TTG Chapter 370

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 370: The Sahara of Death (46)

Now I can’t tell the original sound of “life playing people?!” Who shouted it? The scene has completely fallen into chaos. The biting cold came suddenly, almost freezing the hot and dry sandstorm!

Chen Cheng did have a dream again, just now. When an Xuefeng opened Xiaocui’s chest with a sharp blade, he gave birth to a subtle feeling, but before the doubt deepened, the ominous virtual shadow cat appeared! It quietly bit an Xuefeng’s blade. It is very human who can do this.

The hippie came to rob the butterfly fragments again!

If he is in a normal state of mind, Chen Cheng will definitely find a lot of doubtful points. However, in order to enter this special “dream” again, he indulged his emotions before going to bed and brewed hatred for the life playing people. At the moment, the enemies are particularly jealous. Moreover, he is vaguely aware of the smell of butterfly fragments in the ancient oasis!

Under the superposition of new hatred and old hatred, Chen Cheng did not hesitate to directly start. The frosty blade cut off Wei Xun. An Xuefeng near Sen’s cold stab had painful skin. He loosened the way home bitten by the cat, and the swordsman slightly protected Wei Xun’s face, but did not do other defensive actions.

Because an Xuefeng keenly judges that Chen Cheng’s sword is sweeping and chopping, not chopping down. Chen Cheng attacks the virtual shadow of the cat with the breath of life playing people, not Wei Xun. With his control of Hanshan sword, the sword can’t hurt Wei Xun at all!

“Call -”

But in the virtual shadow cat’s eye, this is different. It feels a strong threat! If an Xuefeng didn’t loosen the return knife, he might try his best to deal with an Xuefeng first, but since an Xuefeng loosened the knife, the most dangerous thing in his heart is Chen Cheng and his Hanshan sword. He only heard a sharp sound of sharp weapon impact. The virtual shadow cat fiercely shook its head with the return knife and directly hit the sword out of Hanshan mountain with the knife!

Of course, it can’t use the characteristics of the return Dao, but even if it’s a pure weapon collision, an Xuefeng’s return Dao is far more than the unfinished Hanshan sword. The two-phase offset actually carried Chen Cheng’s sword! At the next moment, the virtual shadow cat uses Chen Cheng’s power to throw the return knife away. It seems to be aware that Chen Cheng is targeting it. The virtual shadow cat turns into a mysterious smoke delusion to dissipate and integrate into the sandstorm assassination, but its body just spreads out, but it is exposed and gathered by a dream bubble.

It’s the dream chasing dragon! The virtual shadow cat fell into a temporary stiffness and suddenly fell into danger. Chen Cheng could have taken this opportunity to use the sword to get out of the cold mountain and seriously hurt or even kill him, but Chen Cheng didn’t start with the virtual shadow cat. He threw the cold mountain sword towards the rear of Wei Xun and others. The direction of the virtual shadow cat’s throwing the knife on the way home – the most front over there is the half life Taoist who heard the movement here and hurried here!

The situation is changing rapidly. When the virtual shadow cat threw away the return path knife, it had calculated everything. The return path knife has not been castrated. If it was not for the Hanshan sword flying faster in the oblique field, it would seriously injure half of the Taoist priest. There is no time to dodge at such a close distance!

Seeing that the virtual shadow cat escaped this round of killing, Wei Xun was relieved at last! Before, the moment when Chen Cheng’s sword came out of the cold mountain was when Wei XunXin mentioned that it was the most urgent. For fear that the dream chasing dragon Chen Cheng astrologer worked together to directly split the virtual shadow cat. Now he can finally rest assured. It seems that all the people in the fierce battle coincidentally want to protect Bingyi. The battlefield is a certain distance from Wei Xun, which also gives Wei Xun the best viewing angle.

But Wei Xun stopped watching the war. He took back his attention and focused on his heart. An Xuefeng’s solemn urging has been ringing in his mind. Although the virtual shadow cat ran away too fast and didn’t stay too much on his left, there were signs of separation of butterfly fragments in his heart!

Just now, an Xuefeng has cut open his chest. There is no body to stop him. The power of Chen Cheng’s close shot has indeed affected the butterfly fragments of the ancient oasis!

An Xuefeng saw it most clearly. He saw that the lines of butterfly remnant wings first appeared on Wei Xun’s beating bright red heart, just like a tattoo. The tattoo gradually bulged slightly, like a butterfly’s remnant wings falling on Wei Xun’s heart. It doesn’t emerge at the same time. It’s more like the point of the wing tip that first surfaced out of the heart before driving other fragments – the wing tip is the butterfly fragment belonging to the ancient oasis!

After all, this is a change in Wei Xun’s heart. Even if he can’t directly see the change of butterfly fragments in his heart from his current perspective, that subtle premonition makes Wei Xun hold the blood sucking knife without hesitation, so that it releases all the remaining pollution energy of ancient oases, and vigorously tempts the Butterfly fragments of ancient oases. This fierce impact, Sure enough, the butterfly fragments began to separate!

Wei Xun picked an excellent time. It is precisely because at the time when this scene is repeated, there are two pieces of butterfly fragments of the ancient oasis “existing at the same time”, so the butterfly fragments of the ancient oasis in his heart are suppressed to the limit. Not only Wei Xun can’t control, but even this butterfly fragment can’t release the cocoon formed by the purest abyss power.

According to an Xuefeng’s conjecture, each butterfly fragment in the cocoon state has countless small cocoon filaments that are invisible to the naked eye and condensed by the force of the abyss. These cocoon filaments will cause the alienation of the host (Wei Xun wrapped cocoon filaments), but in the normal state, these small cocoon filaments will make these butterfly fragments firmly stick to each other.

Since the beginning of Taiyuan, the butterfly fragments in the insect state are too aggressive in the pollution source state. An Xuefeng speculates that only the butterfly fragments in the cocoon state can stick together. When all the butterfly fragments are in the cocoon state, they can stick to the real Maria butterfly, and then this strange and mysterious butterfly will really “break out of the cocoon”!

Of course, this is only an Xuefeng’s speculation at present. The focus of his speculation is that the butterfly fragments gathered together are the cocoon silk bonding between the butterfly fragments, not the fusion of the butterfly fragments themselves! Otherwise, the ancient oasis butterfly fragments would not be as distinct as other fragments, and Wei Xun could perceive their special state.

Under normal circumstances, no one can separate these bonded butterfly fragments, but now the butterfly fragments in the ancient oasis have been completely suppressed! It can no longer release the cocoon silk, nor can it bond with the cocoon silk of other butterfly fragments. Because of this, it has the opportunity to be separated!

Therefore, what an Xuefeng and Wei Xun have to do is to lure the ancient oasis butterfly fragments to separate, and then isolate other butterfly fragments with flash powder in time to prevent them from dissimilating, stretching out cocoon silk and then fishing them back! It seems simple, but in fact, every step is risky. All these actions are based on speculation. There is no pre experiment, and there is no more information to confirm their inference.

An Xuefeng’s forehead was seeping cold sweat. His heart seemed to be in his throat. Even if Wei Xun smiled and said to him, ‘it’s very smooth, just a little itchy, like insects crawling in my blood vessels’, he couldn’t relax at all.

The nervous tension was aching, and the mental disorders and injuries left by the old days appeared again, which made an Xuefeng’s eyes slightly red and his eyes a little more anxious. He was like an anxious male beast whose partner was in danger but he could do nothing. He wanted to tear all his imaginary enemies to pieces.

The infected and astrologer beside them felt a certain danger at the same time. The infected person directly stepped back five steps, looked at his nose, nose and heart, and didn’t look at it at all, but the astrologer was curious to scratch his heart and liver. Even if his eyes were closed, he could see everything because of his chaotic soul as an astrologer.

Mingming has successfully seduced butterfly fragments and fused them with the astrolabe. But astrologers feel that everything that happens to C is absolutely different and absolutely worth observing!

Whether to take the risk of angering an Xuefeng, look closely, or step back? The astrologer is not afraid to provoke an Xuefeng, but he doesn’t want to disturb Bingyi’s plan because of his observation. After careful thinking, he still took the first half step. A pair of red eyes full of evil spirit immediately locked the astrologer. An Xuefeng was warning him not to continue to approach.

But the astrologer was unmoved and took another step forward. The astrologer thinks that if this is what he should participate in, he can naturally see that even if an Xuefeng stops, for example, there is an accident in C-1’s transfer of butterfly fragments, and he must help; But if it’s something he shouldn’t be involved in, it’s time to interrupt him!

Sooner or later, just as the astrologer’s foot was about to fall, he suddenly turned back and looked seriously at the opposite of the fierce battle.

An accident happened!

Just as Wei Xun transferred the butterfly fragments, the battle on the battlefield belonging to the virtual shadow cat became more and more intense. The half life that escaped the robbery was still in shock. Chen Cheng’s eyes were chaotic and his killing intention was even worse. However, the virtual shadow cat took this gap to get rid of the dream bubble. It jumped up, and the Cat Claws grabbed the scales of the dream chasing dragon.

The enemy is strong and weak, and the war situation is not good. Only by hiding in the sandstorm sneak attack can we have the opportunity to fight more than one enemy, but if there is a dream chasing dragon to obstruct it, it can’t hide in the sandstorm! It is very fast. The claw edge is like a transparent blade tearing the air. Even the scales of the dragon can’t be indestructible in front of the sharp claw. However, when the claw edge is about to tear the scales against it, the dream chasing dragon in front disappears into the dark like covered with black swan flannelette.

Not far away from the hurried half life, Zhang xingzang looked cold and fierce, with distinct bones and weak fingers, as if holding a little dragon in the palm of his hand. Xingzang! At the most critical moment, he hid the dream chasing dragon! In such a situation, the failure of the plan made the virtual shadow cat fall into a difficult situation. After a while, the cold mountain sword came again, and they completely fell into a fierce battle,

But even if the virtual shadow cat shows a decline under the siege of the strong, it still shuttles through the sandstorm like an assassin waiting for an opportunity. Although it gives people a visual sense like a Buddha, a cat ball is kicked around by dream chasing dragon, Chen Cheng and Zhang xingzang, it miraculously avoids all lethal attacks, and even can fight back occasionally!

The dream chaser can’t do his best. Chen Cheng is not his real self. Zhang xingzang has been imprisoned for ten years, and his strength has declined. In addition, when the dream chaser sees that the phantom cat seems to appear suddenly in C Yihuai, he has his own speculation. For a time, the war situation has fallen into a kind of stalemate.

At the next moment, David and others arrived, but what no one thought was that they appeared at the moment. It seemed that they were aware of something. The virtual shadow cat suddenly got rid of the war and unexpectedly killed the mystics! The reason for the loopholes in the war situation that trapped it was precisely because at the moment when the occult people appeared, Chen Cheng suddenly turned back and waved the cold mountain sword. The sword Qi was vertical and horizontal, marking a very deep frozen sword mark on the desert, as if to prevent them from approaching!

Chen Cheng’s virtual shadow cat attacked the occult at the same time. This is the accident that led away the astrologer!

“The smell of pollution in mystics is still too heavy. On the battlefield, priority must be given to those attacked by pollution, even teammates.”

The astrologer’s departure seems to relax an Xuefeng. His red eyes are a little light. He talked about this to Wei Xun.

Even the use of flash powder can prevent pollution from continuing to invade the human body. The original pollution has not been eliminated in time. Occult astrologers have the lowest pollution level of less than 50%, but all occult astrologers exceed the standard. The arrival of David and others made the battlefield more chaotic. The action of virtual shadow cat and Chen Cheng also made astrologers unable to stand on the sidelines anymore!

The sight of the sandstorm was blocked, and Wei Xun didn’t see what means the astrologer used. He even let the virtual shadow cat fall to the ground slowly, as if he couldn’t control his whole body strength. Sure enough, astrologers had already made preparations for the hippies. Wei Xun secretly keeps it in mind, but at present, the biggest threat to occult science is not the virtual shadow cat, but Chen Cheng who wants to eliminate pollution!

The war situation is changing rapidly. The dream chasing dragon and Zhang xingzang, who were originally hostile to the virtual shadow cat, turn around and stop Chen Cheng. The virtual image cat takes this opportunity to get rid of the battlefield again, but he doesn’t expect the half life Taoist to join the war situation. This seems to make Chen Cheng find a trace of reason. While driving away the mystics, he gives a sword to the virtual shadow cat and clamps it down!

The war finally fell into a strange balance, and no one could kill anyone immediately. This is the balance planned by Wei Xun, but he knows that the most dangerous enemies are still lurking outside.

The silver moon killer and others who are still lurking outside attempt to sit on the wall and reap the benefits. When Wei Xun fuses butterfly fragments into the blood sucking knife, the black sand giant will also appear.

The ancient oasis butterfly fragment has been separated from his heart and gradually transferred to his right arm. According to astrologers, the moment when the butterfly fragment and weapon fuse will burst out a powerful force. At that time, it will definitely attract the black sand giant. It can even be said that it will definitely appear, because the ‘Butterfly fragment’ in its body will also respond!

But this is not only a danger, but also an opportunity. Now the scene is not chaotic!

“Infected people.”

Wei Xun made a sound. The infected person who had been waiting far away was stiff. When he heard Bai Xiaosheng’s order earlier, his heart refused, because it was too dangerous. But infected people know better that this will be their own name! At the moment, the more he pays, the more he will gain in the future. Therefore, the infected person successfully did what Bai Xiaosheng told him to do.

The infected person nodded slightly, and the fingers hidden under the cloak moved, such as fiddling with guitar strings. At the moment of his action, more than ten giant flash insects suddenly rioted outside the joint hunting ground sandstorm! Before, the infected people did not catch flash insects to extract flash powder in the sandstorm, but listened to Bai Xiaosheng’s arrangement and let more than ten cross matched flash insects infect Toxoplasma gondii!

Flash insects are too large, and they themselves reject the abyss power, and the infected person can’t control them, but once these Toxoplasma gondii enter their nerves and suddenly become active, the abyss power they release can make flash insects crazy!

Unlike those companions who lingered in the sandstorm and were even hunted by giants, these more than a dozen flash insects ran crazy in the sandstorm, and their huge bodies fiercely impacted and even directly overturned more than a dozen giants!

The joint hunting ground became more chaotic in an instant. However, what made the giants more crazy was that these crazy giant flash insects collided with each other like they didn’t recognize each other. They not only fiercely attacked them, but also attacked their peers! For a time, the whole joint hunting ground became flesh and blood blurred. There were not only wild sand, but also the flesh and blood of flash insects in the sandstorm. The sand was dyed blood red, and the huge and broken flash insects were still twitching.

These are all precious flash insects! All can extract precious glitter powder!

The giants were overjoyed. They crazy began to grab the flash worm meat that fell to the ground. Because of the chief’s deterrence, the red sand giant tribe occupied the best sand storm hunting ground, and the flash worm meat that died in this hunting ground was far more than that in other areas. Many red sand giants could not even pick it up!

The giants of other tribes coveted, especially those who already had enemies with Hongsha. When a yellow sand ox horn giant stole a piece of flash worm meat and was found on the spot, the situation in the joint hunting ground was completely chaotic, and the giants began to scuffle, which made the blood barons and others hiding outside the hunting ground aware of the abnormality.

“It is worthy of being the calculation of the hippie.”

The silver moon killer’s golden Little Palace keeper with a probe said coldly, “the black sand giant has moved. These insects have absolutely nothing to do with it.”

It turns out that the silver moon killers have been tracking the black sand giant! At first, they did follow Chen Cheng and astrologers, but after feeling the butterfly fragments of the source of infection from the black sand giant, the lizard Duke immediately ordered the silver moon killer to track the black sand giant instead. At this moment, the black sand giant stands on the edge of the hunting ground, and they are lurking in the sand dunes behind the black sand giant.

What’s the secret of Chen Cheng, whether the people who disappeared on the battlefield were alive or not, and how they survived, are all later words. If he can’t get the butterfly fragments, he may even die on the battlefield in ten years, let alone in the future.

It is said that the leaders of those brigades or tour guides who survived on the battlefield for ten years and finally disappeared were at least the pioneers of the journey of 30 degrees north latitude at that time, otherwise you would not even be eligible to disappear on the battlefield.

As the leader of the Western butcher alliance, the Duke of lizard has many contacts with the parliament. The Duke of lizard knows a lot of gossip. It’s not so much that the journey of 30 degrees north latitude is the way back, but the butterfly fragments of this journey are the key. He also has one or two butterfly fragments obtained from other channels, but the butterfly fragments of the journey of 30 degrees north latitude are very special!

So the lizard Duke has a clear goal. He wants to get a journey of 30 degrees north latitude. Without a journey, butterfly fragments are good! So he let the silver moon killer track the black sand giant all the way, just waiting for the opportunity. The suspected appearance of the life playing man convinced the lizard Duke that there must be more than one butterfly fragment in the hands of the black sand giant or an Xuefeng!

I’m kidding. If there’s only one butterfly fragment, is it worth playing?

But the appearance of the suspected playful man also made the lizard Duke taste something wrong. Up to now, he couldn’t really see the playful man. Even if it was a figure, even if he sensed the other party’s breath, the lizard Duke suspected that it was the conspiracy trap of the people in the East.

If you can kill him here and seriously injure him, the east side will almost win the warm-up competition at the end of November. If you can kill him, you will definitely make a profit.

The lizard Duke wanted to wait and see, but when the joint hunting ground was completely chaotic and the giants began to fight, the figure of the black sand giant disappeared quietly. This made the lizard Duke unable to wait any longer – he also suspected that the chaos was actually aimed at the black sand giant.

Chen Cheng disappeared on the battlefield. The fragments of Maria butterfly can’t disappear. It will always be 20 pieces. It exists in journeys, hotels and abysses. Was the butterfly fragment of the ancient oasis stolen by the hippies, or did it return to the ancient oasis and a giant? The lizard Duke was not sure, but he wanted to take risks. Whether he kills the black sand giant or grabs the butterfly fragments of the dreamer, he must seize the opportunity.

There’s not much time left for them.

“Baron, you retreat.”

The lizard Duke ordered the blood Baron to leave the hunting ground. There is a connection between titles. Once they really fall into a trap, the civilian silver moon killer can also take him to the blood Baron through the “Baron’s Recruitment”.

There is no deep connection between him and the silver moon killer, but he can always let the silver moon killer appear when he needs it. This is the Duke’s “Recruitment” of civilians and the real reason why the lizard Duke did not grant the title of silver moon killer.

“Rex moved.”

The silent silver moon killer suddenly opened his mouth. His wolf ears were blown back by the strong wind, but the yellow sand could not stay on his snow-white and soft wolf hair. The sensitivity between werewolves is the sharpest. Before the lizard Duke perceived it, the silver moon killer sensed that Rex, the blood wolf, was lurking in the sand dune not far away.

“He was pulled into a nightmare and wanted to take advantage of the chaos.”

The lizard Duke sneered, “don’t worry about him. It’s time to kill the people in the small brigade. It has nothing to do with us.”

It can also divert a wave of attention.


The silver moon killer instantly turned into a strong white wolf. Its hair was very long and its back hair was silver gray, as if shrouded in a layer of moonlight. The White Wolf bit the machete and carried the golden little palace guard, and quietly disappeared into the sandstorm.

At this moment, the people in the scuffle have felt something wrong. Even the most out of control Chen Cheng faintly wants to stop, but the problem is that they can’t stop. The chaos of many giants brought by flash insects has affected them. Up to now, no one knows who to fight with again. Only Chen Cheng keeps an eye on the polluted mystics, and Zhang xingzang’s half life Taoist keeps an eye on Chen Cheng, The dream chasing dragon stared at the virtual shadow cat, but the cat suddenly turned back and wanted to go to the place where Bingyi and an Xuefeng were!

What happened there? The dreamer has a vague feeling of uneasiness, which is the same as that of the funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing. He always felt that whether Bingyi was going to do something big, and at this time, Wei Xun finally succeeded in melting the butterfly fragments of the ancient oasis into the blood sucking knife! qvq


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