TTG Chapter 384

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 384: The Sahara of Death (60)

“Captain and Tang didn’t come out?”

He Yunlai couldn’t believe it and even hurriedly kowtowed: “then you, you -”

Don’t they all advance and retreat together? How can we leave the captain and Tang Shuang below! He couldn’t speak clearly in his hurry. He made an empty point with his strength, and directly changed. He was stiff and wanted to rush down, but he was grabbed by the people behind him. Obviously, the man didn’t have much strength, but he Yunlai froze as if he had been handcuffed.

“Don’t go down.”

C Yi’s cold voice sounded, and the terrible sound of countless spiders rubbing their limbs was particularly calm and clear: “this is the test of Chen Cheng and Tang Shuang. Don’t go down for other passengers, it will be more difficult.”

Wei Xun’s tour guide is just a kind of goods. He can’t feel passengers without the tips of the hotel. It’s reasonable that he doesn’t know what Chen Cheng and Tang Shuang are doing. But he felt some slight changes in the butterfly fragments in the blood sucking knife – it was the feeling of Lao Chen team!

Is the old Chen team coming again? Or does Tianbao release some pollution in the future and solve the urgent need. Now Tang Shuang is going to come and release some pollution? In any case, this is exactly Wei Xun’s goal – Hongjiang. Lao Chen absolutely knows more about Hongjiang!

The only problem is that the scarlet cloak belongs to the playful people after all… In case of any conflict between them, don’t let the rest of Chen Cheng brigade know about it. It will have a bad impact.

Wei Xun didn’t want them to go down, but he didn’t expect Liu Hongyu to say:

“Director C is right. Brother he, calm down. Brother Tang activated the super difficult random task!”

Wei Xun was really right! Liu Hongyu said, “the more people there are, the more difficult the task is. He asked us to come out first. The captain said he would come out in a quarter of an hour at the latest!”

The decision made by team Chen must be right. Chen Cheng has Hanshan sword and can hold on longer. I’m afraid others can’t stay in the underground cave. He Yunlai was a little relieved, but looking at the large number of big black spiders that are still emerging from the underground cave, just like the man eating beetles gushing out of the film coffin, he Yunlai is anxious like ants on a hot pot.

At first glance, this spider is not an ordinary species. Most of their bodies have a dark black bottom with lava like scarlet patterns, which are somewhat similar to sand snakes.

The silk they spit out is grayish red, like dirty fire ash, with unbearable heat. In this way, there are dense cobwebs everywhere on the ground. Although the spiders are not close to the fossil trees, the heat has risen. It’s obviously hot in October, but it’s like baking on a fire. It’s like this outside. The underground holes don’t know how hot it should be!

As time went by, it was very difficult to wait. Liu Hongyu took advantage of this time to explain what happened in the underground cave in a few words.

Chen Cheng originally thought that the rose to be found in the scenic spot assessment is a desert rose stone related to magma, which is the most likely. This underground cave was discovered by Zhu Yuande, the luckiest. There are bits and pieces of magma seeping out from the rock wall cracks deep in the underground cave, which further proves Chen Cheng’s point of view.

However, under normal circumstances, how can there still be flowing magma? In particular, the temperature of the underground cave is not too high. It is only about 40 or 50 degrees. Only the rock fissure penetrated by magma has a very high temperature. Moreover, the magma flows out and condenses immediately after leaving the rock fissure and soon becomes a solid. However, Chen Cheng found that there is not much magma condensate around the rock wall.

Is there something cleaning up on time, or will the magma solidification disappear? Chen Cheng raised his vigilance. The underground cave is very deep and the internal space is broad. There are countless intricate channels like tree roots. It is possible if there are a group of cave dwellers hidden inside. Chen Cheng divided the brigade into two teams, one led by him to explore the rock wall crack area penetrated by magma under the protection of Hanshan sword, and the other led by Tang Shuang to explore the cold area, which is a channel formed by an inclined downward crack.

There are definitely problems in the hottest and coldest places.

“When I rushed over, team Chen, they had found clusters of desert rose stones at the corner of the magmatic rock wall.”

Liu Hongyu was slightly excited and described the magma in the dark deep cave with a little golden red fire, as well as the desert rose growing not far from the magma. They are milky yellow and very small, like clusters of kumquats. Layers of milky yellow crystals bloom like petals, and the edge of the petals is inlaid with translucent white crystals. The dim fire light shines on them, which is incredibly beautiful, but also fragile.

“If the action is a little heavier, it will crush the rose stone. A little bump will make it incomplete. Only a complete desert rose stone can complete the task.”

Chen Cheng’s guess is indeed right. The ‘Rose’ they are looking for in the petrochemical forest is desert rose stone! He Yunlai was excited and whispered, but Wei Xun found Liu Hongyu’s expression more dignified. He Yunlai couldn’t help asking, “what happened later?”

“Tang Shuang and his team found a huge skeleton.”

Liu Hongyu said seriously.

The bone was too huge. It was on the edge of Tang Shuang’s exploration corridor and embedded in the rock wall. Others thought it was a strange white stone pillar, but Tang Shuang had the title of controlling bone. At a glance, he saw that it was a huge bone.

It was a leg bone, which was very similar to human except that it was too huge, which made Tang Shuang think of giants at once!

“The more you go inside, the more bones there are. Almost all the rock walls have been replaced by white bones! Brother Tang said let’s go back. He continued to explore the depths.”

Tong Fu took up the conversation. She was in a team with Tang Shuang and knew better than Liu Hongyu.

“The desert climate is harsh. Few of the dead rot into white bones. Most of them are mummies, just like the old disabled giants we met.”

“Brother Tang suspects that the giant’s bones will become like this because something has eaten its flesh. He must find out…”

Monsters that can eat even giant flesh and skin will be restless if they hide in the depths of the petrochemical forest!

“Are these spiders?”

Wei Xun suddenly asked.

Giant skeletons, gnawed clean skin and flesh, and spiders gushing out of underground caves, it is not difficult to infer that several elements are combined! Wei Xun even speculated that this group of spiders would absorb a lot of heat when hatching, so the channel was so cold. Little spiders feed on solidified magma, so there is no solidified magma. He knows so much about bugs!

“These spiders are small. They are all spider eggs living in white bones.”

As if thinking of something, Tong Fu felt a touch of fear on her face: “if you go deep, brother Tang won’t let us follow. He said that the bones deep are still ‘alive’, and we would wake them up in the past!”

We don’t know what’s deep. Tang Shuang, who insisted on exploring deeper, ran back in a minute and asked them to run away!

Tong Fu has never seen Tang Shuang’s expression of fear, panic and determination, as if he wanted to sacrifice and never come back. Tong Fu said it simply, but her fear that she could not hide infected everyone. As time passed, Cheng Tianbao said that if there was no news from team Chen in a quarter of an hour, he would go down to find someone, but this was the worst result.

Everyone is eager to know the news of Chen Cheng and Tang Shuang. There are still spiders gushing out of the underground cave, and there are no other people at all.

He Yunlai was more and more worried. He was sweating all over. The surrounding temperature was still soaring. He was about to go crazy. He couldn’t help but want to lean back.

Guide C held his wrist, but his gloved hand was still cold. C’s whole body is also cold without any heat. It’s like a dead man. It’s not affected by the high temperature at all.

Guide C is not afraid of heat, and these monsters may not attack guide C. now only guide C can go to the underground cave and bring back some news about team Chen. He is a guide and will not increase the difficulty of passengers’ tasks.

For a moment, he Yunlai thought about it, but he didn’t say anything. The tour guide is a rare good man who doesn’t harm people. He has no obligation to set foot in danger at all. He thinks director C is a good man. Maybe, maybe Hongjiang talents will have such hidden expectations. But he Yunlai was even a little ashamed when he found out his idea.

There are too few good people in the tour guide. How can we go again because this forces good people? If everyone wants to do so, there will be more and more bad people. He Yunlai’s contradictory and complex emotions are intertwined in his heart. He refrains from looking at director C. he looks at the underground cave submerged by spiders and his companions in the nearby fossil tree. However, he accidentally finds that Liu Hongyu and his companions are also looking in their direction.

No, they’re not looking at him, they’re looking at director C. If there is anything wrong with team Chen, the tour guide should be the first to know. They anxiously hope to see what expression on C’s face and what news they can confirm. He Yunlai’s heart was mixed. He looked back subconsciously, but was stunned to see director C laughing!

The hood covered most of his face, revealing only his thin and pale jaw and beautiful lips. The corners of his mouth tilted slightly, showing a smile.

Wei Xun is really happy. The team of metaphysics can always find the most critical point! Wei Xun had just thought that the still flowing magma was definitely related to the stone egg sacrifice. If he wanted to find out his secret, metaphysics was sent to him!

“There’s a strong smell of pollution, and the title is out of control!”

Just then the half life Taoist suddenly told him that mixed with excitement and tension, he reminded him, “maybe Lieutenant Tang is coming!”

The feeling of half life is almost the same as that of Cheng tianbora. The title of Chen Cheng is not so serious!


At the same time, Zhu Yuande, who had been chanting and praying like a prayer, suddenly lost his voice and screamed. His face was pale, cold and sweaty, and his fat fingers twisted together and trembled: “I’m afraid Tang Shuang is not good! Chen team is also -”

As soon as he said this, everyone fell into an ice cave and his heart was cold. Others were as anxious as if they had suddenly lost their backbone. At this time, Cheng Tianbao did not hesitate to jump down and go to the underground cave. At this time, people are blindly obedient. Even if it is almost equal to death, they see that other people will jump with Cheng Tianbao as soon as they bite their teeth. At this time, Cheng Tianbao, who is about to land, is pushed back to the fossil tree!

“Do you want to die?”

Bingyi’s voice sounded, and they were always so calm. At this time, they found that Bingyi and bailaoer jumped down from the Huashi tree and fell into a dense group of spiders! The golden red flame roared up and burned like a phoenix flapping its wings. The flame could no longer see the figure of C Yi, but could only hear his voice.

“You stay here.”

He ordered briefly, “I’ll go down and have a look.”

After that, the golden red flame broke through the obstacles of countless spiders without hesitation and penetrated into the underground cave in an instant. Without the slightest hesitation, without any hesitation, everyone was stunned. At this time, he Yunlai was suddenly excited and lost his voice: “red cloak!!”

“I see! It’s a red cloak!!” He said incoherently: “guide C is wearing a red cloak!”

“It’s a red flame –”


He Yunlai interrupted Liu Hongyu’s words for the first time. His face turned red and his eyes stared straight at the hole in the ground, just like crazy. He was right. It was not the red of fire, but the scarlet of blood! It’s a blood stained cloak worn by the people of Hongjiang!


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