TTG Chapter 382

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 382: The Sahara of Death (58)

The silver moon killer was quietly listening to the lizard Duke’s arrangement.

After being polluted, he took the lizard Duke to the petrochemical forest for the first time. After cleaning up less than half of the petrochemical forest, in the afternoon, the lizard Duke cleaned up most of the pollution of silver moon with fossil fragments and protected it at zero point nightmare, so that the dreamer who wanted to take advantage of the nightmare to kill silver moon killer failed.

But the silver moon killer’s pollution is easy to solve, but the lizard Duke’s state is not optimistic. Tour guides are always deeply influenced. From spirit to body to soul, it is not enough to rely on fossil fragments alone. It needs more ancient props. It’s best to defeat the black sand giant.

Therefore, the silver moon killer went deeper into the petrochemical forest. The sense of deterrence here is no worse than that of the giant territory. It can be seen that it is definitely the key point of the scenic spot at 30 degrees north latitude of the ancient oasis! The silver moon killer finally found the huge fossil tree similar to the altar. He brought the lizard Duke, who found the huge stone egg hidden in the tree.

Destruction and life, holiness and evil, different attributes blend in the stone egg. The lizard Duke recognized that the stone egg is absolutely an unsolvable object! But at night, the stone egg is in a state of semi entity and semi nothingness, which can’t be taken away at all. They can only temporarily stay by the giant tree. The picture seen by the dreamer in his dream is not the hatching of eggs, but the scene of the lizard Duke alleviating his own pollution with the help of stone eggs.

When the night passed and the stars disappeared, as the lizard Duke expected, the petrified ancient trees changed. Black The red boiling magma spread from the depths of the Huashi tree cave and gradually filled the huge cavity inside the fossil tree trunk. The part where the stone egg touched the magma changed from illusion to reality. The Duke of lizard predicted that by 12 o’clock in the afternoon, the magma would fill the tree cave and submerge the whole stone egg, making it completely real.

Then it will be a good opportunity to take away the stone eggs!

But damn an Xuefeng came too fast. The people of Chen Cheng brigade didn’t know what way they had thought to activate the mythical monster of the fossil forest. Under the balance of rules, their “enemies” of Chen Cheng brigade were swept out of the petrochemical forest. It was just 12 o’clock in the afternoon!

After a night’s waiting, he made a wedding dress for others. With the character of the prince of lizards, he will definitely retaliate.

Then the mythical monster came to the door.

A gloomy little palace guard was sticking out of the neck of the silver white giant wolf. It was covered with black granulation caused by pollution, but it didn’t look ugly. The granulation on on the left and right of its head even looked like black dragon horns, adding a bit of dignity.

The lizard Duke looked at the huge mythical monster like a floating flame and ignored its provocation. The lizard’s eyes were vaguely ready to move.


As if aware of something, the huge silver wolf, who had roared at the monster, made a short cry.

“Well, I’ll leave it to you.”

The lizard Duke was a little upset, but he had more than half of the pollution left, so he was really not suitable for shooting.

Without hesitation, the lizard Duke was astonishing: “kill him, silver moon.”

As long as this mythical monster is still alive and can pose a threat to Chen Cheng brigade, they will not be able to enter the petrochemical forest!

“How many times?”

Silver moon responded in a low voice without any doubt.

“Kill him once first. If he dares to come again, kill him again. Kill him again.”

[despicable beast, how dare you touch Phoenician stone eggs!]

Yvette was still chattering. As soon as he saw these two beasts, he felt that they were extraordinary. I’m afraid what the God of fire said was not a lie. Their strength really reached the level of demons! But it’s not necessarily too strong (silver moon killer is too good at hiding his strength). Although he can’t run over them with one finger, evelett thinks he can shoot them with a slap.

Will Vulcan fear this powerful beast? Yvette’s heart was filled with contempt, and at the same time, cunning him gave birth to other ideas. It’s better to encourage the two beasts to fight with the God of fire first. It can also observe the real strength of the God of fire from the side. If the God of fire is really so weak, he doesn’t have to wait until night. He will devour the flame of the God of fire now!

[the stone egg belongs to the God of fire. The God of fire is preparing to hatch it… Ah ah!!]

Before the voice fell, evelett suddenly roared angrily! The shadow of the silver moon sword fell in a flash and cut off his left arm by the root! Damn it, that humble silver wolf dares to attack him! The furious Yvette burst out a terrible and powerful flame, and the flame surged and reconstituted into his left arm. The condensed flame stretched like a thick black and red chain.

The chain formed by the flame tore the air, lashed the earth, and burned the gravel ground into a scarlet fire pool like flowing magma! If it falls on people, I’m afraid people will be directly pulled to ashes, but the body of the silver moon killer is as fast as a moonlight. He becomes the strongest form of half man and half wolf in mid air, turns his vigorous body, and then fiercely cuts into the back heart of Yvette!

“It’s afraid of your moonlight!”

The lizard Duke hiding in the arms of the silver moon killer commands across the air. When the silver moon killer goes all out, the whole body will be filled with cold silver moon brilliance. In order to better assassinate and hide himself, he specially matches the title of hidden class to perfectly hide the moonlight. Only when he changes, he will leak a trace of moon brilliance.

It was this glimmer of moonlight that made the mythical monster stiff for a moment and was keenly captured by the lizard Duke! Sure enough, when the silver moon killer no longer hid the moon glow, the mythical monster kept looking up at the sky. There were more and more mistakes. There was a feeling of fear of hands and feet. In an instant, it was suppressed by the silver moon killer and fell into the disadvantage!

At the top of the highest fossil tree in the distance, Wei Xun and others looked at the fierce battle in the distance. Wei Xun thought that they might fight when he spent Yvette, but he didn’t expect the silver moon killers to be so reckless!

“It’s not reckless. The silver moon killer didn’t want to kill him completely.”

Half life Taoist saw clearly: “this mythical monster can’t kill as long as it doesn’t destroy the core key. At best, it can only weaken it.”

The lizard Duke wants to weaken it! If they want to destroy the core key and kill him completely, they will face an angry, unsolved mythical monster. But as long as they don’t touch the core key and completely provoke him, the strength of the mythical monster in front of them can be solved by Yinyue alone at best.

“What we faced at that time could be said to be the unsolvable evelett. That fossil tree is the core of its existence.”

The half life Taoist explained that the evelett they first faced and the silver moon killer now deal with were not at the same level. If the silver moon killer is facing Yvette near the tree hole, he can’t do it like this.

Wei Xun nodded clearly, and then said, “is Yvette afraid of the moonlight?”

He saw that the bright moonlight around the silver moon killer was too dazzling, which was completely inconsistent with the killer’s consistent low-key style. After the moon was lit, the silver moon killer fought more and more fiercely in Vietnam – not that he became stronger, but that infuriated evelett began to make frequent mistakes and even felt afraid to fight back.

“No, No.”

Wei Xun denied himself as soon as he exported it, because he found that Yvette soon became more and more fierce, and even became more and more fierce because of his anger. At first glance, the situation was almost reversed. But half life Taoist priest was sure that evelett in that state was not the opponent of silver moon killer. It was only a matter of time before he killed him once.

Their fierce battle is very important for Wei Xun and others to estimate the combat effectiveness of both sides. People with keen observation can find many weaknesses of both sides. For example, I’m afraid the pollution of the Duke of lizards has not been completely eliminated, otherwise he can’t not fight with the Duke’s character. For example, even if evelett was not afraid of the moonlight, he was absolutely afraid of something related to it, otherwise his performance at the beginning could not be so strange.

“Is he afraid of the clear night or the starlight?”

Wei Xun remembered his previous conversation with Yvette. He said, “the early morning without stars is the best match for you and me.” why should he deliberately emphasize the early morning without stars? What’s more, Everett should not expose his weakness no matter how arrogant he is. When he says this, he is like saying it casually, just like the hidden rules of “God of fire” and his choice of a night without stars.

Wei Xun was aware of ivlet’s ambition and malice. Under the weakness he deliberately exposed, ivlet didn’t treat him as a higher angel. I’m afraid he regarded him as an equal demon.

“Demons are afraid of sunny nights, especially starlight.”

Wei Xun finally decided. As soon as he said this, the half life Taoist was stunned. Like thinking of something, he suddenly opened his mouth and said, “the demons are greedy and arrogant. They yearn for higher power and covet to peep into heaven. As long as an angel feather can make them crazy.”

“The stars in the sky are the light of Allah’s punishment to punish demons for eavesdropping on things in heaven.”

Half life Taoist’s words and an Xuefeng’s voice sounded at the same time. Wei Xun looked back and saw that the golden red phoenix flew back from the huge tree cavity filled with magma. Its sharp claws grabbed a large mass of flame. The Phoenix Fire wrapped the stone eggs, and the Phoenix’s claws grasped the gap at the top of the stone eggs.

“Did you remember that?”

An Xuefeng asked half life first, half life thought and nodded slowly.

“That’s right.”

He said: “team Chen should have told me about it… Demon angel, it is estimated that Lao Feihong also participated in the plan of team Chen.”

“Those who can make team Chen trust and participate in the journey of transferring 30 degrees north latitude can never be tourists from the western region. Song Yu, a member of Lao Feihong, is a mixture of East and West. In the past decade, he was called the strongest Angel Orange ‘blazing angel’ in the East.”

Without asking Wei Xun to say hello, Xuefeng said to him, and whispered: “the stars are the light of punishment. The description is in Arab mythology. However, we can’t completely believe in myths. There are a lot of pollution variations in any journey at 30 degrees north latitude. Myths can be used for reference, but we can’t believe them all. ”

The information revealed by the half life Taoist is more worthy of attention, because it is the first-hand information left by those who have really explored the ancient oasis. Obviously, the demon’s covet of angels is more paranoid and terrible than myth. People who are familiar with myths take out Angel feathers in front of demons, I’m afraid they want to frighten each other. But in fact, the greed and jealousy of demons are far more than awe.

Therefore, Yvette is more arrogant and ready to move than Wei Xun imagined, which is more in line with his plan. Because he never feared angels from the beginning.

If you say ivlet, ivlet is dead. When there is a deafening roar of grief and anger in the distance, ivlet is killed by the silver moon killer. The huge black and red body suddenly cracked, like a cloud of fire in the sky. Under the cover of this magnificent spectacle, a black and red shadow quickly returned to the petrified forest and the fossil trees at the edge.

If the core is not destroyed, evelett will not be really killed. But the silver moon killer showed strong strength enough to make people afraid. There is no journey of 30 degrees north latitude, which can show all the power in the scene repetition. It can be said that the silver moon killer is the strongest in the ancient oasis at present!

When Wei Xun looked away, he saw a tall man with a silver moon machete and a wolf’s ear and tail standing under the burning cloud. When Wei Xun looked at it, the other party felt cold as a knife, which only made people feel cold.

Wei Xun smiled and his heart was more excited.

“Silver moon killer killed Yvette. He will become our ‘ally’ according to the rules.”

Excited, Wei Xun became more and more calm. Yvette is a powerful enemy he deliberately created for Chen Cheng’s brigade. With it, other “enemies” will not be able to approach. After the silver moon killer killed evelett, according to “the enemy of the enemy is a friend”, he may become an “ally” of Chen Cheng’s brigade.

In this way, the allies are too strong, and an Xuefeng may not be able to stay here. Wei Xun laughed happily when he was defeated by the general. This has come and gone, is enough to stimulate and interesting!

“The silver moon killer has become a powerful ‘ally’, and he can’t get close to the petrochemical forest again. Unless Chen Cheng’s brigade encounters the danger of being too powerful again -”

“C is not a man of integrity.”

In the sand dune in the distance, the silver moon killer turns into a giant wolf after glancing indifferently. He consumes a lot in a fierce battle. The giant wolf lies low and gasps on the sand and lowers his head, allowing the lizard Duke to heal the wound and relieve the disordered spirit. Listen to the lizard Duke sneering to himself:

“He definitely wants to hatch stone eggs.”

The lizard Duke sneered: “hum, Bingyi and life playing people are such lunatics.”

That mythical monster is at best some kind of gatekeeper, not the most dangerous. Stone egg, sacrifice, something big will happen tonight.

“When he creates greater danger, it is time for us’ helpers’ to appear.”

Appear as a helper and rob.

“You have to catch up with an Xuefeng.”

Said the lizard Duke.

I’m afraid only one of such powerful “helpers” can help. Silver moon killer takes the lead, then an Xuefeng can’t get close anymore. Speaking of this, he was agitated and shook his tail: “Gee, an Xuefeng is connected with C Yi. You can go, but I can’t go.”

“If the silver moon killer wants to compete with you, you don’t have to get ahead of the silver moon killer. You deliberately lag behind.”

Wei Xun said to an Xuefeng on the petrified giant tree. Just now, only the silver moon killer fought against Yvette. The lizard Duke is probably still in the enemy’s category. No matter how strong the silver moon killer is, he is not without weaknesses. Wei Xun immediately thought of several plans for the golden Little Palace guarding that is still polluted.

“You deliberately lag behind. The silver moon killer is likely to suspect that you are going to catch the lizard Duke.”

“Yes, but it’s too dangerous.”

An Xuefeng agreed, but asked questions like a teacher’s assessment: “silver moon killer can kill all of you in ten minutes.”

“Not afraid.”

But Wei Xun said with a smile, “you forgot what chasing dreams gave me?”

He took another risk at midnight. At that time, the silver moon killer will fall into a nightmare. If he chooses to separate from the lizard Duke to “help”, Wei Xun happens to target him with a dream net and colored soul sand gloves. If he doesn’t come, an Xuefeng will come first.

An Xuefeng nodded. Although this method is also dangerous, what Wei Xun said is reasonable. As long as he doesn’t die intentionally, an Xuefeng can agree.

“I’m leaving. Here’s the stone egg.”

An Fengniao told him, “be careful. Once the flame dissipates, the stone egg will become half empty and half real. Once it can’t hold it and falls to the ground, it will return to the deepest part of the tree cave magma.”

Wei Xun lit the fusion flame with his hand and carefully took the cracked stone egg from his claw. In the previous discussion on whether to take away the stone eggs, an Xuefeng rarely decided to listen to the opinions of half life Taoist – although he lost a lot of memory, the ancient oasis was passed by Chen Chengquan and handed over to half life by him.

If the stone egg is really the key, the half life Taoist will definitely have an impression even if he has no specific memory. If you don’t remember half your life, it means that the stone egg is not the key, and whether you take it or not will not affect the final result.

Half life Taoist thought about it, but secretly asked Wei Xun if he wanted it. Wei Xun sincerely said that he wanted to, and the half life Taoist directly said that he could take it.

The logic of half life is also very correct. Since Chen Cheng also identified Wei Xun, he has been determined to follow quasi Wei Xun. Wei Xun said that there must be no problem if he wants it. Even if there is a problem, there will be no problem in the end!

Sure enough, an Fengniao succeeded in catching the stone eggs, and the altar like fossil trees and magma did not change.

After giving the stone egg to Wei Xun, an Xuefeng leaves, and he can no longer stay in the petrochemical forest. Half life Taoist quickly took Wei Xun down the huge fossil tree and hurried away from the petrochemical forest. Without an Xuefeng, it’s still too dangerous in Yvette. He was killed once. I’m afraid it’s time to grab a lot of energy and restore strength. Who knows if he will go crazy.

“Tell the captain they stay away from the fossil tree.”

Half life Taoist said, “this demon loves to eat people’s soul.”


Wei Xun replied, looking at the stone egg across the flame, Wei Xun saw that there were two finger wide cracks, but it was dark and could not see anything clearly, as if even light could devour it. He held it heavily in his hand. Although it had cracked, he didn’t know when it could hatch.

Wei Xun could feel that the stone egg was greedily absorbing his flame, and there was a faint feeling of evil greed and plundering everything. If you really let it hatch in the tree hole, it may be another powerful enemy. But fortunately, he met Wei Xun. The cub has not yet laid an egg. He can always break his character through prenatal education. Wei Xun sent more spiritual small fire that will call the God of fire to influence the stone egg. He didn’t care about Yvette and earnestly taught him to teach the stone egg to be a new man.

However, stone eggs seem to contain infinite flame, and education and infection can not be done in a moment and a half. Until he was about to get out of the petrochemical forest, Wei Xun felt that holding the flame stone egg in his hand was too conspicuous and a little troublesome. But the stone egg must always be surrounded by fire… He thought and tried to get it into the magic bug ball——

The hydrangea made with the fusion flame as the core has infinite space. Naturally, it can also be divided into a part to fill the flame, which can be regarded as the space with fire forever.

Wei Xun just tried, but when such a stone egg really disappeared from his hand and received the magic bug ball, Wei Xun fell into silence.

The ball of magic insects can only store magic insects. Why can this Phoenix stone egg of Phoenicia be put in??

Wei Xun fell into deep doubt until the half life Taoist carried him out and explained (fabricated) the course of the matter to Chen Cheng in a few words.


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