TTG Chapter 383

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 383: The Sahara of Death (59)

“That’s it.”

The half life Taoist finally warned seriously, “don’t get close to that fossil tree again. Yvette is too dangerous.”

The half life Taoist said (made up) that the fossil tree was inhabited by a cunning, sinister and soul eating mythical demon, Yvette. As soon as their brigade entered the petrified forest, the demon woke up (false), and the photos taken by Zhu Yuande were actually hinted by the demon (really, the red shadow of resentment swallowed by Wei Xun)

People who see the photos will lose their souls one by one, unknowingly go to the fossil tree, and finally become sacrifices, swallowed up by demons. The first one to be led was C-1, so he looked very strange and rushed to the fossil tree.

Hearing what he said, Tong Fu and Yun Ying, who had been guarding the fossil tree before, nodded thoughtfully.

Half life Taoist patted his chest again. He said that when he found a problem in his hundred second child, he directly woke up Bingyi, which frightened the demon and gave up the idea of eating people directly.

“But the hungry and greedy demon refused to give up. He cunningly said to punish Bingyi who disturbed him and asked Bingyi to tell him an unheard of story. If Bingyi couldn’t tell it, it would take Bingyi’s soul.”

The demon has been flexible for thousands of years. What else in the world has he never heard of? Fortunately, C Yi was quick witted and bold. He was embarrassed first and secretly complimented the demon that he knew everything. There was no story he had never heard of. When the demon was complacent and acquiesced, he asked if the demon wanted to force him to die?

The demon had a good face and was afraid of his number one, so he falsely denied it. C Yi took the opportunity to make a request and said he was willing to tell a story, but if the demon had not heard of the story, he would promise him to do something within his power.

“The spirit is too strong. Even I can’t beat it.”

Half life Taoist sighed: “I don’t know how Bingyi did it. He really told a story that the demon had never heard of, and then asked the demon to do something… The demon died once!”


The brigade people were amazed again and again. Tang Shuang, who was acute, asked, “what did he let the demon do?”

“I don’t know.”

Half life Taoist priest stood up and said, “you can ask Bingyi.”

As soon as he said this, the people were silent. Who’s free to ask the guide such questions? Maybe it’s someone else’s secret.

“Guide C, do you want to go to the camp to have a rest? There is boiled hot water.”

Chen Cheng exchanged greetings and nodded when he saw that C’s hood moved slightly. Bailaoer carried him to the newly built camp.

“Tell a different story every night, one thousand and one nights, huh?”

On his half life’s back, Wei Xun jokingly asked with a lead wire. Half life Taoist smiled and bumped him. Wei Xun knew that half life had made up so many stories just now, but he was actually trying to make things right for him. Only then did he never say anything. Half life just said half true and half false, and director C turned into a victim.

If Zhu Yuande hadn’t brought them the photos, he wouldn’t have bothered Yvette. If guide C hadn’t left this encounter first and let the danger be exposed, I’m afraid the people in their brigade would be eaten by evelett one by one!

Half life Taoist didn’t say too much. Just right is enough. In this way, the people of Chen Cheng’s brigade will take more care of him, feel more guilty, and perhaps be a little grateful – this statement is still very reliable when C Yi saved he Yunlai and Liu Hongyu!

In fact, Wei Xun doesn’t care about this. He just likes to take risks, that is, he wants to challenge Yvette alone. In theory, the whole Chen Cheng brigade will face the danger of angry Yvette. What’s the point? In Wei Xun’s opinion, as long as the benefits far outweigh the risks, you can take risks! What if others are dissatisfied or disagree? Wei Xun doesn’t care at all. It’s a big deal that he plays his own game.

But half life Taoist cares! He knew that Wei Xun had the bottom line, was measured and sure, and knew that no matter what he did, he would save himself in the end. The closer you are to him, the closer you follow him, the more benefit you will get, but the people in team Chen don’t know! Half life didn’t want the people of team Chen to be a little dissatisfied with Wei Xun. It was because they cared that they racked their brains to get around the situation.

Half life is really useful. At least Zhu Yuande is very guilty.

“Alas, I really don’t think the photos are dangerous. They almost hurt everyone.”

Zhu Yuande was restless. He worried and rubbed his fingers. He couldn’t help looking at the camp: “guide C is seriously injured.”

Although bailaoer said that he had deterred the spirits, everyone saw the ragged cloak of C-1, which was full of burning black marks. Even the tour guide’s cloak can be destroyed. What a terrible attack! Moreover, the smell of pollution on C-1 is very heavy. Zhu Yuande doubts whether director C has gone back to zero.

“There is something wrong with that picture.”

Chen Cheng frowned. When Bingyi was tempted to touch the red shadow in the photo, he felt wrong. At that time, Chen Cheng took a step forward, put his hand on the Hanshan sword, and almost said the word “fire” at the same time as Bingyi.

Many of the complaints left in the photos will respond only after being called to the keyword. Chen Cheng wanted to see off the danger, but I’m afraid it was C I who said it faster than him. And the resentment in the photo also burned out C-I’s gloves.

“I was wrong.”

Chen Cheng shook his head. He opened his Yin and Yang eyes and looked carefully at C Yi’s whole body. He didn’t see any complaints, curses or the like.

“Foreign spirits may not belong to our Oriental yin-yang eyes.”

Cheng Tianbao comforted: “everyone didn’t find it. Maybe C Yi found a problem at that time, but didn’t say it… Cough, cough.”

Cheng Tianbao’s throat itched. He coughed uncontrollably. Yun Ying took up the conversation and said timidly, “director C should not have deliberately not said it. I’m afraid he was lured at that time.”

“Yes, the tour guide is afraid of death, but I think he’s looking for death. The whole person is about to drill into the hole of the fossil tree.”

Tong Fu agreed: “didn’t Bai Laoer say that the demon is too strong to deal with. We can’t resist that temptation. If it’s not director C, it will be us.”

But their relationship with bailaoer is not as good as that of Bingyi and him. If they were lured, I’m afraid they would have died long ago. No matter what you think, objectively speaking, C saved them again.

“And Bingyi agreed to tell a story…”

Liu Hongyu, who had been silent all the time, sighed softly, his emotions were complicated.

“He can’t help it if he doesn’t promise.”

Yu Hexuan, Yu’s elder brother, said, “do you remember the burning clouds all over the sky just now? The whole day is black and red, the temperature rises sharply, and the sandstorm outside is even more terrible. The visions of the death of demons are so terrible that a hundred sophomores say it is immortal. Being killed once doesn’t mean anything.”

Yu Hexuan said reluctantly, “no one can beat the demon. I don’t think the old disabled giant is its opponent. There’s no way if C Yi doesn’t agree.”


Tong Fu went to Liu Hongyu and held his hand. The couple were concentric. She understood Liu Hongyu’s meaning: “xiaoluan, you said, what would he do if he was another tour guide?”

Yu’s sister Yu feiluan was stunned, thought for a moment, turned pale and whispered, “he will want to offer our souls.”

“That’s right.”

Chen Cheng nodded and sighed: “the hundred second said that the demon wants the soul… What’s the difference between guide C’s soul and our soul?”

If guide C says to exchange their souls for his own survival, the demon will not necessarily refuse. He can even exchange three or four times his soul – even this is not the guide’s initiative to kill passengers, but only “accidental death”.

Telling stories is still too dangerous. It’s a game with your own life. It’s not worth the lives of their passengers.

Liu Hongyu nodded silently. Since the last time he was haunted by the black snake, he has been more vigilant and wary of Bingyi. Now his mood is also the most complicated.

“Bingyi… He is not an ordinary guide.”

Liu Hongyu said, he thought of the red river that everyone said before. Will c really come from Hongjiang? Although team Chen always said that whether the tour guide is good or bad, it has nothing to do with them. No matter how good the tour guide is, it is impossible to pass the scenic spots instead of them. No matter how bad the tour guide is, as long as they are vigilant enough, it is impossible to destroy the metaphysics of unity and strength.

But it’s really tiring to be worried all the time. They should not only be wary of dangerous scenic spots, but also beware of tour guides who are likely to do it behind their backs, and tourists can’t leave the tour guides. They must be guided and sheltered by the tour guides – for example, after they hit B125 hard and almost made him a vegetable, they almost lost their way on the way to the next scenic spot.

If Bingyi really comes from Hongjiang, it’s good that he won’t do it secretly to them. If they have a trusted tour guide and can work together on the journey… It’s not that team Chen is bad, but the tour guide is different.

Liu Hongyu subconsciously looked at team Chen, but saw that he was looking at himself. Chen Cheng’s eyes were gentle, but Liu Hongyu felt that what he imagined was seen through. For a moment, his eyes dodged, and then became firm again.

He is a doctor. He can find that his friends are not in good mental state. The closer to the end of the journey, the more difficult it is. The successive deaths and injuries of companions are too demoralizing. Especially when I know the old captain, I’m afraid they will leave soon and never come back. Everyone has a lot of psychological pressure.

That’s why everyone will actively speculate whether Bingyi is a person from Hongjiang and whether he will be a rare “good guide”. Even if C Yi doesn’t do anything, he just knows that he is a “good guide”. As long as he stands there, he can make people breathe a sigh of relief.

“Director C’s injury is not light. Hongyu, go and have a look.”

After understanding Liu Hongyu’s eyes and seeing that other teammates couldn’t help smiling because of his words, Chen Chengxin sighed.

“Yes, Lao he is there too. He is too honest to be cheated.”

Tang Shuang spoke. He stood beside Chen Cheng, clapped Chen Cheng’s back with his hand behind him, and gave Chen Cheng a firm look. As soon as Chen Chengxin warms up, he knows that Tang Shuang is worried about his loss – making his teammates so upset and even looking forward to a tour guide whose good and evil are unknown. From other aspects, is it not that he is not strong enough for everyone to trust?

But Chen Cheng is very calm. He knows that they have known each other for less than a year since Su Wei entered the hotel all his life. The whole group has only been together for half a year. It is too early to build full trust.

“Well, let’s go now to the underground cave found by Yuande.”

Chen Cheng shouted, “no matter what director C does, we must have a good time in our own scenic spots. Don’t forget that we haven’t found roses yet, so we can’t relax!”

When everyone looked sad, Chen Cheng smiled and blinked: “if we come back early after exploration, we can help director C think about the story.”

He joked: “after all, Yvette is a demon of the West. There should be some unknown Oriental stories.”

The atmosphere in the team suddenly became active. Everyone cheered and was full of energy one by one. Chen Cheng shook Tang Shuang’s hand again and led the team to the front.

It’s a lucky thing to have such good teammates in the hotel. Chen Cheng believes that everyone will get better and better. Finally, like the old captain, they will become a real team that can deliver life and death. He will also try his best to become the strongest captain, live up to the cultivation of the old captain and the trust of his peers!

*  *

“Hot hole in the ground?”

“Yes, Xiao Tang almost lost a layer of skin when he went down.”

Half life carried Wei Xun to the camp. He Yun, who rested in the camp to recover from his injury, hurriedly poured water and medicine for him. He was worried, but he didn’t ask Bingyi how he did it. He was just worried.

After half his life told him once, he Yunlai was still worried and afraid that guide C would annoy him without saying a word, so he turned to their new discovery.

“I think the desert rose formed by magma is reasonable. After all, this petrified forest is formed by volcanic eruption.”

He Yunlai said, “the underground cave looks like a tree pit. It’s very deep. The captain said that only a small part of these petrified trees are exposed on the ground, and more are underground. They were flooded by volcanic ash that year. Xiao Tang said that there seems to be magma in the underground cave. It’s too hot for him to see.”

Speaking of this, he Yun sadly hammered down to the ground and looked at his unhealed abdomen: “Hey, I don’t know when my injury will heal. It’s not strange that Xiao Tang can’t see clearly. I should go down.”

The hot tree cave, in which there is suspected to be unfrozen magma? Wei Xun immediately noticed the key points. He had long wondered why the fossil tree containing Phoenician cornerstone eggs still had so much flowing magma? Or is it only during the day and the night will disappear? Where did the magma go and where it has been preserved. Is it related to sacrifice?

“You’re afraid of magma even if you’re stiff.”

When he was thinking about it, he listened to half life’s curiosity and asked. Half life studied zombies deeply. Naturally, it was clear that zombies under the incorporeal bones were all afraid of the sun and fire, especially Mao Jiang. It could be said that their hair was very easy to ignite. He Yunlai can’t be afraid of magma even if the skin is hard.

“Hey, I’m a blessing in disguise.”

He Yunlai smiled and patted his belly. After thinking about it, he wiped his hands with alcohol cotton and carefully broke his sewn belly a little. Half life Taoist smoked the corners of his mouth and felt his stomach ache. But the next moment he stared: “what is this? Snake eggs?!”

He Yunlai’s belly is close to the edge of his belly. There is a gray black oval hard object, which looks very similar to the black snake egg! Didn’t the snake eggs in his belly be cleared? Even Wei Xun looked here curiously.

“It’s not that it’s not clean, but my title has changed again.”

He Yun smiled and heard him whistle. The black snake egg cracked automatically and a small black snake climbed out. The place where it crawled had its own fire marks. The broken eggs were full of boiling magma. However, the magma flowing into he Yunlai’s abdomen did not cause any damage to him, but suspected to speed up the healing of the wound!

The little black snake skillfully climbed into the palm of he Yunlai. The dark black snake looked warily at Wei Xun and half his life, and finally fell on Wei Xun. It shook its tail like a rattlesnake and made a wary hiss.


Wei Xun was interested. He thought about it and tried to take out a David snake. Sure enough, the snake hissed more quickly, and even shook his body to attack. He Yunlai was afraid that he would hurt guide C, so he quickly stuffed it back into his stomach.

But David snake was obviously interested in the little black snake. He climbed to Wei Xun’s ear and hissed: “Hey, where did you find the snake? I thought it was very dangerous. It should restrain me!”

The black snake turned from black sand has scarlet eyes, while the eyes of the small snake mutated in he Yunlai’s abdomen are pure black. Moreover, the black eyed snake can be found hidden through corn shoots, and it is restrained. It can be said to be a natural enemy!

“Your title is dark blue?”

Wei Xun was really curious. He knew the history and roughly speculated what would happen in the future. It can be said that he Yunlai completely restrained the sand snake who wanted to “guide the sacrifice”. If he was in Liu Hongyu, he would never be attacked and killed by the black snake again. Even Wei Xun originally suspected that the sand snake was the guardian of the ancient king’s court. He Yunlai was here. He could definitely have more confidence when opening up the ancient king’s court to deal with mythical creatures such as Yvette.

Previously, those who were polluted by the old remnant giant can swallow a lot of sand. This time, those who were polluted by the sand snake have fire resistance and can control the black snake. Is this something that the dark blue title can do??

Wei Xun looked at banming and saw that Taoist banming was also staring at He Yun. His eyes were a little red – what a good zombie! Yu Xiangyang is already the most gifted zombie passenger he has ever seen, but it was only after seeing he Yun coming that he realized that there was a day in the sky!

“Oh, what a pity”

But after the excitement, it was a deeper regret. Half my life no longer looked at he Yunlai. If I looked more, I would feel flesh pain. He couldn’t help chatting with Wei xunmi through holding silk. His tone was full of regret: “he Yunlai should have a special constitution that is very prone to variation.”

It has nothing to do with the title. It’s he Yunlai’s “talent”. His body will naturally mutate when he encounters all kinds of pollution. Although it will be more dangerous than others, if he can survive, his future development will be absolutely extraordinary!

The passengers who can be selected by the old leader of metaphysics as a new generation of metaphysics team members are indeed different. He Yunlai doesn’t even need too much training. As long as he takes him on a trip to major 30 degrees north latitude, he won’t be weaker than the orange title.

“Yes, I’m still stiff.”

He Yunlai didn’t know their dialogue and regret. He was a little embarrassed: “Oh, everyone in the team has the purple title. I’m holding back. I don’t know when I can upgrade to the purple title…”

“If you can’t go back alive, you’ll never be promoted to purple.”

The cold and gloomy voice startled the three people present. Wei Xun and half life were surprised because what they said was what they thought – it was like reading their hearts. He Yunlai was frightened——

“I, I disinfected with alcohol cotton tablets!”

He Yun came stumbling and wanted to stand up. As a result, Liu Hongyu glanced and sat down again. He looked like a patient who was caught without following the doctor’s advice. Without saying a word, Liu Hongyu first examined the wound for He Yun, and then sewed and disinfected the wound just opened by himself.

His careful examination without saying a word made he Yunlai feel more guilty. After the examination, he Yunlai vowed never to touch the wound again before Liu Hongyu spoke.

“Well, the captain doesn’t let you use the variant title.”

When he Yun came to make a poison oath, Liu Hongyu said, “it’s too dangerous. At least wait for everyone to test it, and then wait for Yuande to see the good and evil.”

What he said was reasonable. He carried out Chen Cheng again. He Yun listened and nodded again and again.

“Director C, thank you for helping us again this time.”

Liu Hongyu turned to look at Bingyi and said sincerely, “it’s windy and sandy in the desert. There’s no water here. It’s hard to clean up. I have some new alcohol gauze, which is the product of my title every day. It can clean any stains.”

He took out a roll of gauze and applied it to he Yunlai’s wound. The bloodstained wound became very clean in the twinkling of an eye, and the wound obviously began to heal faster.

Liu Hongyu didn’t say much. He left a roll of gauze for Bingyi, pulled he Yunlai to the side and asked him a few words, so he hurried to the underground cave. Wei Xun looked at his leaving back, took back his playful eyes and threw away his gauze.

“Liu Hongyu is a wise man.”

Wei Xun guessed that Liu Hongyu came here to see his injury, but Liu Hongyu didn’t mention the injury at all. When he gave the gauze, he only emphasized its role in cleaning the stains – it should be from the small movements such as C-I’s frequent replacement of gloves that he might be a little clean.

These gauze, which can completely clean the wound and heal the wound, is particularly appropriate. Moreover, he first said that it was a daily product of the title, and gave it to He Yun, showing his sincerity.

“I didn’t expect him to dare to come.”

Wei Xun said with a smile that he was covered with black snakes and deliberately frightened Liu Hongyu. On the spot, he turned white and looked more vigilant. Wei Xun likes to tease smart people and see how they think. According to Liu Hongyu’s character, he will definitely pay more attention to the black snake in the future – be more vigilant. Maybe Liu Hongyu will be vigilant enough tonight and won’t die at the mouth of the black snake without Wei Xun’s intervention.

But Wei Xun didn’t expect Liu Hongyu to come again so soon. It’s reasonable that he should hide from him for a while.

“They want to recruit you”

Half life is also a little puzzling. He can be sure that Chen Cheng is not the old Chen team. With the consistent style of metaphysics, he shouldn’t want to recruit a tour guide with unknown good and evil so soon. After all, there was always no tour guide before metaphysics.

“I’ll see what he Yunlai says later.”

Wei Xun said that Liu Hongyu is very observant and can see people’s eyes. It should be to find that he has slightly different attitudes towards him and he Yunlai. If Liu Hongyu really wants to test something, he will come through He Yun if he is smart.

Sure enough, when he Yun came to sit over again, he looked at Wei Xun frequently, with an expression of wanting to talk and stop. Wei Xun hanged him for a while and then asked, “huh?” He Yun couldn’t wait to ask.

He Yun asked, “director C, do you have a red cloak?”

What he asked surprised Wei Xun. Why did he Yunlai ask him such a question? He’s got a scarlet cloak, but it’s a hippie’s cloak! For a moment, Wei Xun thought a lot, but he was unmoved and asked, “what’s the matter?”

Seeing that he didn’t refute, he Yunlai’s eyes brightened and half of his body leaned over excitedly. He opened his eyes greatly, lowered his voice, and almost asked in an angry voice, “director C, are you from Hongjiang?”


Wei Xun was stunned. This was another problem he didn’t expect at all. Hongjiang? Which red river? He said nothing, with an unfathomable expression on his face, but secretly asked half his life with a lead wire.

“Hongjiang is a legendary tour guide organization. It’s very old. When team Chen taught me, he didn’t say much.”

Half his life was also surprised that he Yunlai would ask Wei Xun like this and tell him everything he knew.

“All the staff in Hongjiang have red cloaks? Official origin? National institutions? ”

Wei Xun immediately asked, “are the people who play with life from Hongjiang? Does an Xuefeng have anything to do with Hongjiang? ”

“It’s said that it was organized a long time ago… No one knows about it for ten years.”

Half life sighed, “otherwise, the playful people who wear scarlet cloaks are so conspicuous that they will certainly be assassinated – how can people in Hongjiang be butcher guides and butcher leaders in the east?”

That’s not necessarily. Wei Xun is noncommittal. There are so many undercover people in old movies who are going to be the boss for three years and three years. Of course, the Dragon Slayer becomes a dragon, and there are also those who make mistakes and fall into the abyss after undercover for a long time.

Wei Xun wants to determine the age of Hongjiang activities! No one knew about an Xuefeng’s term, and Chen Cheng’s term basically disappeared in the vast sea of people. Half his life can only be determined that it was probably the old leader of metaphysics, that is, 30 years ago, Hongjiang was very active!

Wei Xunzheng was born in the fifth year of Hongjiang’s active decade! Wei Xuechen is ten years different from him, but if you count the five years of Xiaojiang, it can also be said that Wei Xuechen and Wei Xun were born in this period in the 15 years when Hongjiang was active!

Wei Xun thinks of his parents who can’t see their faces clearly. It’s too arbitrary to connect the hippies with Hongjiang with only a red cloak. Wei Xun needs more information. After he tried he Yun and found that he didn’t know much specific information, Wei Xun paid attention to Chen Cheng.

Chen Cheng absolutely knows more!

But with Chen Cheng’s cautious and meticulous character, he will never say nothing. There must be an opportunity


Just then, a deafening explosion came from the northeast, which was the direction Liu Hongyu left. When Wei Xun got up and looked, he saw the thick smoke coming from afar, with a pungent smell of sulfur. The ambient temperature soared in a short time, and the air was a little hot, just like a volcanic eruption!


He Yunlai got up in horror and hurried to the other side: “it’s the direction of the underground cave, captain. They’re in danger!


Wei Xun stood up silently and asked half his life to chase him behind he Yunlai.

The opportunity is coming. He just needs to find a time to show his scarlet cloak inadvertently!

A quarter of an hour later, he Yunlai and Wei Xun arrived at the scene, but the situation was different from what they thought. From the depths of the cave, like a volcanic eruption, what surges outward is not magma, but dense golden red spiders, like a red tide.

“Get away!”

The anxious cry came from one side. Wei Xun looked up and saw several people crowding and climbing on the tall fossil tree next to him. It was Liu Hongyu and others. They didn’t get close to the fossil tree. Seeing the tide of spiders rushing towards them, half life (with Wei Xun) and he Yun hurried to climb the petrochemical tree on the other side. There were dense spiders at his feet not far away, and their hearts trembled.

“Where’s the captain? Why isn’t the captain?”

Suddenly he Yunlai asked anxiously. He looked back and forth for several times and didn’t see Chen Cheng – no, not just Chen Cheng!

“Neither the captain nor Tang Shuang came out!”

Yu feiluan answered him anxiously with a cry: “they are still inside!”


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