TTG Chapter 37

Driving corpses in Xiangxi (37)

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 37: Driving Corpses in Xiangxi

“Zhao Hongtu!”

“Come on, stop bleeding!”

Zhao Hongtu’s face was white with pain. His face was full of beads of sweat. He was holding Wang’s surging arm. He was almost unable to breathe with the pain. Zhao Hongtu still wants to move, but he has no Qi, so he can hold his long bow.

A baby’s foot in the belly!

The smell of blood came. Zhao Hongtu was full of blood. All this was too sudden. Xu Chen and Yu he’an were in a panic and wanted to stop bleeding. Only Wang pengpai reacted the fastest. He grabbed Zhao Hongtu’s bow and narrowed his eyes. He pricked and picked in Zhao Hongtu’s broken belly. His hands were surprisingly stable and his speed was hard to blink.

“Say something!”

The bow was pierced to the ground by Wang pengpai’s backhand, and the broken and twisted baby’s hands and feet were nailed between the bow tip and the land.

“Hiss — ha –”

The severe pain made Zhao Hongtu almost lose his breath. Fortunately, the hemostatic he had previously taken worked. Although his face was still as pale as paper, the blood was as terrible as before.

“Brother Zhao, you…”

Wang pengpai wanted to stop talking, but shook his head. I recognized Zhao Hongtu’s use of hemostatic, but I didn’t expect that the boy was so quick and cruel to himself that he cut open his belly and took out the baby’s hands and feet, but

“Physics exorcism is OK. Ah, you, alas.”

How can a supernatural project be so simple to get rid of ghosts? The baby’s hands and feet were wriggling and struggling. He was so angry that he broke free from the bow and quickly climbed to Zhao Hongtu, just like an ugly and scary heterosexual reptile. At this meeting, Xu Chen and Yu he’an also react. Yu he’an shakes his hands and quickly takes out Zhang Huangfu. He talks about sticking it to the baby’s hand. Xu Chen grits his teeth, pulls out the dagger and cuts at the baby’s foot.

“Ah –!”

However, when the talisman and dagger fell on the baby’s hand and foot, Zhao Hongtu screamed bitterly. His left hand was red and swollen, like scalded. There was a wound on his right foot at the same time, and the blood flow stopped.

“Stop it!”

Wang pengpai shouted urgently. There is no such a rough and simple solution. Find the root cause of resentment. If they hurt the baby’s residual limbs, they will only feed back to themselves.

“Well, what should I do?”

Yu he’an’s eyes were red, but he dared to move. He watched the baby’s hands and feet climb back to Zhao Hongtu’s side again. Zhao Hongtu gasped in pain and took his breath. She looked at the baby’s hands and feet crawling towards her. She looked frightened and disgusted. She tried to dodge, but there was nothing she could do. She could only watch them climb to her belly again. She drilled in, gritted her teeth and shed tears.

But just then, Zhao Hongtu’s belly suddenly cooled.

“This, this is –”

Yu he’an’s eyes widened in shock. He saw a blue and white animal, who knew when to squeeze to Zhao Hongtu’s side. When the baby’s hands and feet went back, it bit them and crunched them.

“Ah — ah –!”

Zhao Hongtu screamed miserably, as if the muddy bones had been crushed and bitten, and his convulsions were terrible. He often fainted, but woke up in pain the next moment, with an expression that he had been killed alive.

“Let go!”

Xu Chen’s face suddenly changed. He rushed over and wanted to grab the baby’s hands and feet from the animal’s mouth.

“Woo woo”

The ferocious animals who chewed the baby’s hands and feet were very timid when they saw people. They cried and wailed like babies. When Xu Chen started, he was afraid to spit out the chewable baby’s hands and feet, hunched down on the ground, whined and roared, and dared to resist, just like crying.


Wang pengpai gave Zhao Hongtu to Yu he’an. He picked up the baby’s hands and feet that had been chewed by animals. The spell and blade could not hurt them at all, but the bite marks chewed by animals remained in the baby’s hands and feet. They were weak and trembling in Wang pengpai’s hands. The strength of the previous struggle was gone.

“Brother Wang, what are you doing?”

Xu Chen was surprised. When he came to stop him, he saw that Wang pengpai threw the baby’s hand into the animal pen. In an instant, the gentle and quiet animals rushed to the baby’s hand like crazy, fiercely competing to tear it up and chew it.

“Wow –!”

The shrill scream sounded, and Zhao Hongtu fainted with pain. The scream came from Zhao Hongtu, but from outside the animal circle. I saw a baby crying. The fracture of his left hand rotted. In a second, the whole left arm rotted to white bone.

“I’m white.”

Wang pengpai suddenly realized that his eyes were complex and looked at the animals. After swallowing the baby’s hands, these animals became quiet and numb like a lamb. Only three heads of animals were timid and guarded by Wang pengpai, as if they were watching the baby’s meeting and throwing out the baby’s feet.

“Well, what’s going on?”

Yu he an stumbled and saw the baby. The baby’s hand eaten by the beast was not regenerated, and Zhao Hongtu’s left hand was no longer bleeding.

“The baby’s hands are gone?”

“No, it’s really gone.”

The king roared, but he did not throw the baby’s feet to the animals to eat. Instead, he pulled out the cinnabar rope, wrapped the baby’s feet in a circle, and then threw them into the animals. I saw the animals surround it, but they dared to approach it like fear, and the baby’s feet surrounded by the animals also moved, like fear.

After watching this scene, Xu Chen was thoughtful, but Yu he’an understood it and asked anxiously, “brother Wang, what’s going on, Xiao Zhao? Is Xiao Zhao ready?”

“It’s much worse.”

Wang pengpai said with a smile. His round face was much more relaxed: “Lao Yu, that’s what you just said.”

“I, what did I say? What did I say? ”

“You said the visiting villagers.”

Wang surging said, “how did you think of it?”

“Ah, ah, this.”

Yu he’an was a little confused. He rubbed his face and muttered, “I just think the most want to drink fetal broth is the village head, villagers and visiting villagers of qiebi village.”

“Since the Miao team made the cut wall village, we should deal with the visiting villagers here? Just, I thought, ah, the people in qiebi village died and became rotten corpses. If the visiting villagers died, they must have become something. I, I’m sure, it’s nonsense. ”

“You’re talking nonsense.”

Xu Chen smiled and said, “the villagers who drank fetal broth have become ‘babies'”

“Grandma’s, what the hell is afraid of is Wu Laoliu.”

Wang pengpai scolded and looked at Zhao Hongtu’s pale face. He took a bottle of blood tonic and poured it down. After a while, Zhao Hongtu snorted and woke up. He looked a little empty, but he was able to force himself to drink hot water.

“Look, the babies have been moving over there.”

As soon as Wang pengpai pointed, he saw that the babies moved again. They stayed about ten meters outside the animal circle and looked at Wang pengpai’s eyes as if they were poisoned and resentful.

“When Wu Laoliu came down just now, they didn’t hide further.”

Aboriginal people can behave like guided tourists. Wang pengpai had planned on a trip before and brought the fierce ghost to the aboriginal house. As a result, the fierce ghost was directly torn up by the Aboriginal people.

If the babies are afraid of Wu Laoliu, they should hide further when they leave the door and go out.

“They are afraid of these…”

Xu Chen looked at the animals in his eyes. They were white and round. They looked a bit like pigs. They only had a blank head, no facial features and only a big mouth. They looked very strange and terrible.

“At first, Wu Laoliu hooked up a bamboo basket by the Xiaolong stream. There were swaddling clothes in it. Do you remember?”

Xu Chen said, “I fed them my swaddling clothes.”

“Bamboo baskets correspond to ghost babies, swaddling clothes, right, corresponding to…”

Yu he’an stumbled and looked at the seemingly numb and stupid animals around them in shock. They are animals, they are animals——

“Fetal meat eaten by visiting villagers.”

Wang surging way, shook his head: “what a sin.”

At that banquet, there was only one piece of fetal meat. Pingping’s children may have special effects and are good things. They are swallowed by the village head of qiebai or the people of qiebai village. The visitors drank the soup made of their fetal meat.

This bad habit has a long history, but this time I don’t know what happened. Under the cover of resentment, all those who had drunk fetal broth died, but their souls did not dissipate, turning into babies, and the resentments of those swallowed fetal meat did not dissipate.

Their souls are complete, and their grievances do not have the shape of human beings. They are as confused as livestock. They are the mortal enemies of “babies”.

requite like for like.

Eat it before you live, and eat it after you die.

“What babies really fear is them.”

Wang pengpai patted the animals next to him: “this is retribution. When they finish eating all the ‘babies’, their grievances should be dispersed.”

“Then why feed the baby’s feet to them?”

Zhao Hongtu calmed down a little and looked at the baby’s feet surrounded by animals. He didn’t want to see it again at all.

“Don’t worry.”

Wang pengpai smiled cunningly, like a fat mouse who had stolen oil: “we have to lead the ‘babies’ to the mourning stream.”

Wang pengpai speculates that the “babies” are also very important for their physical integrity, so although they are afraid, they still stay outside the animal pen and are willing to leave‘ The hands and feet of the babies’ maliciously left in Wang pengpai’s body have now become bait to pull them.

Now everything is in order. Yu he’an, Xu Chen and Wang pengpai also “physically take ghosts” like Zhao Hongtu, and then tie the “baby” stumps with vermilion red thread and put them together with the previous baby’s hands.

The soul of the fetal flesh is stable. He dares to approach the vermilion line full of Yang, but surrounds it, so that the ‘baby’ parts can no longer return to the side of Wang pengpai’s clothes.

The four took the opportunity to recover. After all, they all had “minor surgery” and lost less blood. Wang pengpai generously took out a bottle of blood tonic. The four men regained their energy, and then tied the animals up with a rope wiped with cow tears. Until five o’clock in the afternoon, when Wu Laoliu came to clean up the animal pen and drove the animals out.

“Lord Wu, we will send these poor dolls to die.”

Wang pengpai shamelessly went to talk to Wu Laoliu Hara. Zhao Hongtu and Yu he’an secretly opened the animal enclosure door and led the fetal meat outside. While leading them back, he was guilty of being a thief to see Wu Laoliu’s face.

Although Wu Laoliu’s face was beautiful, he did not stop it. Wang surging flattered and flattered Wu Laoliu’s words. Seeing that his eyebrows were wrinkled, he immediately rolled away.

“It’s really the same as what you said, brother Wang.”

When Wang pengpai came back, Zhao Hongtu said happily.

“They’re coming with you, too!”

Yu he an tied a cinnabar rope to his mountaineering stick, tied the remnant limbs of the ‘babies’ to his face, and led the fetal meat in front of him. Wang pengpai and the fetal meat walked together. Behind the fetal flesh, the babies with venomous eyes followed far behind, four and one, all behind.

Yu he’an is used to herding cattle, and the fetal meat is also very smooth. Seeing that his help was actually an obstacle, Xu Chen simply handed it all over to Yu he’an. When he came to Wang pengpai’s side, he said curiously, “how did brother Wang think of it?”

When Wang pengpai said that he had taken away all the fetal meat, he startled Xu Chen. But I didn’t expect that Wu Laoliu really didn’t stop it.

“Hey, I guess so.”

Wang pengpai patted his fat belly and shook his head: “it’s reasonable to say that there should be a lot of visiting villagers who attended the banquet. After death, their souls become ‘babies’, which should be a corresponding one, right, right?”

Zhao Hongtu nodded to the audience.

“But what we see is only four, right. I think its baby should have been eaten by the foetus for revenge. ”

Wang pengpai said, “Wu Laoliu circled the fetal meat to let them eat the last four. This should be designed by the hotel, but how do we do the project. Therefore, these fetal meat are the property of Wu Laoliu. ”

“Only when you say ‘send them to life’, Wu Laoliu will object. After all, this is also a part of the project.”

“Will the hotel still do that?”

Zhao Hongtu was surprised: “brother Wang, you know so much!”

Wang pengpai said proudly, “it’s average, the third in the world… Ah, ha ha, ha ha, in fact, it’s nothing more than a journey project. The elderly must know more about guide C. I’m making a fool of myself.”

Alas, this mouth, why do you always control this mouth.

Wang pengpai’s heart was bitter. After leaving Yingzhu Miao village, he determined that the chilly eyes behind him came from Wu Laoliu and Bingjiu! To tell you the truth, Wang pengpai now dares to look at Bingjiu. Look at Bingjiu now. Good guy, the horns and claws have all grown out, and he has become a little monster. It’s proper to lose San seriously!

At this time, the tour guides are completely reasonable. They say that a pair of eyes will crack you. Wang pengpai has a little conscience. It’s easy for everyone to get here. Bingjiu is really crazy. Although Wang pengpai is afraid, Zhao Hongtu’s lives are estimated to be over.

But the look in Bingjiu’s eyes was too “warm”, and Wang pengpai was really muttering.

Bingjiu’s food will be good meat. I’m greedy and want to eat people. Looking at the alienation direction of C 9, it seems to be an abyss. Wang pengpai didn’t expect that a tour guide like Wang Xiangxiang could not be alienated, and losing San didn’t have much impact.

However, Bing Jiu is special everywhere. Wang pengpai regretted it again. He should be idle and bored, join the fun and wade in the muddy water. This is very evil. If you get together with Bing Jiu, you will come to no good end by intuition.

Wang pengpai is very powerful.

Wei Xun has been observing the people’s life. Although Wang pengpai hasn’t shown much strength in the title of people’s life so far, from the analysis ideas and reaction of people’s life, this person is absolutely weak, and Zhao Hongtu and people’s life are at the same level.

According to previous observations, Wang pengpai seems to have no bad intentions and takes good care of Zhao Hongtu’s people. It’s just that the mouth is a little careless. He keeps the door open. He likes to be worshipped. Once he is blown, he looks for the north.

What is the position of such a powerful person in an Xuefeng brigade?

Wei Xun can infer many things when Wang surging. Whether you have a sense of propriety or not, whether you are warm-hearted or choose means, all correspond to the style of the brigade more or less.

Wei Xun didn’t think that he would bind himself to a certain brigade immediately, but only by knowing himself and the enemy can he fight a hundred battles. What’s more, he’s still wearing a C-9 vest.

People like Wang pengpai came to the drunken Xiangxi brigade to bow and bow to the silver tour guides of Bingjiu. They are able to bend and stretch. They also know the title of Bingjiu. Their intention is certainly simple. But Wang pengpai knows the alienation of Bingjiu.

Wei Xun remembered that when his posture appeared in front of Zhao Hongtu’s fans, Wang pengpai was as surprised as the fans, and he dared to believe it. If Wang pengpai has studied Bingjiu thoroughly, he should show this expression.

In other words, this alienation is the alienation of Wei Xun, and the alienation before Bingjiu is like this. Or maybe it can’t be alienated?

Wei Xun guessed “7788”, and the passers-by finally came to the edge of mourning stream. I saw the surging black river. Looking at the other bank, I could only vaguely see the shadow of the man and the red wooden boat undulating in the waves.

“Here we are, here we are!”

Miao Fangfei’s eyes were very good. From a distance, she saw someone coming from the end opposite the mourning stream. But in addition to people, there are a group of white things that make Miao Fangfei worried.

“I can still talk to you.”

Shi Tao compared the width of the mourning stream, but also worried: “can you shout, can you hear me?”

“Mourning stream can shout loudly, but it should be all right on the bank.”

Hou Feihu said, frowning: “but it’s better to be cautious.”

“Why is brother nine still over there?”

Lin Xi looked at the mourning stream with her feet, anxious and dry: “when will brother nine come back?”

“Don’t worry, director C should be explaining the rules to the children.”

Miao Fangfei advised Lin Xi to make a correct judgment and let them successfully spend the third washing project. Everyone has a much better attitude towards Lin Xi and is willing to take Lin Xi with them when discussing. But Lin Xi is neurotic and full of C-9. It’s really tiring to get along with her.

“If we think about it now, this project is the right way.”

Hou Feihu was also worried about Zhao Hongtu, but he was determined. After seeing him, he came back to his mind: “ghost baby, spend the soul losing stream and send it to the other bank. Director C said before that “take the guests from Chaping Miao village to qiepi village.”

“Do the guests mean the brothers?”

Yu Hehui worried and whispered, “I think qiebai village is a good place.”

“But this should be the location of our third project.”

Miao Fangfei thought thoughtfully: “that is to say, send the ghost baby to the other side, and then we and the children will come back to qiebai village?”

“It’s possible, but the ghost baby left us.”

Hou Feihu reminded: “think ahead. What if the ghost Baby lets us go after it is sent to the other side.”

“Then do what the ghost baby wants.”

Lin Xi said patiently, “it’s right for the project of the second scenic spot to follow the ghost baby, regardless of whether it’s available or not.”

“I also think the other side of the river is good.”

Miao Fangfei wanted to stop talking and shook her head: “it’s just a feeling, the residual premonition of ghost. The premonition brought by ghost must be right.”

“It’s half past five.”

Hou Feihu said, “the three dynasties reception is at eight o’clock in the evening. There will be problems here for such a long time. Be careful. ”


The five nodded cautiously. Miao Fangfei meant “white Hou Flying Tiger”. Yu Hehui still knows what “white Hou Flying Tiger” is, the second scenic spot and approaching the end. He said that “accurate” would be in trouble at this time. The ghost baby in your arms is the most special. You must protect the ghost baby at that time.

“This is the round-trip ticket for the ferry to death. Please keep it.”

After about ten minutes, Bingjiu finally arrived at Miao Fangfei’s side and distributed the narrow lake blue ticket to everyone.

“Each adult can take up to one baby in the boat, and the baby can take the boat alone. The boat can accommodate up to four people, adults, infants, or four adults. ”

“It took 15 minutes to sail through the mourning stream. There was no boatman in our ferry experience, so at least one adult rowed.”

“As we all know, it’s easy to conflict when the customs of Chaping Miao village and qiebi village are the same. After each voyage, the babies left on the shore should be in the same village on each side, or the number of babies in the same village should be equal. However, children are also easy to fight. ”

“The ferry starts at six o’clock. In this half an hour, you can move freely and return to the shore on time.”

Although Bingjiu talked about free activities, he wasted his time. He moved freely. People on the shore gathered together to discuss in a low voice. Miao Fangfei drew 1.2.3 on the ground with a branch as a pen.

“The ferry starts at 6:00 and the reception starts at 8:30. Among them, the time is 120 hours, a voyage is 15 minutes and a round trip is 30 minutes. In other words, there can be up to four round trips.”

“The time is too fast.”

Hou Feihu shook his head: “we can’t contact the other side now. I know the situation there. So do you. I have to stay in advance and discuss it later.

“Three round trips, five minutes after each stop, or seven sails, about five minutes after each stop.”

“Yes, we have to make allowance.”

Miao Fangfei frowned: “now there is enough information. We can’t know the situation on the other side until someone goes over.”

“You see, there are a group of white animals next to them. You also know what it is. People in the past must discuss it.”

Shi Tao also agreed: “director C said that ‘the babies who stay on the shore should be in the same village on each side, or the number of babies in the same village should be equal’, that is, the number of ghost babies and fetuses on any shore should be the same.”

“Director C said that ‘after each voyage’, the number of people should be calculated off the ferry.”

On the other side of the mourning stream, Wang pengpai’s babies were also discussing: “the Miao team’s babies are ghost babies. We have to send them, too.”

“You are sending a ghost baby, so we have to send this ghost baby together with a baby.”

Zhao Hongtu frowned: “a ghost baby can stay on the bank, but there are more babies than ghost babies.”

“Finally, I have to pick up talents.”

Wang pengpai reminded: “we sent the baby, but we followed. This project should be a pure change of sides. Finally, the people of our brigade must get together. ”

“That is to say, the choice is here.”

Xu Chen realized at one o’clock: “let’s send the fetus to the other side. The Miao team brought the ghost baby here. The last ferry should gather the people of our brigade aside.”

“I must choose the ghost baby side.”

Yu he’an interrupted: “it must be right to follow the ghost baby. The Miao team sent the ghost baby here, so we are right. We’ll have to come back after we send the baby. ”

“We’ll discuss it when the people come over. Maybe the ghost baby will stay there.”

Zhao Hong said with a sneer, “we have to send the guests of the ‘Chaping Miao village’ anyway.”

“Xu Chen, how do you talk?”

During the discussion, Wang pengpai noticed that Xu Chen was meditating.

“I was thinking that all we got were round-trip tickets, that is to say, we could only come back at the soul loss stream at most.”

Xu Chen straightened his mind: “for example, Miao team and Hou Feihu brought the ghost baby, and Wang pengpai and I sent the ghost baby. This is the first round trip.”

“Then Lin Xi and Shi Tao bring the ghost baby. Zhao Hongtu and Yu he’an send the baby. This is the second round trip.”

“In this case, after the round trip, the people on the side and the position of the ghost baby fetus are completely changed, and the ship is on the side of qiebai village. For the last voyage, we can only set sail on the fourth side and return here on the other side.”

“In this way, we have four round trips. The Miao team has four round trips. The time is enough and the times are enough.”

“Yes, that’s it.”

Zhao Hongtu naturally nodded: “what’s the problem? Are you thinking that the shore is right? We have to go to the other side? ”

“Look where the ghost babies on the Miao team finally go, but I think this is the end.”

Xu Chen pushed his glasses: “that is to say, in the end, our brigade and ghost baby have to go back here.”

“Then press the face.”

Zhao Hongtu was curious: “what’s to worry about?”

“Xu Chen is right.”

Wang pengpai suddenly sighed and looked sad: “this is really a problem.”

“What riddles are you playing?”

Zhao Hongtu said, “speak well, do what you know…”

“Xu, brother Xu.”

At this time, Yu he an’s voice rang. He saw the simple, honest and honest man, an pursed his mouth and asked carefully, “you, how did you forget Huihui when you counted?”

Zhao Hongtu was instantly dumb. Wang pengpai and Xu Chen looked at each other. People’s eyes were full of helplessness.

“This is the key to the problem.”

* *

“There are four people and four babies opposite. Here we are five people and five ghost babies.”

Miao Fangfei’s eyebrows were locked, and her paintings of the earth’s Sutra were chaotic.

“Ghost baby must go to the other side, and the brigade must be together. Let’s simulate the final destination of our brigade and ghost baby by going to the other side, and comply with the ferry rules said by director C.”

“In the first round, Shi Tao and I brought the ghost baby, and Wang pengpai and Xu Chen brought the baby.”

“In this case, there are ghost babies and babies on the other bank. There are three ghost babies and babies on the other side of qiobi village. The boat is here.”

“The number of ghost babies and babies has to be the same, so in the second round, Lin Xi took the ghost babies alone, and Yu he’an and Zhao Hongtu brought the babies.”

“In this way, there are three ghost babies on the other side. Here in qiebi village, there are three ghost babies.”

“Then in the third round, Hou Feihu and Yu Hehui took the ghost baby. So far, they completely changed. The boat is on the ghost baby’s side. ”

After Miao Fangfei said this, her voice was very quiet, as if she was making a difficult choice. Hou Feihu’s people all frowned tightly, and the sound of breathing was almost heard.

“Someone has to drive the boat to pick up Zhao Hongtu’s friends.”

Miao Fangfei took a deep breath: “but each person’s ticket is only one round trip.”

The man who drove the boat here has run out of round trips.

You’re back.

“There must be another way, there must be.”

Shi Tao gritted his teeth and took a branch to write and draw on the ground: “there should be a dead end.”

“Yes, there should be a dead end.”

Miao Fangfei said helplessly that if there were no Yu Hehui, there would be no dead end. Everything would be just right.

The key is that there are more people. The most important thing is that Yu Hehui still has the most critical ghost baby.

You must have gone to the other side. You can leave you behind.

“An adult can only bring one child. The restriction is too strict.”

If one person can bring one child, or three children, there will be more flexible and more ways, but——

There must be one person who exceeds the number of round trips, which is a dead end.

“Will brother nine sail?”

Lin Xi suddenly said, “if there are nine brothers, the situation will be the same.”

After listening to the words, Miao Fangfei and others made a look. Then Miao Fangfei shook her head and sighed:

“Yes, but the possibility is low. C. guide Ben can shuttle around the shore, so why do you need to take a boat? ”

“In addition, the tour guide can participate in the passenger project and help the passengers. Guide C, alas.”

This method will certainly work, and the possibility is very low. But Miao Fangfei really tried to find a way out.

“Said that the king will be surging, and they will have new ideas.”

Shi Tao cheered up and said optimistically, “after all, we have no communication with the other side. We also know how the situation is. There must be a way to the front of the mountain. ”

“It’s five fifty and there are ten minutes left.”

Miao Fangfei also raised her spirits: “let’s check the things you brought and look at the rules again. Don’t miss anything.”

Wei Xun, who is being talked about by the passengers, is standing on the Bank of the mourning stream, overlooking the qiebi village.

The sky of qiepi village is shrouded in scarlet blood like resentment, which is heavier than that of Xiaolong Yizhuang. It is almost cursed and terrible.

The resentment of Xiaolong Yizhuang enveloped Wuluo mountain, trapping the rotten villagers and the body driving team. The resentment on the side of qiebi village has trapped more people and things.

Wei Xun narrowed his eyes and saw that the scarlet and dirty grievances rose like a bucket thick chain and gathered in the empty space of qiebai village. At the junction of grievances, a dark and red horror shadow could be seen faintly. Wei Xun just looked at her and felt his brain buzzing. He felt cold behind the emptiness, which showed how strong the other party was.

The shadow just glanced at Wei Xun with the light from the corner of his eye. Most of the attention was focused on Yu Hehui.

In other words, the ghost baby held by Yu Hehui in his arms.

“Only when the ghost baby is sent to the mourning stream can it leave the curse and reincarnate, right? Right, Pingping?”

Wei Xun said painstakingly: “but the child always wants to leave his mother. You sent the ghost baby, but you still stay here. Is it too cruel?”

“The child found you. What if you cry? Pingping, you should always come down and send it.”

Finally, I saw Pingping again, but she stood too high. Wei Xun didn’t grow wings behind her, so I had to look at Pingping and sigh.

I want to lure her down. Pingping really appreciates it.

“Who is Yu Hehui, the ghost you found? “Should I, Yu he’an should really have a brother?”

Wei Xun said to himself: “my brother also joined the brigade. Is he dead on the journey? When you saw Yu he’an’s memory, you pinched his phantom brother and stuffed him into the brigade? ”

“ yes, you’ve attached it to Miao Fangfei before. Why do you pinch Yu Hehui in again? Do you have too much leisure? Or do you like double insurance? ”

“You wanted to give the baby to Miao Fangfei. Why did you give it to Yu Hehui? Let me see, let me see… ”

“Yes, yes, you know, when the dead flying fox king comes to rob the child?”

“It should be that when you come out, you can over intervene in the second scenic spot. Are you worried that these passengers have beaten the corpse flying fox king to protect your child? ”

“Tourists protect ghost babies. At most, one of the projects in the second scenic spot fails, and the completion is low, but your child is gone.”

I don’t know when the blood shadow bound by resentment and curse in the empty space of qiaobi village looks at Wei Xun indifferently. The bloody evil spirit came like a warning and a threat, but Wei Xun only felt pain, itched, sneezed and his eyes glowed.

She gave Pingping a face and lowered her voice, but her hoarse voice was more like a devil who could see through people’s hearts: “so you got Yu Hehui and asked her to protect your child, right, right.”

“Let me guess, let me guess what Yu Hehui is.”

Wei Xun became more and more excited. He bent his fingers one by one and whispered: “Yu Hehui is very strong. Do you believe he can protect the ghost baby under the corpse flying fox king? But he is weak. Even if yu Hehui is like you, he is a fierce ghost.”

“Since it was a fierce ghost, Yu Hehui died. When you were robbed by Wu Laoliu and fought, Yu Hehui also disappeared. When you returned, you appeared again. That is to say, you are attached to you, right? ”

“Yu Hehui and Yu Hean’s feelings are like fraud. Of course, they may also be a good disguise. However, the actual ones should also be disguised. After all, Miao Fangfei’s real ones should deal with Yu Hehui. Even if you doubt, you should take them. There is no way. I’m also a nosy person. Since there is no need for camouflage, from this point of view, it is more likely that you are “true” Yu and Hui, right? ”

“It’s the fox who wants to eat the baby when drawing the peach talisman, and it’s the fox who washes the ghost baby when washing the third. In fact, you love the fox, which should be loved by Yu Hehui. Yu Hehui was favored by Hu Santai’s milk when he was a child. He has a bright future. It’s natural that he can control the fox. ”

“Yu he’an just hid in the cowhide when drawing the peach talisman. The fox scratched and swayed all over the house, but he was stunned that he didn’t hurt Yu he’an. Of course, Yu Hehui wanted to hurt his brother. Yu Hehui can appear on the journey and communicate with you. He is most likely to die on the journey. As described in the summary — ”

Wei Xun clenched his fist with his left hand, tapped the palm of his right hand, slightly tilted the corners of his mouth, and said with a smile: “Yu Hehui was a passenger and died during the trip, but because of his outstanding talent, he was wasted by the hotel and became a boss similar to you? Maybe I’m also the boss in the trip of Xiangxi, so I can get to know you. ”

“So I think… There will be a journey to Western Hunan at the same time.”

Wei Xun and Gu Pingping looked at her more dangerously. The more she talked, the more energetic she became, and her eyes glittered:

“Yu Hehui is very special. She has a memory. She wants to see her brother. You hire her to guard the ghost baby. It happens to hit it off. Yes, yes? In fact, I’m curious. Can boss play? Running around on the same journey, this should be “OK”. You suddenly went somewhere else. It’s normal, yes, yes. ”

“Yu Hehui first appeared when Xiaolong Yizhuang took photos, but his sense of existence has always been very low. He didn’t get up until he passed the plank road. Yu Hehui was there all the time. It is said that the “boss” of the “boss” is needed by the “boss” of the “boss” over there, so Yu Hehui killed the brigade or was killed by the brigade during that “journey.”

“You say, I’m right. Yes, Pingping.”

The last sentence Wei Xun said was difficult, because the monstrous evil spirit poured out, and the fierce ghost’s killing intention completely shrouded him. This kind of excitement made Wei Xun smile happily, and all the children trembled slightly because of the excitement brought by the death crisis.

Look, even if Pingping still flies down in the sky, she can get the stimulation she wants.

Wei Xun had a good time in his increasing killing intention. He could go too far and annoy Pingping once. He is in line with the concept of sustainable development.

After all, in this journey, Pingping can bring you such excitement.


Wei Xun said with a smile, “your child is safe.”

As soon as this sentence came out, the monstrous evil spirit gave a meal, and soon it all converged. Wei Xun breathed a sigh of relief, and his heart itched again. He looked at the blood shadow of Pingping at the top of the chain of resentment, and continued to stir up like a bad hearted cat pushing a bottle

“Pingping, at what price did you invite Yu Hehui? I said Yu Hehui didn’t do anything and met his brother in vain. You should give me the price. Those who can get the reward are right. You’re right. Right, huh? ”

“I’ll give you a ball to play with. It’s all my hard-earned money.”

However, no matter how much Wei Xun provokes, Pingping will not understand. Seeing that it was six o’clock, Wei Xun sighed and said, “the fierce ghost will always default, will you? Will you? Will you? When she walked to the Bank of the mourning stream, she saw Miao Fangfei and Shi Tao nervously and solemnly boarding the boat with the ghost baby. At the same time, lively gongs and drums and pleasant bamboo Sheng sounded faintly in the direction of qiepi village.

The three dynasties’ reception, the ferry to life, began.


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