TTG Chapter 372

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 372: The Sahara of Death (48)

“Would it really be good for C Yi to talk to Chen Cheng alone?”

Zhang xingzang and others cleaned up the chaotic battlefield. Zhang xingzang looked over there from time to time like he was absent-minded – that is, the side where Bingyi and Chen Cheng had a secret conversation.

“Don’t worry?”

The dream chasing dragon bit the dream catching net. After making all the preparations, he carefully fished a little black sand. After the giant disappeared, he left the clusters of dark pollution on the ground, like long oval spheres like snake eggs. From this thing, we can definitely find some clues to the final core scenic spot of the ancient oasis.

“I’m really worried”

Zhang xingzang sighed. Who knows what Chen Cheng is, real or fake. It’s Bai Xiaosheng who wants to talk to him. Zhang xingzang is not too worried. Bai Xiaosheng has a sense of propriety.

But C is a man of no sense. Zhang xingzang is in a strange mood now. He is worried about both C and Chen Cheng.

“But if there were no scuffle just now, I would be even more worried.”

Zhang xingzang added that a sudden scuffle can make people see a lot of things, but also make people have no time to hide. It’s loyalty or treachery. Whether it can be used or not, and what’s the intention. It’s all clear at a glance. For example, the infected people finally stood on their side. When the virtual shadow cat appeared, the astrologers and others did not change. The golden Little Palace keeper confirmed that he was the lizard Duke. Chen Cheng really had a grudge against the life playing people and kept a certain sense. Everyone has a number of hearts.

“It’s just too dangerous. He didn’t leave a way for himself.”

Zhang xingzang is talking about C-1. He thinks C-1 is very rational when he says it sounds good. He has calculated all the consequences. It’s hard to say that this man is a madman and a madman. Since he thinks of everything, he should also think of what to do if the giants start chasing them crazy, and what to do if the ancient oasis scene repeats and can’t bear the explosive force collapses.

He just thought it was risky and the benefits far outweighed the risks, so he did it. Moreover, he took all the people to risk directly without giving anyone any preventive injection. Even the dream chasing dragon didn’t know any news.

From transferring butterfly fragments, to the appearance of virtual shadow cat, to stimulating Chen Cheng, to attracting black sand giant and silver moon killer, and then to the final action of Yin-Yang butterfly to end everything.

“Although the results are good and nothing wrong, but…”

“If there is no mistake, there is no mistake.”

The dream chaser didn’t care. He carefully transferred the unbroken contaminated black egg from the dream net to the dream bubble without breaking its fragile skin: “an Xuefeng will give him a preventive injection.”

If anyone knows the whole story of this plan, it must be an Xuefeng. The dream chasing dragon flapped its wings and twisted its tip to the East. The Phoenix over there was falling on the astrologer’s shoulder, bowed its head and chattered with the mystics.

C-1’s vigorous and resolute style of independence and adjudication may cause dissatisfaction of others, but an Xuefeng ended it for him as soon as the matter was over.

“At this point in time, everyone is actually angry.”

“It’s good to vent early,” said the dream chasing dragon faintly

From the day when the scene of entering the ancient oasis repeats, the pollution of the ancient oasis has been imperceptibly affecting everyone. Under normal circumstances, everyone will be more rational and not so angry. Once there is a problem, use fists and feet to communicate. Whoever has a big fist is reasonable. This is the way that the wild primitive giants will use. It is their assimilation.

“You’re right”

Zhang xingzang thought about it and felt that what the dreamer said was reasonable. If zhenbingyi tells them all the plans frankly, he may doubt whether there will be other calculations under Bingyi’s open plan. In this way, the effect is as good as this.

“It’s my old-fashioned”

Zhang xingzang regretted that when he set up the hope brigade at that time, he would discuss any plans with the team members. The feeling that everyone worked together to make suggestions and work together in one direction was really fascinating. It was a wonderful feeling to have a group of brothers willing to die for their ideals.

At that time, Zhang xingzang thought that strength could break all the intrigues and tricks, and sincerity could be exchanged for sincerity. He also hoped to maintain a trace of purity in dealing with people in a place like the hotel. However, the reality proved that he was wrong. There were many mysteries in the collapse of the hope brigade and the hope brigade, just like who knew his plan in advance and calculated behind his back.

The death of his brothers has something to do with him. Sometimes Zhang xingzang would think that if he was lucky enough to come back from the battlefield, he might become a gloomy, extremely suspicious person with only revenge and no longer believe in anyone, like mirage. But in the years of imprisonment, Zhang xingzang thought a lot and reflected a lot. Finally, he settled down again under the challenge of pollution, like a thoroughly polished jade.

“First, you don’t have to worry about who leaked the secret.”

Zhang xingzang teased himself, because others don’t know what C will do in a frenzy! Who would have thought that he would be able to summon all the virtual shadow cats suspected of being sliced? No one can think of it!

“So you admire him?”

Zhang xingzang is curious. He can hear the dreamer’s appreciation of Bingyi and his approval of some practices, whether it is to fill in for Bingyi or to judge him.

“I admire him, but not because of that.”

Long Fei fell on Zhang xingzang’s shoulder, took his hair in a soothing way, and pondered for a moment: “at first I thought he was a good guide who could lead the team.”

Later, it was found that he just didn’t care. He didn’t have negative emotions, didn’t want to vent, and didn’t have too many other positive emotions, let alone team consciousness.

“Then I think he has discretion”

The dream chaser has discretion, not to avoid trouble. Even if C causes a great disaster, as long as the final result is good and all the staff survive, the dream chaser thinks he has discretion, at least not as extreme as the original life players. Even if it is the pursuit of perfection and the complete completion of the main line of the journey, it seems too abnormal for the hippie to take the group out almost every time. He really deserves the title of butcher.

“Later I thought he was very kind to his own people.”

Whether it’s the insects raised by C-1, or the people who have been reborn by C-1, or even if they are not completely their own, the passengers of the brigade he took have become stronger and better. In places like hotels, it’s too empty to talk about ideals and hopes. When adults go to work outside, they have to talk about treatment and money. In hotels, they have to talk about strength and promotion space.

Unable to see the great development space and opportunities, Taoist bee sends ghost Xiaohong. These evil bugs will not follow him wholeheartedly, and even infected people are attracted by him. Clothed fish has lamented the talent of C-1 many times with dream chasing dragon in private.


The dream chasing dragon pondered, but such a person chose to release the virtual shadow cat here, but the dream chaser was uncertain. Although the final pollution should be C-1, I didn’t expect that the cat’s curiosity could exceed the hippie’s own reason – perhaps Wei Xun deeply believes that the hippie is an absolutely rational person, so he didn’t take precautions.

However, after the virtual shadow cat was polluted, he did not immediately sprinkle flash powder on it to prevent the invasion and spread of pollution. This is not quite right. The dreamer vaguely felt that he was waiting for something.

“What are you waiting for, waiting for someone to beat him?”

Zhang xingzang joked, “it’s my brother. I have to slap his ass!”

When he thought of the scene that the playful man taught the child to beat someone’s ass, Zhang xingzang felt very disobedient and was unconsciously happy. After being happy, he was surprised to find that the dreamer really fell into thinking!

“I’m just talking nonsense for fun! What’s more, the virtual shadow cat is not a playful person. I don’t think it should be sliced. It’s almost stronger than the little palace keeper of the lizard Duke… ”


But the dreamer was thoughtful and interrupted Chang Hsing Tsang’s words, hesitating and certain: “I think C-I might be waiting for the virtual shadow cat to beat him, or at least have some other reaction.”

“You mean…”

Zhang xingzang also reacted, frowned, and his hand slowed down to collect flash worm meat.

“Do you think C-1 seems to be acting recklessly, but there has always been a bottom line?”

The dreamer said slowly, not sure: “it’s not a simple lesson… Maybe C-I is expecting the virtual shadow cat to draw a line for him.”

What can be done and what can not be done. Where is the bottom line? Even the perfect plan will have accidents. Just like this time, once there is an accident, relatives and friends will be injured. The problem is not serious this time, but what about next time?

Maybe the hippie taught him in the past. After making a mistake, C-1’s first reaction is not to remedy, but subconsciously looks at the virtual shadow cat. It seems that he is waiting for something, waiting for the virtual shadow cat’s response, punishment or preaching. This may be a tacit understanding between their brothers.

But he didn’t get any feedback.

“People change.”

Chang Hsing Tsang doesn’t care: “C Yi is such a big man. After falling in love, he can’t still be a brother. After many years in the hotel, everyone is changing, and maybe the life playing people have changed long ago. Things like family affection, hey, if I say, Bingyi hasn’t realized the reality yet. He hasn’t seen the life playing people at that time. ”

Chang Hsing Tsang hit the nail on the head: “he hasn’t seen anyone playing with life since he entered the hotel. His impression of his brother is still that of the past. Now it’s good to recognize change.”

The dreamer didn’t speak. He was still thinking. Zhang xingzang is right, but the dreamer still thinks something is wrong. From the attitude of the butcher alliance, butterfly fragments, yin-yang butterflies, blood sucking knives and that suit, we can see that the life playing people have been paying attention to C-1 and planning for him.

But he has been avoiding the positive contact with C-1. There are many ways. With a playful character, he is not the kind of person who is afraid of the collapse of his image in the hearts of his relatives. That kind of self-confidence and pride from a strong, so that he can always convince anyone who wants to convince.

Then this avoidance is very thought-provoking. In addition, this time, C’s conscious waiting makes dreamers feel that there is a problem.

The bottom line drawn by Xi Mingren to C Yi does not include himself, as if he will not be blocked no matter what C Yi does to him.

When the idea crossed my mind, the dreamer was suddenly stunned. He seemed to understand, but he didn’t fully see through. He just felt that he seemed to smell some dangerous indulgence, or implied some contradictory emotion. He had to think about what it was.

*  *

“You should sprinkle it with glitter.”

The serious conversation between Wei Xun and Chen Cheng over there has ended. Wei Xun tried to ask about the battlefield, but did not ask about their disappearance. There are still several people alive, not even mention the butterfly fragments. He just mentioned Chen Cheng, Cheng Tianbao and Tang Shuang a little – if anyone wants to come, at least say a word in advance, so as to prepare.

Their runaway title and a lot of polluting energy are also very useful to him, which is mutually beneficial.

Wei Xun didn’t use his patronizing attitude. He downplayed a sentence of mutual benefit and took on the extremely important thing for Chen Cheng and others, which made Chen Cheng look at him more and loosen his eyebrows.

“If you want to search for more supplies in the ancient oasis, continue to participate in the scuffle with the giants.”

Chen Cheng took the initiative to say, “if you really want to help cenqin, your way is crooked.”


Wei Xun is all ears. Chen Cheng said that what they need to do is to follow the old road of repeating the scene in those years, and regard it as a serious super dangerous journey.

“Only you are enough. Add a Cen Qin.”

Xiaocui is suitable to be a tour guide for super dangerous journeys. Other people, both tour guides and tourists, are too strong. Chen Cheng casually mentioned several people in his brigade. Although they have been dead for many years, they still remember them when talking about their personality characteristics in Chen Cheng’s mouth.

“They didn’t ‘get into the play’.”

Chen Cheng says, “entering the play” is really entering the process of scene replay. Wei Xun was thoughtful. He did find that everyone in Chen Cheng brigade basically didn’t speak and never expressed any ideas. Only the three people who are still alive are more active, as well as Yu’s brother and sister and Zhu Yuande involved in the nightmare.

It seems that this scene replay is not so “intelligent”. If it seriously deviates from the scene replay line, ‘NPC \’ will not extend additional actions.

“I see.”

Wei Xun nodded and Chen Cheng pointed to the end: “this journey is a super dangerous journey to open up ancient oases, and the focus is not on ancient oases.”

The red sand giant tribe, the war between tribes, the hunting season, the death season, and the black sand giant with butterfly fragments are all used to confuse people eager to travel at 30 degrees north latitude. Even an Xuefeng and others have been confused by “the 30 degrees north latitude journey of the last decade”, “Chen Cheng who is suspected to be alive” and the silver moon killer who came to compete.

“According to the rules of scene replay, too strong people should always have stronger people to deal with, which will not affect the scene replay itself.”

They had been worried that the people in the West would attack Chen Cheng’s brigade, so they always protected him. But what Chen Cheng meant was that the strong men of an Xuefeng had gone, and the strong men in the West could not fight Chen Cheng’s brigade. This is the rule of scene repetition.

And the nightmares at night, those who die but don’t die, don’t worry about the confrontation caused by them. People in the West will fall into a nightmare, and so will people on their side. Generally speaking, an Xuefeng has more people on their side than in the West.

The most valuable thing can only be obtained by repeating the original route according to this scene.

Is there anything more valuable than non solution materials, props, monsters and flash powder that can dissolve the pollution of ancient oases?

But Wei Xun thinks Chen Cheng is right.

After finishing the serious business, they began to talk. Wei Xun talked about their half lives and their fate. Chen Cheng talked about cenqin and metaphysics at that time.

I don’t know why I talked about fate.

“You are different from us. You are special.”

Chen Chengdao, without saying any terminology of divinatory metaphysical algorithm, used plain Vernacular: “you should be the only one, without parents, relatives, brothers and sisters.”

Wei Xun, without hesitation, said, “I have a brother.”

Chen Cheng looked at him deeply, didn’t speak, just shook his head gently.

Wei Xun also hooked his mouth, but he still said, “I have.”

“Since you say yes, there is.”

Unexpectedly, Chen Cheng nodded this time and just said, “then you should sprinkle flash powder on it this time.”

With these words, Chen Cheng suddenly fell down. It was obviously time. Old Chen Cheng left. Wei Xun helped Chen Cheng back. He was thinking all the way. An Xuefeng saw him fall on Wei Xun’s shoulder when he came back and found that he was distracted. He didn’t ask, but gently combed Wei Xun’s hair with his beak. The hot and hard beak was suitable, like hot compress massaging the scalp.

After a while, Wei Xun slowly opened his mouth and asked seriously, “is there no one who can do everything?”

He’s a little silly. Who in the world can do everything? An Xuefeng felt that Wei Xun was feeling guilty and blaming himself. He was still thinking about the pollution of the virtual shadow cat. Even if he calculated everything, there would eventually be an accident. No one thought that the sandstorm would suddenly poke out a cat’s head.

An Xuefeng knew that maybe he should persuade Wei Xun to be more calm and think twice. Instead of taking risks with everyone like a gambler, he should choose a safer approach.

But they often do it on their way home, such as spirit, adventure, desperate, desperate and fighting with their lives. Wei Xun is not bad at anything. The difference lies in time. He has not developed a group of trustworthy companions and has not experienced the experience of a long journey. If he wants to participate in this decade, he will experience more growth and pain. His way of thinking has not been reversed for a while. It is normal in an Xuefeng’s opinion.

He just came to the hotel for less than two months.

So an Xuefeng just grabbed Wei Xun’s shoulder and said, “as long as we unite together, we can do anything.”

It was his fault that he didn’t find a life-saving cat probe and didn’t sprinkle glitter powder on the cat’s head as quickly as possible. What Wei Xun could not do with his reaction speed was that he was in a bad mental state and relaxed at that time. But if Bai Xiao was born at that time, he would certainly be able to find out and fill the gaps, or with Mao Xiaole, he would definitely be able to poke the cat’s head away with a sword as fast as possible.

Or if, if one day, at the end, the playful people are also on their side, they will know the plan in advance and will not hurt their own people by mistake.

Wei Xun looked at an Xuefeng, and his eyes were surprised and smiling. He seemed to have never thought an Xuefeng would say so, and he seemed to have known that he was such a person. Just then, a yellow tentacle came out of the desert and hooked Gou Weixun’s cuff.

The corn shoots drilled out of the desert, proudly thrust out their bulging mouths, and then vomited a flash worm meat mountain to Wei Xun. This is just one of ten bamboo shoots. More bamboo shoots are still searching for prey in the desert. Wei Xun didn’t say much. He asked an Xuefeng to burn all these meat segments into flash powder, then took out the golden Phoebe urn and directly filled a box full of flash powder.

Then he took out the blood sucking knife fused with the fragments of the ancient oasis butterfly and inserted it into the urn to stir. The blood sucking knife is good at sucking human pollution. At the beginning, it almost drained the pollution in the red sand giant chief. It will consume too much power. Moreover, in order to consolidate the effect of transferring butterfly fragments, Wei Xun can’t absorb the energy from the pollution of ancient oases, and the butterfly fragments in the heart of the province are chaotic again.

It’s not cost-effective to only go out but not go in.

“Oh, brother, don’t do it. It doesn’t affect me.”

The shining red ball wrapped in glittering powder, Nezha Ling first put his head out of the urn and said with a careless smile, “I’m not an entity.”

They are only the embodiment of Wei Xun’s consciousness of establishing a contact contract through the tomb keeper’s title and urn. They are not the noumenon. Even if they are seriously polluted and destroyed, they will not affect themselves. On the contrary, Wei Xun, the tomb keeper who should “clean up the tomb”, is the most affected.

Moreover, only about 50% of the pollution has been dyed, with three equal shares, and more than 10% of each talent. Only then can we see that it has reached the degree of deformity. Nezha Ling was so happy that he wanted to show his brother his handsome new shape. As a result, the pollution was directly absorbed.

“I’m too strong now.”

Wei Xun joked that the tour guide with the ancient oasis was B125, but Wei Xun is now C-1. If it is repeated according to the scene, the strength difference between the two is more than 100, and it is normal for him to reduce his strength.

After sucking the pollution of his two brothers, Wei Xun’s blood sucking knife finally stabbed the virtual shadow cat squatting in the deepest part of the urn. It’s like abandoning the blade and doesn’t want to be eliminated.

In the past, Wei Xun would definitely think that his brother must have his own reasons for doing so. Just as he thought that the virtual shadow cat was polluted from the sandstorm probe. After the pollution, it was clear that Wei Xun had flash powder in his hand, but he didn’t roll, but directly returned to the urn with his own intention. For example, use weakness to paralyze Chen Cheng and others, or what is special about black sand giant pollution, or it wants to take the opportunity to pollute nezhaling and Taizong, and so on.

But Chen Cheng’s words made Wei Xun meditate for a long time and reminded him of many things. But aside from those unfounded associations at present, Wei Xun found that because of his habitual thinking, he thought that his brother was absolutely fine and had his own calculation, which almost became the thinking pattern. It would be ridiculous if he thought it was a deliberate plan when something urgent happened.

No one is omnipotent, calculating everything, everyone will grow old.

Even if he really has any plans, Wei Xun will follow his own as long as he doesn’t say. Thinking of this, Wei Xun suddenly realized that he did not hesitate this time. The blood sucking knife directly pressed on the breathing virtual shadow kitten, and the storm sucked away all the pollution from it.


Don’t worry, I’ll give you a pension when I grow up.

Wei Xun’s lips moved slightly, and only an Xuefeng could hear his words. After pulling out the blood sucking knife, guard Xun’s face was obviously paler and his breathing was heavy, but his spirit was much better. Together with an Xuefeng, he called the people and said the future plan.

The soldiers are divided into two ways. He, banming and Chen Cheng brigade go to the scene replay line. They can play a play to make the yin-yang butterfly become the new red sand giant Sheikh. An Xuefeng and others arranged by themselves to collect unsolvable materials, go to several other giant tribes, or track the black sand giant.

Rex, the captured blood wolf, was knocked unconscious by Chen Cheng. He still doesn’t wake up. We all have contact props. If there is any news from his mouth, we will pass it on to each other at that time.

“After tonight, we’ll leave for the petrochemical forest.”

According to the original route of Chen Cheng’s brigade, he also set out for the petrochemical forest tomorrow, which can solve the nightmare tonight first. Wei Xun is ready to go with half his life to meet the people of Chen Cheng brigade and have a good chat with them, but at the same time, Wei Xun finds that an Xuefeng has been a little silent since just now.

Don’t trust him? Or something to say?

Wei Xun and an Xuefeng went aside and looked at him suspiciously. The Phoenix hesitated for a long time before stumbling and reluctantly said like eating a fly: “people who play with life are also young talents…”

If Wei Xun is going to provide old-age care for the hippie, what is he?? He’s about the same age as a hippie!


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