TTG Chapter 381

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 381: The Sahara of Death (57)

“His grandmother’s!”

Death outside the Sahara, the eye of the Sahara.

Wang pengpai, who was cooking over a fire, suddenly scolded, but only scolded this sentence, he stopped his mouth and stirred the instant noodles cooked in the sleeping pot as usual.

When the occult science appeared before, Wang pengpai and Wei Xun (Bai Xiaosheng) came out to meet them. After the occult science disappeared, they simply stayed there to observe.

The fire was not big. The water in the pot couldn’t boil. After stirring it twice, Wang pengpai threw down the Populus euphratica branch as a temporary long chopstick and shouted at his throat, “where’s the firewood? It’s been looking for firewood for a long time, but it hasn’t been found yet?”

“Come on, come on, I just collected it.”

A young voice came from the side. Wei Xun (Bai Xiaosheng) came in a hurry with some withered Achnatherum splendens and camel thorns in his arms and some Populus euphratica branches. Wang pengpai hurried to pick it up, hugged it, changed his tone and booed.

“Oh, why did you collect it? It doesn’t mean that the wolves can do this kind of hard work.”

“I also want to help.”

Wei Xun smiled shyly and didn’t speak. At first glance, he was the kind of clever child. Seeing Wang pengpai, he was more distressed. He raised his face and took out the posture of the vice captain to lecture:

“You can help anywhere, but you can’t go alone. Don’t take it as an ordinary tour. Don’t be afraid to run alone in the desert. Be careful to lose your way! Sit down and have a rest. How do you feel? Can you bear it? Look at your sweat. Come and drink quickly and don’t get hot.”

Wang pengpai talked about ‘Wei Xun’ and sat down, holding the military kettle Wang pengpai handed him, and said skillfully, “I still haven’t exercised in place. If an team is here, I’ll be fine.”

“Well, you have to see who you compare with. I can’t compare with old Ann.”

Wang pengpai happily patted his belly, wiped the sweat on his forehead and went to add fire with firewood. When the water boiled and hot, he began to scold God and vent. Later, he said that it was still so hot in October. The color difference of the sun poison day blew sand all over his head and face. He didn’t have the airs of the vice captain at all. Hearing that Wei Xun, who had just been trained, relaxed and laughed.

If Wang pengpai were an old man who had been fighting in the brigade for many years, he would not bother to cook any noodles. A few compressed biscuits would be finished. It’s just to take care of the newcomers and be kind so that the newcomers can adapt to the brigade faster. Anyway, the audience in the live studio think that the way home is really good for new people. Just like Wei Xun’s favorite in the way home, Wang pengpai would be a ghost if he didn’t take care of it.

Wang pengpai and Bai Xiaosheng are really acting. Up to now, no one has found a problem both inside and outside the journey. But Wang pengpai couldn’t stop himself. From the morning, his little heart pounded wildly – this is a sign that the Tour team connected with the tour guide was seriously injured and urged passengers to hurry to protect their own tour guide!

There will be such a hunch that the tour guide is not a minor injury, not to mention the death countdown to zero, but also the kind of heavy injury that the heart is dissected out! To tell you the truth, this feeling is quite novel. Wang pengpai has this feeling for the first time in ten years since he came to the hotel. This impact is also due to the length connection and upward movement of the tour guide and the brigade. Only under the closer connection can the tourists of the brigade feel it at the same time.

As a vice captain, Wang pengpai also has a deep feeling, but Wang pengpai is not too worried. He is here on the first journey of C Yi and knows quite well about C Yi’s behavior. It’s not a matter to be seriously injured by some near death. Not to mention that an team is also here, which can make C Yi really die? It’s really a problem. It’s a big deal to directly destroy the scene and bring people out. It must be no problem.

So at the beginning, Wang pengpai also tasted it carefully. His heart was filled with emotion and endless aftertaste. This is also a tour team with a guide on their way home. The little feeling of tourists with a guide is different.

But this kind of accelerated heartbeat appears again and again – almost incessantly shouting ‘danger, guide, danger’! The whole Wang pengpai was scratched and sweating. He wanted to rush to where to rescue the guide immediately. He didn’t do well without rescue. He felt that his heart would jump out of his mouth!

Bai Xiaosheng could sit still. Just now Wang pengpai couldn’t bear to ask him implicitly. He still meant that there must be no problem with an team. Wang pengpai also knows that team an can’t break things… But the problem is that this feeling of grasping the heart and scratching the liver is really hard! In particular, this time I felt stronger than the previous times, which made Wang surging and frightened.

What serious injury did C-I get? Is it zero??

*  *

“I can actually try zeroing here.”

On the back of half life Taoist, Wei Xun gradually slowed down. The unknown liquid that an Xuefeng fed him smells like the juice of some kind of plant. As soon as he entered his throat, Wei Xun wanted to sigh. The exuberant vitality in it even made the ginseng tablets contained in Wei Xun’s mouth sprout! Good thing, this is definitely a good thing. One drop hung Wei Xun’s life, and the pollution flame of the riot returned to control.

However, when an Xuefeng still wanted to feed him another bite, Wei Xun turned his face. His physical recovery was of little significance to him. The low death countdown state of half death was more conducive to the strength of the tour guide.

However, an Xuefeng seemed a little angry. When Wei Xun asked him what it was, snake ignored him. Seeing that he really refused to eat any more, he was indifferent and slipped down from Wei Xun to go. As a result, Wei Xun grabbed the tip of his tail. An Xue snake didn’t struggle. The tip of his tail wrapped around Wei Xun’s fingers, but he still refused to turn back.

It is rare to see an Xuefeng lose his temper. Wei Xun is novel and coaxes him with a smile. Make complaints about a man and a snake. He listens to him.

“Ancestor, you are really my ancestor!”

He was tactful, and the mink pup Tong and song had almost changed their mouths to make complaints about their entire son’s Wei Xun’s mouth. Hearing Wei Xun’s words, he was so angry that he scolded him directly.

“Why don’t you put it back to zero? The abyss can’t contact you, and you’re back to zero? Use the pure abyss energy of your butterfly fragments to zero? What if there’s a riot of butterfly fragments? This thing hasn’t been sorted out yet. If Yin and Yang butterflies can succeed, you don’t have to succeed. How many butterfly fragments do you have on you? ”

Tong Hege and Yu Hehui are both resurrected by Wei Xun. Their close contact enables them to chat in secret language. They connect guard Xun and an Xuefeng more closely, and can also pull him into this “chat group”.

When Tong Hege began to lecture, Wei Xun specially pulled an Xuefeng in. Sure enough, after Tong Hege’s training, an Xueshe’s mood has eased a lot. Similarly, knowing that the captain is also in Tong Hege, the domestication of Tong Hege has also been shortened… Others listen, they should give Wei Xun face anyway. The young chief accountant in love is better than these.

One conversation has two advantages. Wei Xun is careful.

“It’s my bad attitude”

An Xue snake finally opened his mouth, but he apologized. He slowly climbed onto Wei Xun’s shoulder and wrapped his head and neck. People will always be affected by more animals when they become animals. When they see Wei Xun dying again, an Xuefeng’s heart almost stops. For a moment, he even wanted to bite him and inject poison, so that Wei Xun knew that real death was not fun and how painful it was to be helpless and dying.

However, when he was connected with Wei Xun’s spirit and shared vitality, the comfort from the guide slowly relaxed an Xuefeng’s tense and disordered nerves. He knows that he is too nervous and in a hurry. He is clearly a tourist guide connected by Du. He is in the same space with Wei Xun. It can be said that as long as he is alive, it is difficult for Wei Xun to die completely (the kind recovered by the hotel, not zero).

However, when it comes to things related to Wei Xun, you can’t be really calm.

An Xuefeng answered the first question of Wei Xun. He fed him the essence of life, and the journey from astrologer to the thirty degree north latitude lost ancient Maya.

It is a relic of an ancient Mayan temple in the jungle of Honduras. Behind the relic, there is a gourd tree on the ninth floor of the Mayan rooftop like a pyramid.

In the ancient Mayan Creation legend, after killing the corn God (the symbol of life), the God of death hung his head on a tree. From then on, the tree was full of gourds and became a gourd tree.

A daughter of the God of death saw the tree full of fruit. When she wanted to taste one, the head hidden between many gourds and tree branches spit from her. Since then, she became pregnant. Finally, the twins born by the woman defeated the God of death, and their souls rose to the sky and became the sun and the moon. The head of revenge was integrated into the tree and planted on the ninth floor of exebalba (Sheol).

If the dead man successfully passes through the test of the nine layers of hell, he can rise through the gourd tree and return to the world.

“It can be said that the fruit of the gourd tree has strong vitality that can bring people back to life.”

“It’s dangerous to lose the ancient Maya”

An Xuefeng and Wei Xun spoke at the same time. Although an Xuefeng said it lightly, Wei Xun could see its danger. Myths and legends say that the gourd tree grows on the ninth floor of the underworld, which shows that the Mayan rooftop remains are as dangerous as the underworld.

“Yes, I almost died”

But it was worth it. It was a cooperative exploration with mystics. Mysticism explores the ruins of the main temple. It goes back to the second place on the way home. It explores the rooftop behind the ruins, but it didn’t expect that it was almost destroyed there. But the end result is good. They bring back the essence of life and some gourd seeds. This is not a prop, and can be used freely on the thirty degree journey of the north latitude. It is good stuff for their top travelers.

When an Xuefeng told the story, he was also combing his emotions. Yes, they were willing to take the risk of annihilation of the whole army for the sake of gourd tree. In the end, almost everyone was seriously injured and half of them were dying. They were the most daring to fight. Fighting to death was just a common thing for them. What he often did, let alone face Wei Xun.

“I don’t blame you. I’m in the wrong mood.”

An Xuefeng hissed in a low voice. It was such a big and dangerous poisonous snake, but no one could be angry when he touched his cheek with a soft snake and stared at him with wet eyes.

Wei Xun has seen an Xuefeng teach people. Yu Hehui and Tong Hege also vaguely said that the discipline in the return team is clear. An Xuefeng is like a strict father. Whoever is wrong should recognize and punish. If you don’t eat training, you won’t learn a lesson. The fewer mistakes you make in dangerous places such as hotels, the better. You can’t make mistakes once.

Wei Xun didn’t expect an Xuefeng to review himself first. The last time he fused butterfly fragments into the blood sucking knife, it was the same when he accidentally polluted the life playing cat. It seems that in matters related to him, an Xuefeng can’t blame him at all. He always reflects on his failure to do well.

If you encounter this kind of thing outside, you take it all on yourself and blame yourself for everything. Wei Xun has to laugh. It’s not his style to follow the stick without hitting the snake.

But an Xuefeng made a self-examination of him, but Wei Xun was soft hearted. It’s like a kind of lightness and happiness like bubbles filling the heart. This special feeling for him is really great.

“Go back and let’s connect deeply”

Wei Xun suddenly said. He could feel an Xuefeng’s mental disorder for a moment just now. The sequelae caused by long-term pollution was too serious. Wei Xun thought he had to show Wang pengpai and them when he got back. As the captain of the brigade, an Xuefeng also shoulders a lot of pollution from the team members.

Lushu orange, who likes to eat raw meat, Mao Xiaole, who can’t control his desire to kill, Wang Yushu, who is often uncontrolled and emotionally negative, etc. serious pollution has left a deep mark on them and has been in the category of title out of control.

An Xuefeng didn’t speak, but spit out the letter again, a little cold on Wei Xun’s lips. When the essence of life was completely worked, it was about ten minutes later. The half life man stood on their back, holding their strength and moving, Lee Teuk and Chen Chengmei, who were far away from the edge. I didn’t doubt whether the Vulcan was seriously injured or not.

I didn’t see the God of fire kissing me with his little snake. At first glance, the snake is not an ordinary beast, but more like an Elf (demon). It’s normal for them to be close to each other. If the snake is replaced with a human, evelett will doubt it.

When the God of fire’s overall deterrence finally calmed down and seemed to be coaxed, the party began to move towards the depths of the petrified forest. Yvette was considerate and said, “well, God of fire, if I say he didn’t mean it, who knows those beasts would be so bold?”

Ann snow snake gave him a cold stare, but evelett had a hypocritical and kind smile on his face. He seems to be excusing the snake, but in fact he deliberately mentions the snake’s dereliction of duty! Yvette’s nature is evil, so he doesn’t like watching the play of mutual forgiveness. If the God of fire really fights with the snake or even kills him, it’s the good play that Yvette really wants to see.

But unfortunately, the God of fire didn’t do what he wanted.

“You’re right, evelette. Those humble beasts are really too bold. But they are not ordinary beasts. They have many strange things and are not weaker than demons.”

Wei Xun pretended to be gloomy and cold, but when he said these words, he felt fierce and weak inside. It seems that he deliberately said the enemy was strong to justify his failure to take care of the stone egg and let it be defiled by wild animals.

Yvette laughed when he heard this, and his heart was ready to move. He was a little confident in killing the “God of fire” and taking his soul and power. There is a ghost in the heart. Yvette said no more and floated in front to lead the way.

For thousands of years, only the trunk of the petrochemical forest is left, such as dense and thick rock pillars. In addition, there is no sign. The forest is bigger than expected. The air is filled with a faint smell, which is a bit like the smell of sulfur and lime water. It can’t say what it is. But Wei Xun, who has been secretly remembering the route, found that he can’t remember the way he just came in.

If Chen Cheng and others come in to look for desert roses, they should get lost.

Wei Xun thought.

“I put a little thatched man in the camel bag of team Chen”

Half life Taoist whispered. He also found this problem. But the old traveler is always careful and cautious. With the guidance of cursive people, he can go out without remembering the way.

“I have a return knife”

An Xuefeng said that the returning knife can replay the past, which can be said to be an automatic memory route.

But then an Xuefeng said, “top travelers will get lost in the depths of the petrified forest.”

Wei Xun knew that in this case, the lizard Duke also chose to enter the depths of the petrochemical forest with the silver moon killer, which must be relied on. And they didn’t retreat in the face of an Xuefeng, which means that the stone egg is probably very precious!

According to an Xuefeng, even if swept out by the invisible force, the silver moon killer and the lizard Duke still didn’t leave. Thinking of this, Wei Xun looked forward more and more, especially an Xuefeng just told him about the gourd juice of ancient Maya. Deep in the petrified forest, it should be regarded as a part of the ancient oasis, which is of no solution level! Even if it can’t compare with gourd juice, this stone egg can’t be underestimated.

When we finally reached our destination, the scene before us shocked people’s mind. That is an extremely huge fossil tree, which can be called a single tree into a forest. People are like mole ants in front of it. This height is far higher than the highest fossil tree in the world!

Such a tall fossil tree stands out in this forest, but in fact, Wei Xun didn’t see the shadow of this tree when they were outside, even when they looked at the petrochemical forest from the black desert!

It has no additional lateral branches, only the trunk intertwined with maroon and sand gray. It looks like an ancient and mysterious altar, but there are no steps. The stony bark is as crystal as jade, and the lines are clear, so you can feel the surging heat from a distance. Even evelett’s face was a little more solemn.

“Please, my friend.”

Yvette leaned over and smiled thoughtfully, “maybe you need some more time alone -”

“Come on, Yvette, aren’t you afraid?”

Wei Xun deliberately provoked him, but what Wei Xun didn’t expect was that he clearly saw the anger on Yvette’s face, but he refused to go up together anyway. Even if Wei Xun unkindly asked him to go out and deal with the “beasts still wandering outside the fossil forest”, evelett responded directly!

“It’s dangerous. The keepsake is burning.”

Half life Taoist was dignified and a little excited. An Xuefeng also said that this Phoenician stone egg was not only a phoenix egg, but more like a symbol of sacrifice.

An Xuefeng turned into a phoenix and lit a flame to lead the way in front. The half life Taoist jumped up on the trunk with Wei Xun on his back. Wei Xun also summoned the fusion flame under the hint of an Xuefeng. Distance has almost become an illusion on this tree. People who do not master the flame may not be able to jump to the top of this tree for life.

When they finally reached the top, the heat could almost roast people. The interior of this huge fossil tree was empty. It was filled with hot black and red magma! The top of the fossil tree is about ten meters away from the internal magma layer. People will definitely die if they fall down. Dream chasing dragon only saw stone eggs and fossil trees, but did not see magma.

Wei Xun suspected that the magma might be some kind of illusion, or it might disappear at night. Then his eyes fell on the front of the magma, where huge grayish red stone eggs with flame patterns were quietly suspended.

At the next moment, Wei Xun’s eyes coagulated.

There is a crack at the top of the stone egg!

Meanwhile, outside the petrified forest, a huge silver wolf lurking behind the sand dunes suddenly roared at the front. The next second, the huge black and red virtual shadow came, arrogant with the anger just teased and ridiculed by the God of fire.

“Humble beast, get out of the Petrified Forest!”


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