TTG Chapter 385

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 385: The Sahara of Death (61)

Wei Xun put on his scarlet cloak as soon as he lit the fire. There were too many spiders under him. At the thought of “close contact” with these spiders, Wei Xun felt numb. If he really met these spiders, even if his clothes were not burned, he would never want them. It’s just right to have a red cloak to block them.

There are large gray red cobwebs at the mouth of the underground cave, which almost seal the whole cave. Numerous spiders lie on the cobweb. Several of them have fist size patterns, which are particularly conspicuous. They are extremely hot and amazing. They were killed by half life drawing a sword. But after the spider died, it burst out the hot poison like magma and splashed on the half life peach wood sword, leaving a burning black stain on the sword!

“Be careful, this spider is approaching the level of no solution!”

Half life Taoist whispered and warned Wei Xun, who was in control of the fusion flame and rolled up the cobweb. The webs of these spiders are as hot as fire ashes, and they seem to be afraid of fire. Wei Xun ignites the fusion flame and tries to find that the flame effect is one, but he can’t burn the spiders and webs at all!

Wei Xun, who had a keen perception of the flame, separated the fusion flame. The three color magic flame seemed to be limited and was extinguished as soon as it was lit. The samadhi real fire suddenly burned the surrounding spiders. However, Wei Xun also found that the spiders around the Phoenix Fire were not hurt at all, but still getting bigger and could absorb the growth of the Phoenix Fire!

“There is divine power. I’m afraid magma has something to do with Phoenix Fire.”

Wei Xun concluded that because of this, the fusion flame could not play a great role. At this moment, they have entered the depths of the cave. Now we can’t see what rock wall magma Liu Hongyu said. There are dense cobwebs and black and red spiders pouring in like a tide everywhere. There is no place to settle. Wei Xun only burned a small open space with samadhi real fire, and then he threw out a small rose.

The little rose directly exposed itself. The huge rose colored mother spider occupied almost half of the cave. Banming and Wei Xun stood on the little rose. She is both a mother worm and a spider. As soon as little rose appeared, she immediately affected the surrounding spiders, so that they finally stopped attacking Wei Xun and half life like crazy!

“Master, there is a mother in the depths!”

The situation seemed to be getting better, but little rose hurriedly said to Wei Xun: “so strong, stronger than sister Xiaocui! I’m afraid I can’t control these spiders! ”

A stronger mother than Xiaocui?? Wei Xun’s eyes lit up at once, and he almost wrote, “I want this!” But the next second he calmed down. You know, Xiaocui is now the mother insect of milala level. When converted into the strength level of magic insect, she can barely be called the heaven level. It’s even more difficult to go further! Remember the website

The more advanced Laila level female insect is at least the peak level. The female insect of Yin-Yang butterfly is at this level, but because it is his companion butterfly, it is even stronger and close to no solution.

The real, the top dorala mother worm is called the “Queen”. Even an Xuefeng has never seen it. That’s a real mystery. Even Laila level female insects can’t be dealt with by Wei Xun and half life. It’s possible to fight alone, but now the female insects obviously control her swarm. It’s too dangerous. I don’t know what Tang Shuang did. He even provoked this monster.

“Find your food.”

Wei Xun no longer hesitated. A white butterfly flew up from his shoulder. It was Wei Xun who took it back from Cheng Tianbao. At this moment, the underground cave is full of all kinds of complex chaotic energy. Even the semi-finished Hanshan sword seems to have failed and can not accurately locate Chen Cheng. But Dieda is like a fish in water. It almost always stays in Cheng Tianbao’s body. It is very sensitive to the pollution from the battlefield. It can clearly lock Tang Shuang in the stone cave at the moment!

Leave the little roses in the town at the entrance of the underground cave to make sure they are not blocked underground. Wei Xun asked half his life to follow Dieda to the deeper part of the underground cave. There are gray red cobwebs everywhere, the air is filled with ash like dust, and there is a faint light of fire in the dark underground cave. Half life asked Wei Xun to wear a mask and cover his head and face. Don’t breathe in. Those powders are all cobwebs, with fierce fire poison.

At the moment, they are just like walking on the scene of a tragic fire. Samadhi real fire can only protect a small area around them. It can’t completely clean up the underground cave. The more they go inside, the more terrible the situation is. There are large cobwebs on the surrounding rock walls.

The cobwebs wound round and round and dropped from the top of the cave. The web bag was still wriggling and made a terrible rustle. It was like people were wrapped inside. Also on the ground, Wei Xun couldn’t see the way ahead. Wei Xun called out Xiaocui’s mental state. Xiaocui, like a forest elf, sat on Wei Xun’s shoulder and whispered to him where there were insects and where it was relatively safe. Half of his life walks and jumps under his guidance, and occasionally detours to climb the cobweb covered rock wall.

They climbed on the rock like spiders. Wei Xun grabbed half his life’s shoulder, and his scarlet cloak wrapped around their backs. During the climbing, gravel rolled down and hit the ground heavily. When Wei Xun looked down, he saw that the cobweb was covered like a flat “ground” and was hit by a depression. A rising heat flow suddenly burst out from the pit. Under the cobweb, it was not the ground, but hot magma!

If half life perception is not sharp enough to take him up, I’m afraid they will be swallowed up by magma at the moment when the cobweb sinks!

“Almost there”

Half life breathed and whispered, carefully climbing over the rock wall. In the corner of magmatic rock wall mentioned by Liu Hongyu before, there are clusters of desert roses growing behind a ground magma flow. The magma on the ground shows that Wei Xun and others are not far away from the place where Chen Cheng and others found desert rose stone! And I’m afraid because they took the road that Chen Cheng and his team had explored before, not Tang Shuang. Although they were frequently blocked by cobwebs along the way, they didn’t encounter too many spiders.

However, it is far from the time to relax our vigilance. When climbing the rock wall, we inevitably touch the spider silk. The spider silk trembles to a deeper depth. Half life is worried that it will disturb the more terrible monster and speed up. When half life jumps off the rock wall and falls to the ground through this narrow road, it suddenly opens up. It is actually a deeper natural cave!

As soon as I went in, I shivered. The cold and crystal frost and snow almost covered the whole cave, and there was no longer a sticky cobweb at my feet. There was no cobweb cover. The scene in the cave was clearly displayed in front of the two people. Half life saw Chen Cheng holding a sword and half kneeling on the ground. His head hung low and didn’t know life or death. The frost sword stabbed deeply into the rock and spread frost all over the cave.

Countless frozen drums were scattered on the ground, and the frozen inside were all spider bodies. The semi-finished cold mountain sword in the semi-life hand hummed like a humming sound, and the originally semi-finished frost and snow in the cave suddenly condensed more and more. In front of us is team Chen, not an illusion!

However, Wei Xun’s eyes looked deeper into the cave with the flying butterflies. From the middle part of the cave, the rock wall and rock top became bone white. The senbai rock wall was like pure white marble, and there were more natural lines in the deep part of the rock wall, just like white jade pillars that were close together.

However, after listening to Tong Fu’s story, Wei Xun and banming are not stupid enough to recognize them as mineral jade. This is clearly the fossilized giant skeleton! The depths of such a huge cave were all ossified. It was like a giant’s cemetery. The butterfly flew straight to the deeper depth and finally circled around a cocoon like bone white bulge behind Chen Cheng.

Looking around, there was no human shape, just like a bulge on the bone wall, but the performance of die Da made Wei Xun confirm that it was Tang Shuang.

Tang Shuang’s title is out of control and integrated with the giant skeleton!

“Don’t go.”

Seeing this, he was really worried. He was afraid that deputy Tang of team Chen would suffer from some bad things and hurt them on the battlefield. However, he remained motionless and dignified: “team Chen is very likely to suppress Deputy Tang with all his heart now. We were in a state of irrationality. In the past, we would be attacked indiscriminately by team Chen!”

When he said this, he wanted to put Wei Xun down: “I’ll attract team Chen’s attention. You take the opportunity to throw a blood sucking knife or something away and stick it on that bone bag!”

No matter what their intention is, they will certainly be regarded as an attack in the eyes of team Chen. He is a metaphysical man and an ancient oasis keepsake. Even if team Chen loses control, he will be beaten into a vegetable and won’t be killed, but Wei Xun used to be different!


Wei Xun came down from half his life, but he grabbed his shoulder. Before, it was maggot cocoons rather than the blood sucking knife that polluted Cheng Tianbao’s body. The butterfly fragments in the blood sucking knife have not stabilized. If you suck the battlefield pollution again, there will be any changes. Even Wei Xun can’t tell. It’s too risky.

“Can you cut the bone wall? Is Tang Shuang still in good health? ”

Wei Xun found that Dieda had not been attacked by Chen Cheng when he flew there. I’m afraid it was in Chen Cheng’s heart. If it could, it could directly devour the pollution, but the problem is that the title of Tang Shuang is out of control. Unless the bone wall is cut to reveal Tang Shuang’s flesh and body, Dieda may suck the pollution. If Tang Shuang’s whole body is ossified, Even if the butterfly is big, it won’t help – it can only suck liquid!

Half life can cut the bone wall, but Tang Shuang is not sure about his current state. We can’t confirm until we get close, but he can’t do more than one thing to contain Chen Cheng. The best way is for both of them to go and find a way to awaken Chen Cheng. It’s safe for Wei Xun to wear a red cloak, but the problem is that the red cloak is too long and full of life playing people. It looks like stealing someone else’s, which may arouse Chen Cheng’s instinctive suspicion!

One and a half lives in a dilemma, but Wei Xun has an idea.

“What are you doing?”

When Wei Xun squatted down in front of half life, half life was stunned. When Wei Xun briefly ordered half life to ride on his shoulder, half life was stupid, but he was not slow at all. He rode on Wei Xun’s shoulder like a horse.

Wei Xun stood up. Half of his life in the juvenile state was not heavy. He kept up his strength and was angry. Even the weak chicken Wei Xun in the guide state could carry it. When he stood up, the two of them were directly a large part higher. Wei Xun stood up straight and put the cloak on half his life. The length was just right. The front of the cloak was closed and half his life put on his hood. No one could see that there were two people in the cloak!

“Well, why don’t I carry you…”

“It’s better for you to move with your hands empty, and your face is easier to reassure Chen Cheng.”

Wei Xun is short-sighted. The key is that half his life is young now. His thin shoulders can’t support Wei Xun to ride on it. He can only make such a bad decision. Half life AI Ying, holding Hanshan sword, his little face turned red somehow. Wei Xun stepped into the cave and felt a sense of sword as soon as he entered. Even if it is separated by a scarlet cloak, it is deeply cold.

Wei Xun walked directly to Chen Cheng without hesitation. He couldn’t see the way. Half life was his eyes. When he was ten steps away from him, half life saw Chen Cheng look up. There was no God in his eyes, but senhan sword light.

“Captain, don’t draw a sword. It’s me!”

Half life shouted directly. He had an ancient oasis keepsake in his left hand, a cold mountain sword in his right hand, and a metaphysical team emblem on his chest, which can be called armed from head to foot. Sure enough, Chen Cheng had nowhere to say. Half his life went smoothly to Chen Cheng’s face and was a little relieved. Just wake up Chen Cheng and tell Tang Shuang.

He rubbed his fingers, eager to try, and was about to awaken the old captain by force. He found that Chen Cheng’s eyes fell on the scarlet cloak and twitched his nose slightly.

“The smell of Mei Yutang’s blood.”

His voice was almost inaudible: “there are more people’s blood, which is pungent… Are you the red river of this generation?”

Wei Xun, hidden in his cloak, immediately raised his spirit. Mei Yutang? What three words? It’s like a personal name??

“I’m Cen Qin, captain. Captain, are you awake? We’re here to save you and lieutenant Tang!”

But before Chen Cheng said more, he was happy and hurried. After Chen Cheng said a few words about cenqin, his eyes gradually regained consciousness, as if he recognized the person in front of him. At the next moment, his expression suddenly coagulated and said in a harsh voice: “take off this cloak!”

In an instant, he shot, because he didn’t have murderous spirit at all. Half his life didn’t react in advance. He was really caught by Chen Cheng.

“Don’t you want to die? Dare you have anything to do with Hongjiang? Didn’t I tell you -”

Chen Cheng fiercely pulls off cenqin’s cloak, and then looks at Wei Xun with a mask under his cloak. Chen Cheng’s eyes twitched and his voice stopped directly.

“Captain, I’m Xiaocui!”

Wei Xun said sincerely, like a doubt: “I got the red cloak unexpectedly, not mine. It has very high defense. Without the cloak, we can’t come to find you – what is Hongjiang? Why can’t we have anything to do with Hongjiang?”

“Xiao Cui.”

Chen Cheng recognized him and eased his expression. But he didn’t say much. He just said, “this cloak is stained with too many people’s blood. There are too many people’s obsessions, beliefs, responsibilities, resentments and even resentments. It’s like a female ghost’s blood clothes. It’s not a good thing.”

He said: “it’s OK to wear it for a short time. Don’t touch it for a long time. People will go crazy.”

To Wei Xun’s surprise, Chen Cheng recognized that it was Hongjiang’s cloak, but he didn’t recognize that it was the cloak of life playing people. Wei Xun guessed that Chen Cheng didn’t really come into contact with the hippies wearing scarlet cloaks, or that everyone in Hongjiang has scarlet cloaks, but the serious tour guide cloaks recognized by the hotel can only determine their own color until they reach grade a… maybe this cloak is handed down from generation to generation in Hongjiang, which has been stained with too many people’s blood and so on. Other cloaks are just dyed.

But more Chen Cheng refused to say anything more. He picked up the scarlet cloak, folded it and handed it to Wei Xun (it’s outrageous to ask cenqin to come down from the guide!) he just shook his head: “I don’t have much time, Tang Shuang… I didn’t intend to let him come now. I’m afraid Tang Shuang in the replay of this scene came into contact with the title and task he didn’t have and accidentally connected there.”

After all, the three of them are still alive. What happens to the corresponding people in the scene replay will indirectly affect them.

“Tang Shuang is now ossified. He can’t eat Tang Shuang’s pollution.”

Chen Cheng looked at the big butterfly flying around the bone wall and shook his head. He was a little sorry, but he didn’t say much.

“I’ll take Tang Shuang away. He will die in the replay. You go out and say he’s dead.”

Half life was worried when he heard this: “Lieutenant Tang is dead here, then, your side…”

“There will be a little problem, but it’s not a big deal.”

Chen Cheng said it was a small problem, but half his life didn’t believe it. He anxiously held the sword and looked at Wei Xun with the corner of his eye like a poor little daughter-in-law. As he walked forward with Chen Cheng, he nagged and asked, saying that the Fu Zhuan tube didn’t work, and the peach wood bone scraping tube didn’t work. He still had good cinnabar here, and he could even use Tianwen

But Chen Cheng shook his head and said frankly that it was not only Tang Shuang’s problem, but also his ossification that attracted the altar.

“There is an altar connected here. These are the bones of the red sand giant. They are sacrifices and are used for sacrifice.”

Chen Cheng said succinctly, “spiders are equivalent to God slaves. They eat sacrifices and generate magma for the altar.”

So Tang Shuang was unlucky to activate the task here, and fused the giant’s bones, so he was recognized as a sacrifice. Even if he can clean up the pollution, he can’t easily get out of the underground cave, which will drag down the whole brigade.

While talking, Chen Cheng asked half his life to cut open the bone wall with a sword. Sure enough, he saw a human skeleton in it. Most of his body has been ossified, and only his side has some slight flesh, which looks extraordinarily permeable. The grayish red stone liquid flows between the bones, like blood, and the internal organs in the ribs can be vaguely seen. But they are covered with a gray red stone film, and the butterfly can’t suck.

Tang Shuang is not dead yet, but he is still alive

“Is the red sand giant a sacrifice?”

Wei Xun frowned. Aren’t red sand giants and black sand giants the same school? One represents the magma sea and the other represents the giant snake? However, according to the previous speculation about the dead period, the black sand giant may feed on the eyes of other giants, and there is no faction at all. In its view, other giants are all food, and it is normal to use the remains of the red sand giant as a sacrifice.

But did Heisha secretly operate all this? What God did it sacrifice red sand as a sacrifice?

Wei Xun thought of the fossil giant tree that the underground magma led to and the Phoenician stone eggs enshrined in the giant tree magma. He vaguely felt that there was something wrong. Black sand corresponds to the giant snake that destroys the world. This status is very high. It’s just a Phoenix. It can’t sacrifice to let it hatch. Its status is unequal.

Moreover, Chen Cheng made it clear that these spiders are “divine slaves”. The Phoenix is not a God. Whose servants are they?

Unless… Wei Xun thought of the greedy pollution smell from stone eggs, he was not as holy as a normal Phoenix.

“Did the sacrifice pollute Phoenician stone eggs and then affect the altar of God?

Wei Xun suspects that there is a force against Heisha! It is not a giant, but something higher, such as the ‘God’ that Heisha fears most.

Listening to his analysis, Chen Cheng, who was directing Tang Shuang’s skeleton to knock it down from the bone wall, showed a smile of appreciation: “your intuition is very sharp. What you lack is only some time and knowledge.”

“It is said that the Phoenician bird lives by the dry well on the Arabian Peninsula. It is the creation of God and is called Anka in Arab mythology.”

“Anka is described not only in Arab mythology, but also in Greek mythology and ancient Egyptian mythology. Whenever dawn comes, Anka will bathe in the sun and sing, causing the sun to stop and listen. When it is close to death, it will fly to the city of the sun, burn into ashes and become an egg on the altar of the sun.”

“That egg will give birth to a small worm, which will eventually grow into a new immortal bird.”

Chen Cheng whispered: “Anka can be reborn continuously. It is born in God’s eyes (the sun), which symbolizes life and eternity. But if you bathe in the blood of the sun when hatching (magma), then it will hatch into an evil creature. Once it eats a person, it will prey on all life, especially children. When Anka falls, even God will close his eyes and cry for it. ”

Chen Cheng, such a string of Wei Xun directly understand! Black sand deliberately sacrificed the bones of red sand giants. Red sand itself has the power of fire. I’m afraid it is after they are eaten by God servant spiders that magma will be continuously generated. To irrigate the stone eggs with magma is to make the stone eggs degenerate, and I’m afraid the Phoenix will be born tonight.

Evelett said that the black snake capture sacrifice is to catch people and feed the Phoenix. The ultimate goal of black sand is to let the God close his eyes!

“How to purify the polluted Anka?”

Wei Xun asked modestly, and Chen Cheng was stunned. When he came to the ancient oasis, the Phoenix had fallen. He only killed the fallen Anka, but if he wanted to purify it

“Anka, who was killed by me, was destroyed in the fire and turned into a black egg.”

Time was pressing. Chen Cheng felt that he was going to be unable to hold on and wanted to leave. He made a long story short: “I was seriously polluted and passed out. When I woke up, I found that the pollution had disappeared, and the egg had broken, leaving only some eggshells, but the eggshells returned to their original color without any pollution.”

Therefore, Chen Cheng speculates that if Anka devours beauty (the blood of the sun) before birth, it will give birth to evil monsters. If it devours pollution before birth, it can purify itself and become a pure Phoenix.

Wei Xun nodded as he listened. No wonder he found that after filling the stone egg with spiritual small fire (spiritual pollution), he felt that the egg seemed to be less evil. It was not an illusion.

It can also absorb a lot of pollution!

Half life obviously thought of him, and there was an excited expression on his face.

“I’ll leave with Tang Shuang’s consciousness in a moment, and you’ll leave his body here. Don’t kill too many spiders, which will annoy the God servant in the depths of the altar. It’s a very dangerous sun spider mother worm. Its strength is close to the queen. It’s a god servant and can’t be accepted.”

Chen Cheng spoke faster and faster. His strength began to fluctuate. His hand pressed Tang Shuang’s chest and was about to crush Tang Shuang’s heart. In fact, the small problem Chen Cheng said is not small at all. Once the heart is crushed, Tang Shuang’s situation will be worse, comparable to Cheng Tianbao at the worst. And all three of them will be affected.

But this is also no choice

“I will be unconscious after I leave…”

“Hey, hey, Captain, don’t do it! Tang Shuang is saved, saved!”

Half life was shocked and quickly grabbed Chen Cheng’s hand. Chen Cheng frowned and just wanted to say something, but Xiaocui smiled and took out a cracked stone egg.

Chen Cheng:?

“Since Deputy Tang is now a sacrifice, let him conceive the divine egg.”

Wei Xun smiled and patted the stone egg. He conveniently stuffed it into Tang Shuang’s ribs. Sure enough, he saw that the grayish red stone liquid faintly faded.

“Presumably, the God slaves will not embarrass the pregnant body of the stone egg loved by God – they can also absorb the pollution from lieutenant Tang.”

Kill two birds with one stone!

Cheng Tianbao hatched a cocoon to hatch the future. Lieutenant Tang also hatched an egg!

*  *

“Come out, they come out!”

Ten minutes later, the passengers waiting anxiously outside suddenly shouted excitedly. They saw that Bai Laoer came out of the underground hole with comatose Chen Cheng on his back and guide C holding Tang Shuang with bare bones! “


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