TTG Chapter 386

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 386: The Sahara of Death (62)

“Don’t move the stone eggs.”

After putting Phoenician’s stone eggs into Tang shuangti, the spiders in the cave also calmed down a lot and no longer attacked wildly as before. Wei Xun and half life took Chen Cheng out smoothly. When they came out, avant-garde Xun took back the scarlet cloak. It was too deliberate to go out in this way. We should grasp the degree.

As soon as they went out, they were surrounded by Liu Hongyu and others. It turned out that most of the spiders outside were controlled by little rose and mostly stopped in place. Cheng Tianbao and others boldly went down the petrified tree. He Yun came to swallow the sand and ate out of the pit. Yu’s brothers and sisters surrounded and controlled the little spiders with frost falling runes, and threw them all into the pit to guard. So when Wei Xun and half life came out, the outside was basically cleared.

However, metaphysical people are worried that these little spiders are connected with the monster perception in the underground cave, which will annoy them and bring danger to the people in the underground cave, so they are careful not to kill the little spiders.

“These spiders are God slaves. You didn’t kill them right.”

Half life was relieved. He killed many spiders all the way in. When he came out, he could vaguely feel the rejection and indifference of the underground cave to him. It can be imagined how bad the consequences would be if Liu Hongyu and others killed all the little spiders outside. Doctor Liu Hongyu quickly took over the unconscious Chen Cheng and the bad Tang Shuang. Wei Xun handed Tang Shuang out and shook his sour arm, just a reminder.

He held Tang Shuang horizontally all the way. It was precisely because Tang Shuang’s body was broken, most of his bones were left, and his internal organs were naked and exposed. If he didn’t hold horizontally, he couldn’t put the stable stone eggs at all. It doesn’t have cocoon silk connection like the butterfly cocoon, but it’s too easy to get away.

“Tang Shuang was regarded as a sacrifice. It was this stone egg that saved him.”

Wei Xun didn’t bother to say much. He went to see the little spider in the pit with great interest. Half life was afraid of Liu Hongyu. They were worried that they would do bad things with good intentions (after all, a stone egg so big in people’s stomach looked strange). They stayed and gave a serious reminder, focusing on Wei Xun.

“Thanks to Bingyi this time, he was favored by God and was destined to God. This stone egg was a gift from God. He was willing to take it out to save Tang Shuang…”

“Thank you, director C. thank you so much!” Launch website: com

But without waiting for half his life to beat around the Bush, the big guy thanked C. Liu Hongyu was more serious and guaranteed that he would never move the stone egg during treatment and would leave it in Tang Shuang’s stomach.

“Oh, this is director C’s good intention. We won’t ignore it.”

He Yunlai smiled and patted his stomach: “Hongyu is also familiar and will not have an accident… Is guide C okay? Is he hurt? Hey, that’s the stone egg given to guide C by God. Guide C will bring it to Xiao Tang. He won’t be punished?”

“Yes! How about director C?”

“I remember you carrying guide C when you went in. How did he walk by himself when he came out?”

“Bailaoer -”


Ah, this, this.

Looking at this group of people who care about Wei Xun without hypocrisy, he is a little confused. In fact, he had a lot of words to make them trust guide C more, such as the stone egg given by God. Guide C may be in danger, but guide C still used it for Tang Shuang, and so on. As a result, they were preempted by He Yun!

No, it’s not a false boo. Half life carefully identified them and found that they were sincere. Suddenly began to worry again.

It’s not good. I just believe it with all my heart after being rescued by the guide several times? There are a lot of bad guides who give people hope first and then despair finally. We can’t just believe it.

“As soon as guide C entered, I found that the fortunes of team Chen and Tang Shuang were better.”

When half life was still hesitant, he heard Zhu Yuande laugh. His chubby face turned red, like a residual blush of excitement and joy. He grabbed his hair in shame and revealed a happy event: “I felt that my title was about to advance after following director C for two days!”

Zhu Yuande has the dark blue title of “the grandson of destiny”. He can clearly perceive the fate and vaguely identify who can help them.

This title is difficult to advance. You must have great luck, or follow the talents with great luck. Zhu Yuande entered metaphysics because metaphysics was the first brigade. He was also the fastest person to rise from Laoshan brigade to the main team of metaphysics. The “grandson of destiny” chose metaphysics, and metaphysics chose the “grandson of destiny”, which can be regarded as mutual achievement.

“It’s not the first time. I think director C can change the fate of our metaphysics!”

Zhu Yuande was resolute and looked at the hundred second child. Half life looked at him and nodded slowly. No wonder everyone’s attitude towards Wei Xun has changed. Metaphysics has always attached great importance to luck.

He smiled and said no more. He went to the big sand cave he Yunlai swallowed to see Wei Xun.

“Brother Zhu? Brother Zhu?”

Zhu Yuande, who was stunned and looked at the hundred sophomores leaving his back, returned to his senses and habitually hung up a simple and honest smile: “what’s the matter, Yun Ying?”

“Brother Zhu, are you okay? I just called you for a long time.”

Yun Ying whispered worried and asked, “everyone has gone to see the captain. Won’t you come together?”

“I’m fine. Ha ha, let’s go. Let’s go.”

Zhu Yuande smiled and walked towards the camp with Yun Ying. Zhu Yuande has a good face, good temper and character. The introverted Yun Ying likes to chat with him on weekdays. Along the way, Yun Ying talked about team Chen and Tang Shuang. Hearing Zhu Yuande smile, she comforted: “team Chen and Tang Shuang will get better.”


Hearing what Zhu Yuande said, Yun Ying was relieved and said with a smile, “that’s great.”

“… well.”

Zhu Yuande couldn’t help rubbing Yun Ying’s head. Seeing her staring blankly, Zhu Yuande smiled and asked, “Yun Ying, do I remember you were just 16?”

“I’m an adult by virtual age, and I’m going to have a birthday!”

Yun Ying puffed her face and complained, “brother Zhu, don’t treat me like a child!”

“No, No.”

Zhu Yuande smiled and apologized, but sighed in his heart. Sixteen, still a child. Not a few years older than the family’s daughter. Zhu Yuande has always kept it from his family that he is going on business in other places. He had thought that at the end of the trip, he could go home to see his parents, his wife, and perhaps his daughter’s birthday. It is said that the hotel has a reincarnation every ten years. He thought he could live at least another ten years.


“I’ll celebrate your birthday with you when I go out.”


Yun Ying answered and didn’t say much. She found that brother Zhu’s eyes were red. It seems that brother Zhu is still worried about them. His teammates believe him. Brother Zhu must be under great pressure. Everyone is vulnerable.

Yun Ying didn’t say much. She went to see the captain with brother Zhu.

On the other hand, when half life Taoist priest passed by, he saw Wei Xun squatting beside the bunker without considering the image, directing little rose to take over the group of frozen spiders, and a tender yellow tentacle eating quietly next to him.

“Team Chen is right. These spiders really can’t take it.”

Sensing that half of his life was coming, Wei Xun didn’t return. Little rose tried hard for a long time, but she couldn’t accept half of the little spider. Even if she was oppressed with the power of the mother insect, the little spider would explode directly. Wei Xun had been experimenting before half his life. With some regret, he stood up and asked the corn shoots to swallow all the spider ice cubes into his fake mouth.

“When you get rid of the big ones, I’ll give them to you.”

Wei Xun said to little rose, after eating these spiders, little rose should be able to touch the threshold of milala mother worm.

Then he ordered Xiaocui, who had been sitting on his shoulder: “I promised you before. This is an opportunity.”

Since the sun spider mother worm can’t take it, it can only find a chance to eat it. Taking xiaorose guard Xun is thinking about Xiaocui’s advancement, but it is very difficult for her mother to advance every time. The quickest and simplest way for Xiaocui to advance to become Lyra’s mother is to kill another Lyra’s mother and devour its heart.

But mother lalala is extremely rare. Wei Xun wanted to ask Yin and Yang butterflies where they caught the devil insects when he got back, and then go down to the abyss node, but he didn’t expect to meet an opportunity here!

It’s just that the mother of the sun spider is only one step away from the top dorala queen. It’s not realistic to kill directly. We still have to find a chance to slowly figure it out.

Tonight’s fight with evelett’s gambling game and the incubation of Phoenix is an opportunity. Wei Xun’s slowly drawing is basically not overnight.

“What’s the matter?”

After thinking for a while, Wei Xun found that half of his life had not said a word, so he looked sideways. But he saw half his life standing with a sword in his arms. His face was a little melancholy and a little disappointed.

“Zhu Yuande may have found it.”

Under Wei Xun’s gaze, half life sighed.

Speaking from Zhu Yuande, his title was about to advance, and half his life felt wrong. Zhu Yuande looked at him and said, “let’s Metaphysics”, which made half his life basically certain.

“The title of the son of destiny is actually the most sensitive.”

It is said that occupiers do not divine themselves because no one can calculate their own destiny. But the title of the son of destiny is not included. Zhu Yuande can clearly judge his own destiny and predict his own future. In fact, the title of the son of destiny is particularly suitable as a leader. If Zhu Yuande didn’t think his title would not advance so quickly, the old captain wouldn’t directly select Chen Cheng.

But now his title will be advanced soon, which is obviously abnormal. Zhu Yuande also recognized this.

Either guide C is abnormal, or there is something wrong with him.

Ming Ming escaped the crisis of life and death. His fortune should be raised, but why has his fortune been flat?

Obviously, after meeting director C, his title is about to advance. His luck may rise or he may encounter greater danger. But why is his luck still flat?

It’s flat, just like the line representing the heartbeat in the hospital.

Not only him, but everyone else has problems.

“Is he that kind of person?”

Wei Xun asked carelessly with the buzzing magic mosquito Xiaojin flying on his fingertips.

Is Zhu Yuande the kind of person who knows he will die / has died and is crazy to harm others?

“… No.”

Half life slowly shook his head: “he… Probably will help hide.”

What a beautiful thing to have a new and good guide. Many teammates who almost died were rescued. They also found the desert rose stone in this scenic spot. Next, be careful to collect more and complete the task. This is the last scenic spot. They can return to the hotel and return to reality immediately.

Everyone is very happy. Zhu Yuande also hopes that everyone will be happy in the last time.


Wei Xun nodded. It doesn’t matter if Zhu Yuande collapses and harms others. The magic mosquito Xiaojin can control him by sucking blood, just like when he was in Tibet.

“I remember what astrologers said.”

When the red sand giant tribe first saw the mystery school, the astrologer happened to meet Zhu Yuande. At that time, the astrologer predicted that he would die with his head cut off in a minute, and said he saw “a group of dead people”.

The astrologer made no secret of it because he knew the “plot line” from which the scene was repeated, and Zhu Yuande and others would not have much memory of this experience. However, Wei Xun thinks that astrologers have a bad temper. He doesn’t have to say this at all when he meets someone who will die. Especially at the scene, everyone knows that this is a replay of the scene. These people of Chen Cheng brigade must be dead.

Who did he tell?

“An Xuefeng said that astrologers always favor only those who are favored by fate.”

Wei Xun remembered that an Xuefeng warned him not to trust astrologers too much. He was extremely paranoid and had his own set of logic. Take the initiative to remind Zhu Yuande that his title is also on his mind… But Zhu Yuande is dead. It’s hard to use any title, and he won’t remember his words at all.


“You’re right”

Half life Taoist was slightly stunned. Maybe Zhu Yuande didn’t remember too clearly, but when it comes to the notice of his death, he always had a vague impression. I’m afraid there will be a slight impression with other words said to astrologers.

Therefore, after discovering his fortune and title, he will immediately think about this aspect.

“Astrologers want to use him to disrupt the brigade, so that they can get into trouble.”

Wei Xun is interested. Sure enough, astrologers won’t miss a chance to get in touch with Chen Cheng and the truth of the missing on the battlefield! Fortunately, Zhu Yuande is not that kind of person.

‘… Maybe.’

Half life Taoist hesitated, nodded and stopped talking. In fact, he thought that maybe it was just an accidental love and compassion of astrologers… He didn’t want to see people with the title of “grandson of destiny” kept in the dark.

Is an imperceptible tenderness.

But half life thought Wei Xun was right. He thought it was too naive.

What good thoughts can astrologers have!

“But you can make a plan and let the team pretend to be in a mess… See if you can deceive the astrologers.”

Wei Xun said with a smile, “isn’t Yvette most afraid of starlight?”

Astrologers are more right than silver moon killers!

*  *


Outside the petrified forest, the sky had gradually darkened, the cold wind gradually rose, and the astrologer sneezed. He seemed to think of something. His eyebrows tightened and he said slowly: “… So I refuse.”

“Didn’t we agree?”

An Fengniao said, “I’ll take control of Yinyue. You take the opportunity to get in. What’s the problem?”

Soon after an Xuefeng left the petrochemical forest, he met a group of mystics who came in a hurry. David was in a coma and the spirit left. The astrologer thought of Chen Cheng’s brigade. He left the hunting ground and waited here. First, they don’t miss the news of David. Second, they have many mystics and many people corresponding to Chen Cheng’s brigade.

David fainted this time. Maybe he’s from their team next time. While there are many sober people now, it’s better to come here early and meet an Xuefeng first.

An Xuefeng had an idea as soon as he heard it. Isn’t this the natural “strong enemy” of Chen Cheng’s brigade under the rules! Since the silver moon killer has become a strong friend, as long as the mystics can compete with the silver moon killer and the enemy is few, judging by the rules that the enemy is strong and the friend is weak, he an Xuefeng can naturally not be excluded and mix in again!

Of course, you can’t tell astrologers directly. Astrologers are very good. They will know the truth as soon as they hear it. So an Xuefeng said the opposite, saying that he would contain Yinyue and let astrologers go in to see David (astrologers who can’t do their best can go in, otherwise others will be excluded if they are too strong!)

Even if astrologers think too much, they are really ready to go in by themselves. An Xuefeng thought very well. Yvette was afraid of starlight. It was most useful to send astrologers in.

Sure enough, the astrologer thought more and was about to promise, but an Xuefeng didn’t expect that a sneeze would make the astrologer change his mind!

Mystics offered to help contain Yinyue and let an Xuefeng take the opportunity to go in. The astrologer took off a ring and gave it to an Xuefeng and asked him to give it to David. He can feel David’s soul through the ring.

The silver moon killer, who was preparing for the night, was suddenly attacked by mystics. When they were in deep water, an Xuefeng turned into a snake and quietly swam into Chen Cheng camp in the petrochemical forest. On the way, he also met corn shoots eating soil. One snake and one insect returned to Wei Xun.

“… don’t worry, the egg in your stomach is a good thing.”

Wei Xun is in the camp. He just heard the news that Tang Shuang woke up and hurriedly came to see it. Unfortunately, Tang Shuang woke up is Tang Shuang in the scene replay, not on the other side of the battlefield. He was in good spirits, but he couldn’t say enough. He covered his stomach. People nearby were comforting him, but what anyone said was not as good as what master C-I said.

Wei Xun, who found an Xuefeng sneaking in successfully, was surprised and curious about what happened outside. While talking to Tang Shuang, he grabbed an Xue snake in his hand.

“That’s what hatches.”

An Xuefeng will become too much. Wei Xun thinks about his Phoenix state (which is what Wei Xun expects!) and doesn’t care that he is a snake now. As soon as an Xueshe appears, Tang Shuang takes a cold breath in pain and murmurs lovelessly:

“I, I have a big snake egg in my stomach?”


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