TTG Chapter 367

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 367: The Sahara of Death (43)

But Tong Hege said it looks like Wei Xun, not only because its color matching is very Xun.


The voice is as ethereal as an angel. The person with this pair of butterfly wings is not an insect body, but a little man with a big thumb. He is like an elf, as translucent as the spirit of Xiaocui and little rose. With snow-white hair, blue purple eyes and blue purple butterfly patterns on his face, he looks really like Wei Xun!

The gaze of others made it shy to shrink to the master’s hand, and its sparkling eyes looked at the master uneasily. Would the owner like it to be like this? Maggots don’t have much experience. They wanted to be pure white and clean, but now their scales and wings are still blue and purple, not white enough

Seeing that the master was silent, the maggot’s eyes were even more pitiful.

Maggot: QAQ

When Wei Xun came back to his senses, he saw the maggots were full of tears, and the butterfly wings shrank back like moths, revealing only a little white wing tips.

“It’s beautiful”

Wei Xun said happily, “I like it very much.”

He was just thinking about things. He never thought maggot could become so beautiful. Wei Xun even wanted to change its name.

“Really? Is the master really satisfied with my appearance?”

The maggot’s big eyes lit up at once, and the butterfly’s wings flapped. It finally summoned up the courage to stand up and stood at Wei Xun’s fingertips like a forest elf. The blue and purple streamer like scale powder lingered on the butterfly’s wings, looking ethereal and beautiful.

It’s not appropriate to call maggot big.

“Call Dieda first.”

Wei Xun changed his name and communicated his talent with Dieda. Day level magic insects will have their own talents. Unlike mother insects, even the lowest ones, they have their own tendencies. Unlike ancient magic insects, they have blood influence. Normal and ordinary males can have their own characteristics only when they rise to day level.


Wei Xun frowned. Dieda’s main talent was distorted! The scale powder on its wings can make people or monsters distorted, and it is carried out in the direction of evil and irreversible.

But at the same time, Dieda’s secondary talent is “backtracking”. Similar to an Xuefeng, it can backtrack the distortion it causes – a little chicken rib, because it can only backtrack the distortion it causes.

However, Wei Xun thought that if the butterfly is high enough and strong enough, its distortion can cover and replace other pollution, as long as the butterfly is polluted and then goes back, it may be able to restore the other party to its normal state. However, this point still needs to be studied in the future.

In addition to these two special talents, What’s left is something similar to “sucking” (sucking energy to replenish yourself). Both distortion and backtracking consume energy very much. At present, Dieda can only be regarded as the primary level of heaven. It can only be used a few times, “collecting pollen” (collecting pollen from various flowering organisms) and “splitting” (splitting up other little butterflies) this is a common talent shared by butterfly demons.

“It’s a bit like you, too.”

When collecting the cocoon silk broken by the butterfly, Wei Xun said deeply to an Xuefeng. Speaking of tracing back, Wei Xun thought of an Xuefeng’s returning knife. Wei Xun’s words made the contemplative an Xuefeng peck his hair. She looked at die Da with Golden Phoenix eyes, but die Da changed her low eyebrows in front of her master, looked directly at an Xuefeng, raised her chin and cold face, a little cold and arrogant.

“Hey, you little butterfly can be proud.”

Similarly, the half life Taoist who has been frowning all the time laughed out of the background: “this posture really reminds me of the evil insect master in those years. He may have pretended and carried it like the crown prince of the truth alliance.”

Speaking of this, the half life Taoist sighed again, frowned and said, “you said, how did the evil insect master not have it in those years?”

He was obviously talking to an Xuefeng about what happened in those years. An Xuefeng didn’t answer. Half life Taoist said to himself: “I thought it was wrong at that time, but the guy of dark cloud was too strict and the evil insect master hid deeply before. They were both very independent and had a general relationship with us.”

The relationship was average and I didn’t know much. When something happened, it was because dark clouds were still alive. For a time, no one really believed that the evil insect master was dead.

“Does he really only have those slices?”

Half life talking to himself.

Over the years, the Fengdu brigade has been getting closer to the bee Taoist, the clothed fish, the hair ghost, the black old and the infected. The dark cloud speaks directly, but people are still angry. They are more or less concerned about the evil insect master, and they feel that the disappearance of the evil insect master was not simple.

In particular, Wei Xun’s maggot hatched such a butterfly with a shape very similar to that of Maria butterfly. It can mutate into this. It is said that it is high-grade food all the way. It also relies on the blessing of Wei Xun and Cheng Tianbao to send energy, but it originates from the evil insect master.

If the evil insect master didn’t do this, it would be impossible for maggots to hatch into butterflies under the influence of Wei Xun alone. This species has changed.

“It’s necessary to soak in Feihong’s paint bucket, but it can really confuse the fake with the real.”

An Xuefeng spoke slowly and confused the false with the true. It was false and very similar to the true. If the evil bug master really made such a butterfly, what would he want to do? What is he going to do?

What happened in those years? Was there really a secret that the plan of that generation failed?

“But this time, whether he has any secrets or not, at least this time, he can’t hide it.”

Half life Taoist priest became optimistic. The two tour guides who were either bloody or dark in those years were Wei Xun’s brother. The evil insect master was soon collected by Wei Xun’s stamp collection, and all of them were pinched by Wei Xun.

“You’d better use this butterfly less, or change its color, otherwise it’s too scary.”

Half life Taoist suggested, blinking from Wei Xun: “it’s more useful to take it out at the critical moment.”

Half life Taoist remembered the meeting when Wei Xun pretended to play with life people to scare the puppet master puppet at the critical moment in the suburbs of Beijing, and knew that Wei Xun would love to listen to his suggestions. Sure enough, Wei Xun smiled at him.

“Look at Cheng Tianbao.”

An Xuefeng’s words turned half his life’s attention to the people who were still mixed. The big cocoon silk of butterfly is cleaned, and Tong Hege gives Cheng Tianbao a piece of ginseng. His shriveled body swelled like a balloon after cleaning up the rotten meat. Except for the scar on his chest, everything seemed normal. With the reference film of Tong Hege, Cheng Tianbao looked much better.

“Thank you, brother Tong.”

Half life solemnly thanked, and then a little worried. Cheng Tianbao is good everywhere, but his body is wrapped in a layer of wet and sticky liquid, which looks a little like pus.

Half a lifetime didn’t forget that they were in the false mouth of Wei Xun’s worm. They were embarrassed and said, “just clean the pus. Hey, I’ve soiled your worm. Let me clean it up.”

Tong Hege smiled but didn’t speak. Wei Xun coughed and kicked the corn shoots with the tip of his shoe to please the rubbed tentacles.

“It’s all right. Let’s go out first and clean it up in a minute.”

What pus? It’s all saliva from corn shoots! Cheng Tianbao has been pounded with corn shoots. He is still addicted. He feels pain and wants to pounding. It’s like eating spicy hot pot. If half life and an Xuefeng’s eyes had not been attracted by the cocoon broken butterfly, the corn shoots would have been lost.

“Master, I, I can…”

When Tong Hege was ready to sew Cheng Tianbao’s chest wound first, Dieda, who had been quiet, suddenly made a sound. The tips of its wings trembled slightly, a little nervous. Those people said “it’s best to use it less”, “it’s too scary” and “little butterfly is very proud”. He didn’t understand it, but the owner really didn’t intend to reuse it – otherwise he didn’t give it any tasks!

Unlike corn shoots, Dieda’s natural father loves the enemy’s food. He is the eldest of the four brothers, but he has always been cautious in front of his master. He knows that his master doesn’t like his appearance and tries to be beautiful and useful. Now Dieda is depressed and lost. It never asked for anything like its master in the past, but now Dieda wants to fight for it.

Wei Xun listened to him and asked, “master, can Dieda live in him?”


Wei Xun was surprised that Dieda would make such a request! Is there anything special about Cheng Tianbao’s body that makes him want to stay inside all the time. After listening to Dieda’s explanation, guard Xun understood that it has just broken its cocoon and advanced Tianji magic bug, and its strength is not stable. He wants to adjust it in the cocoon breaking environment. If it can be more stable, its strength will even rise to a higher level!

It will not affect Cheng Tianbao’s own action and will. When he shared a human skin with thousands of brothers and sisters, butterfly knew how to live in harmony with a large family early in the morning. Of course, he can be self-sufficient as soon as he lives in Cheng Tianbao’s body. He doesn’t have to bother his master to prepare food for him!

Wei Xun attached great importance to Dieda and thought about its breeding plan. Wei Xun said that he would seriously consider the request made by Dieda carefully. Then he vaguely ordered the Taoist priest.

“I’m really worried about brother Cheng.”

Half life really cares about it. The sudden collapse of Cheng Tianbao’s body is absolutely unusual. It may be that Cheng Tianbao who disappeared from the battlefield is still alive. However, compared with Chen Cheng’s changes, Cheng Tianbao’s situation is worse. If it weren’t for the butterfly breaking its cocoon and taking part in the film with Tong Hege, it wouldn’t be able to survive.

An Xuefeng can’t always block the ancient oasis keepsake. They also want to know the news on the other side of the battlefield. But then there are many things. Everyone’s attention can’t always be on Cheng Tianbao.

Wei Xun wants to put some small things in Cheng Tianbao’s body. Half life Taoist understands it very well and makes Wei Xun feel at ease and boldly rectify it – anyway, at present, the matter of Wei Xun’s rectification has never had bad consequences. The dialogue with Chen Cheng strengthened the half life Taoist’s belief in cuimen.

So Dieda happily stayed in the luxury apartment. Tong Hege sewed Cheng Tianbao well, and soon he woke up. Head on is the kind smiling face of boss Bai:

“You’re awake.”

*  *

“You wake up, Tianbao! My God, I thought you were going to sleep to death!”

In the dark far away, Cheng Tianbao woke up from his confused dream. Before he opened his eyes, he heard Tang Shuang’s excited voice and noisy. As usual, Cheng Tianbao must make a mockery of him. The dog’s mouth can’t spit out ivory. They’re a little angry because Tang Shuang is noisy these ten years.

But this time Cheng Tianbao didn’t make a sound. He was still remembering the dream.

Is it a dream? Maybe not. He dreamed that he was swallowed by a terrible giant insect and couldn’t move. Someone who couldn’t see his face cut open his arm and put in a cocoon. The insect is swallowing his flesh and blood and swimming around his body. The dense cocoon silk penetrates the internal organs and grows out of his body, but he can’t move at all. He can only gradually watch himself become the human cocoon of the insect.

Strange, scary and bizarre dreams are no different from the past. The only difference is that someone has been comforting him outside.

Can you cure it?


Never die.

Feel at ease. I’ll wait for you to come back.

It’s beautiful. I like it very much.

The man said… He liked it very much.

The memory was vague and the voice was faint, but the only person who impressed Cheng Tianbao most was that person. Even if the tyrannical energy is released, the other party takes it all down, only joy and satisfaction, without any negative emotions. Perhaps it was the wholehearted loyalty and admiration of the cocoon hatched in his body that polluted him, making him unable to identify whether it was the cocoon’s emotion, his own emotion, or the emotion of the person outside.

It’s so pleasant… Cheng Tianbao even feels that even if it’s a pollution illusion, it doesn’t matter if he dies at this time.

“Tianbao, how are you feeling now?”

Seeing Cheng Tianbao’s silence, Tang Shuang is nervous to ask questions, but Chen Cheng first carefully examines Cheng Tianbao’s situation – and then breathes a sigh of relief. The pollution has been reduced, and the title of getting out of control seems to be stable. Even if this is only a drop in the bucket for Cheng Tianbao’s current bad situation, it also gives them a chance to breathe again.

It’s a good thing. It’s really successful.

“Captain… What does your dreamer look like?”

Finally, Cheng Tianbao spoke hoarsely. When Chen Cheng described the appearance of Zhang xingzang, Cheng Tianbao shook his head slowly.

“No, he shouldn’t have looked like this.”

It should be white hair and blue purple eyes, like an ice butterfly from the snow.

The butterfly hatched in his body looks like the man.


Cheng Tianbao chewed the name repeatedly, and Chen Cheng heard a pleasant feeling from his tone.

“I raised a child. It’s so beautiful.”

Cheng Tianbao sighed and smiled, and the gloomy feeling of the past was swept away.

“What child? Devil bug child or mushroom child? No, my dear, didn’t you raise it a hundred years ago?”


It’s hard to be happy. Cheng Tianbao also knows that Tang Shuang is deliberately enlivening the atmosphere and doesn’t have the same experience as him. After exchanging Xiaocui’s experience with Chen Cheng, Cheng Tianbao seemed to think of something, and his mood suddenly became gloomy.

“Someone is blocking me, damn it!”

Cheng Tianbao clenched his teeth and felt that he was suddenly stuck when the tilt pollution was cool. Anyone had to go crazy!

“Damn it, flame, 30 degrees north latitude, Captain, do you know who that is!”

“It must be a life playing man!”

Before Chen Cheng could speak, Tang Shuang said decisively, “the captain didn’t say that the man who plays life has a journey of 30 degrees north latitude or a sun gate. It must be right. He must have done bad things!”

Then Tang Shuang said, “this child is not authentic. Captain, let me dream next time. I have to be angry with Tianbao!”

Cheng Tianbao was blocked back? If Chen Cheng thinks about it, it seems that the top tourists in this decade are not bad at all. They have found the key to restraint so soon. This is also good. There are means to clamp them down, so that they can sleep more safely.

“Wait first.”

Chen Cheng made a firm decision: “after the next pollution flood passes, I’ll have a look first.”

It doesn’t matter whether they ordered someone to block Cheng Tianbao back. Anyway, they have a good momentum now. It’s estimated that they can dream there again in the future.

*  *

Fortunately, Chen Cheng has a firm hand, otherwise even if Tang shuangzhen affects this side, Wei Xun and they have no control over him now.

At present, they are confronted with a difficult problem – Chen Cheng and others are back, and they are in front and back with the mystics who have done a good job of isolation. But as soon as they got to the joint hunting area, they were stopped outside!

Several giant tribes who were hunting wind monsters showed strong hostility and wanted to kill them all!


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