TTG Chapter 380

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 380: The Sahara of Death (56)

Why does his fire talk? Yvette fell into a brief confusion. His black and red flame was burning, and the terrible heat could burn the hardest bones to ashes.

But his flame does not speak.

How could the flame speak! This man is teasing him! Yvette was furious. The flame of anger made him expand even bigger. It was as tall as a skyscraper. The villain in front of him was like an ant in front of the great Yvette. Yvette was confident. The villain in in front of him could not hold on to even one breathing time under its flame. He wanted to kill the villain who dared to tease him and challenge his dignity immediately!

“Days -”

Seeing that it was wrong, the half life Taoist immediately stepped forward and stood next to Wei Xun. He stared at Yvette and opened his thin lips. With only one word of “heaven”, an invisible threat came faintly to compete with Yvette – although his strength has not been restored, the top orange Title Tianwen can make him pretend to be a tiger!

Even if he didn’t move, Wei Xun was ready. He took out the feathers of the dawn angel. Mental pollution condenses on the feathers, which leads to the distortion of the feathers, and the black mildew spots become darker and darker, emitting a mud like stench.

Until Yvette regained his authority, Wei Xun took it lightly and put away his smelly feathers. His face was very ugly, as if he had been angered.

“Hahaha, evelett likes competition.”

But seeing that he was annoyed, evelett softened his tone. Even the arrogant and angry Yvette is not a fool. Of course, the master of the angel can’t be human (no one can lie in front of Yvette! Yvette can confirm that he is the master of the angel feather!). I’m afraid his weakness is to tease him.

Yes, the demons always like to tease the prey they think is cunning and smart. It’s the happiest thing to kill the prey when it’s satisfied. If it’s someone else, Yvette might join him. But when he became prey, evelett was furious. He wanted to burn this arrogant guy to ashes, crush his soul and imprison him forever!

“But it’s not fair.”

Yvette urn voice urn airway: “since you have stipulated the content of the competition, the time of the competition should be determined by Yvette.”

Yvette is very cunning. Although his fire can’t speak yet, fire can learn! As long as he doesn’t compete now and delay time, he can see whether this person is really strong or strong. If he sees that the man is weak, he will kill him directly.

Yvette, who had made up his mind, allowed the man to ridicule: “won’t your fire?”‘ Just admit defeat. He was unmoved. This man was deliberately trying to provoke him, but the smart evelett would not be fooled.

“Well, evelette, when do you want to compete?”

When the man finally stopped mocking and reluctantly compromised, evelett almost laughed.

He’s tempted! I’m afraid this man’s strength will not be much better than him. If he were evelette, he would directly kill the weak who dared to bargain with him! Yvette’s eyes were more vicious. He said slowly, “you awakened Yvette from his deep sleep. Yvette should have slept for another 500 years…”

“Five hundred years?”

Wei Xun disdained to smile and said, “I’m going to resurrect angels this year. When my angels are resurrected, do you think I’ll be interested in competing with mole ants?”

“Yvette is not an ant! Villain, you will pay for your nonsense!”

Yvette roared angrily, but his heart was shocked. He can see through the true and the false, and what this man says is true! No wonder he looks so weak now. It turns out that its angel is dead. But it says he can resurrect angels… What kind of existence can resurrect angels!

It was because of this doubt, fear and faint fear that Yvette was angry and roared, but he didn’t do it. But he paid more attention to this man and was more greedy.

Can resurrect the existence of angels… If evelett can devour him, he should also be an angel!

“The kind evelette forgives you, human. Let me talk about the time of the competition.”

Yvette said, “it’s afternoon now. Being too hasty will only look embarrassed. Yvette thinks tomorrow –”

“Then tomorrow.”

Wei Xun didn’t care. He stressed: “tomorrow is the day, so it’s settled.”


When he said this, evelett immediately regretted: “no, evelett’s words have not been finished. I see that there will be an accident tomorrow, which is not suitable for our competition.”

I’m kidding. Evelett was just testing! Hearing the man’s emphasis on tomorrow’s day, Yvette immediately confirmed his conjecture – the dawn angel, of course, is the sun angel. Their power is definitely the most powerful in the day. How could Yvette be stupid enough to compete during the day!

“Are you perfunctory?”

Wei Xun questioned, his tone was not good. Then he heard Yvette laugh, “how could it be, my friend.”

Yvette said softly and cunningly, “tomorrow is really an accident… I see that the stone gate covered with giant skin is about to appear, and the ancient king’s court will be opened. The black snake that has guarded the king’s court for thousands of years will guide the sacrifice, and I will light the flame to guide them, and the sacrifice will be completed before the stars rise tomorrow night.”

You see, he really has something to do.

“Our competition is tonight… The early morning without stars is the best match for you and me.”

“Early in the morning… Tut.”

Wei Xun, who secretly wrote down all evelett’s words, looked very impatient. He rubbed the feather and his eyes became more and more fierce – let evelett, who had been observing his emotions, immediately add:

“Of course, a simple competition is meaningless. Let’s make a vow. If you win, Yvette will meet your three wishes. If you lose, your soul will belong to Yvette. How about it?”

“Do you think I’m a fool?”

Wei Xun scoffed. They haggled and finally decided on the content and color of the competition – whoever has the loudest voice of “God of fire” will win. If Wei Xun wins, Yvette will fulfill his five wishes. If Yvette wins, Wei Xun will lead the way for the black snake and complete the sacrifice tomorrow night.

“What is God? Is he Allah?”

After making the vow, evelett shrunk and became the size of a mummy. The latter half of its body was in the tree hole. Its Waist-Up body flowed out like Aladdin’s lamp spirit, hung in the air in front of the tree hole, and asked curiously with his chin in his hand.

“No, Allah is the only one.”

Wei Xun shook his head unfathomably and looked at the sky: “God is above angels and is a higher angel. Whoever holds power and dominates at least one angel is God.”


Evelett said to himself. What he said just now hidden a murderous opportunity. Allah is the only one. Evelett has never heard of the word ‘God’! If this man dares to say that God can be compared with Allah, it means that he is not his own. The external ones are all blasphemers to evelett. He will tear them into foam at all costs!

But if God is a higher angel, evelett can understand.

“God of fire, God of fire, take charge of the fire…”

Yvette said it several times and listened to the notes sung by the hands of the fire devoutly and enthusiastically… The words sung by the fire should be the word “God of fire”! Yvette secretly induced his own fire… But his fire science can’t, and that’s right. If it’s not really special, how can fire speak.

The more he believed the words of the “God of fire”, the more he heard them, the more he felt that the voice of the fire singing the God of fire was better than the most beautiful song in the world. Take charge of the power of the flame, dominate the angel, the God of fire… He also wants to be in charge!

Yes, the fire should belong to Yvette!

“God of fire, did you come here to compete with Yvette?”

Yvette asked modestly and proudly, but Wei Xun was surprised and sincere: “of course not. To be honest, I didn’t know you were here.”

Oh, another truth. Evelett found himself beginning to hate the truth. But soon the next sentence of the God of fire caught his attention.

“I’m here because my eggs are about to hatch.”

Wei Xun said lightly and tentatively, “I’ll take a look at it and take it away.”

“So that Phoenician stone egg is yours?”

Yvette suddenly realized, “no wonder you bring these natives and local food.”

Phoenicia? natives? Native food?

Wei Xun immediately understood!

In Arab mythology, angels are born of light, elvit is born of flame, and human beings are born of earth. Here, dates, as human food, are fabricated from the same kind of soil as Zu Adan.

Native people are human beings, and native food is dates! The Phoenix in Arab mythology and legend likes to eat dates, and even has the same name as dates.

Dates are also known as Phoenician long dates. Phoenix is a Phoenician bird.

Wei Xun’s heart surged, that is to say, the Phoenician stone egg was a phoenix egg! (Phoenix of Arab mythology)

But he made a suspicious and unhappy expression: “do you know my stone egg?”

“Hahaha, of course, you didn’t protect it, Vulcan. It’s naked and even wild animals try to touch it!”

Yvette sneered impolitely. Wei Xun lowered his face, and the flames around him immediately ignited. Without hesitation, he turned to the depths of the petrified forest. It was very pleasant to see him angry, and evelett followed him with a laugh. Wei Xun was dissatisfied and looked at him darkly: “do you want to see my joke?”

“Oh, of course not, my friend, my respected opponent.”

Yvette’s floating upper body made an exaggerated bow and hypocritically said, “let Yvette guide you and drive away those dirty beasts.”

Wei Xun stared at him for a moment, then gave a cold hum, nodded slowly and said slowly: “yes, you’re right. Those mean beasts don’t deserve me to do it.”

Hearing him belittle it like this, evelett’s eyes flashed a fierce light, but he didn’t say much. It followed him, the second was to see the God of fire joke, the first was to follow him! Yvette found that the closer his flame was to the God of fire, the more he seemed to learn to speak! And the flame that learns to speak has a faint sign of breaking away from its control!

Yvette was shocked and couldn’t believe it. Then he suddenly thought – demons were born from flames. Were these flames that learned to speak given life and wanted to become new demons?!

Yvette is ambitious. If he can control the flame and make the flame produce demons, it will also become an existence beyond demons and on demons! We must understand how Vulcan does it!

“You can really talk to people and ghosts.”

Half life Taoist sighed that he “respectfully” invited Wei Xun to his back. The noble God of fire must have a mount to travel. The flame on Wei Xun’s body burned to the half life Taoist, and he took a breath of cold air.

“It hurts to burn people in a small fire. Why can’t you control it?”

“Yes, I can’t control it”

Wei Xun smiled and said to the truth: ‘I’m dying, and I’ve only one breath left. You see, I can’t move at all now. ”

Yvette is a mythical creature, stronger than giants. It completely exceeds the difficulty of ‘super dangerous level’. It is a monster without solution!

If it’s normal, evelett won’t wake up at all. When the black snake strikes tomorrow night to catch the “sacrifice”, evelett just lights a fire to guide the way – he doesn’t have to wake up completely, so he’ll finish it at once. If Chen Cheng and his team are aware of this through clues, they will block the hole in the tree in advance, or let Yvette sleep deeper, and so on. They don’t have to face him at all.

However, Wei Xun was under the pressure of Yvette and forced him to cheat for several minutes! Even if his body didn’t hurt, Wei Xun knew that his body had reached its limit. He was ragged and bleeding out and was burned dry by the fire. In the end, Wei Xun was holding on with the reference films of Tong Hege. If he dragged on a little longer, he should return to zero.

“You said so! No, it’s all like this. You still act like nothing?!

Half life Taoist priest hurriedly pulled the lead wire and scolded him. Wei Xun would still laugh. He wanted to throw him out directly: ‘then you still go to see the stone egg?? Heal your wounds first, my Cui. You can’t live without them! ”

“No, I can do it again”

Wei Xun stubbornly said, “I’ll get my egg first. Maybe I can use it at night. Come on, go get the eggs first, and don’t delay a moment! ”

“You, hey! I mean, but you! ”

Half life Taoist is no better than Wei Xun, but he has his own way. The half life Taoist shouted directly and his loud voice spread all over the petrochemical forest. He scolded: “where’s the snake?! where’s the snake hiding? You can’t keep your eggs well. You know it’s a shame, don’t you! Get over here and meet me!”

Hearing this, evelett thought. He wondered why the God of fire didn’t send slaves to guard the egg. It turned out that he sent animal slaves to guard it!

A few minutes later, just listening to the rustle, evelett saw a beautiful black-and-white snake coming in a hurry. It hissed out the letter. At first glance, it was the kind of spoiled and spoiled. It ignored the human slave (half life Taoist). It climbed down the slave’s legs to the God of fire like a flattering apology, and the snake letter licked his lips like a spoiled child.

An Xuefeng could not care for others, and directly poured a bottle of life essence to Wei Xun to hang his life. Then he began to comb his chaotic and heavy mental pollution, and shared the vitality to heal the wound.

… the legs of the half life Taoist who carried their weight trembled.


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