TTG Chapter 368

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 368: The Sahara of Death (44)

“Hiss, bad.”

When Wei Xun and his party rushed over, they found that the situation had fallen into a very bad situation. They had never seen so many giants. The giants who could participate in hunting were elite female giants in the family, each of which was more than 20 meters high. Looming in the dry, hot and crazy sandstorm and dim light, it is like a mysterious, unknown and terrible shadow.

It’s like in the fog filled sea, the terrible and evil monsters floating from the deep sea and hidden in the fog. The four mystics formed a circle and were protecting Chen Cheng. Even David’s face was no longer enthusiastic and serious.

Even if this is just a replay of the ancient oasis, it is also a journey of 30 degrees north latitude. The giant is not much weaker than those ancient gods and monsters. The quasi chief of the red sand giant and the chief of the red sand giant were too young and confused by Wei Xun. They had to fight fairly by selecting the chief. Moreover, Wei Xun killed her with a knife full of layers of madmen who would kill her at that time.

When dealing with the chief of the red sand giant, yin and Yang butterfly, Wei Xun and half life Taoist went all out, and Chen Chengjian came out of the cold mountain, an Xuefeng Phoenix Fire, and the blessing of the blood sucking knife.

Even if Wei Xun now sits in the position of chief of the red sand giant, and a half life Taoist has talked about the basic principles of ancient oases, he has never relaxed his vigilance against the giants.

If we can’t prepare in advance, even more than ten giants of the red sand giant hunting team can completely kill a group of them on the premise that an Xuefeng and others can’t do their best and don’t destroy the repetition of the scene. Not to mention the gathering of hunting teams of other giant tribes and the siege of nearly 100 giants!

If they can’t handle it well, their trip to replay the ancient oasis scene must end today.

Fortunately, Zhang xingzang and others reacted quickly. In addition, the red sand giant knew that these guys were short male giants loved by the new chief, and the new chief slaughtered terrorist giant insects (Star driller worms), which was praised by the leader of the black sand giant not long ago. The red sand giants had a fresh memory and hesitated not to start immediately.

When more giant hunting teams gathered, the giant tribes gathered were hostile and friendly to the Hongsha tribe. The contradictions and conflicts between giants escalated and did not deal with astrologers and others for the time being, so they won this breathing opportunity.

“Roar -”

When Wei Xun and little rose were spiritually integrated, with a flaming Phoenix on their heads, stepping on the skull of corn shoots and rising for 30 meters, they finally caused a commotion among the giants. A giant thirty meters high is absolutely rare! The red sand giants were full of confidence and roared at other tribal giants like a deterrent, while the smart red sand giant had gathered in front of Wei Xun, roared and flattered and handed over his feldspar spear.

They are afraid of any relationship with the unclean, and even the stone spear that killed them will be discarded. In their opinion, the chief is going to kill the cursed unclean person himself. Of course, the chief can’t use his own weapons.

“Run now?”

Look, Bai Xiaosheng attracted the attention of all the giants and made a gap in the encirclement, David whispered. The larger fire dragon roared like a deterrent behind him, anxious, and obviously aware of the great danger.

Withdraw immediately in case of fatal danger, be wise and protect yourself, and be a unique skill in dealing with the world of mystics. Of course, whether it is dangerous or not depends on the astrologer’s judgment.


Now, for example, astrologers say they don’t need it, so they restrain themselves and continue to be vigilant around them.

In just one minute, Wei Xun has roughly pieced together the cause and effect from the red sand giant’s men and half life.

In the dead season, the climate of the ancient oasis will become extremely bad, the lake water will become toxic water and can not be drunk, the prey will disappear in the vast sand sea and food is scarce. All giants will survive the death season through deep sleep, but some giants will die quietly in the death season!

This is a legend handed down from ancient times. It is said that only the eyes of those giants disappear, and all other parts are intact. This is the cursed unclean. This is the existence that every giant tribe in the ancient oasis is absolutely afraid of! Once there is one, the whole tribe will be cursed. It is even possible that after the death season, the giants who have lost more than half of the tribe’s staff will be dug out and die!

Even in the dead season, the tribe will still have sober giants as watchers, who can’t find out who the enemy is. Those giants still died silently without any sign. In the end, it can only be attributed to the curse. Once an unclean person is found dead, the watchman of the red sand giant tribe will burn his body at the first time. Other giant tribes also have their own ways to destroy the unclean person’s body.

The only common thing is that they will put “flash powder” into the eye socket of the unclean skeleton to purify her, so that the disaster will not come to the whole tribe.

“Flash powder” is the powder obtained by all giant tribe hunting teams who risk catching giant insects in sandstorms, extracting giant insects and drying them. As long as you put glitter powder in your eye socket before going to bed in the dead season, you can completely prevent yourself from becoming unclean in the dead period. However, the giant insects are limited, and the extracted flash powder is definitely not enough for the nine giant tribes. Therefore, there will be many bloody conflicts between the giant tribes every hunting season.

They want to execute astrologers and others because they have been cursed and become unclean! The giants are afraid that the death season will come early, so they must be killed!

Eyeball disappearance, unclean person, glitter powder?

Wei Xun’s heart flashed an inspiration. The only difference between the astrologers and the people before was that they were polluted by the black sand giant! I’m afraid the death season of the ancient oasis has something to do with the black sand giant! What’s the function of glitter powder? Why is it that if you use glitter powder, you won’t be chosen by the ‘curse’?

The easiest way to figure this out is to get some glitter. However, the flash powder obtained in the last hunting season has long been used up. In this hunting season, shortly after the sandstorm and the giant insects came, the red sand giant tribe has not caught the giant insects that can extract flash powder.

Wei Xun secretly sends Xiaocui to lure the giant insect, but it won’t be able to catch it for a while. Seeing that the situation was at an impasse for a moment, the hostile giant tribes were agitated and eager to try to test the new chief of the red sand giant tribe. Wei Xun secretly contacted the astrologers with silver coins to prepare them to escape and break through – get rid of the danger first and then slowly, but at this time, the situation suddenly took a turn for the better!

The dark sandstorm suddenly appeared a pure white color. Even the dark sand can’t make him dim. It’s as white as the new snow in early winter. It’s a pure white giant 20 meters high. It has a blank face, no eyes, only a mouth like arc, and ten pairs of arms on both sides of its body!

At first glance, Wei Xun saw that the connected arms were like patterns on hollowed out butterfly wings.

No, not butterfly wings, this is an angel!

Pure white giant, corresponding to the angel standing on the ruby mountain in Arab mythology! The ten arms and elbows on each side are connected by drooping pure white flesh. It is a huge pure white eye. There are no inch strands on it, but the sagging snow-white flesh on the waist and behind is like the skirt of wedding dress. It looks strange and beautiful, and even a little holy. It is not like a terrible and ugly giant, but more like a strange and pure white statue.

However, regardless of appearance, according to Arab mythology, the pure white flawless giant is a traitor lurking on the side of the red sand giant tribe, planning to subvert the red sand camp all the time, but Wei Xun looks at the giant held by the pure white flawless giant! This glittering giant bug like gold is the ‘flash bug’ hunted by sandstorm giants!

The pure white giant gracefully saluted Wei Xun, then put the flash bug beside him, and then respectfully stepped back, like a new chief with great respect for Hongsha, and even the precious flash bug was willing to contribute.

But there must be something strange in it.

Wei Xun made the corn shoots bend like a nod of approval. Then he checked the flash bug slightly. This flash insect should be a weak individual of flash insect. It is only 30 meters thick and 30 meters long. It is not as huge as described by the red sand giant. But its shell is so hard that even a blood sucking knife can only poke a small hole in it.

When the viscous juice flowed out, Wei Xun found that even his mixed flame could not immediately burn the juice into powder, which would take at least a few days.

Is this pure white giant trying to test the strength of the new chief? It doesn’t directly think that the new chief Hongsha is invincible because of his size, but to see the flame power of his’ eyes’?

Of course, Wei Xun wants an Xuefeng to do his best to show shock and awe. When surrounded by hundreds of terrorist giants, he still hides his strength and wants to dress up as a pig and eat a tiger. This is a pure cerebral palsy decision. Although Wei Xun can’t do it at present, he has a plug-in.

When an Fengniao used Phoenix Fire to burn the whole flash insect and dried the juice into flash powder, the giants of other tribes were silent, leaving only the roar of raging sandstorm and the deafening demonstration roar of red sand giants. Gradually, the giants of the tribe friendly to Hongsha also roared like harmony. At this moment, they finally recognized Hongsha’s new chief.

When Wei Xun collected flash powder and scattered some of it on astrologers and others without killing them with a stone spear, the other giants just complained and didn’t dare to protest positively.

They were deeply impressed by the powerful and terrible of the new chief Hongsha. However, many giants thought that the new chief was too lecherous. Even a few short male giants were not willing to kill. The flawless giant looked at the new chief Hongsha’s harem regiment and seemed to understand something.

At the same time, several tribes hostile to Hongsha will immediately send people to pass the news back. The chiefs with the strongest combat power of their tribes have not yet arrived. In the past, those chiefs will participate in the hunting only when the sandstorm is stronger and more flash insects gather. But now the strength of the new chief of Hongsha may make some changes in the hunting season this year.

“Yellow sand ox head giant?”

Before Wei Xun could ask the astrologers how they felt, he felt several hostile and evil eyes with a strong sense of existence, as if he wanted to devour him alive. Wei Xun looked up sharply, but could not find any figure from the dark yellow sandstorm. It was an Xuefeng who had better eyesight and saw a dark yellow strong body very similar to the sandstorm.

“It should be.”

Half life Taoist had already rushed to see Chen Cheng. When he heard Wei Xun’s words, he took time to return to him: “the horn container in your hand is the eye of the yellow sand Tauren giant.”

Wei Xun glanced at his hand, the tentacle of corn shoots. At the moment, it happened to roll a five meter long sand yellow horn shaped container, which is naturally a container dedicated to him by the red sand giant to hold flash powder. It looks like it is made of coarse sand and stone particles. It looks primitive and simple. There is a huge brown circle on the outside of the horn. Now it seems that it should be the eye pattern of the yellow sand horn giant.

“It feels a bit like a sandstorm”

An Fengniao flew down and touched the horn of a yellow sand ox with its sharp beak.

The flash powder extracted from the flash insects following the sandstorm is stored in the horn of the yellow sand giant, which is similar to the sandstorm. But this is not a real “ox horn”. Like the “arms and wings” of the pure white flawless giant, it is the place where the giant’s eyes and ability are located.

I’m afraid this horn represents the life of a yellow sand horn giant. No wonder the other party’s eyes were full of malice just now.

“It’s a good thing to bring it back to the hotel.”

This yellow sand ox horn container can be regarded as a non solution material! Mastering a journey of 30 degrees north latitude can make a brigade or tour guide alliance strong and rich quickly! Not only because of the rare butterfly fragments, 30 degrees north latitude keepsake, and the pollution corresponding to the journey, but also because the journey is rich in precious resources!

Those monsters, relics, items and pollution can all be regarded as the level of no solution! It can not only enable the team members to rapidly improve their strength and equipment, but also take them out and sell them to other organizations, or directly recycle them to the hotel in exchange for a large number of points, props or journey information.

To get rich so quickly on the way home, it has something to do with an Xuefeng’s mastery of the journey of two 30 degrees north latitude. Similarly, a large brigade like metaphysics, which has been inherited for generations, has rich inside information. Half life Taoist said that in fact, the top Rune and seal is not gold. Before metaphysics, there was a more powerful rune and seal. With the pure white flawless giant’s skin as the rune paper and the ruby giant’s gem powder as the pigment, the drawn Rune and seal can even seriously injure the principal!

Unfortunately, at the end of the last decade, they went all out to end everything, and almost consumed all their precious items. So that the metaphysics of today has fallen to the third place.

The half life Taoist was absent-minded when he said these words. Not only he, but all the others were nervously watching the astrologers’ feelings. They were all covered with glittering powder and looked bright. The astrologer closed his eyes and said nothing. The psychic Lily still held the crystal ball, but her hands tightened. The man □□ Di stamped his hoof anxiously, as if he wanted to say something, and stifled it.

Only David was amazed. He even dipped some glitter powder into his mouth, smashed his mouth, brightened his eyes and praised ‘good! good!!’ Then he immediately spoke Mandarin and happily gave Wei Xun a thumbs up: “know it all, you are really generous. This is the friendship between mystics and the way home!”

“This thing is very useful. I feel that the pollution is restrained and will no longer invade and spread, right, small flame?”

“Call -”

The fire dragon behind him waved his wings in agreement, then couldn’t help holding half of David’s head in his mouth and licking the glitter powder stuck to his hair. Wei Xun found that the fire dragon was different from the past. The original one was so small, but now it became taller than people. He didn’t know if it was an illusion. He felt that the fire dragon’s eyes were no longer as pure childish as in the past, but had a more gloomy and cunning sense of evil.

But after licking the glitter powder, the evil feeling gradually faded and turned back to childlike innocence.


An Xuefeng solemnly pointed out to Wei Xun that the magic fire dragon is the ultimate life-long magic of David’s orange title “great mage”. It can sign a contract with a obedient and clever magic fire dragon. His orange titles “fire controller” and “Dragon Knight” are closely related to this magical fire dragon.

When the title is out of control, the original small magical fire dragon will gradually become larger. When it is as big as a real dragon and can no longer be controlled, David will completely collapse, go crazy and be swallowed up.

This reminds Wei Xun of the werewolf deer Book orange who likes to eat raw meat, and the murderous Mao Xiaole and others. They are also out of control caused by mental disorder.

An Xuefeng pointed out to Wei Xun one by one that the orange Title Sagittarius of human □□ Di is a horse from the navel down, but now the horse state has spread to her abdomen. Psychic Lily held the crystal ball and never left her hand. In fact, the crystal ball had stuck to her hand and could not be removed. The astrologer closes his eyes. What’s wrong with his eyes. But an Xuefeng glanced at the astrolabe on the back of his hand and said that astrologers were estimated to be the least polluted.

“The impact of pollution on tourists is smaller than that of tour guides.”

If tour guides are polluted, they will change in the first stage of pollution. But generally speaking, passengers have less physical changes in the distortion stage, and the illusion and hearing in the second stage can also be overcome. Only when the pollution exceeds 50% and reaches the third stage of “pollution invasion” will the phenomenon of title out of control occur.

“52 percent.”

Just as like as two peas were speaking, the words of the astrologer were exactly the same as that of ANN Xue Feng.

With one arm of the black sand giant, the pollution of the whole occult science has reached 52%! This made Zhang xingzang take a breath of air-conditioning, and the half life Taoist also said “boundless heavenly Buddha”.

“Flash powder can make the pollution degree no longer increase, and the pollution will not continue to spread after the non polluted places are stained with flash powder.”

Although the pollution has not subsided, it is good news not to continue the invasion. David said: “if you had smeared flash powder on your body before, it might not be affected by the pollution of the black sand giant, but more experiments are needed… Cough, so know it all.”

David said with a shy face and a smile. He pinched his index finger and thumb and made a gesture from Bai Xiaosheng: “if only we could have more flash powder, we need this first-hand data very much. We’ll sacrifice it and do a human experiment on us.”

“Of course, this glitter powder is too precious. The reward we said before killing worms will be written off directly!”

David was awe inspiring, but it was a pity that he only got Bai Xiaosheng’s smile.

“If we can really deal with the pollution of the black sand giant, we will definitely get the flash bug of the sandstorm.”

Sandstorms are all flash insects. If necessary, just catch them by yourself. Occult science is not without this strength. Of course——

“If you catch them, bring them to me and I’ll burn them into powder.”

An Xuefeng understood and agreed with Wei Xun: “time is pressing. We need to store more flash powder before the night comes.”

Needless to say, everyone has realized the value of flash powder! This huge insect has hard wings that can resist sandstorm. It is huge and hard to deal with. Even the giants have to cooperate with several giants to kill it. But when they are linked together, they are the easiest to catch.

It happened that Xiaocui released the smell of mother insects and attracted many flash insects to mate next to her like bait. The opportunity was rare. The mystics, Zhang xingzang, dream chasers, infected people and yin-yang butterflies all began to catch flash insects. Only half life Taoist stayed to take care of Chen Cheng and his party. Not only them, Wei Xun and an Xuefeng did not move.

“The flash bug may represent the flash tribe.”

Half life said humanely: “the giant bug of sandstorm is not called giant bug or sand bug. It is specially called ‘flash bug’. It must have his intention.”

The Semitic is the ancient Semitic, including ancient Arabs, Babylonians, Assyrians, Hebrews, etc. they believe in the creator Allah. This word also means “master” in the Semitic language*

“Arab mythology says, ‘if the giant snake at the bottom of the ocean of fire was not afraid of Allah, this snake would swallow all creation'”

Chen Cheng added that he was the first to tell this myth and was naturally familiar with it.

If the black sand giant represents the giant snake, the glitter powder can resist its pollution attack, just as the myth says. The giants of the nine tribes will be eaten in the death season. Strange death may be characterized by snakes devouring everything. Ironically, even the red sand giant tribe, which has a good relationship with the black sand giant, is not exempt from the tragedy of death. Only flash powder can save them. It refers to that only the creator can finally save everything.

Half life Taoist couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. This is the closed loop of the whole ancient oasis Arab myth. He looked at Chen Cheng. Maybe the captain had taught him these experiences, but the half life Taoist didn’t remember. He didn’t know how much he had forgotten, and he wasn’t sure whether he could get his memory back. But at this moment, sitting with team Chen, knowing that they may still be alive after missing on the battlefield is enough for him to feel comfort and peace.

But between an Xuefeng and Wei Xun is not very calm.

“Do you really want to try here?”

An Xuefeng doesn’t agree.

“Of course, the butterfly fragments of ancient oases have become quiet because of the existence of black sand giants, and the presence of flash powder that can restrain the pollution of ancient oases is the best opportunity to try.”

Wei Xun said that he didn’t mind that the tip of the corn shoot tentacle was sneaky. He sneaked into the container and tasted the flash powder quietly.


The corn shoot suddenly sneezed. This was its first sneeze. It frightened the corn shoot and began to cry. Flash powder can’t even eat corn shoots, which shows that it is absolutely isolated from abyss pollution. There are few good things that can restrain the pollution of ancient oases without causing the invasion of abyss pollution!

Who knows if the flash powder can work after going out? Wei Xun plans to try to separate butterfly fragments here! Of course, an Xuefeng’s concern is also reasonable. Soon it will be night again, and the nightmare will come again. Involve Yu’s brother and sister, Zhu Yuande, yin-yang butterfly, silver moon killer and another person (not the lizard Duke, the golden Little Palace keeper was awake at that time) into a nightmare!

Now the dream chasing dragon has recovered its strength. They can’t put the battlefield into a dream, but more likely to solve the problem before night!

Now the situation is complicated, the giant hunting teams of various tribes gather, and the mystics are invaded by pollution. If Wei Xun separates the butterfly fragments, an Xuefeng will definitely focus all his energy on him. If the silver moon killer and others raid and assassinate at this time, the consequences will be unimaginable.

Although what an Xuefeng said is reasonable, it is not only today that has problems if he wants to say so. From today on, the Chen Cheng brigade in history will be reduced almost every day. At that time, there will be more and more dangers. Coupled with the invasion of the black sand giant, it is impossible to have time to separate butterfly fragments. Wei Xun doesn’t want to miss this opportunity.

“It’s all right. I’ve thought about it.”

Wei Xun said with a smile that he put on the title of mausoleum keeper, held out a golden nanmu urn and communicated with someone carefully.

“First of all, I’ll put a cat here.”


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