TTG Chapter 378

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 378: The Sahara of Death (54)

“Will it be Hongjiang?”

Tang Shuang’s words seemed to open everyone’s brain hole. The Yu brothers and sisters gave a small exclamation, and Liu Hongyu’s eyes flashed. Everyone was a little excited as if they had found some secret.


Cheng Tianbao looked at Chen Cheng like verification, but saw him frown and nod: “I’ve thought about this, too.”

The “Red River” organization has a great reputation, but it is also very mysterious. It is even more mysterious than the butcher alliance, because it is not a tour guide alliance that has been registered in a hotel, but more like a secret organization. I don’t know how many tour guides there are. Is there any leader? I don’t know.

People don’t know whether it is true or a beautiful fantasy of tourists who have been depressed for a long time. Anyway, the reputation of Hongjiang has spread secretly.

It is said that there is such a group of tour guides. The vast majority of tour guides are police or soldiers full of a sense of justice. They are hidden in various tour guide alliances and spread across all tour guide classes. They are all alienated like butcher tour guides. Even many people can’t maintain their human shape, but they still stick to their faith. Those guides who are full of evil and enjoy killing people will be assassinated by them. This is a group of guardians hidden in the dark.

Hongjiang is not a tour guide alliance, nor do they have formal badges and brooches. It is said that when people in Hongjiang appear, when they assassinate tour guides and protect the bullied weak, they will wear a red cloak, which is red like blood, which is dyed red by villains and their own blood.

This kind of hero of darkness and justice is most sought after by everyone, especially the precarious low-level passengers. But others say that Hongjiang is a group of madmen. They never start with the weak, but they disdain them. They don’t have to imagine them so well. They just like to challenge the limits and kill the strong. The people in Hongjiang may be more cruel than the butchers.

“Even the butcher’s tour guide shows his identity. Why doesn’t Hongjiang have a decent person in the hotel?”

Some people doubt it, but more people are willing to believe it. People have a desire to survive. They also hope that when their journey falls into a desperate situation and is on the verge of death, the tour guide will suddenly put on a red cloak to save them.

But the problem is, if Hongjiang’s guide is really so good. How can they let passengers fall into a desperate situation and be on the verge of death? You have to come out to save it?

There must be something to ask for.

“A tour guide is not everything”

Chen Cheng remembers asking the captain. The captain smiled after listening.

“If a tour guide helps a tourist through a scenic spot, he will be punished by the hotel. Saving people in scenic spots doesn’t necessarily have any extra rewards. ”

Scenic spots are originally the screening and test of tourists by hotels. Tourists themselves have to face many dangers. It is almost common for everyone to fall into a desperate situation and be on the verge of death. When you are really in a desperate situation, the guide chooses to help and save your life. What’s the problem even if he has a plan?

“So does the Red River really exist?”

Chen Cheng remembers that he was very excited and asked, “then why don’t we connect with the Hongjiang tour guide?”

If Hongjiang tour guides are different from tour guides because of their practice, they hide their identity for self-protection and are scattered in many tour guide alliances. This can better show that they are resolute in character, do not change their original heart, and their character must be in the past. Such a tour guide is very precious.

The tour guide is still very important to the brigade. Their metaphysics is the first brigade. It should be no problem to invite a Hongjiang tour guide to be their connecting tour guide, not to mention protecting Hongjiang.

“Hongjiang… They have great aspirations”

Chen Cheng only remembers that the captain was silent for a long time and his expression was extremely complicated. Finally, he solemnly warned him: “don’t provoke them. These people are crazy. They can do anything.”


Although Chen Cheng firmly remembered the captain’s words, the captain refused to say more and was vague when asked again, Chen Cheng kept this matter in mind. Now Chen Cheng suddenly remembered when he saw Bingyi.

“If you put all your hopes on that a guide will save you, you might as well die now.”

Chen Cheng said a few harsh words. Seeing that Tang Shuang and them suddenly wilted, Chen Cheng still looked serious. The old captain looked after him and told him about Hongjiang. Obviously, these things were secret and unknown to others. Tang Shuang’s impression of Hongjiang still stays in the legend of the Hotel Forum.

They are all new people and have not faded the traces left by normal society. At the thought of “police” and “Military” who represent positive protection, they will subconsciously relax their vigilance and trust more. This is not a good thing on the journey.

“But we really should thank you.”

Seeing that everyone’s emotions were cooling down, Chen Chengcai relaxed. Bingyi saved he Yunlai and Liu Hongyu. They must repay this kindness. Listening to him, the atmosphere gradually warmed up. Tang Shuang came out to liven up the atmosphere, pretended to reluctantly give up his love and said he wanted to give Hongniang to Bingyi.

“The matchmaker most people are optimistic about is definitely a precious bug!”

He made everyone laugh all at once. But Tang Shuang was joking. It’s really a good gift. Looking at C Yi’s sick and weak spitting blood, Chen Cheng took a dragon tiger pill for internal injuries. The old captain is best at alchemy and has the orange title of “Dan Ding”, but this dragon tiger pill is also an extremely rare life-saving pill. Even Chen Cheng has only three.

In addition to the Dragon Tiger pill, Liu Hongyu also took a specimen of a strange baby soaked in formalin – the baby is snow-white, red eyes, and small, more like a white mouse than a human. Its abdomen was dissected, and all its internal organs were suspended in formalin. I don’t know if it was an illusion. The shriveled and dark caution seemed to be still beating faintly.

This is a special grade precious material. It doesn’t need to be refined into props. It alone can warn the danger, beware of fierce ghosts and protect the owner! The Dragon Tiger treasure pill, together with it, is not shabby to repay the life-saving grace of C Yi.

Chen Cheng and Liu Hongyu went to thank him. Some of the others took care of he Yunlai, some improved the camp, and some explored the edge of the petrochemical forest to try to find water and food.

But I didn’t expect that Chen Cheng and them would come back in less than ten minutes.

“What’s the matter?”

Sharp Cheng Tianbao saw at a glance that they were in a wrong mood. Chen Cheng’s face showed no emotion as usual, but Liu Hongyu’s face turned white and his eyebrows were locked. Cheng Tianbao knew something was wrong. He lowered his voice and asked several times before Liu Hongyu spoke.

“He’s talking to a snake.”

“Did these snakes tempt him?”

Cheng Tianbao frowns. The black snake can imitate people’s words to deceive people. They know this from He Yun. Liu Hongyu will have this expression, obviously not only because of this.


It seems that Liu Hongyu’s voice line is a little unstable. It came to mind that C Yi was wearing pure black combat gloves, his slender fingers picked up the dense black snakes, and more black snakes were wrapped around his arms, shoulders, body, and even on his pale ears – almost into his ears!

He also saw the cocoon silk taken out from he Yunlai’s belly, wrapped around Bingyi’s arm in clusters, and even plunged into his flesh and blood, but Bingyi just spit blood with a smile without any obstruction! If this scene happened to a rickety, deformed and ugly butcher guide, it would not have had such a big impact on Liu Hongyu.

But judging from the appearance of C Yi, he should be a good-looking man. The strong contrast makes people feel strange and terrible, crazy and evil.

“Hiss, the young man is so timid that he was scared away by me. Hey, hey.”

At this moment, at the edge of the petrified forest, the dark snakes caught by Wei Xun wiggled. The little black snake that Liu Hongyu saw and was about to get into Wei Xun’s ear hissed happily. He didn’t grasp the balance and almost fell out of Wei Xun’s ear.

“I still don’t believe you.”

Wei Xun played with the baby specimen and watched its little heart beat violently. He didn’t eat the dragon and tiger treasure pill and gave it to Tong Hege. I hope he can analyze the pill and refine it. Chen Cheng said that this pill was refined by their old team, that is, the leader of the metaphysics of the previous generation. Even half life Taoist has never heard of this kind of treasure pill. It can be seen that this good thing has disappeared.

After Tong Hege got the pill, he was like a treasure. He went to study the medicine on the spot. It was soon said that it was mixed with top honey. Wei Xun gave him a small bottle of purified magic honey on the spot.

Wei Xun thinks Tong Hege has such a talent to analyze a formula so quickly. He has long believed that it is too wasteful to eat ginseng tablets. Moreover, the medicine of ginseng tablets that are separated from Tong Hege’s body will continue to lose, and only fresh cut ones are the best.

It would be best if there were more sophisticated means to make them into pills. Tong Hege can study how to refine the best. Even if he can’t refine the medicine matching of this treasure pill, he can be inspired a lot. Tong Hege hasn’t recovered to his peak strength since he came back to life.

Because of the lack of inner alchemy, Yu Hehui can buy it from the hotel and gradually recover his self-cultivation of worshipping the moon. But Tong Hege is divided into three parts because of being divided. Although the integration is successful now, it has not been perfect. What’s more, Yu Hehui has always been a “Fox Fairy”, but Tong Hege has changed from a “Mountain Ghost” to he Shouwu, Tai Sui and Shen Jing.

Wei Xun thought it might be helpful if he could integrate his three parts, such as refining into pills.

“Hey, you’re really suspicious.”

It took so much effort to hiss that in exchange for a “I still don’t believe you”, David was not impatient and had a good temper. Even the snakes thought of something fun and hissed.

An Xuefeng’s love path is going to be tortuous. Bingyi is so suspicious that he still fooled around with Wei Xun. Tut tut.

The heart of the baby specimen in Wei Xun’s hand jumped wildly. Seeing that its small heart was almost broken, Wei Xun put it away – the baby’s heart beat violently, which represents a huge death crisis around him.

The closest “death crisis” to him is naturally this group of black snakes. As soon as they were alone, the black snake couldn’t wait to say that they were David – Wei Xun actually thought of this before. But he didn’t relax any vigilance. Even if Wei Xun said he would pull silk for him, David agreed without hesitation. He didn’t change his attitude.

The dragline is only for one individual, but now there are hundreds of snakes. What’s more, if David himself is not here, how much use can silk pulling play? So in the end, Wei Xun didn’t lead. The conversation between them was secret. David couldn’t whisper to him in this state. He simply let the black snake hiss in his ear. This is the scene of “black snake drilling his ear” seen by Chen Cheng.

“Was that man killed by me next?”

David changed the subject. A black snake wrapped around Wei Xun’s fingertips hissed, bent its body, folded like an arrow in the direction of Liu Hongyu’s departure, and smacked its tongue: “it’s thin and tender. I want to bite it as soon as I see it.”

“Will snakes affect you?”

“No, it’s just a little feeling.”

Just by feeling, we can basically lock the next dead. David is worthy of being the deputy of mystics. But the intruder and the dead of Chen Cheng brigade are one-on-one, and the person corresponding to Liu Hongyu will not be him.

“Hey, I hope the captain will be a snake with me.”

The black snakes wriggled around, hissing and laughing: “take a picture of us then. We’ll cover you when you go to the West.”

“If I take a picture of you, will the astrologer kill me?”

Wei Xun pretended to be surprised and joked, “how will you cover me then?”

“Hey, it’s you who take pictures. The captain won’t do it.”

“Don’t worry, he’ll like you better if you pat him… And he’ll only beat me if it’s revealed.”


Wei Xun replied with a smile: “but when I take pictures, I’m afraid you should go too.”

According to history, he Yunlai disappeared at 12:00 p.m. and was confirmed dead when he was found at 11:00 p.m. He should stay so long. When Liu Hongyu should be killed by the black snake in the early morning, it’s time for another person to be the black snake. Even if the astrologer corresponding to Liu Hongyu is really an astrologer, David can’t stick to his black snake.

“P, you Asians all know P-charts very well. If you look for metaphysical people, half your life will be sure.”

Hearing what he said, David snake was still in high spirits. After Wei Xun responded, a black snake happily circled on Wei Xun’s finger: “I’m beginning to like you… Hey, boy, let me give you some advice. Danger is coming.”

Like a nightmare, the giant in the nightmare will indiscriminately attack his brother, Zhu Yuande and yin-yang butterfly until both sides decide life and death. Similarly, Wei Xun saved he Yunlai. David snake does not intend to kill he Yunlai. He Yunlai and David snake will also encounter terrible danger.

“Captain, come on! We have something!”

Just then, there was a commotion in Chen Cheng’s brigade. Zhu Yuande and others who explored the edge of the petrochemical forest hurried back. Their voice sounded a little frightened and attracted Wei Xun’s attention. He rushed there. David’s black snake was interested in him and hissed softly: “have you found that once you save Ben’s damn people, you may drag more people to hell.”

Saving someone who should have died and dragging down more people is not a cost-effective deal. Astrologers pay too much attention to C 1, which makes David more curious about him.

What’s special about him?

Let nature take its course and leave it to fate. This is astrologer.

Spare no effort to rescue his companions and get ready to face all the next challenges. This is an Xuefeng.

It seems to save people, but it actually increases the difficulty, resulting in more deaths. This is a life-saving person.

To see more people die, first give them hope and then give them despair. This is a bad butcher.

What kind of person is C-I?

“Isn’t that just right?”

He listened to C Yi with a pleasant smile and said, “if there is hell, I just want to see what it looks like.”

“That’s right.”

Wei Xun sincerely suggested, “your hiss is not as good as an Xuefeng’s. you can learn from him. You can learn from corn shoots.”

David Snake:??

“Hey! I’m a standard snake man… Hiss, hiss!”

Before he finished protesting, Wei Xun directly stuffed all the black snakes back into the fake mouth of corn shoots and stopped caring about David snake. Wei Xun quickly walked to Chen Cheng and his party, looked back at him, and Tang Shuang let him in. Zhu Yuande was wiping sweat with his hands. Beads of sweat were all over his forehead.

“We found a dead body!”


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