TTG Chapter 369

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 369: The Sahara of Death (45)

“I don’t know what’s going on now.”

On the way home, Wei Xun’s room, his outreach station, a snow-white and beautiful Tianhu is switching back and forth to the live broadcast with worry.

The popularity of live broadcast of death Sahara has not decreased. Wang pengpai and his party have been staying inside the death Sahara, and most of the scenes fall on them. Even Wei Xun, a newcomer on his way home, was thoroughly known by the audience, and even many members of the brigade or tour guide alliance responsible for collecting information established files about him.

The only newcomer on the way home, the second journey was taken into the 30 degrees north latitude journey. The outstanding newcomers valued by all team members and team leaders, as well as Wei Xun, the people on the way home and an unspeakable ambiguous n-angle love between C, all affected the hearts of the audience and made them enjoy it. Even some people opened “peer stickers” on the forum to compete for red and white roses.

But Yu Hehui can see at a glance that this man is by no means the real Wei Xun! Although he plays very similar, the relationship between Yu Hehui and Wei Xun is not general, and he knows Wei Xun’s temperament better.

When the dreamer, Zhang xingzang, an Xuefeng and Bai Xiaosheng are missing and suspected of entering more mysterious scenic spots, Wei Xun can’t wait in place so obediently!

“You say, how is he now?”

Put down the remote control, Yu Hehui looked at the time, changed from a Tianhu to a human, took a box of rabbit meat cans from the refrigerator, opened them and poured them into the food basin, and asked Wei Xun’s spiritual illusion cake to come over for dinner – that’s the Maine cat. But not surprisingly, the cat ignored him and was still watching the live broadcast.

Yu Hehui looked at the cat carefully. The mental illusion was closely related to the owner. From the situation of the cat itself, we can roughly infer the current situation of Wei Xun. Although the cat has an entity and doesn’t feel like an illusion, since Wei Xun said it was Yu Hehui, it should be regarded as it is. Before, Yu Hehui was worried when pancake blew up like anxiety. Now it looks like it’s back to normal.

Unlike Meckel’s cat, which lies on its side and reveals its belly as soon as it lies down, pancake has a dignified posture when squatting or lying down. Its two snow-white front claws are together, which looks very elegant. It looks symmetrical from beginning to end. Its fur is smooth and smooth. Even if it is a kitten now, it is particularly powerful.

Yu Hehui secretly felt that the cat was like the perfect top student in romantic novels. It was a little reserved, elegant and indifferent. If you want to put it on a person, some people may think that if you want to put it on a cat, there will be only lovely Rua left.

However, Yu Hehui always had a subtle sense of vigilance towards the cat and didn’t want to get too close. Before Wei Xun handed it to him, Yu Hehui even rarely blew his hair.

Perhaps this is the influence of Wei Xun’s spiritual illusion.

Yu Hehui thought that, after all, he and Wei Xun had a close relationship and lived and died together, and the spiritual illusion was a negative thing in the end, most of which were harmful to the noumenon, so he was so vigilant about pancake.

He pushed the bowl to it and saw that the cake still didn’t eat. He even disliked his head. Yu Hehui put down the bowl and transferred a cup of purified magic honey water to it. Usually, when drinking sweet water, the cake would condescend to lower its price and lick two mouthfuls, but this time it still didn’t move.


Yu Hehui suddenly became vigilant. He found that the cake had cat ears and plane ears! It was tight, soft and long hair behind its neck exploded faintly, and there was a threatening exhalation sound in its throat. This was an absolute state of hostility and vigilance, as if it was being surrounded by strong enemies!

But they won’t be in danger in this camp! I’m afraid the problem lies with Wei Xun. Yu Hehui became nervous in an instant.

Shit, did Wei Xun encounter any fatal danger?!

*  *

Wei Xun let an Xuefeng take the lead again, ready to cut his chest. But this time, instead of avoiding the crowd with an Xuefeng, he performed a big knife in his chest at the edge of the joint hunting ground under the protection of some people – dreamers, astrologers, Chen Cheng, infected people, and Cheng Tianbao, who is suspected to have some problems.

If the butterfly fragments of the ancient oasis have been separated from other fragments, rather than still exist in his heart in the form of tattoos as a whole, that is the luckiest situation.

But Wei Xun also knows that people can’t rely entirely on luck. He asked the astrologer about the key points of transferring butterfly fragments and integrating them into his exclusive weapon. The key is “temptation”.

Pollution at 30 degrees north latitude can suppress butterfly fragments, but at the same time, it can also use it as food, just as Wei Xun sucks pollution energy with a butterfly mouthpiece.

When astrologers captured the butterfly fragments of the ancient Maya, they were almost dead. Even in the end, their whole body was polluted and almost died soon. He believed that the stars would guide his way, so he made a desperate effort to introduce all the pollution into his astrolabe, which is the exclusive prop of his orange title “astrologer” and is very close to him.

The astrolabe is completely polluted, which is equivalent to that he is also polluted to the end, and there is no possibility of survival. But a miracle happened. When all the pollution of the lost ancient Maya was introduced into the astrolabe, it even lured butterfly fragments!

When the butterfly fragments merge with the astrolabe, their power competes with the pollution of 30 degrees north latitude of the lost ancient Maya, maintaining a delicate balance and raising the strength of astrologers to a higher level.

“You really appreciate… Him.”

Wei Xun said with a smile that once the astrologer took out the butterfly fragments, it would not only pollute and explode, but also the astrolabe would be seriously damaged or even destroyed, but he didn’t hesitate at the beginning. In his eyes, fate is more important than anything else, and he is even more open-minded about the “son of fate” who he originally identified.


The astrologer’s face suddenly became gloomy. Even if he closed his eyes, Wei Xun could feel the gloomy resentment.

“My cheap… It’s not so easy to take advantage of.”

The astrologer said coldly. He vaguely felt that Bingyi seemed to be picking things up, provoking his resentment against the life playing people. Bingyi and Ximing people are close brothers, not to mention easing the old hatred between Ximing people and others – but he probably can’t ease it. After all, Ximing people have too many enemies.

Since it can’t be eased, release it in advance?

Emotions have always been more and more intense. The number of people playing life has not appeared in the Inca Sun Gate for years. Although some enemies have been killed, more enemies have secretly accumulated strength and brewing emotions. When he leaves the sun gate and reappears in the hotel, it will definitely be the most dangerous moment.

But if you let your emotions release in advance, such as Chen Cheng’s sword and Chen Cheng’s speech output to his astrologers, they are all emotional release. In this case, when the hippies come out, the resistance may be less?

Is this your intention? But even if he is released early, there should always be a goal – is C-I calculating him again?

As far as the son of destiny is concerned, whether it is calculating him or using him, astrologers will definitely rush to take the initiative to be used, so as to participate in the life of the son of destiny. But now he is a bit more cautious.

The astrologer is secretly vigilant and even wants to stay away from C. But he moved his steps, but stopped again.

“Don’t you want to see how many butterfly fragments I have?”

The temptation of C 1 is like a demon whispering, but it really pokes the weakness of astrologers. On the surface, the astrologer helped guide C-1 to separate and fuse the butterfly fragments, but in fact, it was a strong curiosity that drove him to stay here.

Why is it that both the hippie and he are dedicated to collecting more butterfly fragments? Did the hippie really leave all the butterfly fragments to Bingyi? What would be the shape of a large number of Maria butterfly fragments gathered together? What is the connection between fate and it?

Astrologers are eager to know this and want to explore more mysteries. This damn curiosity makes him finally stand on the left side of C-1 and bear the guidance.

“It doesn’t have to be polluted.”

It is not only pollution that attracts butterfly fragments. At the moment, Wei Xun holds the blood sucking knife in his right hand, and Chen Cheng, who holds the ancient oasis keepsake in one hand and the Hanshan sword in the other, is standing next to him. I don’t know if it’s an illusion. Wei Xun thinks that Chen Cheng’s momentum has changed a little subtly. It would be great if Chen Chengzhen, who disappeared from the battlefield, came here again. The energy of 30 degrees north latitude from the ancient oasis released by the pioneer of the ancient oasis and the blood sucking knife can definitely attract butterfly fragments to transfer.

At present, Wei Xun’s own title props are too weak to bear the transfer of butterfly fragments, so he chose blood sucking knife.

Wei Xun’s left hand, hidden under his robe, holds the golden Phoebe urn tightly. Later, he will move his brother cat to the left to attract other butterfly fragments. After all, he has been robbed by the hippie, which is also considered to have some connection. Once they separate, an Xuefeng will immediately sprinkle glitter powder to prevent the butterfly fragments from regrouping——

Butterfly fragments will release pure abyss breath. The cocoon silk condensed from the purest abyss breath is the key to connecting the fragments. And glitter can isolate the power of the abyss.

Everything is ready, the operation is about to begin, and the pursuit of dream dragon god is dignified.

“It’s a little too urgent.”

He squats next to Bingyi, with the Dragon wings slightly stretched, and the power of the dream lingers around the Dragon – once the power of butterfly fragments is out of control, the dream chasing dragon will pull Bingyi into the dream for the first time to protect his spirit from the violent impact of pollution.

It’s too urgent. I heard from C Yi that he wants to separate butterfly fragments and dream chasing dragons. Be wary of astrologers and infected people at the first time. This is not something that people in the West should know. People have evil intentions and have to guard against.

Feeling the warning eyes of the dream chasing dragon, the infected person bowed his head obediently, but his heart was full of doubts. He really couldn’t guess Bai Xiaosheng’s mind. He secretly asked him to slice up the “Xi life man”! It contains a lot of butterfly fragments, including several fragments of a journey at 30 degrees north latitude! ” To the lizard Duke!

Yes, the infected person can still contact the Duke of lizard. After all, the Duke did not deprive him of his title. He should think that the infected person is still valuable.

But this news is too stupid. The life frolickers are still basking in the sun at the Inca Sun Gate. Where are the life frolickers from the yellow sand desert?? But the infected person knows that the silver moon killer and the lizard Duke will definitely come.

It is no secret that the hippies have a large number of butterfly fragments in the hotel. Some even claimed that he had got half of the butterfly fragments and pieced together the outline of the Maria butterfly! This is a great temptation for anyone, especially near the end of this decade, everyone wants to make the last effort.

Even without this, in order not to be involved in nightmares at night, the silver moon killer will try to assassinate Yu’s brothers and sisters in advance before the night comes.

If they really come, the infected people think about it and think that at present, only the more than 100 giants on the joint hunting ground can kill them. Does Bai Xiaosheng want to gather them and drive giants of all races to fight? But how can he do that?

Honestly, the infected person who passed the news smelled the danger. He wanted to retreat, but the infected person knew that a slight change would definitely lead to the action of Menglong and others.

What a madman

He scolded secretly, and the expression on his face became more and more serious and dignified.

Hearing that the infected person said that the news had been received by the Duke of lizard, they might come soon. Wei Xun decided to start.

It’s not easy to call a good brother. Every brother brother brother has suck up his temper. Before he was dealing with the unknown enemy in the black desert, Wei Xun was seeking help from his three brother. All of them got the support of force. The infected people were too helpless to surrender directly, so that the brothers could not use their place.

Nezhaling has a good temper with Wei Xun. Some of them have fun, while the other two brothers have a strange temper. In particular, the virtual shadow of the cat representing the good brother basically ignored Wei Xun.

In the past, Wei Xuechen’s teaching was always to overcome difficulties by himself. He didn’t want to cultivate Wei Xun into a waste who would only ask him for help and couldn’t solve it by himself. So if you want to call out the cat again, you must be in absolute danger – at least when the cat looks absolutely dangerous.

On the way home, the knife cut open his chest, and an Xuefeng briefly changed into a human form. His face was cold and solemn. His fingers with a gun cocoon stained with Wei Xun’s heart blood, stretched under Wei Xun’s robe and smeared it on the golden nanmu urn like a provocation. Then he held Wei Xun’s waist – there were no other clothes under the Arabian robe.

Wei Xun, who was full of blood and could not feel the pain, could only feel the coolness of the blade. He was surrounded by insiders. He didn’t have to hide it. Wei Xun lifted up his lips and showed a smile. He deliberately shrank back, as if to avoid the blade, but the big hand firmly controlling his waist was as stable as a rock, and his fingers with slightly higher body temperature were printed on the cold skin like a soldering iron, as if they could burn people’s psychology.

An Xuefeng twisted his eyebrows and looked at him with a hint of warning.

The job of chest opening must be careful and steady. An Xuefeng held Wei Xun’s waist to keep him from moving. At the same time, an Xuefeng knew what he was going to do, and his spirit was highly concentrated. That kind of cold and fierce momentum suddenly appeared.

Yes, that’s it.

Wei Xun tightened his fingers holding the urn, and his smile disappeared in the tight corners of his lips. On the way home, the knife cut open his chest, the cold sweat soaked the hair on his temples, the golden nanmu urn trembled under his fingertips, and a terrible force was gathering!

The old enemy an Xuefeng dug his heart with a return knife and acted obscene. The dream power of the enemy dreamer lingered. The hostile astrologers did not hide their hostility. The infected people were eyeing the top tour guides in the west, trying to take away the butterfly fragments. Chen Cheng, who disappeared in the battlefield for ten years but didn’t die, holds a Hanshan sword and wants to choose someone to eat!

And these grudges are not empty! Wei Xun knew how many enemies Xi Ming had in the hotel and how much debt he owed. He knew better that the dreamers’ kindness to him did not mean that they would write off the old hatred of the playful people! In November, the hippie will come out soon. How many enemies will he have then? What will it be like then?

Maybe the hippies have their own ideas, but Wei Xun also hopes that in his own way, these resentments can be vented first! Brother cat’s body is in the hotel and the playful man’s body is in the sun gate. Even if the virtual shadow cat he called out is destroyed, it will not cause too serious impact. What’s more, Wei Xun can put it away at any time.

Wei Xun knew it was a risk, but he also thought it was the best chance!

On the way home, the knife cut off his sternum and revealed his bright red beating heart. It seemed to feel something. Chen Cheng’s momentum became more and more condensed, and there were more and more dream bubbles around the dream chasing dragon, ready to cover C-1 at any time. The energy of the ancient oasis poured into Wei Xun’s right hand from the blood sucking knife. He could vaguely feel the throbbing of butterfly fragments, and there was only the sound of heartbeat in his ears.

Poop, poop.

At the same time, with his heart beating, there was the violent vibration of the urn, like a cat gradually angry inside.

Poop, poop.

The wind and sand seemed to grow up, accompanied by an ominous smell. The restlessness of butterfly fragments in the ancient oasis may cause the attack of the black sand giant, but at this moment, an Xuefeng’s whole mind is on Wei Xun and his eyes are fixed on Wei Xun’s heart. An Xuefeng’s hand is very stable, but there is a faint orange light on his return knife.

This is the backtracking of the return knife. Once there is an accident in the transfer of butterfly fragments, he will backtrack immediately! But the light of the returning knife seems to completely annoy some existence! In an instant, the infected person took a breath of cold air, the astrologer clenched his hands into fists, the dream chasing dragon’s pupils shrank suddenly, and Chen Cheng’s eyes were cold!

“Call -”

It seems to be an illusion, but everyone heard the roar of the monster’s deterrence! Without warning, Wei Xun had a virtual shadow of a cat on his chest! It was so small, but its momentum was so fierce and terrible. The cat bit the blade on the way home. At that moment, its back was scarlet like blood and like the sun at dusk!

“Happy people?!”

The hippie really came??!

For a moment, no matter the people present or the people in the West such as the silver moon killer and the lizard Duke who quietly lurked to the edge of the hunting ground to pay attention to the trend here, everyone’s attention was attracted by the momentum emitted by the illusory cat! For those who don’t know, the breath of life playing people appears strange. I’m afraid the rumor that there are many pieces of butterfly fragments here is true!

For the people who are closest, even if they know the relationship between Bingyi and the life playing people, the virtual shadow of the cat is cruel. It not only bites the return knife, but also sweeps the cat’s tail, drawing towards the dream chasing dragon with the smell of burning pollution! This move is absolutely impossible to be good. The dream chasing dragon’s heart sank. This thing gave him a feeling similar to a runaway spiritual illusion, but it has a real life playing smell!

Anyway, this thing is extremely dangerous. It may hurt C-1! The dreamer just wanted to do it, but the next moment the cold came and the cold mountain sword swept by.

Chen Cheng took the lead!


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