TTG Chapter 38

Driving corpses in Xiangxi (38)

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 38: Driving Corpses in Xiangxi

The ferry is narrow, a bit like an awning boat. It is not stable because it wobbles on the water.

Put the basket containing the ghost baby on the boat. Miao Fangfei and Shi Tao picked up the bamboo pole one by one and began to support the boat to the other bank.

“Speed unchanged.”

After holding on for a while, Miao Fangfei whispered.

But obviously, the ship is unusual.

“Yes, it seems that it’s fixed for 15 minutes.”

Shi Tao looked worried. In this way, for the sake of conservatism, they could not consider four round trips. Two hours was not enough.

“Wow -”

The splash sound sounded, and the spots swam back to the ship from the water. The hiss was rapid, like panic. The ghost baby in the bamboo basket looked at it curiously. He was naughty and wanted to turn it out from the bamboo basket to play with snakes.

“Miao team, look at them.”

Shi Tao said: “ it’s enough to support the boat.”

Since two people or one person are at the same speed, they can come in turn.

Miao Fangfei righted the bamboo basket and wrapped the spots around her wrist. Check it carefully. I saw a circle of scales on the spotted body turning up or breaking from the middle. It was terrible, like being torn by sharp teeth. The wound was swollen and white, with a thick fishy smell. Miao Fangfei was careful during the examination. She still hissed with pain.

“Something in the river.”

Miao Fangfei worried: “it’s best not to fall into the water.”

Director C has reminded that crying is the most taboo when sailing in mourning stream. He said that the river leads to both yin and Yang. In ancient times, people often sacrificed river gods by the river. If he cries in the river, the Dragon King will take the people on board as sacrifices and set off black water to swallow the ship.

Ghost babies often cry badly and don’t obey management at all, so Miao Fangfei and them also expected to be overturned into the river.

Originally, I saw that the bamboo pole could reach the bottom of the river. The river was more than two meters deep at most, and it didn’t matter much to fall. But if the river is a monster, the situation is different.

Fortunately, what they expected was different. The ghost babies in the bamboo basket were very quiet. They didn’t let them play with snakes or make noise. Instead, they skillfully grabbed the edge of the bamboo basket to see the scenery on the other side. The light of expectation was hidden in the dark, scary eyes.

“The opposite bank should be the final assembly point.”

Miao Fangfei sees the faces of the ghost babies in her eyes, but she is more worried in her heart. All the time, she is trying to figure out how to solve the problem and how to make all the people and ghost babies reach the end smoothly, but Miao Fangfei can’t think of it. She is not good at this type of logic problem. She can only hope that Wang pengpai and their side can have a plan.

The crimson boat drove to the center of the river, where the waves became stronger. The boat fluctuated among the waves. It seemed that something was pushing the bottom of the boat, rustling like the sound of silkworm ants eating broken leaves.

Miao Fangfei looked ugly and Shi Tao looked at her. Shi Tao clenched his teeth and raised the bamboo pole with one arm. When the bamboo pole was pulled out of the water, a string of palm sized silver scale fish hung on the pole.


Shi Tao threw the small fish off the bamboo pole with a clever force, and one of them fell into the boat. Speckles immediately grabbed it and wrapped it tightly. The spotted fish is highly poisonous, but the silver fish is still very energetic. It almost broke free several times. It finally stopped moving after more than a minute. It has strong vitality.

Miao Fangfei tied up the fish with her bamboo pole. She saw that it was a shuttle fish with a strong body. The top of the fins on both sides up and down were sharp. The fish’s mouth was full of sharp teeth with cold light. The sharp teeth in circles were like mouthparts of the opposite sex. When she was bitten, she would definitely tear off a piece of meat.

“The river is full of these fish.”

Miao Fangfei threw the dead fish into the river and saw that the river was boiling. The dense fish robbed and bit wildly. In less than a second, the dead fish was torn and swallowed up, leaving no bones.

Now they know how the rustling sound at the bottom of the ship came from. It is clear that strange fish are eating their ship!

“The time limit is also the maximum time that the ship can sail on the water.”

Miao Fangfei said again, “the more you go back, the more dangerous it is. In two hours, the ship may be completely bitten through.”

Fifteen minutes later, the ship reached the other side. Wang pengpai, who had been waiting there for a long time, pulled Miao Fangfei and Shi Tao ashore.

“No matter how many people row, the boat speed remains the same. It’s 15 minutes.”

“Piranhas in the river bite the boat and can’t fall into the water.”

Miao Fangfei said quickly: “the ghost baby is going to die here. The final destination is likely to be here.”

“Also, there are five people and five ghost babies over there.”

As soon as she said this, Wang pengpai, Xu Chen and others had a helpless and bitter smile on their faces. Seeing their expression, Miao Fangfei’s heart was half cold.

“Time is short, let’s make a long story short.”

Wang pengpai said in a few words what had happened here. Finally, he said, “these ‘babies’ are the guests of the former qiebai village. The children are disobedient and are expected to be noisy when they get on the boat.”

Miao Fangfei frowned and said that compared with the clever ghost baby, Wang pengpai was much more dangerous on their side.

“Xiao Zhao Laoyu, you get on board first.”

Wang pengpai looked at the time. The ship had docked for two minutes and could not be delayed any more. He made a quick decision: “do as we said before.”


Zhao Hongtu and Yu luoan got on the boat without hesitation. They were all holding a piece of white plush in their hands. It was Wang pengpai’s idea that if they wanted to take the “baby” on board, they must hold the stump. However, in order not to let the remaining limbs escape from the deterrence of the fetal flesh, they drilled back into their stomachs, and several people collected hair from the fetal flesh all the way.

There’s no time on board. You can’t bring fetal meat. Even the most ruthless Zhao Hongtu didn’t mention any suggestion to kill the fetal meat, peel it and wrap it around the stumps. It was Wang pengpai’s way. He took out a strange looking razor and scraped the bare skin of the fetal flesh. He could scrape off long curls of white hair like a beard.

“It’s a gadget.”

Zhao Hongtu and them were curious. Wang pengpai threw the razor to him.

[Name: shaver without eggs]

[quality: ragged]


[Note: the smoother the chin, the thicker the beard! A razor that doesn’t work… Well, well, it doesn’t work]

Seeing the brief introduction of the article, Zhao Hongtu took a smoke from the corner of his eye, took this and pushed it on the bare chin of the fetal flesh. Unexpectedly, he also introduced snow-white long hair.

“Anyway, we just need the things on the fetal flesh to wrap the stumps.”

Wang pengpai said happily and wiped his bare chin: “ I didn’t want to take this rag, but hey, I haven’t had a beard since  took it, so I’ve always taken it.”

This tattered thing can be used here, Zhao Hongtu simply can’t make complaints about it.

But all in all, the effect of fetal flesh beard is really good. After wrapping up the remaining limbs, the limbs were as motionless as if they were dead, and they didn’t drill into Zhao Hongtu’s stomach again.

“On board, on board.”

After Zhao Hongtu and Yu luoan pushed the boat away from the shore and drove about ten meters off the shore, Wang pengpai noticed that there were two fewer babies behind the fetal meat. Zhao Hongtu, who was guarding the basket on the ship, noticed the baby in the basket for the first time. He quickly covered the cover glued with fetal flesh beard.

“Ah –! Ah ah! ”

The angry and shrill roar sounded from the bamboo basket. The basket was knocked about by the baby inside. It was like trying to catch a live fish.

“Xiao Zhao, no problem!”

Yu Luo asked nervously while she was boating.


Zhao Hongtu showed a ferocious smile. He held a bamboo basket in his hands and one in his feet, controlling them to death. Suddenly, his forehead was blue and his hands were empty. He put on a mask and said, “uncle, put on the mask.”

“Damn it, the smell is really strong.”

Yu luoan was so hungry that his chest was sticking to his back. The strong fragrance of temptation came from the basket. Without Zhao Hongtu’s reminding, Yu luoan put on a mask.

The mask was sandwiched with the beard of fetal meat. When the genuine fetal meat was pressed, the itchy and greedy medicine and egg fragrance was covered.

“Good guy, fortunately, brother Wang is far away.”

Shielding the fragrance of medicinal eggs, Yu luoan shook his head and said fearfully, “if it weren’t for this mask, it wouldn’t be easy to boil.”

“Brother Wang wants to be comprehensive.”

Zhao Hongtu admitted that his arrogance was finally convinced when he came here. He really didn’t do enough and had to go a long way.

“The fish is coming, Xiao Zhao, be careful!”

Yu luoan scolded, and the action of rowing the bamboo pole was obviously more delicious. He picked up the bamboo pole and looked at the fish biting on the pole. He was stunned: “this fish is really fierce, just like what the Miao team said!”

At the same time, the rapid impact sound of crackling like raindrops sounded from under the ship. Piranhas were crazy gnawing at the bottom of the ship, listening to people’s scalp numb. Originally, it was soft enough to support a rickety boat on the choppy river. Coupled with the fierce and crazy piranha, I really didn’t dare to support a boat.

Yu luoan’s face turned pale with fear and tried to pass through this waterway faster. But as Miao Fangfei said, the speed of the ship remains the same no matter whether he works hard or small, whether he holds fast or slow.

The bamboo pole was getting heavier and heavier, and the boat was sinking with it. A wave came and the boat shook violently. Yu luoan quickly stabilized his body, repeatedly recited Bodhisattva’s blessing and Buddha’s blessing, did not dare to look at the water surface, and kept looking at the other side. He was eager to see through.

“It’s half gone. It should be half. It’s almost there.”

“It’s almost halfway. It’s going to the center of the river.”

Zhao Hongtu was also worried. The babies in the bamboo basket were making more and more trouble, and the stumps wrapped in fetal flesh began to change. They wanted to be together. Zhao Hongtu’s body is thin. It takes a lot of money just to suppress two baskets. Just now, when the wave came and the boat shook, a basket was against his abdominal wound. Zhao Hongtu’s face turned white with pain.

like director C, I’m not afraid of pain.

Zhao Hongtu gritted his teeth and suffered the severe pain. Listening to Yu luoan, he also looked up at the other side and looked forward to arriving at the shore early. But after looking, Zhao Hongtu’s face changed dramatically.


“, what’s wrong?!”

Yu luoan trembled and said nervously, “are you going in the wrong direction? Ghost hit the wall? Well, shall we turn around? ”

“Lose your head!”

Zhao Hongtu scolded, “Damn it, the distance is wrong!”

Miao Fangfei said that when the boat reached the center of the river, the piranha gnawed at the boat, but now they have only gone a quarter at most. How can the fish bite so badly!

Are piranhas biting the ship earlier and earlier every time, or——

“Uncle, you shoot dead fish!”

“Oh, good, good.”

Yu luoan’s best thing is to be obedient. When Bing Jiu is there, he listens to director C. when Miao team is there, he listens to Miao team. Now he listens to Zhao Hongtu. Although she was afraid, Yu luoan still ‘drank’. Her arm muscles were tight and pulled the bamboo pole out of the water. Good guy, there’s a big string of fish hanging under it. The bamboo pole looks like it’s short.


Yu luoan stared at her and slapped the bamboo pole to the water. The path of the fish falling on the water was like falling to the ground, and immediately stunned the fish on the bamboo pole. Zhao Hongtu held his bow teeth and bit the bow string. His side head was tight. Suddenly he loosened, and an arrow stabbed the fish on the water. Suddenly, blood filled the air.

The scene of the boiling fish rushing to eat in the river was repeated, which made Yu luoan pale and stiff. Zhao Hongtu licked his teeth, felt it carefully, and then his heart sank.

There was bloody excitement next to them, but there were no fewer fish gnawing at the bottom of their boat, and the unknown vibration was still there.

In other words, the things on board are as heavy as blood for them.

Zhao Hongtu told Yu an about it. He immediately nodded and said, “yes, yes, it must be the Laoshi medicine egg. 


It was the smell of medicinal eggs that filled the bottom of the boat when the fish bit!

But what to do? Zhao Hongtu racked his brains and couldn’t think of a way. He couldn’t stick the fetal meat to the bottom of the ship. They didn’t have so much time. But if you don’t care, if you are bitten down like this, it’s impossible to control. The boat will have to sink in advance after driving a few times.

What should I do!

“Xiao Zhao, you get off the boat.”

“Ah? Ah! ”

Zhao Hongtu subconsciously took over the thrown bamboo pole. Without rowing in the water, Yu luoan took out the old cowhide and wrapped two bamboo baskets in it. The cowhide is big enough to wrap two bamboo baskets. Yu luoan tied it with his own mask at the mouth. Zhao Hongtu was stunned by his quick action.

“Hey, I should have thought of it.”

Yu luoan patted the cowhide pocket and said nervously, “it should be useful.”


Zhao Hongtu felt getting off the ship. Sure enough, there was much less sense of confrontation when he was eaten by a group of fish. For a moment, he said happily, “it turns out that this cowhide can still be used like this!”

“I just thought of it.”

Yu luoan was embarrassed to scratch his face, took the bamboo pole from Zhao Hongtu’s hand and continued to support the boat: “ I didn’t think about it before. After all, ‘put on the cowhide of old yellow cattle, they will recognize you as a cow’,  I used to use cowhide for people. But when you think about it carefully, it doesn’t say that ‘you’ can only be a person. Just give it a try. I didn’t expect it to work. ”

Yu luoan said happily: “this is also the inspiration given to him by brother Wang. Why does he have such a good brain? That old razor has new uses. I really take it. Huihui must also like brother Wang. He is also very flexible. His grades have always been good. He also said that he would be admitted to a good university outside. “You are much more promising than you are.”

Yu luoan mentions his brother with a proud face and no envy. He is simple, honest and excellent to his brother. But Zhao Hongtu listened to his words, but his heart was sour and tight.

Yu luoan doesn’t know his brother’s problem yet. Zhao Hongtu was too lazy to mind his own business, but after all, the people in their brigade have experienced life and death, and who hasn’t had any feelings yet. Seeing that Yu luoan is still in the dark, Zhao Hongtu is really disturbed by his conscience.

After pondering for a long time and seeing that the other side was approaching, Zhao Hongtu sipped his mouth and finally hesitated to say:

“Uncle, your brother, he –“


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