of Death (41)

“Feihong brigade is also an old brigade, but it wasn’t named before.”

An Xuefeng has a good relationship with Feihong and has a good relationship with Qi Lecheng, the captain of Feihong. He knows more than half his life. Thank you.

“At the beginning, his brigade colluded with the butcher alliance and did a lot of bad things. Later, Ji Feihong killed their brigade captain and reorganized the brigade – it was almost a reconstruction of the brigade, and then changed the name of the brigade. Only then did the Feihong brigade gradually rise.”

That was the last decade.

“Qi Le orange came in this little five years.”

Wei Xun asked curiously, “didn’t Feihong have a captain in the first five years?”

“Ji Feihong is the captain of Feihong.”

An Xuefeng said surprisingly: “he shouldn’t have disappeared on the battlefield in the last decade.”

Ji Feihong was a person who came in the last ten years and the first five years. It is reasonable to say that he is not in the reincarnation of the last ten years. He should be in the same term with an Xuefeng. But he disappeared in the battlefield of the last decade.

“We haven’t been sure whether the reason why Ji Feihong disappeared is the same as Chen Cheng. But Ji Feihong’s poster hasn’t disappeared, and he is still the captain of the Feihong brigade.”

Therefore, they have always believed that Ji Feihong stayed in the battlefield in a special way. His disappearance has a different meaning from that of Chen Cheng and others. Ji Feihong had a secret talk with an Xuefeng for a long time before he left. He had some plans on his way home. Since then, he has been closely related to Ji Feihong and hid Ji Feihong’s affairs.

A few years ago, some people speculated that Ji Feihong, like Zhang xingzang, had been captured and imprisoned by Xi life people. But it was not until one day a few years later that the captain of Feihong brigade suddenly became empty that they thought Ji Feihong was really dead.

“In the last ten years, when we were on the battlefield, we wanted to put an end to all this.”

Knowing that Wei Xun would ask, an Xuefeng whispered to him: “at that time, the top five brigades, the East and west areas were basically United. And we, the new generation, want to end everything in that decade. ”

“But we failed and nothing changed”

An Xuefeng’s tone is calm, but Wei Xun can feel that he should have deep regret and unwillingness. The cemetery he saw in an Xuefeng’s psychic Wonderland buried not only people related to the way home, but also many other people’s names.

Complete end, how complete end? Destroy the hotel or try to control it? How did the plan fail?

Knowing that Wei Xun is curious, an Xuefeng can’t give him the answer now: “we failed, and we can’t remember a lot of things. Maybe if one day, I can remember when I merge with * *. Or… ”

When you go to war in this decade, you will certainly remember.

“No one knows about the journey of 30 degrees north latitude in the last decade. Is that why?”

Amnesia? Wei Xun thought deeply and felt that the situation of Yu and Hui was subtly similar. Will Ann Xuefeng, they have actually died once? Or is it that they will die in the battlefield, but they have been “resurrected” by the hotel for ten years?

Thinking of this, Wei Xun touched the Phoenix from head to foot. An Xuefeng felt itchy when he touched the soft feathers of the wing root, but he was in touch with Wei Xun, which made an Xuefeng vaguely understand what Wei Xun was thinking. His heart softened at once. His wife felt it if she wanted to touch it. The tips of his wings trembled and didn’t hide.

“It does matter. Many people have experienced the last year, but they basically don’t mention the old yellow calendar.”

Half life Taoist didn’t notice that they kissed me. After talking to Chen Cheng, he fell into a state of forcing himself to recall. He said to himself, “ten years is a big reshuffle, and the hotel won’t let the information about the last ten years appear again.”

However, since they can still remember things related to the journey of 30 degrees north latitude, it shows that they are special. Half life Taoist has ancient oasis keepsake. An Xuefeng opened the Pharaoh pyramid in his first year in the hotel, that is, at the end of the last decade.

If it is a ten-year reshuffle to erase part of the memory of the next generation of tourist guides is the hotel rules, the power of the journey at 30 degrees north latitude may offset some of the hotel rules.

“It is said that the chieftain King’s tomb is the first 30 degree journey in China. In fact, it is said that this decade.”

Half life Taoist turned the topic back to Ji Feihong’s butterfly fragments: “in the last decade, Ji’s journey of 30 degrees north latitude was in our country, Lingjiatan, you know.”

Lingjiatan is a Neolithic site in China so far. It is the only site with the remains of Stonehenge, even thousands of years earlier than Stonehenge in Britain. In addition, a large number of exquisite jade articles have been unearthed at Lingjiatan site.

The earliest jade dragon, the largest jade pig, the jade plate engraved with the original divination diagram, the Jade Turtle unearthed with the divination diagram jade plate, Dongling jade and so on.

And three mysterious jade men.

Dongling jade man.

This is Ji Feihong’s journey of 30 degrees north latitude. Wei Xun carefully wrote down the name. If Ji Feihong’s butterfly fragments were really taken away by his brother, whether they are in his heart now will have to wait for Wei Xun to separate the butterfly fragments.

At the same time, Wei Xun suddenly realized a problem. He found that the journey of 30 degrees north latitude in the last decade “ancient oasis” and “Dongling jade man” were four words, while the journey of 30 degrees north latitude in this decade, such as Pharaoh’s pyramid, Inca Sun Gate and so on, were five words.

Only his “dusty chieftain King’s tomb” is a word.

Are there any rules implied in this? Wei Xun talked about this with an Xuefeng, who said he had thought of it long ago.

“The chieftain’s tomb has not been fully opened up, and the name may change.”

However, an Xuefeng also said that the names of the journey at 30 degrees north latitude in the last decade were indeed four words.

Therefore, an Xuefeng always thought that Wei Xun would be in the next ten years until the title of “creepy road” appeared on Wei Xun’s poster. It seems to blur the boundary between this decade and the next decade.

An Xuefeng and Wei Xun both fell into their own meditation, and the half life Taoist was also thinking. Then they were silent all the way until they returned to the bunker of the joint hunting ground. Wei Xun saw Zhang xingzang and others around the bunker at a glance, and the atmosphere was a little dignified.


Zhang xingzang said hello, and his frown loosened slightly.

“There is news from the astrologers, chasing their dreams to meet them.”

Then Zhang xingzang briefly cut Chen Cheng off the black sand giant’s arm and fell into a coma. He said that mysticism was polluted by the black sand giant. Wei Xun roughly calculated the time and found that it was not long after their silver coin communication.

“I’ll go.”

Half life Taoist volunteered. The black sand giant first went after the astrologer to hunt butterfly fragments. It was precisely because he was weak at that time, but now the astrologer is strong. The black sand giant may recover temporarily or change his target temporarily to deal with the dreamer.

It was with this in mind that the dream chaser wanted to take the initiative to meet him, because he was attacked here by the black sand giant. But now that an Xuefeng, Bai Xiaosheng and half life are back, the black sand giant must not come for the time being.

“Yin and Yang butterflies go.”

Wei Xun said that he slipped the red ball of Nezha’s spirit into him. The infected people were already chasing after them in mystics. When they met, their strength was almost the same. Wei Xun originally wanted Tong Hege to go with him. He heard that they were polluted by black sand giants and wanted Tong Hege to have a look.

But Zhang xingzang and they talked about Cheng Tianbao.

“Cheng Tianbao?”

Zhang xingzang and his team gathered around the bunker not just to discuss the problem of receiving people.

“Cheng Tianbao fainted. He had symptoms of pollution.”

Dream chasers have an important way.

“I can’t think about it.”

Zhang xingzang admitted his mistake: “but he is the only one infected. It’s strange.”

Now the sandstorm outside is so big, dry and hot, he is right to take people to dig shelters in ready-made sand pits. The remaining worms of the star driller are almost scattered, and they are swallowed by the black sand giant. It’s reasonable to do something. The only problem is that the black sand giant’s eyes come from the broken meat of worms, which may be contaminated by the black sand giant.

“There is no pollution in the bunker. I just went down to see it.”

The dreamer also explained to Zhang xingzang that an Xuefeng took a look. The shelter they dug was 50 meters underground, far from the bottom of the 300 meter deep pit. That little pollution basically doesn’t matter. Chen Cheng and Chen Cheng cut off the black sand giant’s arm. The whole arm polluted the astrologer. Their degree is completely sesame and elephant. And Zhang xingzang is right. No one else has been polluted. Even sister Yu, who is weaker in body mass, is fine.

That’s Cheng Tianbao’s problem.

“I don’t blame you.”

Wei Xun went over and saw that Cheng Tianbao had already moved out of the bunker shelter. Now he was moved under a date palm tree and unconscious. Wei Xun keenly found that Zhang xingzang used his title near the front, and then he went to help Cheng Tianbao. And the dreamers stopped 50 meters away.

Half life Taoist was serious, took out some of the most advanced golden seal characters, bit through his fingers, chanted words, activated the seal characters with his heart blood (fingertip blood, ten fingers connected with his heart), and gave them one for each one. Then they approached.

“Butterfly pollution in the state of pollution source is very dangerous.”

An Xuefeng whispered to him that the situation of the black sand giant was different from that of the star driller worm. The star driller worm finally broke out, and the butterfly fragments were cut off by Wei Xun long ago. It is the outbreak of spiritual pollution and worm pollution itself, which can not be regarded as a butterfly.

But the black sand giant is different. Mystics is a top brigade. It can pollute all four mystics with one arm.

“Once contaminated, we must isolate ourselves as soon as possible, and then find a way to remove it as soon as possible. Otherwise, the pollution will seep deeper and deeper. ”

Strange distortion, auditory illusion, pollution invasion, mental distortion, collapse and madness. At this stage of auditory illusion, it is very dangerous. Although everyone has the means to guard against pollution, there is no absolute defense against butterfly pollution.

“Cheng Tianbao’s pollution… Doesn’t look like ancient oasis pollution.”

However, after Wei Xun closely observed the situation of Tianbao, Wei Xun pondered.

Cheng Tianbao is in the first stage of pollution. He has a high fever and coma, and many dark granulations grow on his skin. It is really similar to the pollution of ancient oases. Even dream chasing and Zhang xingzang judge that it is the pollution of ancient oases brought by black sand giant.

But Wei Xun directly said no.

Because he didn’t feel hungry.

Wei Xun Wei Er’s 30 degree north latitude pollution that he “ate” with a blood sucking knife is the taste of death Sahara and ancient oasis. He remembers that even if the butterfly fragments of ancient oasis can’t be used now, he will never admit his mistake.

“Father, father, want to bang!”

The corn shoots sneaking into the ground spoiled him, saying that they smelled a strong fragrance even in the depths of the ground. The smell is also different from other delicious feelings – such as the golden Little Palace Guard broken tail and the star driller worm. The corn shoots say they are delicious and good because they are rich in energy and help it grow.

But this thought is pure greedy. It is the salivation of smelling delicious food. Like the yin-yang butterfly head when it was not greedy before.

Wei Xun was curious. If Cheng Tianbao wasn’t polluted by the black sand giant, what was it?

“It’s not like black sand giant pollution.”

Half life Taoist also said that he put on gloves and carefully pressed Cheng Tianbao’s skin. The small piece of skin under the dark granulation is also blackened. At first glance, it seems that there are large and small black spots on his body. Pressing through the gloves, you can find that the blackened skin has no elasticity at all. Below it is like pus and rotten meat, all rotten and dead meat.

“Hiss… I’m not sure, but it’s a bit like…”

Half life Taoist rarely hesitates. He thinks it’s actually a bit like brother Cheng’s “bad” in those days. He only learned a superficial lesson. But at that time, brother Cheng was always covered with bandages. He hardly saw brother Cheng’s skin, so half his life was uncertain. Moreover, there are no scavenging animals and insects here. If there are, it is better to identify them. Brother Cheng raised all kinds of small things like mushrooms and worms. Ah, it’s magic mushrooms and insects.

Thinking of this half life Taoist, the hand unconsciously poked hard and directly pierced Cheng Tianbao’s skin, revealing a little brown and black floc. It’s not like meat at all, but it’s not like something rotten. It’s a bit like continuous Brown space sand. Wei Xun sniffed and smelled a strange smell.

It’s like going to the virgin forest. The smell of corrupt animals and plants accumulated for hundreds of years on the land is very unique, not good, but not smelly.


At this time, Wei Xun suddenly felt a move. The maggot cocoon, which had been silent all the time, even passed some emotion to him!

It wants to break the cocoon in this man’s body!


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