TTG Chapter 374

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 374: The Sahara of Death (50)

“The lizard Duke is a male lizard.”

Wei Xun rarely asked a stupid question. The Duke of lizard must be a man, but hatching is a matter of men and women, as long as the conditions can be met. The key lies in the fact that the lizard Duke hatched himself. It can be seen that it is a stone egg. I’m afraid it comes from a big source. The lizard Duke should have somewhere to meet the conditions for stone egg hatching.

“I think the stone eggs seem to be fixed in a fossil tree. They may not be able to take them away.”

The dreamer’s next sentence surprised Wei Xun. Even if the stone egg is fixed in the fossil tree, it can be directly cut off and taken away. The silver moon killer definitely has this strength, unless there is something more special about the petrified forest, so that the stone eggs can’t leave there. Otherwise, the lizard Duke would never do such a stupid thing as hatching on the spot.

“Just go there tomorrow.”

Wei Xun joked: “maybe it’s a special item that can open up new scenic spots.”

He just said it casually, but he didn’t expect that dream chasing dragon and an Xue snake looked at him at the same time. Their eyes were unspeakable. They took his meaning seriously! The dream chasing dragon hesitated for a moment and said, “just be your guide who really comes to support…”

“Can’t the guide who comes to support open up new scenic spots?”

Wei Xun was surprised.

Yes, yes, but the dream chasing dragon was totally unexpected! Does C Yi not care about the silver moon killer lizard Duke and them at all?? And the black sand giant. Even if he is ready to repeat the serious scene, he is not afraid of these strong enemies who can kill him? How can you think about opening up new scenic spots!

They will leave tomorrow. Wei Xun doesn’t even want the dark escort. What if something really happens!

Dream chasing dragon tail tip secretly shook and smoked an Xue snake. This kind of thing still needs him to say.

An Xue snake hissed and said in a deep voice, “yes.”

The dream chasing dragon is so angry.

“That’s good.”

Wei Xun said with a smile, “I regard myself as a guide to support.”

Even if he really supports a brigade, he will never let go of the opportunity to open up new scenic spots. Wei Xun plans to act as Chen Cheng suggests, pure as he is.

“Oh, don’t worry. There must be no problem with me.”

Half life Taoist interrupted. When talking about the petrified forest, Wei Xun called him to listen to it. It was only a few days since the scene was repeated. Half life Taoist really became as young as his body became smaller, and he became lively, laughing:

“Hey, maybe we can make a journey of 30 degrees north latitude.”

As soon as he said this, the dreamer directly took a breath of air conditioning, but Wei Xun smiled. What the half life Taoist said was also what he thought. In history, this journey finally opened an ancient oasis, which shows that it must have the task of opening up new scenic spots.

When I met the old disabled giant, if the Western guide protected Chen Cheng’s team members, maybe the task of opening up new scenic spots is his, but now it’s hard to say. Maybe the task will be more difficult, maybe he wants to compete with Chen Cheng for the task, and Wei Xun is a little eager to try.

“The more I participate, the more I can find.”

He hasn’t completely accepted the butterfly fragments in the ancient oasis. If he has been “opened up” this time, he must be able to use this blood sucking knife combined with butterfly fragments completely. Wei Xun was also really curious about what the half life Taoist lost. If it was like a slice, Chen Cheng’s previous meaning would be very deep.

After this scene is repeated, take it as a super dangerous journey to pass the customs, which can help half of your life find strength. Can it be understood that during this journey, it may be possible to see the hotel rules and find out how to slice?

Wei Xun has never forgotten the mission entrusted by the mountain god. This is the only “rule” level serial mission he has received. The mountain god also has incomplete memory and died of pollution, which is subtly similar to the state of half life Taoist. Wei Xun remembered the three items he was looking for to complete the task. The final prompt was “the reborn Bruce Lee will guide you, but maybe you should become stronger first. After all, the place where these things are located is extremely dangerous”.

Before, he thought of regular level tasks, so these things should be hidden in the journey of 30 degrees north latitude, which can be called extreme danger.

But now Wei Xun thought, if there is a non solution level journey now, what kind of difficult journey will the final environmental task be carried out? If you only understand it literally, isn’t extreme danger a journey of extreme danger? The funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing?

In fact, the top difficulty in the “super dangerous journey” subdivided by passengers at 30 degrees north latitude can be regarded as close to extreme danger. Like Chen Cheng, their desert trip is super dangerous and top difficulty.

“Take this with you.”

The dream chasing dragon held it for half a day. Finally, with a long sigh, he gave C 11 a small bottle, which was filled with beautiful colored sand. They emitted a faint halo at night, just like a rainbow imprisoned in the bottle.

“This is the rainbow soul sand. With it, you can freely lead to the realm of dreams.”

The dreamer poured out the bottle of colored sand. After falling on his hand, these sand particles were not scattered, but condensed into a thin, glittering glove made of colored yarn like mercury pouring into the ground! Then the dream chasing dragon gave him a pure white and glittering antler. The antler branch like a tree branch was wrapped with a spider like web. The web was very thin and almost invisible, only flickering silver in the night.

“This is a dream catcher. I’ll give you the right to use it.”

Tonight, although the dreamer destroyed the nightmare and directly brought out the people who fell into it, he found that the nightmare would repair itself and repeat itself – it would never stop until the silver moon killer and others killed the “damn man”.

Now Rex, the blood wolf, is trapped by his design. As soon as he dreams, he will go directly to the dream bubble of the dreamer. But he couldn’t move the people in the replay of the scenes of Yu brothers, and the calculation of the silver moon killer failed to succeed and let him run away.

Even if the yin-yang butterfly is trapped in the nightmare, he is not the opponent of the silver moon killer. What’s more, there are so many giant threats in the dream.

“The dream net can capture dreams, and colored soul sand can let you bring out the things of dreams.”

The dream chasing dragon gave Wei Xun a demonstration. He first put the half life Taoist priest to sleep and dream, then asked Wei Xun to wear colored soul sand gloves, then held the antler dream catcher’s net, and swayed around the head of the half life Taoist priest in the void. Wei Xun did. The next moment, he was surprised to find that his net bag sank, as if he had really caught something!

The silk thread on the dream catching net bends in an arc, which seems to hold something. At first glance, it seems to capture a mass of colored smoke. Wei Xun shook the net bag as instructed by the dreamer. He was surprised to find that the fog of the net seemed to be shaken open and condensed into a picture! The picture shows an Xuefeng holding Wei Xun (Bai Xiaosheng) in his left hand and Bingyi in his right hand, confronting a cruel cat in a red cloak. Who is behind, laughing and taking pictures——

“You caught the half life Taoist’s dream.”

The dream chasing dragon shouted, “catch him quickly! With your strength, catching dreams can only last seven seconds!”

Five seconds was enough. After the dreamer’s words had been exported, Wei Xun directly started. He caught the dreamer half life Taoist and threw it on him when he was sleeping at the direction of the dreamer. In the twinkling of an eye, the dreamer half life Taoist woke up.

“Just do this, and you can wake up the dreamer.”

Dream chasing humanity. In fact, the dream catching means he taught Bingyi is very single and rigid. After all, people’s dream light is strange. Not everyone’s dream will have their own image. To catch a dream, we must first find the meaning of various things in the dream, crack the dream, and then find the things that represent the dreamer in the dream, induce him to change back to himself, and then we can catch it and wake it up.

But in this case, it’s no problem to give it to C Yi. After all, the Yu brothers and others fell into a nightmare. They appeared in their real image. Just catch the dream, find it and catch it.

“It’s dangerous to catch dreams. Don’t vote for the wrong person.”

The dreamer warned that if the dreamer’s image in the dream is a monster, or if the dreamer catches the monster image and throws it on the dreamer, the dreamer will be crazy as a monster when he wakes up! If his strength can’t compete with chasing dreams and can’t find his true self, he will go crazy forever and sink completely.

This is very dangerous and cruel. Chasing dreams is good at killing dreams, especially killing butchers and tour guides. That’s why. In the butcher guide’s dream, they almost don’t think they are human. It can be said that the only mistake in chasing dreams is on the life playing people.

Thinking of this, longan’s eyes were deep, but the next moment he exclaimed, “what are you doing???”

After waking up the half life Taoist, Wei Xun grabbed himself and threw him to the ground while the dream catching effect had not disappeared! He didn’t sleep, and there was no sleeping person on the ground. Bingyi in a dark blue cloak stood beside Wei Xun like smoke!

His expression seemed a little surprised, then he lifted the corners of his mouth and showed a smile. The smile was evil and seductive. His thin lips opened gently, attracting his soul like poppies, but Wei Xun smelled a strange smell of pollution from the virtual shadow! However, without waiting for him to feel it carefully, a hiss of spitting out a letter stopped the action of the virtual image of the dream. The next second, he was directly broken up by the flying dream chasing dragon.

“It’s dangerous!”

“Do you want to be crazy?” the dream chasing dragon scolded severely

“He is not another you.”

An Xuefeng said that he knew what Wei Xun wanted to try: “he was just in the dream of half life Taoist. He impressed you.” Everyone has a lot of faces and shows different in front of teachers, family and friends. It can be said that the people everyone knows are one-sided, and this one-sided will be distorted and magnified in the dream.

“It’s not! I’m not thinking!”

Half life Taoist immediately got rid of it. He would never dream of such a tempting goblin Wei Xun! He doesn’t want to be beaten by an Xuefeng!

“After fusing the dream virtual image, you will become very strong and double your strength in an instant, but you will also be seriously affected.”

Dream chasing dragon calmed down and talked about its advantages and disadvantages with C. He is a crazy murderer who joined the half life Taoist dream. After integrating the virtual shadow of the dream, Wei Xun himself will be affected by this’ crazy murderer ‘. This can also be regarded as a kind of mental pollution.

“Don’t talk nonsense. I don’t think Cuidao is a crazy murderer.”

Half life Taoist vigilantly said, “he has always been the son of heaven in my heart. Well, he is honest, calm, masculine and pure -”

It’s not that tempting feeling!

“If half my life thinks I’m the son of heaven, will I become lucky after integrating virtual shadows?”


In fact, the fusion of dream phantom is indeed a means of increasing strength in a short time, and the strength suddenly erupts is stronger. However, mental pollution is much more difficult to remove than □□ deformity – □□ deformity, vision and hearing will eventually point to mental pollution. The fusion of dream phantom is equivalent to overtaking directly in a bend.

This is also a common means for dream chasers. His alienation state is very strange. Half of his brain can rest and dream and half of his brain can stay awake. In this way, dream hunting can be called self-sufficiency, and dream chasers have the means to guide the image of dreams. He wanted to dream that he was proficient in gun shooting, swimming and skiing, holding his breath, a big turtle and so on.

In theory, dreams are real and there are infinite possibilities. But Bingyi’s dream was different. At that moment, the dream chasing dragon felt extremely dangerous, just as Bingyi’s dream virtual shadow was alive – he would live! He looked at an Xue snake and found that his eyes were also dignified.

An Xuefeng also felt it. This is not an illusion.

There seems to be some terrible secret hidden in C Yi. Even if it is only a dream virtual image, which is dreamed by others, his dream virtual image will vaguely bring out a sense of danger.

“Don’t bring out your dream illusion.”

The dream chasing dragon finally asked. Wei Xun’s eyes flashed and guessed what might be wrong, but he didn’t ask much. Just answered and asked.

“Is it okay if I take someone else?”


The dreamer was absent-minded and replied that he was still thinking about the third dream. He hurried to say goodbye to them and wanted to go back to study. An Xuefeng talked with Wei Xun Mi about Wei Xun who was entangled by cocoons and silk during the first heart dissection. His eyes, tone and expression felt completely different.

He will always remember Wei Xun’s expression at that time. The beautiful young man like an elf looked at him with a smile, as if he had changed a person. No matter his eyes, voice or actions, they all revealed the most primitive temptation, like trying to hook the deepest thing of the moving soul, no one could resist – at that time, he thought Wei Xun was controlled by butterfly fragments, but was it really so?

Butterfly fragments have their own thoughts, which is still two, just one. Wei Xun and as like as two peas of the red sand giants, they absorbed a lot of pollution in the north latitude thirty degrees. They had mastered blood sucking knives, chest wounds, and butterfly fragments, which caused the cocoon filament to be entangled.

But an Xuefeng is right beside Wei Xun. He clearly sees that Wei Xun is normal this time. He was really influenced by butterfly fragments, but the influence was only the extreme desire for fusion butterfly fragments and the hunger for pollution. He didn’t become like another person.

Now think about it, an Xuefeng can’t help feeling creepy.

If the change of Wei Xun’s character was not caused by butterfly fragments, what would it be?

Wei Xun actually doesn’t remember many things, most of his childhood, his parents and so on. And he will not feel pain and lack of negative emotions. If you don’t say it’s a disease, his condition is actually very similar to that after slicing.

At the first thoracotomy, Wei Xun was deprived of “painless” and “cool” because of the doomsday punishment of gambling. It can also be said that he recovered the pain and some negative emotions for a short time. Will this cause some changes? If you say so

“Slicing, in fact, can’t be regarded as an entity.”

An Xuefeng said, “part of the lost half life Taoist may be hidden in the keepsake of the ancient oasis.”

Only when the keepsake is fully activated can the lost part come back under the influence of many parties, just like the gradual recovery of half life Taoist.

Is there anything hidden in Wei Xun’s dream?


Wei Xun was also thinking about it. He thought that when he fainted in pain and dreamed, the dream was darker, like something calling him, trying to immerse him deeper. At that time, if an Xuefeng hadn’t been calling outside until he woke him up, Wei Xun might have really sunk down to watch.

He was so curious that an unspeakable sense of excitement and trembling surged up his back. Is there something hidden in my dream? He seemed to feel something vaguely, but he couldn’t see it clearly.

“Be stronger.”

Before parting, an Xuefeng finally said to Wei Xun. He didn’t say how careful he was, nor did he forbid Wei Xun to spy on his dreams like the dreamer. Only this sentence spoke to Wei Xun’s heart.

You have to be stronger to unlock more secrets. But

After returning to Shawo, Wei Xun saw Chen Cheng at first sight. He leaned against the cave with his sword and closed his eyes to sleep. As soon as Wei Xun came back, he opened his eyes and politely said hello. But Wei Xun saw that the man was very vigilant to him, just as tourists were to tour guides.

Alas, the tour guide is like this, and the passengers will definitely be on guard. Even the previous discussions within their brigade completely avoided Wei Xun, and even intentionally or unintentionally separated him from the “hundred old two”. Wei Xun understood at a glance. Chen Cheng’s team wanted to use him as a tour guide.

It is worthy of being brought out by the first brigade in those years. It has its own routine to deal with tour guides. These tourists are not afraid of the guide, but are on guard against the guide. If he doesn’t do a good job of furnishings, I’m afraid he will end up the same as the paralyzed Western guide.

However, the journey of this scene repetition… Needs the good cooperation of Chen Cheng brigade.

Wei Xun nodded coldly and passed Chen Cheng and them.

Wei Xun is not in a hurry. He has his own way to integrate into the brigade.

*  *

At more than seven o’clock the next morning, everyone in Chen Cheng brigade woke up. When we were packing the camels, Chen Cheng took a look outside. When he came back, he said that the wind and sand outside had not stopped.

The sandstorm outside hasn’t stopped all day and night. The sand nest they took refuge from almost collapsed. Fortunately, the wind is much less than last night, and we can barely get on the road. When they climbed out of the sand nest, they saw that all the traces of chaos were covered by yellow sand. Cheng Tianbao and Tang Shuang, who went to get water, came back distressed and said that most of the water points were buried in sand.

“If this sandstorm happens again, I’m afraid this oasis will disappear into the desert forever.”

Cheng Tianbao sighed and distributed the kettle to everyone: “I’m afraid it’s difficult to find water after passing this place. If you can drink enough, you can drink it and then fill it.”

While talking, he covered his mouth and burped, which relaxed the slightly dignified atmosphere.

“Cloud, what do you say?”

When distributing the kettle, Tang Shuang found he Yun and nuzui. It obviously refers to the back of the camel team wearing a dark blue guide cloak.

“Very silent, don’t talk much, and don’t blackmail.”

He Yun came to think about it and added, “it looks easy to get along with. It’s not the kind of trouble. It’s very quiet.”

He remembered C’s smile, which sounded very good.

“C is just a tour guide. I’m sure I don’t dare blackmail our metaphysics.”

Tang Shuang smiled, but his eyes were alert and alert. Although most of them are still in the Laoshan brigade, basically everyone knows that they are the best newcomer recruited by metaphysics at the end of the decade. It can be said that after ten years of battlefield, Chen Cheng will become the leader of metaphysics brigade and they will also become metaphysics team members.

Metaphysics is the first brigade in the eastern district. It has a great reputation. It is afraid that there are many tour guides, but there are also many tour guides who want to destroy them. Didn’t the west side guide just want to kill them? But ruined himself.

The tour guide who can fill the seat is not randomly selected by the hotel, but robbed in. I don’t know what this C-I is and what I think of them.

Now the members of the brigade are in general condition. The attack last night made the Yu brothers and Zhu Yuande depressed. Next, they traveled a long way in the desert where sandstorm is still blowing. Chen Cheng was afraid that several of them would get sick. He asked Liu Hongyu, the doctor of the team, to help check them.

“If you want me to sew wounds, clear wounds and dig abscesses, I’m ok. I’m really not good at mental and psychological problems.”

After the examination, Liu Hongyu smiled bitterly. His eyes were very calm and steady. He looked 27 years old, but for doctors, this age was a little young. In reality, Liu Hongyu has just entered the hospital and is still rotating soon.

“I know.”

Chen Cheng has a heavy heart. Last night, Yu’s brother and sister and Zhu Yuande encountered giants and monsters in their dream. This is a super dangerous journey of extreme survival mixed myths and legends, which does not contain supernatural elements. The giants they dreamed of should not be ghosts and monsters.

This is more like a strong spiritual hint or illusion. It is said that there are many minerals hidden in the depths of the desert. There are some highly radioactive minerals. After touching, they will distort and affect people’s nerves and make people die in dreams. Chen Cheng thought of the old giant’s face and dizzy terrible eyes.


He shook his head. Even if the old and disabled giants chase after them again, they can’t fight with their eyes covered. It’s meaningless to think about it.

In the early morning, the brigade was ready to set out. When they entered the journey, they were equipped with a total of 20 camels, carrying people and materials, but now there are only 10 camels left. All the people will be enough, and they will also carry the excavated monster bones and horns. If the weather is good, they all have to come down and walk, so that the camels can only carry materials such as tents to save their strength, There is absolutely no spare camel to give to the new guide.

Bailaoer is easy to talk. Chen Cheng told him in advance that it is Bingyi

Before departure, Chen Cheng found Bingyi and politely said, “guide Bingyi, we should start. You ride my camel…”

He is ready to give his camel to C Yi. By the way, he tries to test the real temperament of the guide. If there is a problem, he will make him a half dead paralytic before departure, just like the guide in the Western District, which will not hinder him. But at the moment when he came near, Chen Cheng’s back was cold. He saw a tall and terrible shadow standing behind Bingyi in the wind and sand all over the sky!

The light was dim and the visibility was so low that Chen Cheng couldn’t see it in the distance. Now they are very close! The dark shadow is nearly three meters high. Like a devil, C-I highlights its height! Is it a giant?? Why are there giants here?? When the giant opened his mouth fiercely, Chen Cheng conditionally pulled out his sword, but he heard it roar loudly and hoarsely:


Then it roared and fell to its knees, arched its big head into C Yi’s arms, and its big mouth can be half as tall as C.

Seeing that C threw dates into the giant’s mouth, Chen Cheng finally couldn’t believe that he recognized it. The giant was the little sand lent by the boss 100 to them! However, how the two meter tall giant cub grew to three meters so quickly is still an unsolved mystery. What Chen Cheng can’t understand is Xiaosha’s cry and practice – when did Bingyi get so familiar with Xiaosha?? What Chen Cheng can’t understand is still ahead!

Chen Cheng:???

“Good morning, team Chen. Is this going to start?”

The young one hundred and two didn’t know when to stand with C Yi, smiled and greeted him: “let’s go, you can ride your camel – Hey!”

Chen Cheng watched as a hundred old boys came to C Yi, bowed down and carried C Yi on his back.

“Team Chen.”

He rode on half life’s back and half life sat on Xiao Sha’s shoulder. The giant cub more than three meters tall stood up. Wei Xun was condescending, carrying a light on his back and a shadow under his hood. He was smiling at Chen Cheng.

“Let’s go.”


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