TTG Chapter 387

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 387: The Sahara of Death (63)

Wei Xun was stunned and heard an Xue snake hissing and laughing happily between him. It was obviously a rare mistake for Wei Xun.

But before Wei Xun could say anything more about phoenix eggs, he Yunlai put his arms around Tang Shuang’s shoulders and called out the little black snake in his stomach. Like the eldest brother, he shared his experience of pregnant snake eggs with Tang Shuang. Leng didn’t leave room for Wei Xun to interrupt at all.

“The most important thing is the flame in Tang’s double bones.”

Liu Hongyu, who has been taking care of Tang Shuang until now, is a little tired. He takes off his sterile gloves and whispers beside Wei Xun. When Tang Shuang was transported out, the situation was very bad, but at least the skin, flesh and viscera were gradually recovering. Just be careful to protect and recuperate. The problem is that when Tang Shuang was setting his bone, he found that Tang Shuang’s bones were covered with crimson fire lines, and all his bone marrow turned into crimson fire!

Bone contains fire, which is obviously not what normal people can do. I’m afraid it’s caused by some title. After discussion, they decided to talk to C, just worried about whether the flame would cause any harm to the stone eggs.

“If there is no fire in his bones, he can’t bear the stone eggs.”

Wei Xun said faintly that Phoenician stone eggs must exist in the fire. If Tang Shuang’s ossification had not been polluted and assimilated by the bones of the red sand giant, and there was fire in his bones, Wei Xun had to find a way to plug the flame or the ball of magic insects into his stomach.

To tell the truth, Wei Xun thought about it. After all, there are responsible demons in the ball of demons, and those who contact it will gradually feel responsible for Wei Xun. Chen Cheng and the three of them are too far away. Wei Xun can’t grasp it and can’t rest assured at all. However, after thinking, Wei Xun gave up the idea.

On the one hand, they are not here. The poor effect of the responsibility demon bug will also arouse their vigilance, and the gain is not worth the loss. Both are not “responsible”. Chen Cheng and the three of them are basically stretched to the limit and cannot be treated as ordinary people.

What if the madman’s “responsibility” is to kill him and save him from despair and suffering in the future? This is all uncertain.

“Hoo, it’s okay.” Remember the website

When Liu Hongyu spoke to Bingyi, the others held their breath and listened attentively. After hearing that Bingyi was all right, they all breathed a sigh of relief. He Yunlai smiled and sent Tang’s shoulders and said happily, “I’ll tell you, snakes like fire and magma. It must be all right!”

He Yun came to think of the black snake in his belly, but it was particularly appropriate to say it in this case, which persuaded everyone else.

“Hey, I said it was all right. I’m a blessing in disguise.”

Tang Shuang smiled. His face hasn’t grown well. His muscles and tendons are exposed. He looks very ferocious and strange. He can scare the crying children. The body is almost recovered, but the skin on the chest is gone, the ribs are exposed, and the stone eggs wrapped in the middle of the flame are like a crimson beating heart. It’s cool to see for a long time, and it feels like a future soldier.

Because of the treatment, Tang Shuang only wrapped a sterile heat insulation blanket. He snapped his fingers, lit a flame at his fingertips, smiled and said to feiluan, “sister Yu, how do you compare my fire with your brother’s sky fire symbol?”

“Brother Tang’s flame is very good.”

Yu feiluan blushed and dared not look at Tang Shuang’s body. She hid behind Hexuan, smiled shyly and whispered: “but the power of sky fire talisman should be greater, because we have the title of novice talisman.”

Listening to his sister’s defense, Yu Hexuan straightened his chest, protected his sister and said with a smile and scold: “good you Tang Shuang, put on your clothes before talking! And what xiaoluan is good at is the thunder charm. Well, ask me if you ask the sky fire charm.”

While talking, he pressed Tang’s shoulders and smiled grimly: “walk, I’m afraid you’re not convinced. Let’s go there and have a competition.”

“Come on, who’s afraid of you.”

Tang shuangmo fist wipes his hands. Just getting new strength, he must exercise more to adapt. The last scenic spot is extremely dangerous. If he mastered the strength early, he would have a better grasp.

“You’ll go later.”

Chen Cheng, who has been smiling and listening to their quarrel, finally opens his mouth. He is diagnosed by Liu Hongyu as debilitating and mental disorder. He also sits beside the fire wrapped in a thermal insulation blanket. Now he stood up and took out a light red wooden box from his arms.

When the wooden box was opened, there were five milky yellow desert rose stones. They were like real roses, with layers of delicate petals. The translucent crystals on the edge of the petals were as beautiful as dew. It was hard to imagine that they were formed naturally.

When Chen Cheng took out the box of desert rose stones, everyone held their breath. Wei Xun didn’t make a sound. He saw Chen Cheng shaking in front of him with the box, and then his spirit was refreshed as if he heard something.

“The task item is desert rose stone!”


Listening to him, everyone was very excited, but they didn’t dare to cheer loudly, for fear that the airflow would destroy the delicate petals. Only a complete desert rose stone can be regarded as a task item. But five are not enough. There are ten of them.

“Liu Hongyu, Cheng Tianbao, Yun Ying, Zhu Yuande.”

Chen Cheng ordered four people, who found and collected desert rose stones with his team in the underground cave.

“Four Desert Rose stones for you.”

Chen Cheng said seriously, “look at the underground cave today. If you can, I’ll lead a team to collect the desert rose stones next time.”

Everyone has no problem. Cheng Tianbao directly said that his rose stone should be put in the captain’s place first and taken by himself for fear of being confiscated. Other people also responded one after another. Even with rose stone, they actively signed up and went down the underground hole. The atmosphere in the team was very good.

But there were only four of the five rose stones, and he didn’t say what was left that belonged to Chen Cheng. Chen Cheng took out another container to pack the four desert rose stones. Holding the wooden box, he came to Wei Xun and said sincerely, “director C has great kindness to our team. It’s too thin to say thanks. Here’s this rose stone for you. It’s a very good prop.”

Wei Xun picked his eyebrow and took the box without much excuse. As he expected, there was still no hint from the hotel. The desert rose stone was like a beautiful and precious crystal rose in his hand. He didn’t know the rank and function at all.

But fortunately, Wei Xun got a general understanding from the conversation between Chen Cheng and his brigade.

Although this desert rose stone is only the fourth grade special prop, its function is very abnormal! It is said that in the vast desert, there is a stone that has grown for thousands of years. It is the crystal of a certain plant. The seeds of this plant form pairs every day. After flowering, the roots and stems are connected, and the flowers are like roses. If one of them dies, the other will no longer bloom and wither slowly*

After countless thoughts, their bodies and sand crystallize into a strange flower that has no life but never withers. This is the legend of desert rose stone*

Although the real cause of desert rose stone is not this, the function of this prop is based on legend. As long as the two people who are bound to each other hold the desert rose stone, their lives will be bound together and live and die together. They share their pain and heal each other, even if one side is not afraid of fatal injury!

“It’s a bit like a tour guide connecting tourists.”

After understanding this, Wei Xun and an Xueshe had a secret conversation: “you said that metaphysics in his previous life had been fine without a guide. Is it because Chen Cheng made a lot of desert rose stones in ancient oases?”

“It’s possible”

Ann snow snake Road, of course, fetters include friends, relatives, lovers, teachers and students, teammates and so on. But the desert rose stone mainly represents love, so everyone is teasing the only couple at the scene – Liu Hongyu and Tong Fu.

The valiant Tong Fu with double knives on her back smiled and scolded and snuggled up to Liu Hongyu. It was rare to show a shy blush on her cheek. Liu Hongyu’s calm eyes fell on her and could not hide her tenderness.


Seeing their couple, Wei Xun suddenly felt thoughtful. When Chen Cheng’s brigade began to get busy again after a short laugh, Wei Xun called Zhu Yuande alone.

In the past, they certainly wouldn’t rest assured that Zhu Yuande and Bingyi would get along alone, but now everyone in Chen Cheng brigade has basic trust in Bingyi, not to mention that they haven’t gone far. Everyone can see several people talking.

Zhu Yuande didn’t ask anything. He obediently followed guide C. When they stood still, Zhu Yuande saw that guide C took out an urn, pondered for a while, and then shook his head.

Zhu Yuande didn’t know what had happened, but he also had a hunch. He looked at the sophomore and saw that the young man looked gloomy, and the bridge of his nose was sour somehow.

“Thank you…”

Zhu Yuande spoke in a hoarse voice that he didn’t even think of. He coughed and cleared his throat, and then said, “thank you, director C.”

Everyone has said this sentence many times, but Zhu Yuande’s sentence has a different meaning. Wei Xun and half life know it. Just now Wei Xun took out the urn to try if he could receive Zhu Yuande into the small box, but he failed.

After all, this is just a replay of the scene, not a real ancient oasis. Zhu Yuande they died on the journey, and the ancient oasis disappeared when people went to the battlefield in the last decade.

There is no tomb, no soul, and the tomb keeper can’t establish contact at all.

Half of his life was uncomfortable. In fact, he had secretly tried it long ago. It doesn’t have any effect whether it’s a paper man, a soul catcher or a kid. He knew that the chance was slim and thought that if there was the last chance, it would only be on Wei Xun.

However, no one is omnipotent.

“Is there anything director C wants me to do?”

In contrast, Zhu Yuande has a better mentality than him. He asked in a low voice with an open-minded smile. Like with director C and tacit secrets, they have more trust and intimacy with each other.

“Tell me what you want to do. I’ll do my best, even if…”

“I’ll take you to the end of the journey alive.”

Wei Xun promised that Zhu Yuande smiled more sincerely. He thanked again, and then listened carefully to director C’s instructions.

“Is there a prop description of desert rose stone – will the blood of a couple blend together after death to produce desert roses?”

Wei Xun asked.

Zhu Yuande didn’t ask why director C didn’t see the desert rose stone himself. He thought about it and replied, “I didn’t say it directly, but I think so.”

The description of the desert rose stone’s props says, “after the death of a person who uses the desert rose stone and has the fetters of life and death, the blood will condense into the desert rose stone”, and there are notes.

The remark says, “desert rose especially favors couples who die together. Their blood will be the most beautiful rose when they blend together.”

Therefore, Zhu Yuande believes that even if desert rose stones are not used to form fetters, desert roses will be generated after lovers die.

If someone in a brigade with different ideas gets the desert rose stone that others don’t get, they are likely to secretly murder the lovers in the team to complete the task.

But metaphysical people can’t do this even if they can’t complete the scenic spot task.

“Sure enough.”

Wei Xun nodded. Then he took out a David Snake: “look at this snake. What do you think of it?”


David black snake is not active as soon as he comes out. He’s choked. He’s changed into a snake for several hours now. He thought that C-1 has little experience in the end. He will certainly take him around to listen to suggestions, right? But no! Most David snakes stay in the worm’s smelly mouth all the time. He’s almost moldy at leisure.

It’s not easy to come out this time. David snake is familiar and will climb to Bingyi’s ear. He thinks he has to talk to the little guide. He’s very useful. There are five or six hours until 11 pm. He can’t hold it all the time!


But at the next moment, David snake suddenly screamed. There was a sharp pain at the sensitive end, and it seemed that there was poison pouring in. The painful David snake pulled, fell directly from C Yi’s shoulder, and twitched into a dead snake.

It doesn’t matter if this David snake is dead. If nothing happens next to Wei Xun, another one is drawn out. As soon as the new David snake came out, he stared at Bingyi’s shoulder. Sure enough, he saw a cold and arrogant black-and-white snake staring at him in Bingyi’s ear.

An Xuefeng!!

This man is so insidious and careful! David jumped with snake spirit, but his friend’s wife couldn’t play. He was scolded by an Xue snake for a long time. David snake was really guilty. After being caught by C Yi this time, David snake was honest and didn’t dare to take any additional actions.

“This snake?”

Zhu Yuande said calmly, as if he hadn’t heard the snake corpse shouting “dog shit” under his feet, and didn’t see a bright yellow tentacle sticking out in the sand to swallow the snake corpse.

“Yes, all the same.”

Zhu Yuande stared at the black snake and gradually frowned. Suddenly he took a breath of cold air, covered his head in pain, and his body trembled. But he still stood firm and didn’t hum in pain, so as not to be misunderstood by his companions not far away.

After a long delay, Zhu Yuande finally spoke and lowered his voice: “it will kill my friend.”

Zhu Yuande made a “willow” mouth and looked at the black snake’s eyes full of murderous spirit. Wei Xun knew that he had guessed well before. In history, Liu Hongyu was killed by a black snake hidden in he Yunlai’s body!

At the same time, Wei Xun confirmed that Tong Fu was not killed by the black snake. Her cause of death was different from Liu Hongyu.

Only this time, Zhu Yuande was pale and shaky. He could not have predicted if the title was not about to be upgraded to the son of destiny. Even so, it cost him too much energy.

Wei Xun fed him half of Tong Hege’s hair (whiskers) and let Zhu Yuande go back after seeing his face return to ruddy.

Then the two of them walked towards the huge fossil tree deep in the petrified forest.

Along the way, Wei Xun and an Xuefeng had a close chat: “will the journey of 30 degrees north latitude be biased?”

“Is it that different choices will lead to different new scenic spots? Will it lead to a different direction for the final journey of 30 degrees north latitude? ”

Phoenician’s stone egg was taken away by Wei Xun. Its degeneration is an important part of the Heisha giant’s plan. If the stone eggs are still immersed in magma, they should hatch tonight. Swallowing the human sacrifice (Liu Hongyu) will become the fallen Anka, and let the God close his eyes (the sun) for its sorrow.

In history, tomorrow is likely to be a solar eclipse. Under this premise, evelett explained that the stone gate covered with giant skin will appear in the evening, the ancient king’s court will be opened, and the black snake who has guarded the king’s court for thousands of years in the storm will guide the sacrifice. This sacrifice should be Tong Fu and Yun Ying who will die tomorrow.

Among them, Yun Ying has a special physique. She must be a “hermaphrodite” of the giant chief! Taking her as a sacrifice will definitely have a special effect.

Wei Xun boldly guessed that there was an altar of the sun in the ancient oasis. The eyes of God should always supervise the black snake (black sand giant) that devoured the world so that it would not do evil. When the eyes of God were closed, the black sand giant could do a lot of things.

For example, destroy the sun altar, and then let a hermaphrodite sacrifice die instead of himself, so as to mislead the gods!

“It’s possible, but the conditions will be very harsh.”

An Xueshe said: “it was basically something the brigade could not do at that time… Such as killing the black sand giant.”

Wei Xun smiled. An Xuefeng understood his idea. Yes, that’s what he thought!

Wei Xun then received half his life in a secret chat and talked to him about the ancient oasis.

“The ancient oasis is a journey of 30 degrees north latitude dominated by giants of all ethnic groups. Whether it is the black sand side or the black sand enemy, it is essentially a giant without the participation of gods.”

Wei Xun said, “the scenic spot opened up by Chen Dui is the ancient king’s court – the king’s Court of ancient giants. Whether he wanted it or not, he finally benefited from the black sand giant!”

Wei Xun himself has made a journey of 30 degrees north latitude and knows that there are three pre tasks for the new journey. The first is to pass the customs, the second is to open up new scenic spots, and the third is recognized by the final boss of the journey (Li Gui Pingping in those years), and the final boss usually enters the journey of 30 degrees north latitude with the newly opened scenic spots.

Whether Liu Hongyu, who made Anka degenerate as a sacrifice, or Yun Ying, who died instead of the black sand giant in Wei Xun’s speculation, definitely helped the black sand giant.

“Did team Chen win the approval of the black sand giant?”

After listening to Wei Xun’s words, he was silent for a long time and suddenly said, “the captain hates giants.”

“I know”

Wei Xun said. If you don’t hate giants, how can you kill all the giant chiefs of the nine tribes and take their heart and blood as the keepsake of the ancient oasis. Although it is said that he has completely controlled the ancient oasis, only Chen Cheng knows what kind of emotion there is.

“I think so”

Wei Xun rearranged the historical line of that year. He Yunlai disappeared in the black desert, and Chen Cheng and his party arrived at the petrochemical forest. They must have been looking for he Yunlai. According to the psychic lily, they didn’t stop looking until they found he Yunlai’s shriveled body at 11 p.m.

Then they probably don’t have time to explore the petrified forest and miss the underground cave where the God slave spider, the skeleton of the red sand giant and the sun altar are hidden.

After finding He Yun, Liu Hongyu either collected him or treated him. Then Liu Hongyu was bitten and killed by a black snake hidden in the body. Liu Hongyu’s death will definitely cast a sad shadow on the whole team. In the early morning, Phoenician’s stone egg hatched and ate Liu Hongyu’s soul – or even the body?

No, it should be to take the body and feed it to the spider servant, just like the bones of the red sand giant. The huge tree altar deep in the petrochemical forest should be connected with the underground cave magma.

The heartbroken Tongfu is likely to chase Anka Phoenix into the petrochemical forest, and then get lost. Chen Cheng will never give up his teammates. They should catch up, maybe half catch up and half stay.

But anyway, the sacrifice has been started. The next day, the solar eclipse, the ancient King opened. Tong Fu finally found Liu Hongyu, died with him and became a sacrifice. Their bodies were full of desert roses, but there were only two desert roses, and only two people could pass the customs.

Chen Cheng will give Yun Ying the chance to have a baby, but Tang Shuang and Cheng Tianbao refuse each other… Wei Xun guesses that Tang Shuang will finally give Cheng Tianbao Hua Qiang.

Because only Tang Shuang, who may activate the title of stronger bone, and Chen Cheng, who opened up new scenic spots as a team leader, are likely to survive in the underground cave altar.

And Cheng Tianbao, who protected Yun Ying from leaving… I’m afraid he couldn’t protect her. Being watched by Heisha, Yun Ying is destined to be a sacrifice. Cheng Tianbao can’t resist him. Half life also said that among the three of them, Cheng Tianbao’s situation has always been particularly bad. I’m afraid he was seriously injured at that time.

At the end of the journey, only Chen Cheng, Tang Shuang and Cheng Tianbao were alive.

Did anyone do anything wrong? No one did anything wrong, but the young Chen Cheng at that time was not hard hearted enough. On the premise that he has lost many teammates, he is unwilling to give up any teammates who may survive – even he Yunlai is not really dead because of the manipulation of sand snake. As brigade captain Chen Cheng knows he Yunlai is still alive, so he tries hard to find him.

Liu Hongyu, who has always been calm, clearly knows the danger, but is willing to take a risk to treat He Yun in order to save his teammates.

At that time, they were still young, and metaphysics taught them very well. Team awareness, unity, do not give up teammates, but as a captain, you must know how to give up. Perhaps the old captain asked his team of young people to go on a super dangerous journey in the western district and expected that someone would die. He wanted Chen Cheng to understand this imperceptibly.

The old captain, they are about to go to the battlefield. As a new captain, Chen Cheng must understand the choice from the real danger.

But no one expected that the scenic spot of 30 degrees north latitude would be opened here. The price this time is too painful.

Half life was silent. Although he didn’t remember many things, he thought Wei Xun was right. In the boundless space, the voice of team Chen sounded faintly in his ears. There was no emotion, only irrecoverable fatigue.

[many people think that it’s worth killing more people to open up a scenic spot at 30 degrees north latitude]

[Cen Qin, do you think it’s worth it?]

[what do you think is a trade-off?]

In an instant, countless chaotic thoughts rushed to the heart of half life. What is the choice? Is it worth it? If he didn’t lose half his life, he would be the captain of new metaphysics, live up to his teammates who trust him, have the opportunity to compete with an Xuefeng for the strongest passenger, and may have the strongest orange title in his name.

But he made a choice. He chose to lose half his life… What was he for?

He had a splitting headache and couldn’t think any more for half his life. He clung to the ancient oasis Keepsake hanging from his chest. It was the most precious item left to him by team Chen. He murmured:

“… destroy ancient oases”

“Yes, I’m talking about destroying ancient oases”

Half life heard Wei Xun’s happy voice and couldn’t tell whether he was talking just now. After listening again, he was sure that Wei Xun said the same.

“We can’t follow the original development route now.”

Wei Xun wants to bring all the people in Chen Cheng’s brigade to the end of the journey alive. It is impossible to let them become sacrifices again. Moreover, Wei Xun disdained to go through the road others had taken. Always, only new things can make him feel exciting.

“A fallen Phoenix, a rebellious God slave (spider), an unfaithful demon, a weak sacrifice…”

Before the black sand giant finally succeeded.

At this moment, Wei Xun stood in front of the huge fossil tree like an altar, half consciously carried Wei Xun on his back and jumped to the top of the huge fossil tree again. Sure enough, the magma in the trunk cavity has sunk a lot compared with before. The “blood of the sun” will appear only when there is the sun, and the magma will disappear at night, which is in line with Wei Xun’s conjecture.

“I want to let the unfaithful spirits be killed by the starlight, the betrayed God slaves eat their hearts, the Phoenix bathe in pollution and see the light again, and the devout believers contact the sun to expose the conspiracy of the black sand giant.”

“And the sun…”

Wei Xun smiled wantonly and took out the Sun Pendant. The Sun Pendant is not only an ornament, but also the product of the Inca Sun Gate. There is no small space in it. Wei Xun had stored some crazy sun pollution in it before.

He threw the solar pendant into the cavity of the giant tree. Sure enough, the boiling magma began to flow madly into the pendant.

If the black sand giant’s plot is thwarted, what kind of journey will he open up at 30 degrees north latitude?

Will it also have something to do with the sun? Will the new scenic spot open up the sun altar?

Even if he knows that this is a scene replay and not true, Wei Xun is also looking forward to it. If he really opens up, he will definitely get a lot of corresponding rewards, and even be able to bring the scene replay – such as the recognition of the sun, or the family members of the sun, or if he finally kills the incarnation of the sun and bathes in the pollution of the sun… Cough cough cough.

In a word, Wei Xun wants everything related to the sun! Even the sun god (pollution alienation) wants to be Dangdang, which is also to prepare for what may happen in the future.

“Of course, we need to disguise before that”

Wei Xun looked at the rapidly falling magma layer and suddenly asked, “snow front, can you disguise yourself as an evil black phoenix?”

The incubation of fallen Anka tonight is definitely a careful part of the black sand plan. Although Tang Shuang was not here, he left all the uncontrollable pollution. Wei Xun noticed a small impact caused by Vulcan pollution before. After the stone eggs were incorporated into Tang Shuang’s belly, the impact expanded rapidly.

But after all, it is reversed before hatching. The hatching of stone eggs is delayed and will not come out until tomorrow.

If Anka doesn’t come out on time, it is likely to arouse the suspicion of the black sand giant and make him trouble with any additional means.

From the fact that Yvette didn’t know the meaning of the stone egg, we can know that the black sand giant didn’t fully disclose his plan to him… Or they just used each other’s relationship. After all, in theory, the demon is obedient to God. It can’t do betrayal. It can only play some small tricks.

Such as offering sacrifices and guiding the black snake.

Therefore, Wei Xun boldly guessed that Yvette would not contact the black sand giant directly, nor would he tell him the news that the stone eggs were taken away!

So if an Xuefeng can play the evil version of Phoenix hatching tonight, he won’t scare the snake and arouse Heisha’s suspicion in advance! Of course, Liu Hongyu won’t die, but the black snake didn’t catch the sacrifice. It’s black snake dish, or it’s not well guided by evelett. In short, it’s a contradiction. They can’t doubt it.

An Xueshe was stunned. For the first time, she heard Wei Xun call him Xuefeng. Such a intimate title even made an Xuefeng happier than Wei Xun joked about “husband” before.

Isn’t it a black phoenix!


An Xuefeng said slowly, there is nothing he can’t do! He also happens to have mastered the journey of 30 degrees north latitude of the pyramid. Anka also has many myths and legends in Egypt. He can definitely imitate the pollution of the pyramid!

While talking, an Xuefeng became a phoenix and stood on Wei Xun’s shoulder. Wei Xun immediately took the Phoenix to his arm and stared at him. He secretly expected that the black phoenix was absolutely gorgeous and beautiful!

Just then, a long, boring foreign accent Mandarin sounded.

“Oh, guys, why don’t you talk all the time? I’m so bored?”

Wei Xun and the three of them worked hard to talk, completely forgetting David snake!

An Xuefeng remembered that the astrologer seemed to ask him to bring David a ring.


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