TTG Chapter 376

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 376: The Sahara of Death (52)

For a moment, the black desert seemed to be the mud kneaded by the devil’s big hands, and could no longer maintain the original shape of the sand dune. A large number of thick black thin snakes rushed to them like spraying flowing magma. Chen Cheng standing on the edge of black sand and yellow sand only felt that his feet were soft and hot. It turned out that the black sand at his feet had become hot and hot black snakes!

“Run, run!”

He shouted fiercely. He grabbed He Yun with his sword and threw him out. At the same time, Chen Cheng suddenly took out the scabbard of the Hanshan sword on his back. He boldly pulled out his sword and cut it off. In an instant, the frost splashed and frozen the snakes. The sword was full of Qi. The snow-white frost covered countless lacquer black snakes. The castration continued and spread to the last third one!

“Captain Chen, be careful.”

But listening to a hoarse smile, the orange Phoenix fire burst into flames, blocking the splashing frost and countless small black snakes. The fire was burning all around C, the dark blue cloak made a sound of hunting, a wisp of white hair leaked from the edge of the blown hood and put it on the too pale cheek, and the slightly curled hair tip was bent at the corner of the slightly hooked mouth.

However, in a second, Xiaosha jumped out of the black desert with Bingyi, but what’s terrible is that behind Xiaosha, there are dense black snakes crawling all over its big feet, legs and back like mites. Even if he ran a hundred meters away, he was still firmly attached to Xiaosha. The giant Xiaosha seemed very afraid. The black snake climbing on it began to cry, and the cry was deafening.

“In a moment of urgency, there is much to offend.”

Chen Chengxi apologized to C Yi and threw out a wink to keep other teammates away. He scraped the frosted black snake behind the small sand with the Hanshan sword, and the black ditches and gullies on the back of the small sand were like mud. When he touched them with the sword, they seemed to return to normal. The black sand rustled down and disappeared in the air, but there was a few invisible black fog around Chen Cheng, as if it had made some marks, and the color of the Hanshan sword became darker.

“This is a curse, or pollution.”

Chen Cheng’s eyes darkened, reminding the third one who wanted to touch the black snake with fire: “it’s better not –”

But just as he spoke, Bingyi had controlled the fusion flame to roll over Xiaosha’s left leg. A strange thing happened. All the black snakes rolled by the flame were “sticky” away. However, they were not burned by the flame, but hung on the flame like water and oil, which looked particularly shocking.

Wei Xun found that he could no longer recover the fusion flame. The flame with “black oil” was like being occupied and could no longer blend with other flames. Wei Xun tentatively picked up a fire bomb. There was fire outside and “black oil” full of curse pollution inside. With a flick of his finger, the fire ball floated up and down his fingertips like a yo yo.

Wei Xun’s eyes lit up! When frozen, it turns back to black sand. When it meets the flame, it can melt. It cannot be destroyed by the fusion flame, but it can exist in the flame. Chen Cheng is right. The black snake is indeed full of curse and pollution, but for Wei Xun, it can also be regarded as a ‘special’ flame!

‘father! Father! Spicy hot pot, spicy hot pot! ”

Wei Xun communicated with the devil insect ball and corn shoots a little, and heard it for a while, happily, whining and pretending to cry, hissing, hissing, hissing, hissing. Before, when the corn shoots were eating pollution, it hurt, greedy and wanted to eat. It couldn’t describe the taste of the food. Wei Xun casually said, “this is spicy hot pot”. As a result, the corn shoots remembered it.

Across the magic insect ball, the black sand swallowed by corn shoots has also changed. Wei Xun remembers this. The scalding black snake can burn through the skin of corn shoots, but since eating the star driller worm, the resilience of corn shoots has become stronger and fatter. The black snake burns a layer of skin and it can grow another layer (and secretly eats the hot skin)

Seeing that it didn’t have much impact, Wei Xun didn’t let the corn shoots digest all the spicy hot pot, but kept it first, and then it must be useful.

Wei Xun feels that his fusion flame has changed subtly. His orange Title task of “world bright mythical fire” has made progress, but he can’t see the change without the prompt of the hotel! However, Wei Xun could also feel that the progress was not great – the black oil was not a real flame, but more like Nezha’s theory, the “fire gas” left after the fire burned thousands of years ago

The black snake was really not an open fire. Wei Xun observed that the back of Xiaosha’s hind legs climbed by the black snake. His hair was scorched and broken when touched. His skin was as dry and contracted as if it had been roasted by fire, as if he had squeezed all the water from his skin. The scorched black that has not been burned by the open fire is even more frightening and strange.

This change

Wei Xun looked thoughtfully at he Yunlai not far away and worried. He Yunlai looked normal now and didn’t suddenly cover his stomach □□. Chen Cheng asked Doctor Liu Hongyu to examine him in detail. He also felt that no matter what sand was not good. He vomited he Yunlai, but he didn’t vomit anything.

In other words, there may be other changes in the human stomach from yellow sand to black sand.

Corn shoots mainly swallowed black sand and yellow sand, but they were all mixed together. It doesn’t notice any difference. Maybe the yellow sand changes more slowly – or it has become something temporarily inactive.

Since there are black snakes, why can’t there be snake eggs.

Wei Xun found Cheng Tianbao, slapped him on the shoulder and quietly took back the butterfly in his body. Then he asked Dieda to pollute the “black oil” of the flame. He succeeded. The distortion of Dieda was better than the pollution of black oil. Wei Xun scattered the flame before Chen Cheng saw it.

Seeing that “black oil” turned into black sand in the process of falling, and then was swept away by the wind, Chen Cheng, who had been watching Bingyi, changed his face slightly and immediately covered his mouth and nose. At the same time, they solemnly ordered the team members to cover their mouths and noses, wear goggles and check their bodies. They must not bring out any black sand!

“The black desert seems to have changed back.”

After leaving the black desert, the just sunny sky darkened for a moment, but the wind was getting stronger and stronger near the afternoon. The wind was full of faint yellow sand dust, and the sandstorm became severe. Time was pressing. After the inspection, the brigade people got on the camels and began to run towards the Petrochemical forest. Zhu Yuande looked behind him with lingering fear and found that the layers of dark sand dunes were still standing on the boundless desolate desert, The twisted black snake erupted before seemed like an illusion.

“Captain, I don’t think something’s right.”

Zhu Yuande drove the camel to catch up with Chen Cheng and shouted at him. The wind is deafening. I can’t hear clearly without talking loudly. Zhu Yuande is the one with the best luck. He feels something wrong. That means there must be something wrong. Chen Cheng slowed down and asked Tang Shuang to take the lead on a camel. He tried to listen to Zhu Yuande’s words. He heard his voice raging. The wind was faint and wanted to be blown away.

“The heat is still there! I think we’re still in the black desert!”

Still in the black desert?!

Chen Cheng’s heart jumped and suddenly looked at the sky. The visibility of sandstorm is very low. It is almost dark at night. The strong wind can’t tell whether it is black sand or yellow sand. It can only feel that the temperature is getting higher and higher, as if with fire. The petrochemical forest is not far ahead, but the situation is suddenly critical.

“Use the frost falling symbol!”

But Chen Cheng was ready! Before starting from the black desert, he asked the Yu brothers and sisters to take out all the remaining frost falling runes, at least two for each person. Now it just works. Zhu Yuande immediately used the frost falling symbol. At the moment of the frightful cold, his body suddenly became black, like countless black fine sand falling from the wind – the sandstorm was mixed with black sand!

Everyone used the frost falling symbol, and the situation improved instantly, but Chen Cheng still turned the camel and ran to the end of the team. After coming out of the black desert, C Yi said he wanted to break the back, which was far behind their camel team.

The only one in the team who didn’t have the Frost Rune was Bingyi – he didn’t pick up the Rune of Chen Cheng’s brigade. Whether Bingyi is confident or has other ideas, Chen Cheng has a cold mountain sword. He can come to Bingyi on the excuse of helping Bingyi through the difficulties of black sand with the sword. He really can’t see through this man.

However, just as Chen Cheng was about to ride a camel to the end of the team, he suddenly grabbed the camel reins and made him stop! Chen Cheng’s pupil shrinks suddenly. With a sword, he picks up the reins of the camel running away from his side and controls the camel. The camel’s back was empty without a shadow.

Someone left behind in the sandstorm!

Wei Xun, who deliberately stayed at the end, has been observing he Yunlai. He turned into a stiff state in the sandstorm to resist the crazy sand. His heavy body slowed the camel down and gradually fell to the end.

Wei Xun didn’t directly start with He Yun and made something that might be in his stomach. He is not sure about the current situation of he Yunlai and who he corresponds to.

In history, he Yunlai’s sandstorm disappeared at 12 noon and became a mummy when he was found at 11 pm. The psychic Lily didn’t see anything more detailed, but Wei Xun speculated a lot from it.

He Yunlai was not necessarily dead when he disappeared, because at 12 o’clock, Chen Cheng’s brigade had entered the petrochemical forest and had a task test in this scenic spot. Even if he looked for it, he could not leave the scope of the forest. There was no sandstorm in the petrochemical forest, and he Yunlai was not blown away.

That is to say, after he Yunlai disappeared, his body was still moving and followed Chen Cheng’s brigade into the petrochemical forest.

The man who died after he Yun came was Doctor Liu Hongyu, just in the early morning of this night. It was a coincidence that the psychic Lily didn’t see the cause of Liu Hongyu’s death. She just said that he was associated with he Yunlai’s death. Wei Xun suspects that what he Yunlai’s body did to Liu Hongyu during the autopsy led to his death.

A he Yunlai was involved in the death of two people, so Wei Xun didn’t dig up he Yunlai’s stomach and remove the contents at the first time. He wanted to confirm what the monster that killed Liu Hongyu was.

He Yunlai feels very hot. Obviously, he didn’t eat much today, but his stomach is bulging, like full of food, and he has an uncomfortable heartburn. He used to drink too much wine on an empty stomach at home.

It should have been too hard to induce vomiting just now.

He Yun thought that his stomach was weak and he would turn sour water in his stomach if he vomited too much. But just now he was clearly vomiting. Why did his stomach feel swollen again?


A light sound came from his stomach, like the sound of hunger, but he Yunlai felt fuller and even a little flustered. He felt that the situation was wrong. The burning hunger came from the deepest part of his stomach. He had drained his water. He Yunlai’s arm was dripping with blood. He had no intention to bite it. When he Yunlai reacted, he found that the frost falling symbol he held tightly in his hand was stained with blood and could not be used.

Something seems to be getting bigger in his stomach.

Thirsty and frightened, he Yunlai couldn’t help licking his lips before he found that his mouth had dried to the point of peeling. The situation was not good! He Yun opened his mouth, but found that he couldn’t speak at all, as if the vocal cord had been cut off. And he found himself urging the camel to speed up, like running to the front of the line, but it was not under his control!

What controls him, he can no longer control his body.

He Yunlai immediately became Mao Jiang with the title. The Zombie’s physique is better than that of people. The weakness disappeared in an instant. The feeling of fullness in his stomach weakened a lot. He can barely control his body again. He Yun opened his mouth, but he found that he still couldn’t speak, and his vocal cords were like being roasted.

The ominous premonition became heavier and heavier, and his body began to harden again and was about to lose control. He Yunlai did not hesitate to turn over the camel – that thing wanted to control him to run to the front, and in front of him were other teammates. He Yunlai thought of the yellow sand he swallowed and the black snakes after the yellow sand became black sand

He fell to the end of the team. Even if there was an accident, he wouldn’t drag too many people down.

But when he stepped on the sand, his fear seemed to spread. When he Yun came to turn over the camel, his brain was blank. In fact, he didn’t think too much, but instinctively did so. Now he regretted it. He wanted to let he Yun run. Mao Jiang had strong physical quality. He could catch up with the camel. He thought, he thought, who did he want to catch up with, and then opened his mouth.

Show him his throat.

What’s in his throat?

When the cold came, he Yun trembled and found a short soberness. No, this is not a desire for survival, but the monster in his body is affecting him! He Yunlai was frightened and found that he had caught up with Cheng Tianbao, and almost had to catch him! Cheng Tianbao used the frost falling symbol. The cold air from the overflow made him wake up for a short time, but soon he Yunlai found that his body was on the verge of losing control again.

He can’t speak. If he catches Cheng Tianbao, Tianbao will find something wrong with him, and the whole brigade will stop for him – they are a group, watching and helping each other is the creed of metaphysics, and they won’t give up anyone. The sandstorm is getting bigger and bigger, the belly is burning and bulging stronger and stronger, and even the throat seems to be full of things. What wants to drill out.

For a moment, countless thoughts flashed in he Yunlai’s brain, but his brain seemed to be blank. At the last second, he made a choice – he broke his leg.

If you break your leg, you can’t run, and you can’t catch up with Cheng Tianbao. Seeing the camel running away, he Yunlai limped and chased after him. He couldn’t tell whether it was the urge of the monster in his belly or his own will to survive. The salty drops of water fell. Were they tears? He didn’t know when he was full of tears. The wind and sand were getting bigger and bigger. He seemed to be drowned in a sandstorm.

But the next moment, he Yunlai was stunned to find that a camel suddenly turned back and ran towards him!

It’s the captain! The captain found him missing!

“Help me…”

The cry for help came from He Yun, but his heart fell into an ice cave for a moment. That’s not what he said. He didn’t say anything! It’s the monster hiding in his stomach and in his throat. Run, run! He Yunlai felt that his mouth was gradually opening. His tears flowed and his face was distorted. He couldn’t tell whether to cry or laugh. His throat swelled. Something opened his throat and opened his mouth to Chen Cheng who rushed over.

At he Yunlai’s throat, he quietly opened an eye – countless small black snakes were intertwined, and their bodies were covered with mucus, as if they had just hatched. The little snakes gathered into a ring and blocked his throat, like eyes.

“So it is.”

Just then, he Yunlai suddenly heard a chuckle behind him.

“Found it.”

The next moment someone covered his mouth from behind! When he Yun pounced on the snakes, a white, soft and light thing was stuffed into his mouth.


He Yunlai’s Adam’s Apple moved, and the snakes blocking his throat immediately drilled back.


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