TTG Chapter 373

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 373: The Sahara of Death (49)


“Hmm? What’s the matter?”

It was getting late, but the sandstorm didn’t calm down. On the contrary, the temperature began to drop sharply, just like last night. It takes only a few hours to dry people from hot to cold.

Tonight, everyone sleeps in the joint hunting ground. The wind and sand is too big to set up tents on the ground. Moreover, most of the vegetation and water sources of this hunting ground have been destroyed and muddled due to many wars today. Coupled with the incessant sandstorm, I’m afraid this oasis will turn into a vast desert in a short time.

Chen Cheng brigade takes shelter from the wind under the underground sand nest drilled by worms. It is not so much a sand nest as a big sand cave. It can accommodate more than a dozen people and even stand upright. But the sand cave can keep out the wind, but it can’t stop the cold. They lit a bonfire. The orange flame lit the sand cave. They sat around the fire and talked in a low voice. The surviving picnic pot was burning hot water, boiling some dates and plants that can be eaten in the desert.

At the sand nest vent, two people stood. Wei Xun is listening to He Yun. He Yun and Cheng Tianbao were bitten by an old disabled giant before he came. However, he has the title of “Mao Jiang” in dark blue. He not only survived, but also quickly recovered his strength. Now he uses the title of “long hair”. The whole person is like a green haired gorilla. It’s warm to watch.

He was just talking about his family. He Yunlai is the oldest in Chen Cheng’s brigade. He is in his thirties. He is an old man. Everyone calls him he Ge.

“I can’t compare. I had good physical strength when I was as young as the captain.”

He Yunlai sighed that many monsters were killed in the sandstorm. All of them are precious materials. Now it’s almost stopped outside. Captain Cheng Tianbao took turns to dig sand, but digging sand in the sandstorm consumes too much energy, even if he is stiff.

“I’m old. I’m in my thirties. Alas.”

It was this remark that somehow caused the young guide’s low smile and made he Yunlai curious.


Wei Xun stopped laughing and couldn’t help thinking of an Xuefeng’s hesitant words. Wei Xun thought for a long time when he said “a man who plays with his life is also a young talent”. He always felt that an Xuefeng had something to say and was secretly reminding him of something.

What’s wrong with the age of the hippie? Younger than you think? Or did the hippie actually enter the hotel earlier than he expected? What’s the secret?

But when he Yunlai said this, Wei Xun suddenly felt that he might want to be complicated. By a little calculation, an Xuefeng is about the same age as Xi Mingren. Xi Mingren is young and talented, which shows that he is also a young man and not old at all.


Under the hood, Wei Xun laughed again, but he didn’t laugh this time. He Yunlai just felt that the new tour guide suddenly fell into silence, shrugged and didn’t ask any more questions.

He Yunlai, the new tour guide, also talked to him on purpose, but he couldn’t see through him too much.

If the tour guide dies during the journey, the travel society will choose a new tour guide. There’s too much trouble here, so the captain has been hanging the life of the west side guide. Who ever thought that when the sandstorm came in the afternoon, the guide was unlucky. Just halfway through the journey, there were two scenic spots. The hotel still sent them a new guide.

Fortunately, this man is a tour guide in the East. At least he should be better than that in the West. And he ranked first in C, much better than B125.

However, a strong tour guide is not necessarily a good thing. No matter in the West or East, the tour guide is actually a ghost. After all, the tourists are not the same as them.

Thinking of this and going on a new journey tomorrow, he Yunlai became worried again and lost the interest of conversation. The cigarette had long gone. He chewed a date and crunched hard, just like chewing tobacco.

Wei Xun found that Chen Cheng was right. He asked the infected person to hide the fainting B125, put on the cloak of the tour guide, claimed to be the new tour guide, and contacted their brigade, but no one had any questions. It is reasonable to say that whether the guide is dead or not, their passengers should feel it, and the hotel will remind them, but they have no abnormal performance.

When Wei Xun asked about the fierce battle in the afternoon, he found that they talked as if they had no impression of the astrologer brigade and Zhang xingzang. He only remembered the merchant “boss 100” and number one in the desert oasis, and other memories were blurred.

It seems that both the identity of the tour guide and the identity of the shopping point merchant are feasible and can continue. At present, Wei Xun plays the role of a tour guide, while half his life continues to serve as the second child of the hundred – the impression of Chen Cheng’s brigade is that they work for the first child of the hundred in exchange for the help of the second child of the hundred, the worm and the giant cub Xiaosha.

As for the red sand giant tribe, they don’t remember anything. They only remember that the brigade was chased by desert monsters on the way to the petrochemical forest, and then unluckily encountered a big sandstorm. Now the desert monsters were rolled up to death, and they got a chance to breathe in the sand nest.

“Now go to sleep.”

Wei Xun had a good hearing. When he heard Yu’s brother and sister whispering over the campfire, he was frightened: “in the early morning… I’m afraid that giant will come again.”

They are talking about the attack of the old and disabled giant, that is, nightmare. Thinking of this, Wei Xun jumped out of the sand nest and avoided Chen Cheng and others who dug up the monster’s stumps in the sandstorm. After walking away, he took off his cloak and changed his clothes – the tour guide can’t leave the team without authorization, but the merchant’s boss can. With this dual identity, it is not only convenient for him to integrate into the brigade, but also for him to communicate with an Xuefeng.

The “hundred boss” stopped and whistled after quickly walking to the hunting team of the red sand giant tribe. After a while, the dark sandstorm showed a faint light, and a little Dragon flew over and fell on Wei Xun’s shoulder. When the hiss sounded, a black-and-white snake climbed Wei Xun’s neck and wrapped around his ear – it was an Xue snake.

In fact, since they decided to repeat the scene, they’d better not touch it. However, an Xuefeng is different from the dreamers – one is a lizard raised by boss 100 and the other is a snake raised by boss 100. It’s normal for Wei Xun to contact them in this identity!


The dream chasing dragon asked in a low voice. He has to solve the nightmare problem tonight. It’s best to find a way to get rid of it.

“The flash insects have all disappeared, and the giants are still there”

An Xueshe whispered with Wei Xun and told him everything from the war to the evening. Although we decided not to interfere with Chen Cheng’s brigade and repeat it according to the normal journey, we must pay attention to the changes caused by the black sand giant.

When the temperature began to cool at four or five o’clock in the afternoon, the flash insects had disappeared in the sandstorm. The temperature was not enough, and they could not mate and reproduce. The giants of each tribe finally stopped fighting and returned to their territory in the hunting ground. Especially when it was completely dark, no giants stayed outside to dig the booty that might be buried in the sand. All the giants of the hunting team of Hongsha tribe gathered together in silence, just like a red stone pillar.

“They seem to be sleeping. Zhang xingzang sneaked to the giant ox horn in Huangsha and cut many ox horns without waking them up.”

Flash powder is better to be loaded with the horn of the yellow sand giant. It will soon fade in other containers. Zhang xingzang went with the infected person and David. He said this not long ago when he came back.

“It’s like going into the death season.”

Wei Xun thought deeply, because the giants all slept like hibernation as soon as it was dark. He didn’t have time to let the yin-yang butterfly inherit the chief. Moreover, Wei Xun also felt that the yin-yang butterfly was hiding from him. Originally, he wanted to see if the yin-yang butterfly had overdrawn after using the blood sucking knife. By the way, he wanted to see if his mother, the yin-yang butterfly, could match.

Yin Yang butterfly is a female insect. It’s impossible to match Xiaocui, but he’s as big as a butterfly now! Wei Xun moved his mind again. As a result, the yin-yang butterfly was lost at the sight of him. When it was confirmed that he was really a C-1 adult, the feeling of empty brain almost drowned him – Wei Xun didn’t know that the yin-yang butterfly mistook him for a playful man, and thought it was the yin-yang butterfly who saw the virtual shadow cat.

——I’m afraid it’s more reactive if it’s a psychic medium. But he probably couldn’t see it. Wei Xun backed up all the photos taken half his life, and then asked him to delete the original and think about washing them out and collecting them by himself at that time.

“Did Rex the blood wolf say?”

After a brief exchange, Wei Xun asked. One of the reasons for their nodding is that an Xuefeng sent him a message that Rex, the blood wolf, woke up and revealed a lot of important news!

“The silver moon killer and the lizard Duke may have gone to the petrified forest.”

An Xuefeng dropped a heavy bomb at the exit!

“The lizard Duke can eliminate pollution with a large number of fossil fragments.”

This is the secret of the tour guide. Only an old hand like Rex the blood wolf can know. Now he has revealed it all happily.

Petrochemical forest is a wonder that thousands of years ago, the ancient forest was affected by volcanic eruption, the forest was submerged by volcanic ash, soluble minerals infiltrated into the tree body and squeezed out fibers, and finally the whole tree and the whole forest became fossils *. There are many volcanoes in the Sahara desert. The most famous one is the black harujie volcano, which is in the north of the Sahara. At the same time, in this ancient oasis scenic spot, the location of the black harujie volcano is the original site of the red sand giant’s tribe!

Hell flames, volcanoes and petrochemical forests formed by volcanic eruptions. As Wei Xun predicted, Chen Cheng and them should have an indirect relationship with Hongsha giant tribe in this scenic spot. But he did not expect that the lizard Duke could use fossils to eliminate pollution.

“Fifty percent of the pollution may not be eliminated in one night.”

The dream chasing Dragon said in a deep voice. He had planned to take advantage of the arrest of Rex, the blood wolf, and the heavy blow of the silver moon killer to completely grasp the two people in tonight’s nightmare, but if the silver moon killer could contact pollution, the situation would become different.

Sure enough, at twelve o’clock in the morning, when brother Yu, Zhu Yuande and yin-yang butterfly fell asleep again, the dream chasing dragon sneaked into their dreams under the blessing of the power of butterfly fragments, but it woke them up in a quarter of an hour. But the mood of chasing the dream dragon is not high.

“The silver moon killer ran away.”

The dream chasing Dragon said in a deep voice, “but I still intercepted some of his dream pictures.”

“He and the lizard Duke seem to have found a huge stone egg with flame pattern in the petrochemical forest. It should be alive. The lizard Duke tried to hatch the egg.”


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