TTG Chapter 379

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 379: The Sahara of Death (55)

Of course, it’s not ordinary dead bodies that can scare metaphysicians. Wei Xun saw the photo taken by Zhu Yuande – it’s a huge fossil tree still standing on the gravel ground. It has no crown branches or outward extending side branches, leaving only a bare thick trunk, which makes it look more like a stone pillar intertwined with red, brown and brown gray.

I’m afraid that only the outer ring of the tree trunk was contaminated with volcanic ash thousands of years ago. Its inside has rotted into a hole, just like a chimney. It is also breaking a deformed and twisted tree hole. Through it, you can see the scene inside – a huge, black and red deformed body like dirty solidified paint fell into the tree hole, and one of its hands was on the tree hole, A withered head with an invisible shape rested on his arm.

It’s more like a monster than a person. Just looking at its shape, Wei Xun thinks it’s a little like a reduced version of the red sand giant!

“This is a special camera that can take pictures of the dead.”

Half life said to Wei Xun at the first sight of the picture: “it’s not a corpse, but a dead soul. The dead, the dead, the resentful soul, the ghost consciousness… Are all possible. ”

Metaphysics uses a special silver camera instead of the camera brought by the mobile phone. Their habit is to take pictures everywhere when they arrive at a new scenic spot. As a result, they really found a problem.

Hearing this, Wei Xun thought of the special surveillance camera he bought from Mao Xiaole before entering the hotel. It is also pure silver and can detect and shoot supernatural pictures.

This is not a prop. If it was a hotel prop, it could not be used by ordinary people at that time. Mao Xiaole said that this was studied by the State

“Is metaphysics related to state institutions?”

Wei Xun was stunned when he asked coldly.

“I really don’t know…”

When half life scratched his head and frowned and couldn’t answer, Wei Xun had come to Zhu Yuande holding the photo and attracted everyone’s attention.

“Let me see.”

Without any hindrance, Wei Xun got the photo from Zhu Yuande. The moment he got the photo, Wei Xun put on the title of archaeological expert.

Although the title of “green archaeologist” is only useful for the relics excavated by Wei Xun, the whole scene repetition of the ancient oasis can be regarded as “excavated” by him in conjunction with dream chasing and others. He is the first person to excavate. The moment he put on the title of archaeologist, the monster in the photo was marked.

[the most powerful demon in the Ifrit and jinn clan has the power to control fire]

Wei Xun was stunned by the very brief introduction. Jinn is the English of the gods. Can it be said that the tree cave is a ‘God of fire’?

Zhu Yuande kindly reminded: “don’t touch the red shadow on the photo. There will be residual resentment and Yin in the photo – er.”

Before the voice fell, he saw that Bingyi’s fingers had been pressed on the red shadow. Zhu Yuande took a breath of air-conditioning and couldn’t help taking a few steps back. Seeing him retreat, the metaphysics people immediately retreated. Only Chen Cheng stepped forward and put his hand on the Hanshan sword.



Wei Xun held the photo and took it for himself. Because the photo has long been beyond recognition – at the moment of touching the photo, Wei Xun took several adventures on it. Based on these adventures, Wei Xun roughly figured out what it was.

After he put away the photo, he took off his gloves in full view of the public. An unpleasant smell of burning spread. The fingers of the gloves he touched the photo had been burned. The tragedy immediately attracted everyone’s attention. Everyone was awed and terrible. Even if it was only through a photo, the red shadow of the petrified forest tree hole was at least a fierce ghost!

But this journey should not have supernatural elements. Chen Cheng speculates that it may represent some mythical power.

“Don’t provoke it.”

Chen Cheng warned, “Yuande delimits that area. Don’t go there.”

While talking, he looked at Bingyi like a query to determine whether the scenic spot test of the petrochemical forest would involve the area where the red shadow is located. Wei Xun, who recovered from the photo, also looked at him. He didn’t know what the scenic spot task of the petrified forest was, and the hotel didn’t have any sound prompt. Is this to let him play freely? Or let him extrapolate? Or

“Looking for roses?”

Unexpectedly, they only looked at each other for a while, and Chen Cheng frowned. Tang Shuang has shouted: “there are many kinds of roses, director C, do you have more detailed information?”

His words made all the people seven mouths and tongues rise.

“Yes, director C, there are many sayings about rose. Is it a flower, a person or a monster?”

“Did I bring a rose bud for tea?”

“I can name my bug little rose now -”

But when C glanced at them with a smile, no one “bargained” anymore. Everyone gathered together to discuss it. Wei Xun is interested and smiles. It seems that Chen Cheng’s task in the petrochemical forest should have been to “look for roses”.

How can there be roses in the desert? Yu Hexuan was right. The rose may be a flower, a person, or the name of a monster.

“It shouldn’t be the red shadow, otherwise we’ve found it.”

Zhu Yuande said happily, this is good news in his opinion.

But some people said the opposite: “maybe kill it so that the roses can grow?”

Yu feiluan, the younger sister of Yu family, is whimsical and has the feeling of an artist: “do you think it will represent some kind of red pigment? Blood rose and so on. Only by killing it can you dye the red sand and solidify it into a real rose?”

Wei Xun found that metaphysics first discussed brainstorming freely. In this process, Chen Cheng did not speak, while Cheng Tianbao was responsible for recording everyone’s ideas. A complete brigade is really different from a piecemeal team. It is much better in both discipline and planning. Half life Taoist stood by and listened. His mouth opened and closed. He felt a little scratching his ears and cheeks. Obviously, he also wanted to participate in the discussion.

Finally, he couldn’t help but say to Wei Xun with his silk: “I think the rose they are looking for may be desert rose stone.”

Desert rose stone is a special crystal naturally formed in the soil of desert areas. It looks like a rose, so it is called “desert rose”.

“After cooling, volcanic magma may form clusters of Desert Roses under the sun and wind erosion for thousands of years. This petrified forest is a fossil forest caused by volcanoes, which has to be deducted. ”

Half life Taoists talk and listen to Chen Cheng. They all open their brains to discuss things like “roses symbolize blood” and “roses grow on corpses”. It’s like seeing the students make biased questions and hate their father for being a language teacher.

Wei Xun listened with interest and even interrupted to ask a few questions. Both the “deduction” of the half life Taoist and the “flying horses” of others in Chen Cheng’s brigade have inspired him. Just like when he was in northern Tibet, the tourists he took also talked about the “solution” of many scenic spot tasks, which shows that there can be a variety of solutions for scenic spot tasks with a high degree of freedom.

But this requires not only imagination, but also profound knowledge. At last, Chen Cheng also mentioned desert rose, but he didn’t deny the ideas of other teammates.

“This is the last scenic spot, and the difficulty will not be small.”

Chen Chengdao: “finally adjusts for half an hour, then starts to explore petrified forest.”

After the teammates dispersed, Chen Cheng glanced at the position where C-I was standing just now and found that he and Bai Laoer had left. They were walking towards the depths of the petrochemical forest.

“Captain, I think this C-1 is either a really good character or a big plan.”

Tang Shuang leaned over and lowered his voice. They just asked C-1 all kinds of questions and discussed them passionately in front of him. Of course, they didn’t want to get any answers from him, but were testing his style of behavior. However, C Yi was not impatient when they asked questions, and even listened to their discussion with great interest. Tang Shuang couldn’t be corrected.

“His hands are white and tender. He doesn’t have a gun cocoon. He may not be from Hongjiang.”

“Does the guide want to hide a cocoon? Ten points can be used for laser skin whitening!”

“I’ve never seen such a guide before. He even asked us questions.”

Cheng Tianbao also approached him and moved his shoulder. Just before he left, C Yi patted him on the shoulder and smiled at him with deep meaning. Cheng Tianbao was alert and novel. He was afraid that this man knew something. Liu Hongyu went to see he Yun. Cheng Tianbao felt it with Zhu Yuande. As a result, Zhu Yuande said that his luck had improved!

The guides they have seen are either fierce or greedy. Most of the guides who occasionally don’t oppose metaphysics are indifferent and have no eyes. Cheng Tianbao can keenly feel the condescending and playful mood of the tour guide, just as the tourists are a group of mice in a life and death crisis, while the tour guide is a cat fed by the hotel and can eat and wear warm clothes.

He hated this feeling very much. Sometimes Cheng Tianbao even had the extreme idea of trying to kill the tour guide.

But he had never felt that emotion in C. he seemed to be observing them and trying to remember each of them. Moreover, he pays close attention to the views of each of them, and anyone can feel C-I’s focused eyes when talking.

Although still vigilant, but also feel very strange, but I have to say that the feeling of being concerned by the tour guide is beyond imagination. Even Cheng Tianbao couldn’t help saying more of his own conjectures and expressing himself more when C looked over.

“Does he want to enter our Metaphysics?”

Tang Shuang guessed that even Cheng Tianbao couldn’t help thinking. As a man, Cheng Tianbao also has the problem of being a general believer. He just thinks that Bingyi seems to appreciate him… He has thought of taking them on a journey when Bingyi becomes their metaphysical guide in the future!

Chen Cheng shook his head. Tang Shuang and Cheng Tianbao had the best relationship with him in the team. After thinking about it, Chen Cheng revealed one thing: “he wants to know the news of opening up new scenic spots.”

“Ah, this?”

Tang Shuang was unimaginable: “if he came early, it might be the last scenic spot. Why open up new scenic spots“

Petrified forest is the last scenic spot of their trip. In a day and a half, they will go to the eye of the Sahara, where there will be a hotel bus. It can be said that there are at most three days between now and returning to the hotel. How is it possible to create any new scenic spots?

*  *

“If you are really ready to open up new scenic spots, the danger will be concentrated.”

Walking half his life into the petrified forest, he threatened Wei Xun: “according to your journey to Western Hunan, it’s the corpse flying fox. The left and right leaders of the flying fox king and the small flying foxes will kill you together!”

He didn’t think Wei Xun would be unable to open up. He told Wei Xun that Chen Cheng opened up the scenic spot of “ancient king’s court” here, thus opening up the journey of ancient oasis.

This is like the process of knowing the answer. If Wei Xun first knew that the final scenic spot to be opened was the “flying fox mountain forest” in Western Hunan, he would naturally focus more on the corpse of flying foxes than on Li Gui Pingping or Wu Lao (of course, it depends on Wei Xun’s interest)

But then again, when Zui Mei opened up new scenic spots in Western Hunan, the corpse flying fox came from weak to strong, which was very gradual. If you put one aside, no one could stand it.

“I think it might be a good thing.”

Wei Xun, who went straight to the fossil tree cave where the ‘dead body’ was found, said with a smile: “anyway, danger will come.”

David snake said “danger is coming” before. He thought of the danger caused by saving He Yun and Chen Cheng’s discovery of the “dead body” at this time. Ordinary people would think about this, but Wei Xun was not in a panic. In history, he Yun’s death has not been confirmed at this time. Theoretically, his death crisis is not over from now to 11 p.m.

This rescue can’t be regarded as complete rescue. At least he Yunlai hasn’t died after 11 o’clock. This can be regarded as “changing his destiny.”. Wei Xun is going to do something at this time. When he left, he photographed Dieda inside Cheng Tianbao again.

The mud in Cheng Tianbao’s body is really raising butterflies. After staying for such a day, Dieda learned a new skill – it can move quickly wherever the cocoon is! In the future, as long as Cheng Tianbao keeps a cocoon in his body, Wei Xun doesn’t have to pat Cheng Tianbao on the shoulder every time.

“Between now and eleven o’clock, it’s time for David snake to kill He Yun.”

Wei Xun said that if David failed to kill He Yun, they would encounter new dangers at the same time after 11 p.m.

Similarly, Liu Hongyu, who died in the early morning, is the same.

“All the time is in the evening.”

Wei Xun smiled with interest and said, “the danger will finally gather at this time.”

In history, after leaving the petrochemical forest, there were only Chen Cheng, Tang Shuang and Cheng Tianbao left.

“It’s too risky.”

Half life Taoist understood Wei Xun’s words as soon as he heard them, and there were a lot of goose bumps behind him.

According to Wei Xun’s meaning, anyway, the crisis of scene repetition is gathered together, so he happens to open up new scenic spots here! The two monsters rush at each other. If they kill each other, it’s easy. If they join forces to attack the brigade, the difficulty is absolutely beyond imagination. Under this difficulty, the silver moon killer and others are even less likely to affect their journey, and it is impossible to make it even more difficult!

“Liu Hongyu, Tong Fu, Yun Ying…”

Liu Hongyu, Tong Fu and Yun Ying will die one after another in the next day and a half. Tong Fu is Liu Hongyu’s lover. Liu Hongyu’s death must have stimulated her. Maybe she died miserably to avenge her lover. Yun Ying has a special title yin-yang body. Wei Xun believes that her death should be focused on.

During the previous discussion, Wei Xun specially saw Yun Ying. She was thin and small. She should be only one meter. She was the shortest in the team. She looked more like a malnourished boy. She had short hair and was a little timid and shy. She didn’t dare to look at him.

An introverted, timid and shy person can be seen by metaphysics, which shows that he absolutely has extraordinary talent or title.

Wei Xun looked deep into the petrified forest. Some of these tall fossil trees stood tall, some fell down, and some broke into pieces on the gravel ground, but they were equally huge and hard, like real trees, covering the deeper scene. The ancient court of giants, giants, black snakes, and most importantly, the “God of fire”.

Wei Xun took several adventures on the photos and got many important clues from them. The last adventure, the red shadow in the photo even came back to life, rushed directly into his body like resentment, but was swallowed up in an instant. After it disappeared, guard Xun got more information.

Jinn is a God in Arabian legend. It is higher than human beings and lower than angels. It is a demon born from black smokeless flame. They have all kinds of shapes, and the flame giant is also a kind of demon. They can be tamed, and the tamed spirits will help mankind and meet human wishes, such as the giant spirit of Aladdin’s lamp.

But the most powerful Ifrit cannot be tamed! They are proud and evil. In mythology, they are even the descendants of the Fallen Angel Iblis. They are proud of their control over the flame and like to compare the flame with others. Once challenged, they will never escape. Only death can stop their arrogance*

Wei Xun’s fingertips turned a feather, which was the distorted dawn Angel Feather drawn by the blind box. At the same time, he also took out the dead Ming token.

Angel and God of fire have complete elements. If you don’t touch Wei Xun with evelette, you won’t be called Wei Xun!

Not to mention——

“Now the silver moon killer and the lizard Duke still stay here.”

Wei Xun youyou said, “it seems that our current danger is not big enough.”

Wei Xun, who contacted an Xuefeng, knew that the silver moon killer and the lizard Duke were still in the petrochemical forest and did not leave. Although an Xuefeng confronted them, both sides had their own scruples and did not fight at present.

Wei Xun is thinking about his stone egg. The lizard Duke has not hatched for a long time, which means that the egg should be his Wei Xun’s! He wanted to kill countless Eagles with one arrow and drive away the lizard Duke and the silver moon killer!

“C guide.”

“C, C guide.”

During the conversation, they had reached the northwest corner of the edge of the petrochemical forest, where Zhu Yuande and others photographed the flame dead. Wei Xun looked at it. The fossil tree was the largest in this piece of fossils. The tree was wide enough for ten people to hug. The huge and deformed tree hole was one person high. It looked empty. Without props, there was no black and red body at all.

There were two people guarding 100 meters outside the fossil tree. When they saw them, they hurried over. The head is holding double knives. The bright and clean chestnut haired beauty is Tong Fu, followed by some timid short headed girl (teenager) is Yun Ying.

“Director C, can I help you?”

It was Tong Fu who spoke first. She was very polite to Wei Xun who saved Liu Hongyu. She smiled brightly, but her hands were not relaxed. Wei Xun didn’t speak. He understood what he meant when he pulled the silk for half his life. He stepped forward: “ah ha ha, I want to find you. Please guide C to bring me.”

While talking, he lowered his eyebrows and sighed. If he had left the boss for too long, he should go back. Hearing what he said, of course, Tong Fu immediately asked her to stay. Tong Fu also winked and asked Yun Ying to find Chen Cheng. Team Chen has the best relationship with bailaoer. It should be twice the result with half the effort to persuade people.

When Yunying hurried to invite Chen Cheng and Tongfu to persuade Bai Laoer, she inadvertently looked back and was scared into a cold sweat! I don’t know when Bingyi went to the fossil tree and looked inside with his feet on his head. Half of his body was about to get in!

“C I -”


Tong Fuli’s roar and explosion sounded at the same time. At the moment of explosion, half life Taoist grabbed her and threw her out. He was bumping into Chen Cheng who was walking towards this side with Yun Ying! When Chen Cheng heard the sound, he drew his sword and rushed. Even the silver moon killer and others deeper in the petrochemical forest heard the deafening explosion.

An Fengniao, who confronted them, seemed to feel something flapping its wings, and the silver moon killer suddenly became a wolf and climbed up the height of the fossil tree to look out. I saw the scarlet flame gushing out like fireworks, and the edge of the petrified forest was covered with blood mist. I couldn’t see what was going on there at a glance!

At this moment, Wei Xun has fought with the demon ivlet in the tree cave for several times. When he walked to the fossil tree, he held the dead light token in his hand. Under the cloak, the black and red scale armor appeared on the surface of the pale skin. The blood and flesh of the hand holding the dead light token disappeared, leaving only the burning bones, and the surface cracked to reveal the golden and red fire lines like magma in the depths.

Demonic metamorphosis needs to communicate with the abyss, but Vulcan metamorphosis doesn’t need to! As long as the dead Ming token remains and the spiritual pollution of the God of fire remains, Wei Xun can be alienated into the God of fire at any time! When Vulcan’s pollution nonsense rang through the land and began to pollute the flame controlled by evelett, the other party naturally woke up with anger.

But before he became angry, Wei Xun took out the feathers of the distorted dawn angel.

“Evelette, you are the descendant of the falling angel. I am the master of the dawn angel.”

Wei Xun was very arrogant. Although not all foreign gods and monsters can understand it, Vulcan pollution will pass on his meaning!

“What you say is the truth”

The deafening roar resounded through Wei Xun’s brain. The terrorist killing intention that was supposed to crush him stopped. The other party seemed to be hesitant and afraid. The tree hole was no longer empty. The black and red flame burned and expanded, and soon exceeded the size of the fossil tree hole. Wei Xun felt that the fossil tree hole was like the magic lamp with the giant spirit hidden. Those black and red flames came out directly from the top and vaguely formed a huge flame giant!

“You are so weak, are you the master of angels?”

The voice of the other party’s ridicule rang through Wei Xun’s mind, but his expression remained unchanged: “I heard that you boast that you can control the flame. I’m here to compete with you. Who is the real God of fire.”

“That’s better than”

Yvette laughed hoarsely and wildly, with a ferocious and arrogant look: “I will crush you and your human beings!”


More and more powerful pressure swept through, instantly cleaning up the whole Petrochemical forest! It seemed that there was an invisible force to promote it. At the moment of evelett’s declaration of war, the lizard Duke, silver moon killer and an Xuefeng were directly swept out by the rules without any defense! The enemy of the brigade is so powerful that they, the “opponents” of Chen Cheng’s brigade, can’t get any closer for the time being.

Most of the terrible power was pouring out to Wei Xun, and his skin was instantly ignited. Even the black and red scales could not resist the terrible high temperature. Wei Xun vomited blood, but the blood was immediately vaporized. If normal people were at this moment, they would be unbearable, but Wei Xun’s expression was still as usual, and even showed a provocative smile.

“That’s it?”

He said sarcastically, “no, Yvette, after all these years, will your flame only burn?”

What else can a flame do besides burning? Not far away, the Taoist priest who was worried about his half life knew that Wei Xun was going to cheat a big fool. He was relieved. Sure enough, the arrogant and bad tempered Yvette was dissatisfied and roared: “Yvette controls the flame, and his flame can do anything!”


If it hadn’t been for the angel feather to suppress it, evelett couldn’t have been so easy to cheat. Wei Xun didn’t give it time to think at all. He smiled sincerely: “my flame can speak.”

Wei Xun held the dead Ming token in his hand. A cluster of flames burned on the token and shouted like a call: “God of fire! God of fire!”

He hums and laughs provocatively, “isn’t yours?”


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