TTG Chapter 388

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 388: The Sahara of Death (64)

“Did the astrologer bring David a ring?”

As soon as Wei Xun heard this, he became interested: “let me see.”

He conveniently gave half life to David’s snake and let half life take David’s snake to the side to talk. It’s not clear to avoid them talking about private affairs. I’m still thinking about how to deceive David or how much I can tell him.

But David snake himself was very relieved and hissed: “I didn’t expect to see Ann fall in love. I always thought she was very broad-minded. It seems that no matter what kind of man talks about love, he will become jealous. Even my snake will be jealous. Alas, who made me such a handsome black snake? No wonder Ann will be hostile to me.”

David snake felt pity for himself and sought approval from others: “what do you say about life?”

“Call me half life Taoist.”

Half of his life got goose bumps on his back by his “life”, but David snake can justify it.

“Life can represent fate, which is higher than half life. And you want to restore your strength and find a complete life. How can you call half life? You have to adapt in advance.”

“Ah, yes, yes, whatever you want.”

Half perfunctory and curious, he deliberately said: “I heard that the astrologer was going to come, but I don’t know why he let an Xuefeng come.”

“What other reason can there be? It must be fate. Oh, fate, a tormenting goblin, really dazzles the captain. If I say, the one who can fascinate the captain as much as fate is the life playing man.” Remember the website

When the astrologer was away, David snake spoke recklessly. He smiled and wrapped half his life around his neck. He whispered, “I heard you took the latest picture of life playing people? How about changing it? I have the previous one here… You know.”

“Who said I had a picture of a hippie? What do you mean? What do you want to do?”

Half life Taoist was very vigilant and resolutely refused to recognize it. David snake saw that he was really unwilling to say, so he whispered his purpose: “isn’t the captain’s birthday coming soon? He’s stuck with that old photo for so many years. I’m tired of looking at it. The captain must be happy to send him a new photo.”

“Just for this?”

“Of course, I swear to God!”

Half of my life was skeptical, but I didn’t let go. I just wrote it down secretly. He thought that Wei Xun might be interested in the old photos of life playing people, but the photos of life playing cats in his hand must not be given to David privately! They have many means of Western metaphysical gods and ghosts, especially in the aspect of blood relatives and families. Who knows what strange things they will do, but they can’t involve Wei Xun!

“Oh, seriously, I’m so bored. Why don’t you use me?”

Unable to get the desired photo, David snake hung on his half life shoulder like a black water pipe that lost the meaning of life, hissing and complaining: “didn’t you introduce him my title? I’m the ‘controller of fire’. As long as I direct my hand, I can control the core of the flame in the tree hole over there. At that time, whether it’s killing or controlling or not, what do you want?”

Although Bingyi didn’t tell him much at all, David snake felt the flame core in the tree hole when he passed through the tree hole just now! It was a mythical monster without solution. It was sheltered by God and had no entity. Even the silver moon killer was not sure to deal with Yvette in the period of total victory.

But David can do it. This is his specialty. Yvette controls the power of fire, and David has the orange title of “fire controller”. At that time, there is no hard steel at all. As long as David suddenly controls Yvette’s flame at the critical moment and makes it bite back, he can easily weaken it, control it and even kill it.

The only problem is that it is a mythical monster, blessed by God. But David also roughly inferred that evelett was obviously the kind of traitor with evil intentions. Whether God would protect him was still two questions. Besides, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages of asking him for help.

“Life, you’re right with me.”

David whispered to half life. His tail tip rolled up and broke his own poisonous tooth and forcibly stuffed it into half life’s hand. It was a bribe: “what does third one think of our mystics?”

C won’t have a problem with their occult science later! This is what David has been trying to figure out. After all, they have a lot of gratitude and hatred between mystics and life playing people. Astrologers became angry and cursed life playing people for so many years after they found out that they had been cheated (sliced). Now his new C-1 is the brother of life playing people, and it seems that he has a good relationship with his brother.

David has been worried that C will not use this to take advantage of astrologers – they don’t mind part of the profits. But David was afraid that C-1 would pit the astrologer in some aspect of his fate. After all, people who play life are so good at cheating!

Now seeing that C has taken an Xuefeng away, how can this means feel higher than those who play life? David is more worried. He was very serious when he asked this question.

But half life was annoyed. He threw it on the ground and scolded, “what’s the matter? What do you mean? He wants to care about who is his power. Make sure he values him so much, not you. If Bingyi doesn’t want to be nice to you, you still have to kill him? Ah?”

“No, it’s about killing. How can I do it to c!”

David quickly explained that killing C is equivalent to killing the whole way home. Is he crazy! If the astrologer is here, he won’t ask. Astrologers believe that things are in life. Just let it go.

But astrologers were not like this before. David clearly remembered what astrologers had said to him before.

“Fate can’t go wrong, but there are many ways to interpret it.”

It was a temple escape. The final ten channels were near death. The astrologer divined and asked his life to figure out the only way to live, but he finally had no choice. Instead, he asked David to blow up the top of the temple. Although they encountered many dangers, they finally escaped from the road above under the starlight at night.

After the test of the scenic spot, David knew that the way that fate finally pointed out to astrologers was also wrong. If they took that road, their flesh and experience death, their soul would live, but they would be trapped in the temple forever and become the soul servant of the temple.

David then smiled and asked the astrologer, Captain, why didn’t you believe in life? Captain, you see, fate can make mistakes. Some admire and a little ridicule. He was secretly competing with astrologers, not persuading him. In his opinion, astrologers are not as good as he can fight, and they believe too much in fate, but what shit is fate? David doesn’t believe it at all.

That’s what the young astrologer answered him.

“No one can fully understand fate, and even I can only interpret the meaning.”

Indeed, the other nine ways are the destruction of gods and souls. Isn’t this the only way to “survive”? Fate is not wrong.

“I asked fate again. Fate let me choose myself”

Does fate mean to make him believe in his choice and lead the whole team?


“Fate let me choose myself, I choose the stars”

So he chose to break through overhead at night.

David will never forget the astrologer’s arrogant and cheerful smile. At that time, astrologers believed in themselves rather than believing in fate. It was because he really understood him that David was completely convinced of astrologers.

He has been with astrologers for the longest time in mystics, and he clearly knows how much astrologers change after slicing. In interpreting fate, some vigilance, some pessimism and some “despair” are necessary.

Now astrologers completely follow the footsteps of fate, almost paranoid. This made David swear to God that he would Take it back.

If C-1 really makes friends with them because of the matter of the astrologer, or if the astrologer decides to put down his old hatred for C-1 (although it doesn’t seem to put it away), let the ‘?’ belong to the astrologer and make the astrologer incomplete, David will never agree.

“I just want to…”

David just wants to know what C-1’s attitude is and prepare in advance. No matter what the astrologer finally makes, David accepts it, but even if he leaves the team, he will definitely take it away Bring it back to him.

“Don’t say what you think, you have to think about what C-1 thinks!”

Before he finished half his life, he interrupted, and Yizheng scolded, “do you believe what I say? Why don’t you ask for Bingyi’s attitude? Even if it’s not easy to ask directly, you can help Bingyi first and then ask again?”

“No, no, you won’t wait for C Yi to ask you for help?”

David snake was helpless: “I don’t think so…”

“What you think has nothing to do with me. If I were you, I would take the initiative to help him.”

Half life Leng hum, then revealed a little: “C Yi is a man who reads love. He remembers who helped him. He won’t lose if he is good to him“

“God, be good to him? Are you going to let Ann kill me?”

I don’t know where David understood. The little black snake looked frightened: “Oh, my God, I ordered you to have this relationship with C-1? I swear I’ll keep it a secret for you -”

Half life road popularity is not good: “get out!”

David black snake followed suit and rolled away, leaving half his life to chat with Wei xunmi: “he’s gone.”

Just now Wei Xun told him that David could come over and let him go half his life.

At this moment, Wei Xun and an Xuefeng are at the edge of the petrified forest, at the tree hole of ivlet. Wei Xun was holding a ring in his hand. It was dark blue and purple, shining like a star. It was very beautiful. It was the ring brought in by an Xuefeng, the astrologer. The most important thing is to get this ring. Guard Xun felt that the dream catcher lent him a dream catcher’s net with a slight reaction——

This ring can represent night! Or it contains the power of stars!

This is a good thing. Wei Xun immediately came up with an idea. Since he decided to let an Xuefeng disguise as evil Fengniao guard Xun, he planned to deter evelett. The demon was too cunning, evil and intelligent. If he could hold this and expose it, it would lead the black sand giant to fight with them, and evelett would benefit from it.

Wei Xun wants to be a fisherman. He should make the best use of everything before giving the ring to David. He took the ring and went to Yvette. First, he hid the ring and laughed at Yvette’s loss to the beast.

Yvette, who had died once and was thinking about whether to kill the God of fire and restore his strength, almost turned over in his anger, but Wei Xun took out the ring in time – he wore it on his middle finger.

“Look, evelette, what do you think this is?”

Wei Xun smiled and whispered, seeing that evelett’s expression suddenly became frightened, was he afraid, or was he afraid of God.

That’s easy.

“Do you know why I’m not afraid of starlight?”

Wei Xun whispered with deep meaning, “do you know why I came here?”

Xinghui is the light of God’s punishment to the demon family. Even if it is as strong as evelett, he is afraid of Xinghui to his bones, but the God of fire can wear Xinghui between his fingers, which shocked and frightened evelett.

This means that the God of fire is likely to be favored by Allah or the messenger of punishment on behalf of Allah!

What should I do? Is Vulcan going to kill it when he is weak? Yvette’s eyes turned quickly, and a fierce light flashed in his eyes. He would never be caught without his hands! He wants to go first——

“I have come to punish the rebellious servant of God, evelett.”

Just when evelette was ready to start first, the God of fire suddenly opened his mouth and softened his tone: “I didn’t expect to see you here, evelette. You’ve been doing your duty for so many years. It’s really hard.”

As he said this, he threw out a pile of frozen spiders. As soon as Yvette saw these God slaves who had been executed by freezing, he believed in the words of the God of fire. Did God of fire really come to punish God’s servants?

Yes, what the sun spider did was a real betrayal. She made friends with the black sand giant and even sent her children to live on the black sand. Even Yvette despised it. Compared with the divine servant, he turned a blind eye at most and pretended not to guide the sacrifice, which was far from betrayal.

What’s more, evelett has his own reasons.

“Yvette is very hard. Yvette only had to keep it for a thousand years!”

Yvette complained that such a big flame giant suddenly howled, and the flame fell like tears.

Originally, we only guarded the sun altar for a thousand years, and then angels should take over. But a thousand years later, the angel who succeeded him never came! Yvette couldn’t leave, thousands of years and thousands of years. He kept it for countless years and has been trapped here. The belligerent and thirsty Yvette felt that the fire in his heart was going out.

Allah has been watching him (the sun). Why can’t he see his pain.

Yvette doesn’t want to go on like this, so he ignores the sneaky behavior of black sand. Yvette just wants God to close his eyes (solar eclipse) and yearn for freedom.

Of course, evelett didn’t say so directly. He skillfully put all the problems on the sun spider and black sand. He had only a little hope at most. It looked at the God of fire while pretending to cry, showing special grievance and chagrin, but seeing the God of fire, it was only a pity and sigh without saying a word. It was obviously waiting for him to make a statement.

Yvette’s eyes turned, and then he shouted that he was willing to help catch the betrayal sun spider!

If the sun spider and the black sand giant are easy to deal with, of course, the former, evelett is not stupid.

Sure enough, after his statement, the God of fire finally opened his mouth and gently promised to give him freedom.

“But how can you guarantee, I mean…”

Yvette was a little embarrassed. Of course he didn’t believe the word of God of fire. Wei Xun knew that it was a cunning demon who didn’t see rabbits and didn’t scatter eagles. Wei Xun also had an idea in his heart.

The first is to show the disguised Phoenix state an Xuefeng to evelett. Anka is most favored by Allah. It will attract the attention of the sun when singing. If Anka testifies, it should reassure evelett.

But not that Wei Xun intends to let an Xuefeng disguise as an evil black phoenix, just that evelett may let an Xuefeng sing a song now. But an Xuefeng only knows □□ song, and his mouth was revealed.

The second is that he took out the feather again. Since evelett said that it should have been replaced by angels, he said that he would let his resurrected angel replace evelett.

However, there is also a problem. After all, the angel was not at the scene. I’m afraid evelett won’t let go easily.

The third is that Wei Xun promised himself to replace him. Anyway, it’s just a replay of the scene, and if it’s the angel to replace Yvette normally, if he completes the task and opens up the journey in this way, maybe he Wei Xun may get the title of angel, just like the tomb keeper!

This is the best way, but the problem is that if he gets the title of angel in this way, his title should be an angel dedicated to the sun, one level lower than the sun. Mythology must be carefully considered. If he is really lower than the sun, he may suffer serious pollution like believers when he meets the crazy sun in the future.

Of course, Wei Xun actually has a fourth way, which is safer and more successful. It just needs the cooperation of others. According to the time, David should have arrived here early by now. He listened in on the conversation between them and knew what had happened.

But Wei Xun won’t insist. The third is the most feasible, and it doesn’t necessarily have no opportunities, but it’s dangerous.

Making a decision, guard Xun said, “well, I’ll –”

“Oh, my friend, have you forgotten me?”

Just then, the hissing voice of David snake sounded behind Wei Xun. Unexpectedly, Wei Xun couldn’t understand his next language!

“It’s ancient Arabic”

An Xuefeng whispered to Wei Xun: “David is a top student and a language genius. He doesn’t have a corresponding title, but he can speak hundreds of languages. After entering the hotel, he taught himself all kinds of ancient sayings. ”

David black snake swam to Wei Xun’s left shoulder, one left and one right with an Xue snake. Its scarlet eyes are like two burning flames, which is the original fire of the flame controller. Even evelett’s flame is shifting in his direction! Then Yvette saw that the fire snake vomited a letter and touched the ring representing Xinghui!

Where did so many strong people control the fire? What has the world become after all these years? For the first time, Yvette was at a loss. Even if the fire snake looked down at him, Yvette couldn’t care to be angry.

“You dare to question the God of fire. It seems that we’re going to fight there after everything is over.”

After speaking only one sentence of ancient Arabic, David made a sound with the resonance of the flame, which could be understood by several people present. He hissed and smiled:

“Of course, after the fight, I will replace you and guard the sun altar.”

David black snake calmly vomited his letter when he felt the surprise and joy of C Yi looking at him.

Look, isn’t this close to C-1?

He has to help the astrologer check it first!


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