TTG Chapter 389

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 389: The Sahara of Death (65)

Why did David suddenly become so popular?

After making an appointment with evelett, guard Xun went to the depths of the petrochemical forest and thought while walking. Wei Xun thought it was half life who said something to him. Sure enough, half life came and heard about David’s initiative. He happily talked to Wei Xun MI and said that he had done some ideological work for David.

“Is David sure to take it?”??? I got it back for the astrologer, but you don’t have a competitive relationship now, and he won’t specifically target you. ”

Knowing that Wei Xun was suspicious, half his life comforted him and said, “David looks out of tune, but in fact, his concept is very old-fashioned and he is very upright.”

After thinking about it, he said, “in mystics, David and an Xuefeng have the best relationship.”

Wei Xun understood that, with an Xuefeng’s keen insight, he can make good friends, and his character can’t be crooked.

“It’s just a small favor. It’s all right.”

At the same time, an Xuefeng also said to Wei Xun, “you can take it as a friendly investment in mystics and just take it.”

It’s really not a big deal, not to mention that it’s just a repeat of the scene. It’s not a real journey at all. Of course, David didn’t have to stay to guard the sun altar in the end. At most, they will have more contact with the sun and become believers of the sun. However, if so, he will also get the benefits of “angel identity / Title”. After all, it is reasonable to say that angels should take over to guard the altar.

As for the invasion and hint of the sun, their mystics also have their own journey of 30 degrees north latitude, which can be offset.

It’s not pure to help C-1. If you pay, you’ll gain. It’s equivalent to offsetting each other. As for helping C-1 to deter Yvette, it’s an addition. David’s choice of opportunity is ingenious. In this way, he is not afraid of Bingyi. He is worried that he has other schemes, which makes him more open and aboveboard.

And theoretically, he did help Wei Xun.

“Yvette’s flame core is under the fossil tree. I feel it.”

David snake climbed on half life’s shoulder and hissed. After half life followed up, he consciously left Bingyi’s shoulder – a gentleman, he should be considerate. Although he used to be bored and liked watching Ann change her face, his brother must give face in front of other people’s objects.

Although the young man half said he disliked it, he didn’t lift David’s snake. David was in a good mood and hissed a few pieces of information.

“It’s too bad to kill it. You’d better receive its flame core into your own fire. If it’s still effective to bring the scene back, you’ll make a lot of money. It’s probably a mythical fire.”

Swallowing fire is often done by people who control fire. Many titles are not unique. When Wei Xun won the title of “demon bug controller”, he knew that his broken demon bug ball could be repaired and promoted by swallowing the demon bug balls of other “demon bug controllers”.

It can be said that there is a competitive relationship between the same titles. David can get the orange title of “fire controller” and swallow a lot of flames. It is not only a reward for monsters on the journey, but also a victory over other tourist guides. He had his own views on the fire fighting. Even Wei Xun listened to it with relish.

David’s experience is very helpful to Wei Xun. Whether it’s the further advancement of “pulling silk” or his orange Title task on mythical flame, it involves this aspect.

“Yvette’s means are no different from ours. He also wants to rob your flame. I feel that his flame smells like you. Be careful.”

Speaking of this, David also muttered that the flame on C Yi was very strange. He had seen it several times. It’s nothing to look at, but it’s like mental pollution when you put it with C. David can understand the fire——

Of course, most flames are unconscious and can’t speak. Only those mythical flames or flame elves can speak, but most of them just ‘burn, burn again!’‘ Burn it up! Burn them all! ” Simple words like that.

C-I’s fire has been called “God of fire! God of fire! ” He kept shouting until now. He heard the buzzing of melon seeds in David’s brain. The most terrible thing was that the fire was very polluting. David felt that his flame was ready to move. Fortunately, he suppressed it.

But if evelett wants to steal the flame of C-1 and assimilate it, there will be a good play.

“Be careful, Yvette has been killed once. It is unstable. It may create a false core by splitting with unstable kindling.”

Thinking of this, David reminded again.

If the wrong fire is included, not only Yvette may escape, but it is more likely to control the false core explosion and seriously injure the flame of C-1. David has also played this trick. It’s really clear.

“Thanks for reminding.”

Approaching the giant petrified tree, Wei Xun stopped to sincerely thank David. Before David could answer, he took out the Xinghui ring: “this is the ring brought to you by the astrologers tuoan.”

“And this.”

While talking, Wei Xun took out another thick book and put it in front of David snake.

“This is the book you gave me when you were in the suburbs of Beijing.”??? Give him a book?

David snake’s eyes suddenly became sharp, but Wei Xun smiled and said, “I didn’t find any mystery. If it’s convenient, I’d like to ask Lieutenant David. What do you think?”

“Ha ha ha ha -”

David snake took a deep look at him and suddenly laughed: “Oh, Bingyi, what should I do? I’m beginning to like you!”

“Convenient, of course I am. I’ll take a look for you.”

While talking, he threw the ring to C Yi and said generously, “this ring should be given to you by astrology. I have the same power. The power of starlight is very helpful to you. Take it.”

Then David snake wrapped the thick book with the tip of his tail and said, “I’ll return the book to you when I find out. Let me think about it. How about tomorrow?”

After Wei Xun answered with a smile, David snake happily rolled up the book, politely said not to disturb, and then took the initiative to return to the smelly mouth of C Yi’s worm pet.

“This book…”

Watching the whole process of an Xuefeng’s meditation, there is a little embarrassment. The book Wei Xun gave David is clearly a complete collection of jokes! At the funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing, an Xuefeng was confident that Bingyi had lost his happiness. When he wanted to help him adjust, he borrowed it from Wang Yushu, which can bring people a lot of happiness!

Cough, although later he knew that what Wei Xun lacked was not happiness, an Xuefeng helped Wei Xun manually. This book was of no use. Later, the phantom cat pushed the door, and an Xuefeng simply handed over the book to it.

After making trouble for a long time, the phantom cat gave this book to Wei Xun again?

Thinking of this, an Xue snake spits out a letter.

‘david helped me a lot. ‘

Wei Xun ordered him to climb the huge petrified tree on his back: “since he wants to know??? I’ll give him the information??? ‘information for

The phantom cat is different from the later life playing cat. Wei Xun clearly realizes this. At the funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing, he had not yet been to his brother’s destination, and the principal person on that journey was’? ‘. The phantom cat is Wei Xun’s spiritual illusion, but what it shows is not just an illusion. Wei Xun has reason to suspect that it has been “???” Influence and even control.

Although many people say ‘?’ He is already the main person controlled by the life playing people, but Wei Xun thinks it is not so simple.??? After all, it is the slice of astrologers. No one knows how much they are really controlled and retained by the hippies.

If it’s a joker, will he give the complete collection of jokes handed over by an Xuefeng to Wei Xun?

If he did, did he leave something subtle in the joke book – or did he move subtly?

Wei Xun studied it many times and didn’t find the problem of joke Daquan. He took it out in front of an Xuefeng, and an Xuefeng had no other reaction. If you want to??? It really left some marks, which David or astrologers should know best.

David snake is in an abnormal state. It is in the false mouth of corn shoots again. Wei Xun thinks this is a good time.

Looking at the sun pendant that sucked magma from the depths of the fossil tree cave, an Xuefeng turned into a phoenix and helped him get it back. Wei Xun put away the pendant, smiled and touched the feather on the head of the Phoenix: “see you in the evening.”

‘see you in the evening ‘

An Fengniao rubbed Wei Xun’s fingers, and the golden pupils gradually turned dark like night. The feathers near his eyes are stained black like ink and ink, as if they are delineating the evil eye shadow.

But soon, he curled up in Wei Xun’s hands and was wrapped in a hard black translucent eggshell. After all, it’s not time to hatch. It involves the pollution transformation of the pyramid. There is an eggshell seal, which will not cause the change of scene repetition.

Holding this genuine phoenix egg like a black gem, Wei Xun really couldn’t put it down. He rubbed it for a long time. He even had a whim and tried to receive it from the devil bug ball, but failed. After a long time, he reluctantly threw the black phoenix egg into the huge petrified tree hole, and watched it fade into the evening.

“Let’s go back to the camp.”

It’s 6:30 in the evening. It’s dark, the temperature drops suddenly, the cold wind is rustling, and the roaring wind and sandstorm roar outside the petrochemical forest, like ghosts crying and wolves howling. Although it can’t affect the forest, it’s particularly frightening.

The camp at the edge of the petrochemical forest is burning a warm orange flame, which makes people feel warm at first sight. The camels are arranged outside the camp by Chen Cheng and they surround it to keep out the wind. Almost everyone around the campfire in the camp was covered with thermal insulation blankets to keep their temperature from losing. When Wei Xun arrived, they were also handed two by enthusiastic he Yun.

This afternoon, Chen Cheng took people to explore the underground cave, but the results were not satisfactory. The cave was sealed with dense gray red cobwebs, and a small touch of the cave made a large number of spiders ready to move, which was not fierce. Chen Cheng decisively took everyone back. He speculated that the spiders became more restless in the evening. Now is not a good time to go to the underground cave.

Anyway, they still have a whole day – they will stay in the petrochemical forest for a day and a half, and the scenic spot will not end until the morning after tomorrow.

Wei Xun also agrees with Chen Cheng’s approach. Anyway, tonight he has agreed with evelett to ‘punish’ the rebellious God servant first, and then the two will compete again.

From the point of view that Yvette hasn’t given up the competition, Wei Xun knows that this cunning demon doesn’t fully believe them – or for him, any promise is unreliable. Only the power he gets is his own.

But there’s still time. It’s after 12 o’clock. The most recent thing is Liu Hongyu’s death at 11 o’clock in history. Wei Xun cared about the stone eggs in Tang Shuang’s belly and sat next to Liu Hongyu. Liu Hongyu was a little flattered and talked a lot with director C, but Wei Xun was thinking, without He Yun to bring the black snakes in, where will the black snakes attack from?

Arguably, the most likely is underground, but corn shoots have been moving underground in this Petrochemical forest, and no tunnels have been found. And how did he Yunlai suddenly appear in history?

It seems that there will be changes.

Sure enough, at 10:30 p.m., when everyone was ready to rest. Suddenly the earth shook violently and woke everyone up in an instant!

‘father! Father! The ground is cracked! ”

When everyone was on alert but didn’t know what was going on, the corn shoots hidden underground suddenly screamed. Others soon noticed that countless Petrochemical trees rumbled and collapsed.

Smoke and dust everywhere, the earth cracked, and a dark and deep crack appeared quietly like an ice crack. The dense cracks soon extended to the edge of the petrochemical forest and in front of them!

When the vibration stopped a little, Chen Cheng vigilantly took the Hanshan sword to the crack to check. Wei Xun was next to him. They looked down at the same time, and several bright hand lights shone down. It was Tang Shuang and others who followed.

The next second they saw a scene that made people’s scalp numb – at the end of the limit of flashlight exposure, under the bottomless ground fissure, a shriveled figure attached to the nearly vertical rock wall.

It seemed that he was aware of the flashlight, and the figure slowly raised his head, revealing a dark face as if it had been burned into coke. He has no eyes, nose, ears and a big mouth like a black hole.

For a moment, Wei Xun’s eyes coagulated.

There was an “eye” hidden in the man’s open mouth.


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