TTG Chapter 375

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 375: The Sahara of Death (51)

“Don’t you think it’s strange to sit on Xiao Sha’s shoulder carrying me?”

Shortly after departure, Wei Xun was interested in asking half life with a lead wire. To tell the truth, he didn’t expect that half life would habitually carry him directly. What Wei Xun wanted was to stand with half life, talk a little closer, let Chen Cheng see it with his own eyes, and then sit on Xiaosha’s shoulder.

Xiaosha is the pet of boss 100, and can also be regarded as the pet of boss 100. His sweet words make bailaoer like, so bailaoer let his pet carry him, which is normal.

It’s a little too scary to recite him directly. Wei Xun looked back at him at will. He saw Chen Cheng, the leader of the camel team behind him, looking at him keenly and showing a friendly smile at him. Then he immediately rode the camel and hurried to his side, asking and looking at him, as if he thought director C had something to say.

“You scared team Chen.”

Wei Xun whispered and smiled with half his life.

It’s really frightening. From the start to now, Chen Cheng has kept the other team members close behind him, riding a camel and closely following Xiaosha. He said he was giving C-I a general introduction to his journey. In fact, he kept staring at him for fear that he might do something.

“I’m not conditioned.”

Half his life was speechless. In fact, he regretted jumping on Xiaosha’s shoulder with Wei Xun on his back. He is now a teenager, and Wei Xun is more or less tall. In the normal posture of back, Wei Xun had to drag his feet to the ground. Half of his life was trying to carry him up. It looked like Wei Xun rode on his back, which was normal.

But now he sat on Xiaosha’s shoulder, and Wei Xun’s foot, which he carried on his back, directly stepped on Xiaosha’s shoulder and stood up. This posture is as strange as it is. Wei Xun didn’t bend himself much, so he simply sat on Xiaosha’s shoulder with half life, one left and one right. But Chen Cheng was deeply impressed before, and he simply made mistakes.

In this journey, absolute power and deterrence are easier to get involved in a brigade than blindly showing weakness. Especially now Xiao Sha and half life can be said to be the killer mace invited by Chen Cheng brigade. They are the strongest. He will be more cautious before he can’t figure out how C-1 is involved in the relationship with them.

“Ahead is the black desert.”

Wei Xun said, “when you get to the black desert, the sandstorm will be smaller. Passengers can rest there.”

The black-and-white desert of the Sahara is a very famous landscape, which is usually visited by tourists from Cairo. The so-called black desert is actually that the sand is covered with black basalt. Countless years of desertification has weathered the rocks into countless black stones of different sizes. At first glance, it looks like reefs baked by fire *.

At the end of the black desert, there is a black volcanic hill. The volcanic minerals erupted thousands of years ago form today’s Black Rock Hill.

Without the bare sand surface, the floating sand rolled up by the sandstorm will naturally be small. While talking, the brigade climbed over a sand dune and the scene was amazing.

The black desert is like a coal mountain. It is clear that there are still golden sand grains at the bottom of the sand dune, but the more up, the darker and thicker the black, as if it could absorb all the light, which is desolate and spectacular. At the edge of the black desert, the sandstorm has indeed become smaller, leaving only the whistling wind and the unbearable high temperature. It seems that it has been reduced, making people feel much more comfortable. Even the half life Taoist is amazed.

But half life is strong enough to want to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Chen Cheng’s face is more and more dignified, because the camels refused to leave before they came to the black desert! Only the giant Xiaosha can move forward without any difference.

Tang Shuang got off his camel and tried to drag it away, but the camel stood still with its neck. Looking at him, Chen Cheng’s camel came directly to Tang Shuang and sprayed saliva on his head.

The camel team had to stop in front of the black desert, and everyone frowned. It is impossible to make a detour. Looking around, there are layers of dark sand dunes on the left and right. Looking forward, you can vaguely see that there is normal yellow sand thousands of meters away. The shape of this black desert is similar to the dumbbells at both ends. Going straight is the shortest distance.

The best luck Zhu Yuande and captain Chen Cheng got off the camel and went to the front to explore the way with guide C riding Xiaosha. Xiaosha can carry up to three people and run fast. They will come back in about a quarter of an hour. Leave the other team members to discuss first. Chen Cheng is not too worried about the remaining team members. After all, the hundred second child is also left.

“Does this mean that we can’t ride camels from the black desert to the petrochemical forest. Do we have to walk?”

Cheng Tianbao worried that the camel was a “means of transportation”. It was prepared by the hotel after they entered the desert, just like an off-road vehicle. The camel refused to leave. Maybe it was the hotel’s request – next, it was not allowed to use transportation, but to rely on manpower.

“It’s possible that walking in a sandstorm is the ultimate survival.”

Tang Shuang first agreed, but then said, “but if we just walk, we can’t get to the petrochemical forest before 12 o’clock in the afternoon.”

Walking in the desert would have taken more physical strength, not to mention now that the sun is out and the temperature is gradually rising. Even the wind has a burning force. Even wearing a scarf, veil and goggles, you can feel the dryness and heat. The black desert in front of us is more like absorbing a lot of heat. I don’t know if it’s an illusion. The air over there looks distorted.

“If you shouldn’t get off the camel, there is a problem in the black desert.”

The hotel gave them wild camels with only one hump, and its size is twice that of ordinary camels. It is said that wild camels are the spirits of the desert. Only they can take people out of the desert in bad sandstorms. All the coats of the camels in the camel team are light sand yellow. In the sun, they are almost white and become light milk yellow. In particular, when Chen Cheng rides the camel, the coat is light to almost white, which is more miraculous.

It’s the one who spit on Tang Shuang just now.

“What danger is there? Wild camels should be able to sense it.”

Tang Shuang took off his scarf, shook and rolled in the hot sand. After a while, the scarf dried and the sand shook off. He Yun, standing next to him, was shocked:

“It’s so dry. The guide just said that the black desert was caused by volcanic eruption thousands of years ago. Maybe there are radioactive minerals buried here.”

If there is a radiation mine, plants do not grow, animals do not exist, and people will lose their way in it, which can be explained.

“You can’t doubt that there are radiation mines whenever you encounter a dead land. I’ve heard that the formation principle of the black desert on the other side of Cairo is the same as that here. It’s OK for tourists to go in and play.”

Yu’s brother Yu Hexuan argued, “maybe there’s something ghost in the black desert that only the eyes of wild camels can see.”

“It is said that the black desert is the punishment of God. There is no grass here, and no animals will set foot in it. It is a desolate and vast dead land. Any adventurer who wants to set foot in this dead land will be tempted by the devil to lose his direction and stay here forever.”

There are mythological elements in their journey, mythology and extreme environment. If there are problems, think in these two directions.

“I think this black sand is hotter than ordinary sand. Can it be that camels can’t stand this temperature?”

Yu’s sister Yu feiluan whispered, revealing her palm. A bubble was burned on her finger! It’s strange that after arriving at the black desert, the air temperature is obviously lower than that outside, but the black sand is more hot, just as these special black sand absorb all the heat!

“The sand is really hot.”

He Yun was surprised. One of his hands was covered with long hair and became a stiff hand. He tried to grasp a black sand. Even with stiff and tough skin, his hands were scalded and took off a layer of skin.

This is not ordinary hot sand, but more like some mythical supernatural and cursed hot black sand. However, the people of Chen Cheng brigade are very flexible. They try to cover the yellow sand on the lacquer black stone sand. Sure enough, the camel is willing to go on! As long as something covers the black sand, there is no problem.

But the problem is that the black desert in front of them is so vast that they can’t sprinkle sand all the way. Moreover, he Yunlai found that a quarter of an hour later, the yellow sand in contact with the black sand turned black. He didn’t know whether it was mixed or how to do it. It looked like the yellow sand was polluted.

“A quarter of an hour is enough.”

“I have a Frost Rune here. I can try to freeze the yellow sand together.”

“There are too few frost falling symbols, and too much sand is consumed. We can’t shop all the way. The yellow sand will be dyed black in a quarter of an hour!”

The team members think this is the time limit of the scenic spot. They should pass through the black desert in a quarter of an hour. If you go directly, it must be enough time, but if you transport yellow sand back and forth, it may be.

“I can swallow sand.”

He Yun swallowed a lot of yellow sand. He has the title of dark blue, Mao Jiang. He used to exercise in the direction of steel muscles and iron bones, but his title has changed since he was bitten by the old disabled giant. He can swallow an unusually large amount of yellow sand. If there is so much yellow sand, he doesn’t have to worry about the time limit!

When he Yun came to swallow a small sand dune, even the half life Taoist gave a surprised exclamation.

This zombie has a future! Half life Taoist priest is an old corpse man. Of course, he knows what zombies are more extraordinary, but his expression becomes dignified.

“He Yunlai’s title has changed… It seems to be polluted”

Half life whispered to Wei Xun. In history, he Yunlai will die this morning. Half life Taoist paid more attention to him all the way – because he Yunlai was swept away and roasted into a corpse by a sandstorm. He paid more attention to the sandstorm, but now half life Taoist’s attention has fallen on himself.

The title of variation is extremely unstable and has not been tested in all aspects of the system, especially when it comes to pollution. Maybe something will go wrong at any time. Chen Cheng’s brigade discussed that they wanted to try to pave the way with water rune, Frost Rune and yellow sand in turn, but half of their life thought that if they could, it’s best not to let he Yun swallow the yellow sand outside.

Is the yellow sand on the black sand polluted into black, or will the yellow sand brought in, even if it does not touch the black sand, eventually be polluted and black?

After a little thought, half life Taoist felt creepy, but after thinking about team Chen, he didn’t stop, but just told Wei Xun. As a younger brother of a “businessman”, he can’t intervene too much. The only person who can properly change all this is the guide Wei Xun.

“Don’t worry, I’m back”

Wei Xun’s tone sounds very happy. What good thing has he found? Half life Taoist walked to the junction of yellow sand and black sand and looked around. Sure enough, he saw Xiaosha’s tall figure: “guide C, you said… Lying in the trough!!”

The hundred second child was so shocked that all the people in Chen Cheng brigade were on alert and quickly prepared for the battle. Looking forward, the hearts of the people jumped violently. The hundred second child fell into a sand pit hundreds of meters wide and tens of meters deep! No, it’s not so much a sand pit as a sand road, because it spread forward from the part where the half life Taoist fell, and the black sand gravel collapsed one by one. It turned out that the boundless black desert in front of us was only the most surface layer!

Is this a strange landform formed naturally or a natural trap?? Did the old crippled giant run ahead and want to catch them all? But the half life man who had fallen into the bunker suddenly understood what was going on. He was holding a broken black stone plate in his hand, and it smashed into a pale yellow gel like liquid.

Baby corn!

The black sand in front of me seems to be OK, but it’s all stuck by mucus! Moreover, the sand layer is eaten very thin, and people will collapse directly when they walk on it! Sure enough, looking further ahead along the sand tunnel, half life Taoist priest could vaguely see the soft yellow worm buttocks – the collapsed sand tunnel just extended to the feet of Wei Xun and Chen Cheng!

“The monster of the Sahara?”

Wei Xun, riding on Xiaosha’s shoulder, raised his eyebrows and deliberately pretended to be very gloomy. Half life Taoist knew as soon as he heard it. There must be something Wei Xun wanted in the black sand. He sent corn shoots to eat. Thinking of the half life Taoist’s cooperation, he laughed and said, “I’m scared. This is an adult’s pet.”

“It’s hard to come out. Let it go and eat earth.”

With that half life, the man shook his head and kicked the corn shoot. Before the corn shoot reacted, Wei Xun cooperated to receive it into the ball of the devil bug. This visual effect is like half life Taoist kicking the worm away.

“There is fire in these black sands.”

Wei Xun said happily. He didn’t expect to find it so soon! These black sands are faintly carrying fire, and his mixed flames become more active as soon as they come in. The black desert and fossil forest are all formed by volcanic eruptions. Wei Xun believes that this is their protective connection. The fire and gas of the black desert may be the key point for the incubation of stone eggs in the petrochemical forest!

But the fire can be felt but can’t be touched. Wei Xun picked up the black sand, but he can’t feel the fire from the black sand in his hand. It seems that only enough sand get together, they will bring this special change.

Then let the corn shoots eat. If one corn shoot is not enough, take Tong Hege to eat. Tong Hege can even fit the snake bones. Wei Xun thought very well, but soon he was surprised.

Tong Hege can’t eat black sand. These sand can’t be loaded into his golden elixir space.

I was so happy to eat the corn shoots. I wanted to share it with my father. I whispered that the sand was meat and very fragrant! It tastes like Dad!

Wei Xun asked which father he was? The corn shoots puffed and finally said it was the slender father. He pretended to cry and said that he just wanted to chew, not to eat dad QAQ

Slender dad? Ann snow snake? An Xuefeng also let the corn shoots chew?

Meaty sand can’t fit into Tong Hege’s golden elixir, black sand, snake

Thinking of the black sand giant, Wei Xun understood.

This seemingly calm black sand is actually “alive”.

“The businessman we met at the oasis shopping point, this is his worm.”

Chen Cheng smiled at C. he seemed to be a little afraid of the giant worm, and he was a little relieved.

It seems that Bai Laoer didn’t tell him anything. Just now he went out to explore something. Chen Cheng was also testing the depth of C. he took Zhu Yuande to predict good and bad. But Zhu Yuande didn’t feel anything, and Chen Cheng didn’t dig anything out of C’s mouth. It seems that he is really interested in the black desert.

“It’s so deep, but below the black sand is the normal yellow sand!”

Knowing that it was the pet of the boss 100, the brigade was relieved and surprised. They found that the bottom of the sand path dug by the worm was normal yellow sand – they also dug black sand just now, but there was still black sand under the black sand. It seems that the excavation was not deep enough.

“Through the black sand to the normal yellow sand, a straight-line distance of two kilometers.”

Chen Cheng said that they had explored the distance across the black desert. Two kilometers is not long. Although it is only a straight-line distance, it is not a sand dune, but at a glance, the sand path eaten by the worms is almost one kilometer. After one thousand meters, you can climb over two black sand dunes and go out. These yellow sand Heyun can eat them.

After looking at Bingyi, he saw that he had no other objection. Chen Cheng brigade took camels down the sand road and began to cross the black desert. But Chen Cheng’s nerves have been tense – most of the businessmen’s help is related to the next scenic spot, that is to say, the black desert in front of him is probably closely related to the petrochemical forest.

The merchant’s worm can drive half the sand path directly, which shows that the strength of this help is within the hotel rules – that is, the deeper danger in the black desert is actually in the second half of the way.

The second half… He Yunlai doesn’t swallow enough sand? Is there a problem with paving sand roads? Or are there other dangers? While thinking, the sand path drilled by the worm has finished. Mao Jiang He Yun jumps to it and spits out the yellow sand. Yu’s brothers and sisters freeze the yellow sand into a hard sand plate with frost falling symbols. Even the camel carrying luggage has no problem walking up.

Soon the team went out for hundreds of meters. As long as they crossed another sand dune, they could cross the black desert. The wind was getting stronger and stronger. The sky in the distance was gray and yellow. The sandstorm began to grow again. They were about to go out of the black desert, and the temperature gradually increased. The frost fall sign can’t freeze the sand for a long time. The floating sand is easy to be blown by the strong wind. The camels began to stir. He Yun came to run before and after to make up the sand.

Finally, the foremost Chen Cheng walked out of the black desert, followed by Tang Shuang and Cheng Tianbao… Most people passed the black desert, but Chen Cheng’s mood was getting worse and worse. He simply got off the camel, quickly returned to the junction between the yellow sand and the black sand, and watched the team members pass through the black desert one by one.

Where is the danger?

He looked at the end of the team. At the end of the team was the broken guide Bingyi and he Yunlai, who ran back and forth to make up the sand. From a distance, the yellow sand road covered on the black sand dunes is as glittering as gold. A quarter of an hour is coming, but they are out of the black desert. But Chen Cheng was still worried. He took a closer look.

This is the eye. Chen Cheng’s pupil shrinks suddenly! He saw that all the yellow sand turned into black sand, which was no different from the black desert, and the whole black desert began to flow. No, not flow. These black sand suddenly burst out countless small black snakes tangled together!


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