TTG Chapter 371

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 371: The Sahara of Death (47)

How to lead the butterfly fragments out of the body was the most difficult part for Wei Xun, but he directly pierced his wrist with a blood sucking knife. The blood flowed in his body and the blood sucking knife. The blood sucking knife was like another blood vessel, as if it was a part of his body, which also made him successfully deceive the butterfly fragments of the ancient oasis!

Then the blood was collected and the knife was pulled out at one go. At the moment when the blood sucking knife left Wei Xun’s body, the ancient oasis butterfly fragments realized that it was wrong, and suddenly appeared on the surface of the blood sucking knife. The butterfly fragments trembled violently as if they were about to escape. At the same time, the other butterfly fragments in Wei Xun’s heart seemed to finally sense the departure of his’ companion ‘, and suddenly burst into a strong emotion!

In an instant, Wei Xun threw down his blood sucking knife and clenched his fist. For the first time, his face was almost distorted, but the corners of his mouth were aroused. The smile looked crazy and ferocious. The cocoon silk spread from his chest and neck. The butterfly fragments occupying his heart wanted to manipulate him and affect him again. At that moment, Wei Xun was crazy and wanted to pierce his heart with a blood sucking knife and “recapture” the butterfly fragments in the blood sucking knife.

It was the spirit of an Xuefeng’s connection with him that made Wei Xun maintain his last sense and let him drop the blood sucking knife. Almost the next moment, the cocoon silk overflowed from his fingers and almost wound the handle of the blood sucking knife!

“Want to control me?”

Wei Xun gasped violently, but his breath sound was with a gasping smile. He held an Xuefeng’s hand tightly and grabbed a large amount of flash powder without an Xuefeng’s hands. Wei Xun directly sprinkled the flash powder on his chest and on the cocoons all over his body!

“This is my body.”

The golden glittering powder fell on Wei Xun’s whole body like the powder of stars, which was blown by the strong wind on him and an Xuefeng. The bright red flowing blood was stained with glitter powder. The knife edge of his chest had been dyed gold. His heart wrapped in glitter powder was beating in a pool of gold and red blood. It was bloody, mysterious, strange and beautiful.

At the moment when the butterfly fragments are restless, the spiritual fusion of little rose can no longer continue, and Wei Xun recovers his true face! Wei Xun’s cheeks, fundus, hair, eyelashes and even lips are stained with bright golden glitter powder. His eyes are slightly closed. His snow-white hair, snow-white eyelashes and slightly closed blue and purple pupils seem to be haloing with mysterious light, which makes people deeply attracted by these eyes and indulge in this rich and mysterious blue and purple ocean.

Then Wei Xun’s face was covered with glittering powder, and his body was covered with a dark blue cloak covered with glittering gold powder – an Xuefeng had covered Wei Xun’s spare cloak with glittering powder and covered him from head to foot. After this incident, Wei Xun will also appear as Bingyi, and they are all ready in advance.

But at the moment he put on his cloak for Wei Xun, he seemed to notice something, and Wei Xun suddenly closed his eyes!

An Xuefeng felt a palpitation for no reason. Something absolutely happened to Wei Xun. He attached his forehead and pasted it on the side of Wei Xun’s face through his cloak. He felt anxious. Those golden glittering powder also adhered to his eyelids, like luxurious makeup and mysterious lines painted in clay and gold.

The skin several colors deeper than Wei Xun was stained with bright powder. On an Xuefeng’s firm jaw and the corners of his mouth, he turned golden red and elongated, like a phoenix feather.

The mental disorder made an Xuefeng unable to maintain a stable human shape. He was changing to Fengniao and hugged Wei Xun. His arm was covered with long silky soft golden red feathers, which were like feather weaving. After bending his arm, it was like a god transformed by the legendary sun. The original scarlet eyes were forced to be dyed with calm gold, but there was a strong fire behind the gold, It seems that the strong emotion hidden by the gods after calm can burn everything.

Did you succeed? Or failed? Wei Xun’s suddenly closed eyes gave an Xuefeng an ominous premonition. Time seemed to stagnate at this moment, and the manic emotions that were extremely difficult to suppress accumulated in an Xuefeng’s heart. The hot and chaotic sandstorm made him more irritable. However, at the moment, when Wei Xun opened his eyes again and said the words “succeeded”, all the restless emotions were smoothed by his words!

“I feel…”

Wei Xun murmured and his eyes were bright. He just closed his eyes suddenly. It was because of the sudden riot of butterfly fragments in his heart that an Xuefeng was extremely anxious at that time. He could feel the situation of Wei Xun’s body. But fortunately, Wei Xun finally suppressed it, especially Wei Xun made new discoveries——

When the ancient oasis butterfly fragment was completely transferred to the blood sucking knife, his heart reacted strongly to a butterfly fragment, and even seemed to have some connection with the ancient oasis butterfly fragment. Now, Wei Xun suspected that it was also a butterfly fragment of 30 degrees north latitude, and it was discovered at the same time as the ancient oasis!

This can be verified later. As soon as Wei Xun raised his hand, a scarlet whip wrapped around his wrist. This is the blood sucking knife with butterfly fragments! As a butterfly’s mouthpiece, it should be more like a whip than a knife. On the scarlet whip, there are strands of pure white cocoons, like mysterious and complex patterns. This cocoon is the “scabbard”!

The butterfly fragments in the blood sucking knife have not been really tamed. It is still restless. The snow-white cocoon silk quietly wraps around Wei Xun’s fingers, and then turns red. It is sucking blood! But Wei Xun didn’t care. As soon as he shook his whip, the scarlet whip tip could extend infinitely and disappear into the vast sandstorm. A yellow sand giant competing for the flash worm meat section fell down a hundred meters away, and his blood was sucked dry out of thin air!

Right next to the yellow sand ox horn giant falling down, the corn shoots that turned into sand yellow looked like a wooden chicken. It stuck its head out of the sand nest and bit the flash worm meat. Although it didn’t know what had just happened, the corn shoots were instinctively scared to blow up their tentacles, and the whole worm was scared to gain weight three times. The corn shoots quickly swallowed the flash worm meat, along with the shriveled body of the yellow sand ox horn giant – my father said the ox horn was a good thing!

Then the corn shoots plunged into the ground and continued to act as worms and dogs in the hunting ground according to my father’s order to swallow all the prey to my father.

But it didn’t see the scarlet ‘whip’, but in fact, the scarlet ‘whip’ crossed 100 meters to kill the giant and instantly attracted the attention of everyone in the scuffle! The astrologer suddenly grasped his right hand and the dream chasing dragon covered the scales. It seemed that their butterfly fragments were aware of something and changed again and again.

But the deepest feeling is Chen Cheng! For the first time, he took back his attention from the polluted mystics and the virtual shadow cat, and looked suspiciously in the direction of Xiaocui.


In fact, when Wei Xun moved the butterfly fragments, Chen Cheng felt it, but the existence of the black sand giant and the life playing virtual shadow cat affected his judgment. Now Chen Cheng feels more and more that something seems wrong. He tries to turn around, but he doesn’t expect to regenerate unexpectedly – someone wants to take advantage of the chaos of the war to fight his team members!

The man who is ready to take advantage of the chaos is Rex the blood wolf! Different from the previous guesses of infected people, in addition to the silver moon killer, another person involved in the nightmare is not the blood Duke, but him! When Rex was involved in the nightmare for the first time before, he hid well and had good luck. He was not found or found.

But he knew what was going on, and he knew that the black werewolf who came in with him was probably 100% dressed by the silver moon killer. At the same time, he believes that an Xuefeng and others have always mastered Chen Cheng brigade, just want to catch them all tonight!

Speaking of this time, they also have long-distance contact in the joint hunting ground, but Rex doesn’t want to be with the silver moon killer. His only purpose is to kill his counterpart. So he sneaked in while everyone else was in the scuffle, but he didn’t expect to be found by the virtual shadow cat!

The cat simply decided what to do. Sensing that Wei Xun had an accident, he wanted to return home like an arrow, and immediately lifted Rex out. The wolf was preparing to fight his brothers and sisters. This was a success. Chen Cheng, who had been holding on to him, beat the big red stupid Wolf. The dreamers also suddenly raised their vigilance because of Rex’s presence. The virtual shadow cat took the opportunity to get away and ran in the direction of Wei Xun in a sandstorm.

“Cough, cough -”

On the other hand, Wei Xun coughed up blood. It consumed too much to use the blood sucking knife, not to mention the butterfly fragments inside. Killing the yellow sand giant directly made him overdraw all his strength. It was like returning to paralysis, even one finger could not move. In particular, Wei Xun sensed that there was still a tyrannical force to be released!

If he integrated the blood sucking knife into himself, just like the astrologer integrating the astrology chart, the power absorbed by the blood sucking knife to kill the enemy can be fed back to him to achieve the cycle of power feedback, but Wei Xun did not do so. Wei Xun has successfully separated and transferred butterfly fragments while taking advantage of the chaos. Then he will end the chaos.

People on my side must release their true anger, and the hidden dangers of black sand giant and silver moon killer must be solved. He held the knife tightly, and the narrow blade cut his palm. It looked like he was going to integrate the knife into his body.

At this time, the sand red with blood under his body quietly opened an eye with countless scarlet blood. At the next moment, the black and viscous pus suddenly shot out of the ground like an oil eruption, and instantly wrapped Wei Xun’s right hand holding the knife.

The black sand giant finally appeared!

But at the moment of its appearance, a hot flame suddenly rose on self-defense Xun, which was the Phoenix Fire of an Xuefeng who had been on guard for a long time! He didn’t stop using fire this time. Even if the stable ancient oasis scene was repeated, it was because he twisted for a moment. The Phoenix Fire hindered the black sand giant for a moment. Wei Xun took this opportunity to throw out the blood sucking knife!

A strong purple light flickered on the red blade. It was the butterfly fragments inlaid on the blade that kept struggling. The butterfly fragments of the ancient oasis that were not subdued and slightly active were the best bait. When he threw out the blood sucking knife, the thick slurry of the black sand giant turned to the blood sucking knife, but what was faster than it.

It’s a ghost like white wolf! No one found out when it approached, and no one found out how it lurked here. The White Wolf and an Xuefeng become different from the snow wolf. His claws are like the moonlight. Every hair is soaked in the moonlight. The speed is not like the spirit that can exist in the world!

In an instant, it grabbed the blood sucking knife. Wei Xun’s eyes moved slightly and he was trying to do something, but at this time, the blood sucking knife that was about to fall into the hands of the silver moon killer suddenly deviated and passed between its claws! A thick gray shadow passed by and was pressing on the blood sucking knife, just like a charcoal gray cat’s claw.

The phantom cat is back! Xi Ming is the former owner of the blood sucking knife. Of course he can control the knife, but the virtual shadow cat is not exactly the same as Xi Ming after all. Its cat claws are light, but it wants to pull the blood sucking knife back to Wei Xun’s arms! However, Wei Xun can vaguely guess what the virtual shadow cat is going to do, but its action has a deep meaning in other people’s eyes. In the eyes of the lizard Duke and others, it’s difficult enough for him to play with his life with his bare hands, and then let him master weapons?

A bright golden light shot from the silver moon killer and directly hit the virtual shadow cat’s arms. The speed and strength even made the air burst, and the space was slightly distorted. It was not mixed with any external force. Only with the absolute strong meat and body power, an Xuefeng was moved by it and falsely protected Wei Xun.

The lizard Duke did it! However, the virtual shadow cat had long expected that its body would spread like smoke and fog, and even the blood sucking knife under its claws did not care at all. The lizard Duke was vaguely aware of the bad, but the butterfly fragments were close at hand!

He was ready to capture the butterfly fragments even if the golden Little Palace Guard Avatar was destroyed, so he did not hesitate to order Yinyue to take the knife, and he was too strong to stop, so he had to hit an obstacle before he could stop.


But the lizard Duke didn’t hit the sand. He hit a man! Such a strong impact only made the man step back two steps, and then the cold fingers pinched the back neck of the lizard Duke. The cold air suddenly swept over, and the virtual shadow cat disappeared. The lizard Duke just hit Chen Chenghuai who was chasing after him!

But at the moment when Chen Cheng was ready to use his fingers, he felt something coming behind him. The distance was too close. Chen Cheng couldn’t completely hide even if he hid. The golden powder fell on him, and the golden little palace guard at his fingertips escaped. He was very angry. Looking back, he saw Xiaocui, who nestled in an Xuefeng’s arms and poked half her head out of her cloak, winked at him.

Even in the fierce battle, Chen Cheng’s face eased a little. As soon as he was ready to nod, the next moment he saw Xiaocui waving in his face. A lot of gold powder, like lime powder, directly pasted on his face!

Chen Cheng:?!

What is this?? However, the small movement here did not distract others at all. The battle for the blood sucking knife was close to white hot, and the silver moon killer failed to win the blood sucking knife. The black sand giant quickly moved around with its eyeball as its orientation. The ten meter high giant was as small as a child in front of other giants, but it was definitely a behemoth to normal people.

It suddenly becomes bigger, right between the silver moon killer and the blood sucking knife! The pure black slurry as thick as oil shot out and rolled into the blood sucking knife falling in the air. However, it failed to take away the blood sucking knife. In a corner where no one paid attention, an orange red butterfly suddenly appeared in the sandstorm! It came lightly like the light and shadow of the sunset, caught the blood sucking knife and turned into a human shape. It was the yin-yang butterfly!

Yin and Yang butterflies have not participated in the war, as if they had disappeared. That’s Wei Xun’s plan! He was covered with golden powder, and a blue purple butterfly with white wings perched between the hair of yin and Yang butterflies, just like a delicate butterfly hairpin. It was the big butterfly!

Previously, Wei Xun found that when he stabbed his chest and was seriously injured, those infected with Yin-Yang butterflies showed slight alienation. At that time, he suspected that it was because of the butterfly fragments in his heart.

The place where Maria butterfly is located is the abyss. In the scene, the tour guide who is cut off from the abyss cannot be alienated normally, but Wei Xun has a whim – since he can’t connect with the abyss alienation, what will happen if the tour guide connects him with alienation?

Alienation needs to give the tour guide a lot of abyss power. Just when the fragments of ancient oasis butterflies are integrated into the blood sucking knife, they will release strong energy. The dissimilated monster of the guide comes from the abyss, not from him, but the butterfly just hatched has the characteristics of distortion!

It is on the premise that all the multiple factors have been achieved that the yin-yang butterfly has successfully alienated! This alienation state is very different from his past butterfly head and brain, even an extraordinary form that has never existed before! Obviously, it is a human form, with only a pair of butterfly wings, but it is no different from the momentum when it was completely alienated into a monster!

This rare strange event even stunned everyone for a moment. Even the sandstorm showed a faint shadow cat’s head, and the pupil could not hide the cat’s curiosity. But at the next moment, no one can care about it, because the moment the yin-yang butterfly got the blood sucking knife, he didn’t hesitate to cut directly at the black sand giant!

The body of the life playing man is not there. Only two people can play the characteristics of the blood sucking knife. One is Wei Xun and the other is the yin-yang butterfly! Other people are curious about the changes of Yin-Yang butterfly. Only the black sand giant still has only butterfly fragments in his eyes. The dark thick slurry gathered into his arm is closest to the yin-yang butterfly. When the blood sucking knife is cut off, it has no chance to stop!

“Hiss -”

The blade seemed to cut into hard leather, making a harsh sound. The fierce force of the blood sucking knife combined with butterfly fragments suddenly broke out, directly cutting off the only arm of the black sand giant! The astrologers from the rear rushed here to see the scene. When they saw this behind the scenes, their face suddenly changed. They pushed David and others behind them back and pushed half life Zhang xingzang to chase the dream dragon. Thanks to their late arrival, the black sand giant suddenly exploded with its broken arm at the next moment!

The situation is the same as that when Chen Cheng cut off the giant’s arm and polluted the mystics. Thick black pollution hit like ink splashing. The nearest few people were splashed right before they had time to dodge! Silver moon killer, lizard Duke, yin and Yang butterfly, virtual shadow cat, Chen Cheng, and even an Xuefeng and Wei Xun were polluted!

It’s too bad. The dreamers watching from a distance are as frightened as they feel. They see that the faces of the silver moon killer and others are as black as splash ink. It’s too bad. The dreamer dragon reacts when they see the yin-yang butterfly appear and cut the black sand giant’s arm with a blood sucking knife. All these are definitely C-1’s calculations!

The nearest silver moon killer and lizard Duke are covered with dark granulation because of pollution, but there is nothing on the closer yin-yang Butterfly – there is a new and glittering state, which is clearly a lot of glittering powder! An Xuefeng and C Yi are full of flash powder, even Chen Cheng is full of flash powder.

Wrapping flash powder in advance can really resist the pollution of the black sand giant. Only a few people at the scene were polluted by the silver moon killer and the lizard Duke!

Ah, there is also a playful cat head who has escaped into the sandstorm but looks at it because of curiosity.

The fight ended in a way that no one expected. The silver moon killer and the lizard Duke with a pollution degree of more than 50% could no longer fight. The lizard Duke was unwilling to grab the knife, but the silver moon killer did not hesitate to disappear in the sandstorm with it. The black sand giant who lost another arm roared angrily, and everyone was on guard against it. In the moment, the black sand giant disappeared out of thin air, leaving only a nest shaped like an enlarged maggot egg, a long black ellipsoid, like clumps of eyes.

“It is estimated that some rules have been activated in this ancient oasis.”

The black sand giant is equivalent to the largest boss in this ancient oasis. When it is injured beyond a certain limit, some distortion will definitely occur in the whole ancient oasis. Even the giant is no longer scuffling, but frantically catching flash insects. The sandstorm has become more terrible, and an ominous premonition lingers over the ancient oasis.

When Zhui Menglong spoke, he should have looked at Chen Cheng. After all, he knew this place best, but his eyes couldn’t help falling on the gloomy virtual shadow cat.

His face is covered with black granulation and swollen. The life playing cat is so strange. It’s strange. It’s rare to see this man suffer a loss. Although chasing dreams is an honest man, his heart can’t help but feel comfortable. Some people even want to film this scene – it’s too much. The virtual shadow cat stared at the half life Taoist and disappeared into the sandstorm.

Wei Xun’s expression was a little subtle. He thought the virtual shadow cat would be awkward, but he didn’t expect it to go straight back to the golden Phoebe ash box. When the virtual shadow cat divided the pollution on his body equally among other good brothers, guard Xun suddenly realized that he could do so!


At this time, Wei Xun heard Zhang xingzang’s cough.

“That… Ah.”

The anxious and chaotic battle ended, and everyone’s eyes focused on an Xuefeng and the man with his cloak. If you lie in your partner’s arms because of serious chest dissection, you can still say that you are a good brother, but when they stand up, Zhang xingzang seems to have seen an Xuefeng’s action of hugging someone else’s waist somewhere.

This cloak, this mask, this hug from the back——

Zhang Xing has a toothache: “ah, this…”

This is clearly C-1!

Unexpectedly, before waiting for him to speak, C Yi nodded at him, as if there had been some tacit understanding between them, and then heard him say frankly: “everyone guessed my true identity before. Now the lizard Duke and the silver moon killer are polluted. Don’t mention them in a short time, so I won’t hide them.”

“Did you all guess?”

Zhang xingzang grabbed the dragon’s tail and secretly talked to the dreamer. It was incredible: “only I didn’t find it?”

The dreamer pulled his tail and helped C draw and added: “it’s better to maintain the disguise. The blood Baron hasn’t appeared all the time. It’s better to be cautious.”

The dreamer was right. He put away the blood sucking knife handed over by the yin-yang butterfly. In a twinkling of an eye, Wei Xun fused with the little rose and became the look of Zhang xingzang: “kill more flash insects now. I doubt that the death season will come early.”

If the death season is the hunting season of the black sand giant, it needs to replenish a lot of energy to recover from serious injuries.

Then Wei Xun looked at him. Chen Cheng, whose face was not friendly, smiled and held out die da. Chen Cheng’s eyes changed slightly. He felt that there was a faint smell of decay on the butterfly. It was hatched by Cheng Tianbao. Cheng Tianbao’s recovery is not an illusion!

Wei Xun smiled and whispered, “team Chen, let’s go there and have a chat?”


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