TTG Chapter 366

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 366: The Sahara of Death (42)

“Let me see. You step back first.”

It happened that the red sand giants hunting in the sandstorm in the distance seemed to have some disputes with other giants. Wei Xun asked the dreamer to help and let half of his life settle down to protect the people of Chen Cheng brigade. Zhang xingzang and an Xuefeng were on guard against the black sand giants and the thorny western people of the silver moon killer. Leaving him alone with Cheng Tianbao.

Dream chasing, an Xuefeng and banming know Bingyi. They think he wants Tong Hege to help cure Cheng Tianbao. After listening to his arrangement, Zhang xingzang comes from his trust in old friends.

When they all left and couldn’t feel the situation here, Wei Xun called Tong Hege and carefully checked Cheng Tianbao’s body. But in a few minutes, his body festered more seriously. At first, those black granulations looked a bit like the snake of the black sand giant, but now they all expanded, like black acne full of thick slurry.

The smell of decay and fermentation became heavier and heavier, but Cheng Tianbao’s heartbeat became lighter and lighter. He had more and more difficulty breathing and his face showed a painful color. Tong Hege took off his coat and found that the festering abscess from his arm had spread to his chest. The thick skin is swollen and shiny, without any elasticity. As soon as it is pressed down, it is like the wrinkled skin of the old man, and a small pit is pressed down.

“He’s rotten inside. He won’t live long.”

Tong Hege frowned after pressing a few times.

“Can you cure it?”


Even if Cheng Tianbao is rotten like this, he can cure it with Tong Hege’s strength: “dig out all the rotten meat and I’ll hang him with ginseng slices. If you can survive, you can live, but -”

Cheng Tianbao’s body is at least half rotten, including internal organs, bones and muscles. Tong Hege whispered to Wei Xun that his situation is absolutely abnormal. It’s not poison or normal decay, it’s more like being polluted or some kind of out of control effect.

“It’s like the title is out of control”

Tong Hege pulled out a piece of his fingernail and turned it into a jade like ginseng. He first stuffed it into Cheng Tianbao’s mouth for him to hold, and then felt it carefully.

“Excessive pollution leads to physical and mental breakdown, resulting in the title out of control”

Wei Xun knew that the title was not born out of thin air. It has something to do with the tourist guide himself. Not everyone can activate a title task, or complete the task after activation to obtain the title. It is more like the development of human potential, and the influence and transformation of natural mysterious forces and mysterious creatures on human body.

Therefore, to some extent, the same title may show different strengths in people with different strengths. For example, at present, an Xuefeng’s title of “Explorer” is more powerful and growing than Wei Xun’s title of “Explorer”.

Similarly, this also shows that the title is not absolutely stable. Once people collapse and go crazy because of pollution, the title will get out of control. The stronger he is, the more terrible the consequences of losing control. This is why even tourists with top strength, such as an Xuefeng, are still secretive about pollution invasion.

“It’s strange. It doesn’t look like pollution at 30 degrees north latitude…”

Wei Xun ponders, while Tong Hege talks to himself. He is still exploring Cheng Tianbao’s situation in more detail. The more you look at him, the more difficult it is. It can be said that Cheng Tianbao’s degree of out of control is over. It’s not even like the out of control of the purple title or the dark blue title, but like the out of control of a terrible orange title.

It’s hard to cure. When Bian magpie comes, he has to say, ‘I can’t cure it. Let’s die and leave’. Of course, Tong Hege is not a serious doctor. It can be said that he has mastered “vitality” and “vitality”. Theoretically, as long as Lingshen and Taisui manage enough, no matter how bad the situation is, people can be hanged back by him.

But it’s just a matter of hanging your life. If you don’t get rid of the rotten meat in Cheng Tianbao’s body and really solve the problem of losing control of the title, Cheng Tianbao’s situation will deteriorate quickly. And Lingshen Taisui is equivalent to Tong Hege’s flesh and blood. If he consumes too much, he will also be seriously injured, painful and weak.

However, Tong Hege listened to Wei Xun. Didn’t he see that an team handed it over to Wei Xun. After all, this is just a replay of the scene. The real Cheng Tianbao has long disappeared on the battlefield.

“How long can you hang this ginseng for him?”

“You will never die in a quarter of an hour.”

Tong Hege is confident. What he pulled out was the fingernail of his little finger, a small piece, but ten fingers connected to the heart. The effect of the reference film turned from the fingers was second only to the heart.

“Never die…”

His words seemed to give Wei Xun a centering needle. Wei Xun’s eyebrows slowly stretched and turned his back to an Xuefeng and his party. He took out a cocoon.

“You won’t die if you’re eaten empty, right? Ah, what I’m talking about is that rotten meat is polluted and sucked dry.”

Ah, this

“Xun’er, where did you find this thing?”

Tong Hege stared at Wei Xun’s big fist cocoon and took a cold breath: “I feel scared when I look at it.”

No wonder Tong Hege feels scared, but the maggot cocoon has changed again. It really looks a little scary. But back to business, Tong Hege said, “my ginseng protects his heart. If it only sucks contaminated rotten meat, it’s really no problem. But can it bear it? ”

Wei Xun was also thinking about this problem just now. He didn’t think that Cheng Tianbao would not die, that he was not related to his family, or that he was not his own person. Wei Xun couldn’t let Tong Hege risk his life, but just saved Cheng Tianbao in a scene replay. Otherwise, both bamboo shoots and maggot cocoons are talking about Xiangxiang. I’m afraid he will directly hand over Cheng Tianbao to half life to save them.

But even though most of the corn shoots and maggots said they wanted to eat Cheng Tianbao’s body pollution, Wei Xun also had to consider the safety of food.

Wei Xun attaches great importance to maggots. Although he has kept a low profile since he became a cocoon, Wei Xun has always attached great importance to them in his heart. Human skin maggots are closely related to the dusty chieftain King’s tomb. When maggots shed their skin for the first time, it has the shape of human skin gloves. After wearing it, Wei Xun can even catch the solar pollution. It can be seen that it has great potential.

Moreover, maggot DA has always been with Wei Xun. The four maggot brothers in those years, maggot four was infected and became a ghost Xiaohong. Maggot two and maggot three had a human shape in the chieftain’s King’s tomb, but their essence has not changed. The only maggot has been following Wei Xun. It can be said that Wei Xun eats whatever he eats. He has even eaten more things than corn shoots.

At the beginning, maggots drank his blood in Western Hunan. When they came back from northern Tibet, maggots ate magic gas and purified magic honey. When Wei Xun fused the abyss node, maggots ate abyss energy. Later, when the suburbs of Beijing won the mountain god peach tree, maggots ate the mountain god pollution and the eyeballs on the mountain god peach tree.

It was this time that the maggot cocooned, and the blood color lines like eyeballs were raised on the cocoon. Then maggot Da ate the fresh puppet master together. The cocoon mutated again and grew a circle of mycelial, fluorescent and free moving light blue cocoons. After absorbing some pollution energy here, there are more eye lines on the maggot cocoon. At first glance, it looks like a face, deformed and ugly. No wonder Tong Hege feels scared.

But Wei Xun has been looking forward to the form of maggots after breaking the cocoon. Will it be the advanced state of human skin maggots, or will it mutate into other magic insects? Can it count as another form of evil bug master? But in any case, maggots that are already high-level magic insects can definitely become heaven level magic insects after they are advanced.

This is Wei Xun’s first day level devil bug! He was extremely expectant and cautious.

The opportunity is rare. After a short thought, Wei Xun asked Tong Hege for a reference film and stuffed it into the maggot cocoon. Then Wei Xun cut Cheng Tianbao’s most seriously festered arm and stuffed the maggot cocoon into it.

Wei Xun felt the strong joy, gratitude and strong expectation from maggot DA at the moment he stuffed it in. He had never been so happy, but at the same time, maggot Da was still a little uneasy and worried.

“Don’t worry, as long as you transform successfully, no matter what you become, I like it.”

Wei Xun disobeyed his heart and said, “don’t worry, I’ll wait for you to come back.”

When maggot finally felt at ease, he firmly vowed happily that he would transform successfully and fight for his master all his life. After thinking about it, he called out the corn shoots and stuffed Cheng Tianbao into the false mouth of the tentacles of the corn shoots.

It would be bad if the maggots spilled out the smell of demons and insects or the power of the abyss when they broke their cocoons and were perceived by others.

Then Wei Xun simply told an Xuefeng and banming about it. To his surprise, banming highly recognized his means.

“In the past, I remember that brother Cheng had a lot of things in his body. At that time, I just thought it was a demon tamed by his series of titles and a means of attack. Now think about it, it may also be to suppress his own title.”

Cheng Tianbao’s title is powerful but evil, which will make him less human than the alienated butcher guide. Then half life quietly told Wei Xun that he had just figured out that Cheng Tianbao’s situation was not quite right. It was like that on the battlefield, Cheng Tianbao almost melted into a pool of mud after giving full play to his title.

After listening to his words, Wei Xun was thoughtful.

“Since team Chen is still alive after they disappeared, maybe Cheng Tianbao is also alive.”

Since Chen Cheng can affect Chen Cheng in the scene replay, if Cheng Tianbao is still alive after missing in the battlefield, maybe he can also affect Cheng Tianbao in the scene replay.

“How can there be so many good things? Brother Cheng, he had already… Alas.”

Half life is not optimistic. Ten years ago, the situation of brother Cheng on the battlefield was extremely bad, and his title was almost out of control. Half life even thought that he might lose his mind when he finally disappeared and become a monster on the battlefield.

It’s impossible to stick to it for another ten years and until now.

*  *

“Captain, is this really useful? Cheng Tianbao’s body is about to collapse!”

In the very distant darkness, Tang Shuang hurried around. After he took the message to Ji Feihong, he immediately came back, but the situation was not optimistic. Cheng Tianbao fell into a deep sleep, but he didn’t calm his emotions and empty his complicated thoughts before he fell asleep. Instead, he went to sleep crazily with anger and the distortion after being invaded by the polluted torrent.

Dream is the best hotbed for breeding illusions. At this moment, Cheng Tianbao has completely lost his human form. He turns into a surging black thick slurry. The exposed blood vessels and veins are wrapped in the thick slurry. Black and red are shriveled like dry leaf veins. No one can say that he is a person.

Sometimes the boundary between people and monsters is very close, and the complete distortion is only in one thought. When the shape is completely distorted and more like monsters than monsters, how long does the human mind persist.

Tang Shuang still has people’s skeleton, Chen Cheng still has people’s faith and soul, but Cheng Tianbao’s situation is the worst. He has almost lost all his characteristics as a person, but he can still speak human words. But now the black thick slurry makes a deep and terrible sound, like the gurgling sound of broken deep-sea bubbles and the language of ancient gods, which is completely unlike human voice.

“Tang Shuang, come quickly.”

Chen Cheng said seriously, staring at Cheng Tianbao’s situation, but didn’t wake him up. Chen Cheng found some subtle changes in him. Although they are weak and not obvious, changes are good. Tianbao’s situation is too bad. He has survived this pollution flood, but it is difficult to survive next time. Ji Feihong even said, “I think he is an abyss monster now.”

“While he’s still a little rational, let him end himself. He can still leave some dignity.”

What he said was unpleasant, but it was true. For Ji Feihong, a man of ten years, it is the last dignity for them to calmly restrain pollution and die under the weapons of their companions as a “human” under the condition of reason.

Collapse turns into prey, completely loses all human characteristics, and frantically kills former close friends. Finally, as a monster, he dies under the weapons of his companions, which will aggravate the pollution of his companions. This is the most dignified way to die.

Chen Cheng has sent many companions. Without this dream, Cheng Tianbao may eventually be killed by him calmly. He is also very tired and wants to rest, but Chen Cheng is unwilling.

“Forgive my last caprice.”

Chen Cheng said solemnly, “Tang Shuang, Tianbao, let’s fight together again.”

Maybe for the last time.

The skeleton seemed to be touched. He opened his mouth. Finally, the bones rubbed and gave a hoarse and ugly smile: “Captain, we’ll do what you say.”

“Cheng Tianbao, it stinks.”

Said smelly, but Tang Shuang walked into the dark mud and let it wrap himself. Even if the almost out of control crazy mud was not as calm as before and began to erode his bones, the severe pain didn’t make him say a word more, but let the mud flow all over his body. When Chen Cheng returned to Hanshan sword, Tang Shuang picked up the sword and embedded it into his sternum. Then it was completely swallowed by mud.

Chen Cheng is their soul, Tang Shuang is their bone, and Cheng Tianbao is festering blood and flesh. When they are together, they are devastated.

At first, they survived from the battlefield in this way, and they have survived for ten years. However, after this integration, Chen Cheng understands that Cheng Tianbao really can’t support it.

Like a person sentenced to death, the heart boulder fell to the ground instead. Tang Shuang was silent and Chen Cheng didn’t speak. His heart was even strangely calm and even wanted to smile.

Somehow, Chen Cheng thought of Xiaocui and the feeling at that glance. Their metaphysics people always believe in first-sight actors, just like when Chen Cheng first saw cenqin, he knew that this young man would belong to their metaphysics, and he could lead metaphysics to a higher place.

When he saw Xiaocui, he felt he had to get the young man! That kind of urgent, excited, excited mood, has not been for a long time. If Xiaocui is a tour guide, he must be invited to become a resident tour guide of metaphysics. If he is a passenger, he must be a passenger of metaphysics.

If he is outdone by other smelly boys, we should have a good relationship with him. CEN Qin draws a hundred lucky charms, which are not worth his good luck with Xiaocui. That’s the Universiade. It can bring change and vitality.

Maybe it’s really alive. Even if Cheng Tianbao is full of pollution and grumpy and distorted grunts, Chen Cheng feels as if he can understand it.

“It’s broken, captain. Do you think I’m going to die?”

Just then, Chen Cheng heard Tang Shuang muttering in a low voice: “strange thing, how do I think I can understand what Cheng Tianbao is saying.”

Being able to understand the monster’s language is indeed a sign that he is seriously polluted and nearly collapses and is about to degenerate into their own kind, but Chen Cheng suddenly froze! It is not an illusion, nor is it the depravity of increased pollution.

It was Cheng Tianbao who uttered one or two words intermittently in the strange sound of grunting. It was human words! Chen Cheng held his breath and Tang Shuang stopped talking. They listened to Cheng Tianbao intermittently, mixed with the monster’s language, and said vaguely:

“Gulu… Gulu… Ann… Come on…”

“Gollum… I… back…”

Feel at ease. I’ll wait for you to come back.

I don’t know how long Chen Cheng listened to Cheng Tianbao’s vague and intermittent words to form a complete sentence, “peace of mind, I’ll wait for you to come back.” Cheng Tianbao was talking about this! After repeated several times, Cheng Tianbao never said a word again, and he didn’t respond to them at all.

“Tianbao… Is this his last word?”

Tang Shuang said sadly, but Chen Cheng immediately denied it.


No, not Cheng Tianbao’s last words! This sentence is not like what he said to them. Chen Cheng chewed it in his heart for countless times, and finally noticed something strange.

This is more like what someone said to Cheng Tianbao! And Cheng Tianbao is just plural!

Who said that to him? Dream, Cheng Tianbao is dreaming now, don’t you think——

“Hey, Captain, is there something wrong with Cheng Tianbao’s left arm? How can I feel less pain? It seems that the pollution there has been reduced?”

Tang Shuang finally found something wrong. As their ‘skeleton’, he had a sharper perception: “how can I feel that something is drilling in our bodies?”

*  *

Wei Xun didn’t expect that Cheng Tianbao released so much pollution energy in an instant! He put Cheng Tianbao in the false mouth of corn shoots in advance. Even Tong Hege made a wrong estimation. His reference film didn’t last for a quarter of an hour, or even ten minutes. However, in three minutes, it became a mass of polluted rotten mud! The situation of Cheng Tianbao is also deteriorating rapidly.

But before Wei Xun called an Xuefeng and half life, the situation changed again. The maggot cocoon began to inhale the pollution energy, and the power of swallowing even the corn shoots was amazing. The corn shoot reported its false mouth to Wei Xun, saying that the man was entangled by a pile of thread.

“That painful energy is gone!”

The corn shoot had a lingering fear. It had a big mouth ready to rub and lick secretly, but it didn’t expect that the energy polluted by tyranny “La” a guy. It began to fake cry and secretly tap the energy while crying.

It hasn’t eaten this bite! Although it hurts, maybe it won’t hurt if you eat again!

Wei Xun frowned and listened to the description of the corn shoot that the maggot’s big cocoon silk elongated and wrapped the whole Cheng Tianbao into a cocoon. Its cocoon silk penetrated every rotten skin and flesh of Cheng Tianbao’s body and absorbed its energy crazily. At the same time, maggot Da also discharged some complicated energy, like purifying and eliminating the turnip.

When it almost ate the rotten meat in Cheng Tianbao’s left arm, the maggot seemed to have finally eaten it. Its cocoon began to move towards Cheng Tianbao’s chest and finally stayed at his chest. At this time, Wei Xun has called an Xuefeng and banming over and drilled into the false mouth of the corn shoot to observe closely.

“Cheng Tianbao’s situation is getting better.”

An Xuefeng first determined Cheng Tianbao’s current situation. As Tong Hege expected before, Cheng Tianbao ate all the rotten meat in his left arm, and all the energy in other rotten parts of his body was absorbed by the cocoon.

But somehow, it seems that there is a steady stream of corruption energy transmitted, so Cheng Tianbao’s situation looks worse and worse.

An Xuefeng felt a little and thought that the corruption energy was not instilled out of control, but controlled and deliberately dumped. The person connected opposite should have been sober and have no fear of life. He took the half life ancient oasis Keepsake directly, spit out a Phoenix Fire to wrap it, and soon the corruption energy will no longer be transmitted.

As early as Chen Cheng controlled the half life Taoist sword to attack Wei Xun, an Xuefeng thought about how to control the people in this scene. Even if the people of old metaphysics were his respected predecessors, an Xuefeng did not lose his vigilance. What if they were seriously polluted and out of control after they disappeared from the battlefield?

The half life Taoist, the characters who repeat the scene, the butterfly fragments of Wei Xun’s ancient oasis and the keepsake of the ancient oasis are indispensable. The simplest thing is that an Xuefeng directly isolated the keepsake, and naturally he can forcibly cut off the connection there.

As soon as the connection was broken, Cheng Tianbao’s situation suddenly improved with the naked eye. His eyelids even trembled, as if he had to open his eyes at any time.

However, the maggot has not broken its cocoon.

“It can’t break the cocoon”

Wei Xun whispered to an Xuefeng. He felt that maggot had accumulated energy and was ready to break the cocoon, but somehow it stopped, as if it had encountered some obstacle.

“The cocoon hasn’t broken”

An Xuefeng used the title of the great druid and felt it carefully.

‘Too thick ‘

A normal maggot can break its cocoon, but it also has a “human cocoon” composed of layers of Cheng Tianbao. Wei Xun knew clearly that he pulled out the madman’s knife, pressed Cheng Tianbao’s chest and cut a gap above the position of the maggot cocoon.

The faint blue cocoons immediately poured out, like sea anemones in full bloom. But the cocoon silk soon turned into a little magnificent blue light and condensed in the center. Half life Taoist priest and an Xuefeng held their breath, and even they didn’t have much chance to see the cocoon broken by the Tianjie demon bug. Wei Xun put his hand into Tianbao’s chest and carefully held out something.

“Maria butterfly

Suddenly, the half life Taoist was shocked and roared, but he rejected himself at the moment of his words.

“No, the color is wrong!”

No wonder the half as like as two peas are wrong. The butterfly of Wei Xun’s hand is almost the same as that of the butterfly drawn on app. The scales and wings are as beautiful as the blue and purple glittering powder of the Star River, and the long and elegant tail. The only difference is that the Maria butterfly has dark wings, and the lines on its scales and wings are also black.

But the lines on the wings and scales of the butterfly are as white as snow. The whole butterfly looks as if it is glowing.

“It looks like you.”

Tong Hege couldn’t help saying.

The snow-white wing edge is like snow-colored hair, the blue and purple scales and wings are like eyes, and the white lines are like pale skin. This butterfly looks like Wei Xun!


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