TTG Chapter 377

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 377: The Sahara of Death (53)

Wei Xun put die Daqiang into he Yunlai’s mouth and covered his mouth, but he struggled desperately with he Yunlai. The monster controlling his body wanted to spit out the things from his mouth. Wei Xun was still not strong enough in the guide’s state, and he Yun could easily break away. But Wei Xun had expected this. The little sand behind him could cover he Yunlai’s mouth at any time – but at this time, A sharp sword soaked in frost fell out of thin air!

It’s Chen Cheng’s sword! But Wei Xun didn’t hide. He calmly, even with great interest, watched Chen Cheng’s cold mountain sword fall – he Yunlai stopped on his head and didn’t hit them. The cold crushed the black sand hidden in the sandstorm and turned it into ordinary sand.

Chen Cheng looks at C-11 and sees that they seem to have reached a tacit understanding. Chen Cheng holds he Yunlai’s shoulder, making him no longer struggle indiscriminately and more convenient for C-1’s action.

Chen Cheng is really an interesting person.

Wei Xun thought and ordered Xiao Sha to shoot directly behind him. At the next moment, a pair of huge hands directly covered he Yunlai’s whole face. These huge hands almost wrapped he Yunlai’s head. Not only his mouth, ears, nose, eyes, all the “holes” in his head were firmly pressed by his big hands and couldn’t break free.

However, Xiaosha began to cry. He was afraid of black sand pollution. He Yunlai looked like a man full of pollution. He did it all because of his loyalty to Wei Xun, but he was also very afraid, especially when he Yunlai’s struggle suddenly became more intense and his long hair penetrated the thick slurry of black pollution!

Through the butterfly, David Xun can know the dangerous situation in he Yunlai’s body. The distortion of the butterfly is far greater than the pollution of the black snake. The black snake it touches has grown snow-white and elegant cocoons, and the pollution has become the nourishment of the butterfly. However, there are too many black snakes in he Yunlai’s body, and the butterfly can’t directly pollute his whole body – this will make he Yunlai die!

So the countless small black snakes gathered in the stomach did not immediately lose their mobility. When they met strong enemies, their first reaction was not to escape, but to squeeze the power of their prey madly to speed up their growth. He Yunlai’s skin and muscles from the stomach immediately became dry and atrophied, and the dead body’s hair was dry and fragile, and the water was lost, It’s like squeezing a man alive into a mummy.

Seeing this scene, Wei Xun was relieved that he Yunlai’s body was in the shape of a corpse when he was found. The culprit was these black snakes. If they were not dried up by the sandstorm, there should be no more danger in the sandstorm. After confirming this point, guard Xun did not hesitate, directly pulled out the blood sucking knife and stabbed him into his stomach.

Seeing his move, Chen Cheng suddenly clenched the Hanshan sword. Even Chen Cheng didn’t expect that C’s hand should be so rough! But he didn’t stop it. He just inspired the chilly cold of Hanshan sword. He drew a circle around he Yunlai. The next moment, he saw that the dark red, narrow and thin long knife cut a fish from top to bottom. The tough zombie skin was easily cut like butter cut into a hot knife. What’s terrible is that the cut abdominal cavity didn’t shed a drop of blood, and the skin and meat in the inner cavity were scorched like being roasted.

And his abdominal cavity is full of black snakes! When the abdominal cavity was cut open, countless small black snakes wrapped in mucus rolled down. They entangled and gathered together, but they were as big as a football. They simply slipped like a fetal bag, just like a huge eyeball. Its front section was completely dark, but the black silk thin snake wrapped in elongated mucus at the back was covered with creepy white hair, which was creepy.


At the moment when the snakes fell, the cold mountain sword cut down fiercely to wipe out the snakes. However, Chen Cheng’s sword was held by the Yin Hong long sword on the way. Wei Xun had been sure to win these snakes. How could Chen Cheng kill them like this?

The swords and swords hit each other. The moment they fought, they roughly found out the strength of each other. Chen Cheng produced too many swords and consumed too much along the way. Although the sword momentum is not vain, its strength is much weaker, and its strength is equal to that of C-1. But what surprised Chen Cheng was that Mingming Bingyi’s knife was full of evil and disgusting. However, Bingyi’s knife technique was not evil and treacherous. It could be called plain and plain. There was not much fancy, but fast and accurate. It was completely inconsistent with the first impression of Bingyi.

A man can infer his character background and life experience by means of weapons. For a time, Chen Cheng almost wanted to fight with C again, but the next moment he saw C cough twice and spit out a mouthful of blood at will.

Chen Cheng:?!

The blood sucking knife still consumes too much. Wei Xun is weak and takes a breath. He won’t feel pain. He can only feel that his body is too weak. Wei Xun realizes that the power consumed is the kind that can squeeze him dry, whether it’s against a strong enemy or to open his stomach for He Yun. If you don’t suck enough energy, let him bleed.

It seems that it’s better to use the maniac’s knife under normal circumstances in the future.

“I want this snake.”

Chen Cheng was still immersed in C. when he vomited blood, he heard him throw down a word and the scarlet blade took advantage of the situation. In the instant they hit each other with their swords, the “eyeballs” wrapped around the snakes fell to the ground, smashed, and poured out countless small snakes wrapped in mucus. They wriggled and entangled together, as if they had just hatched from eggs. The disgusting people’s scalp was numb.

The next second, the little snakes shot away in all directions, as if they were trying to escape, but they were hitting the Mori frost circle marked by Chen Cheng!

The snakes were one of them. The snakes that rushed to the front suddenly turned into black sand, but before they died and injured too much, the sand suddenly sank. The monster hiding in the sand opened his mouth. Wei Xun had long been determined to win the snakes. The corn shoots hidden under the sand directly swallowed the snakes and their cocoons!

But I don’t know if it was an illusion. At the moment when the snakes were swallowed, Wei Xun seemed to hear a faint angry ‘fuck!’


Is it because of being polluted and hearing hallucinations, or does the snake disguise people’s words to deceive others? Why do Mongolian people still speak English? Suddenly an idea came to his mind. Wei Xun changed his original idea and asked the corn shoots to save all the snakes in the false mouth.

“Captain… Director C…”

He Yun, who was cut open to drive out the snakes, suddenly gasped, his throat trembled and squeezed out a few words. He regained control of his body!

“Don’t talk.”

Chen Cheng shouted. When he Yun spoke, his body trembled, and his internal organs fell out along the cut-out wound. His intestines flowed all over the ground. It looked shocking and felt that he had only one last breath left. But unfortunately, fortunately, he didn’t hurt his internal organs – C’s one stab technique was excellent. He cut his abdominal cavity but didn’t hurt any internal organs. His control was amazing! Chen Cheng stuffed he Yunlai’s internal organs back to him in two or three times, then picked him up horizontally and nodded at C in a hurry:

“I’m afraid the camel can’t carry us. Can you…”

“Little sand.”

With a big palm, Xiao Sha directly hugged the three of them to his arms, then pulled out his feet and ran wildly over the last sand dune. The petrochemical forest standing in the depths of the desert like a forest was finally close in front of him. The rest of Chen Cheng brigade were anxious to wait in front of the forest. They were relieved to see them.

At twelve o’clock sharp, Chen Cheng and his party arrived at the petrochemical forest scenic spot on time.

At the same time, at the joint hunting ground of the ancient oasis, the mystics gathered together, and the horse Katie was on guard. The psychic Lily knelt on the ground with three black candles in her hands, and her hands were bone coins ground from several human skulls. However, she threw out bone coins several times for the ceremony, and the flame on the black candle would be extinguished instantly.

One of the two people surrounded by them lay on the ground silently, like dead, and the other squatted next to him.

When the sound of flapping wings came, the horse Katie finally breathed a sigh of relief, and her tight face relaxed slightly: “Captain, the dreamer is coming!”

A crystal dragon fell and nodded to them. The dreamer was not familiar with mystics and didn’t exchange much greetings. He directly checked David’s situation.

“David was suddenly unconscious at twelve o’clock this afternoon.”

The psychic Lily said hoarsely, “his soul is gone and can’t be recruited back.”

At twelve o’clock in the afternoon, David suddenly had an accident, which showed that he Yunlai was his counterpart! Now he Yunlai is dead or alive. The situation is directly related to David’s life!

“He Yunlai is still alive and seriously injured.”

Chase dream dragon way, this is what an Xuefeng said. Now only he can communicate with C Yi remotely. He knew that mystics wanted an Xuefeng to come back, but now an Xuefeng had already gone to the petrochemical forest to confront the silver moon killer and the lizard Duke. It was impossible for him to come back.

“He has no connection with dreams.”

Chase dream dragon way, after checking David’s situation, he was a little relieved. What I was most worried about before was that the disasters that led to the death of Chen Cheng’s brigade would be superimposed, such as giant pursuit, such as sandstorm, but now David’s situation has nothing to do with nightmares, so I won’t catch up with a death disaster.

“It’s not a sandstorm.”

A cold and calm voice sounded, and the astrologer who had been squatting beside David finally got up. He helped David up and took his left hand. Katie went to help, but suddenly took a breath of air-conditioning – all five fingers of David’s left hand disappeared!

“Turned into sand.”

The astrologer said, he covered David’s eyes with his right hand with an astrolabe, as if he could see something through David.

“After leaving the black desert, the yellow sand becomes black sand and eggs.”

“Hundreds of snakes hatch from eggs, hatch in his body and control his body… He wants to open his mouth. These snakes will form ‘eyes’ in his mouth. They are’ its’ eyes and are looking for more sacrifices for ‘it’. But he doesn’t want to involve his teammates, so he overturned the camel and broke his leg.”

The people around me understood in an instant. Astrologer, this is the story of he Yunlai through David! Normally, his strength here is limited and it’s hard to do this, but now David and he Yunlai are closely linked. Astrologers can see everything by looking at their own players!

“No one found him disappeared. He was engulfed by the sandstorm. The broken leg couldn’t catch up with his teammates. The snakes ate his internal organs and sucked up all the blood, water and brain in his body. The sound of the hotel urging him to go to the scenic spot seemed to be absent, intermittent, and finally disappeared… When he became dry, he knew that he was no longer a passenger and he became a monster.”

The astrologer saw the vast wind and sand, standing a tall, dry body. It looks terrible. It is shriveled like a mummy buried underground for thousands of years. Its black brown wrinkled skin sticks to the bones. It has a wide mouth and countless black snakes in its throat.

Suddenly, it seemed to hear something. It seemed that someone was looking for it and anxiously calling its name. It found more fresh sacrifices in the forest not far away.

It meanders and crawls on the sand, with its legs together and its hands close to its side, just like a snake. It quietly drilled into the sand and headed towards the petrified forest… It was going to hunt more sacrifices.

“The next person to die was killed by it.”

The astrologer said flatly, and then he opened his eyes and turned paler and paler. After opening his eyes, the astrologer turned over David’s hand for the first time. The back of his hands, wrists and arms were covered with terrible white hair! The soft white hair like spider silk disappeared into the place covered by clothes, and there was still a lot of this terrible distortion on him.

But what astrologers care about is not distortion: “black snakes have no white hair.”

He Yunlai is not dead. David corresponds to the disaster that killed him in history, that is, the black snakes. However, the astrologer determined that the black snake advocated black. Finally, he Yunlai became scorched black, and even his bones were pure black. It was even more impossible for the black snake to grow this kind of snow-white hair.

But seeing white hair, the expression of dream chasing dragon was stunned. It flew up and landed on David’s arm, looked down thoughtfully, sniffed hard, and then sneezed:

“Don’t worry about this.”

This is the hair of C-1! The dream chasing dragon can smell it. The distortion on David’s arm has the smell of C-1!

*  *

“Thank director C for saving my brother!”

At the outdoor camp on the edge of petrochemical forest, people were anxious and worried about setting up tents to replenish water. They gathered around he Yunlai for the first time! Just for a while, how did he Yunlai become half dead and dying?? Before everyone guessed, Chen Cheng handed He Yun to the Doctor Liu Hongyu, bowed heavily to C for the first time, and then briefly said everything.

It was C-1 who discovered he Yunlai, who was left behind, and found that he was parasitized by a black snake. He also cut open he Yunlai’s abdomen and released the black snake, which finally saved his life!

“The knife technique of director C is really superb.”

Liu Hongyu praised him. When pedestrians saw he Yunlai’s abdominal scars, they knew how exquisite Bingyi’s knife technique was. Even if Bingyi didn’t see outside and squeezed into he Yunlai’s side, when other team members hesitated, Liu Hongyu directly gave him a position: “do you want to help? There are too many things in his stomach…”

Before the voice fell, Liu Hongyu saw that C vomited blood! His lips were as red as blood, but he was so pale that his chin exposed under his hood was almost transparent and shaky.

Director C, this situation is not right! It’s like being seriously injured and dying!


Wei Xun squatted next to he Yunlai as soon as he wiped his lips at will. In addition to the internal organs that need to be stuffed back, there are a lot of black and yellow egg shells that have not been fully hatched and a large number of messy white silk threads in he Yunlai’s abdominal cavity, which looks shocking. It’s like an old house that hasn’t been cleaned for ten years.

Compared with C-1, he Yunlai’s situation is worse. After asking him, as a result, Bingyi refused to rest. Liu Hongyu stopped talking and began to use the knife. He wore sterile gloves and a knife as thin as a willow leaf between his fingers, concentrating on cutting in he Yunlai’s abdomen.

Wei Xun came here first to recover all the black snakes in he Yunlai’s belly, and second to recover Dieda and all the cocoons – the distorted appearance of Dieda was very similar to the cocoons of butterfly fragments, which aroused Wei Xun’s curiosity. The third is to stare at Liu Hongyu to save him an accident. Seeing that his face almost stuck to he Yunlai, Wei Xun grabbed his hair and pushed him aside.

“Snake eggs and black snakes, you will be polluted if you are touched by them.”

At the moment he spoke, several snake eggs exploded in his abdominal cavity, and several thin black snakes jumped out like arrows. Because Liu Hongyu was pushed aside, these black snakes rushed directly to C’s face! Amid the sound of exclamation, Liu Hongyu hurriedly said, “be careful!”, Without hesitation, he cut off with a lancet. Obviously, he is a bold and careful person, but Wei Xun moves faster than him.

He Yunlai’s snow-white cocoons sprang up like life, directly wrapped the black snake that was about to rush in front of Wei Xun, and rolled it away like a spider wrapped in a cocoon. Only a faint “Hi!” could be heard in the gap that had not yet been closed

“Can the snake talk?!”

“Yes, don’t believe them. They are the most tempting and controlling people.”

He Yun’s breath was like a hairspring, and then his voice suddenly changed: “guide C -”

Bingyi vomited blood again! It was as if he was going to spit out the blood in his body. It looked really worrying. After another fruitless exhortation, Liu Hongyu moved the knife faster, and finally handled all the snake eggs and cocoons in he Yunlai’s abdomen two hours later. After all, he saved he Yunlai and Liu Hongyu indirectly.

The first afternoon of the petrochemical forest was free activity and free exploration. Instead of rashly exploring the fossil forest, Mr. Chen set up a tent to boil water. When Bingyi wandered on the other side, Chen Cheng, Tang Shuang and Liu Hongyu got together.

“Look, what kind of person is C?”

Tang Shuangning asked again.

“Quick response, steady hands.”

Liu Hongyu said decisively, “he should have alienation. There is pollution on those snake eggs and cocoons. He may want to use them to enhance himself.”

“Alienation… Do you think he’s a butcher?”

“He has been vomiting blood. It should be maintained in the state of low death countdown and low San straightness. This is the habit of butcher guides!”

“He’s dangerous.”

“I think brother he seems to have accepted the third one. He has no sense of precaution, otherwise I’ll remind him…”

“Captain, what do you think?”

Chen Cheng, who has been thinking silently for a moment, then opened his mouth: “it’s hard to say whether he is a butcher guide.”

“But his knife doesn’t look like a knife learned by ordinary people.”

Chen Chengshi drew his fingers together like a knife and said, “I think he’s like a man from the police force or the army.”

“Police, soldiers?

As if thinking of something, Tang Shuang hesitated and said, “team Chen, do you suspect that Bingyi is from Hongjiang?”

Hongjiang is a very special tour guide alliance. It is said that the tour guides in Hongjiang have basically been from the army or the police. They come out alone because they can’t bear the style of tour guides in hotels. They are the freak of tour guides.


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