TTG Chapter 39

Driving corpses in Xiangxi (39)

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 39: Driving Corpses in Xiangxi

Zhao Hongtu thought and thought, but he didn’t know how to speak. He paused so long that Yu he’an looked back at him suspiciously:

“What’s the matter, Xiao Zhao?”


Zhao Hongtu stops. He is very contradictory now. He doesn’t want to see Yu he’an continue to be kept in the dark. He is also worried about whether it will cause an accident if he tells Yu Hehui. Zhao Hongtu would have said it long ago if he had his character, but now he has grown up a lot and knows that some things must be chosen.

“How old is your brother.”

Finally, Zhao Hongtu casually found a topic to perfunctorize the past. He was getting closer and closer to the other side. He had a name. Look at Miao team and Yu Hehui. Zhao Hongtu gradually tilted the balance in his heart and closed his mouth.

Anyway, the Miao team is here. Whether to tell Yu he’an or not, let her decide.

“Huihui, Huihui is 18 years old and is going to college.”

Yu and Anle hehe said, “Huihui came up with ideas. My parents didn’t want him to go out two years ago and didn’t know how Huihui did it. They persuaded them both.”


Zhao Hongtu saw Yu he’an. He looked at a middle-aged man who was really not young and full of wind and frost. He was used to rough farm work. He was in his thirties. However, Yu Hehui saw that he was young and didn’t think he was eighteen, but his name was a virtual age.

“You and Yu Hehui are quite old.”

Zhao Hongtu said casually, but then he heard Yu he’an retort: “Huihui and I are three years away, not much worse.”

Zhao Hongtu was stunned. At the moment, the ship was on the shore. Even if he wanted to say anything again, he couldn’t say it.


Yu Hehui rushed over and almost fell into the water.

“Huihui, hurry, fall into the water!”

Yu he’an shouted. He stepped off the boat and just took Yu Hehui to his arms. Behind him, Zhao hongtoumo got off the boat with a bamboo basket wrapped in cowhide, and made an appointment with Hou Feihu.

Hou Feihu shook his head slightly. When Zhao Hongtu saw the ghost fetus in Yu Hehui’s arms, his heart was also heavy.

Yu Hehui hasn’t seen anything strange. Look at brother Hou’s meaning. Yu Hehui has a ghost baby in his arms. It’s estimated that he has to go to the other side.

But there’s no way.

Zhao Hongtu here rarely grinned and remained silent. After laughing and greeting his brother, he came worried and tore off the cowhide wrapped on the bamboo basket.

“There are piranhas in the river. They have to wrap the bamboo basket with cow skin, otherwise the fish will bite the boat very quickly.”

“I know, I know.”

Lin Xi was impatient and nervous. She took the cowhide and kept looking back at Bingjiu. She was trembling. He and Hou Feihu quickly tied the climbing rope to the ship and tied it tightly.

“What else should we pay attention to? Say it quickly.”

“Ghost baby, I don’t think there was any problem when they came here.”

Zhao Hongtu said, “it’s two minutes. It’s time for you to get on board.”

Lin Xi had to push the boat alone this time. Hou Feihu watched Lin Xi bite his teeth and get on the boat in panic. Standing on the boat, his body shook unsteadily, so he went up and helped him. Zhao Hongtu told him some key points of boating. They watched Lin Xi leave with trembling boating.

“Brother Hou, you, are you okay?”

“I’m fine. On the contrary, it’s more difficult for you.”

Hou Feihu wiped the clothes in front of Zhao Hongtu: “are you hurt?”

“Not in the way.”

Zhao Hongtu shook his head and looked at Lin Xi’s far away figure. He was full of mixed feelings. He said a lot of things he wanted to say, but his throat was like a stone. He couldn’t say it. Finally, he repeated, “it’s okay, it’s okay.”


Hou Feihu’s clothes fell on Zhao Hongtu’s shoulder. He felt that his slightly thin shoulder was trembling and Zhao Hongtu was afraid. What he was afraid of, Hou Feihu understood. He pressed Zhao Hongtu’s shoulder and made a firm promise:

“I’ll come back and pick you up.”


Zhao Hongtu suddenly looked up and blurted out: “no, no!”

When Lin Xi passed, Wang pengpai and Xu Chen came, Hou Feihu and Yu Hehui passed, and the two sides completely changed.

If Zhao Hongtu wants to go back to the other side of the bank and the boat is next to him, they must row the boat back to pick them up.

But the man who came back from the boat ran out of round trips.

He can’t get on the boat or come back. It’s a dead end.

“Not yet.”

Hou Feihu softened his skin and held up the climbing rope wrapped in a circle with Zhao Hongtu. Miao team and Shi Tao gave him the climbing rope before they left. Hou Feihu wrapped two strands of climbing rope around one to make it stronger.

At the moment, one end of the climbing rope is tied at the stern of the boat and the other end is held by Hou Feihu. The rope was taut and hung over the sleep. Hou Feihu flew the rope out a little bit, just like flying a kite.

“I hope it’s long enough.”

If they pull the boat back with ropes from this side, they don’t have to sacrifice themselves and sail back.

“The Miao team is still flexible.”

It’s not easy to meet his brother again. Yu he’an seems to have endless words, but he is stupid. He keeps asking Yu Hehui whether he is good or not. Yu Hehui smiled and squinted. He didn’t think he was bothered. He repeatedly said that I was fine and I wasn’t afraid. On the contrary, after Yu he’an said it several times, he was speechless and had nothing to do. He turned his eyes to see the climbing rope in Hou Feihu.

“Bodhisattva bless, if only this method works.”

“Brother, why don’t you ask the immortal to bless you?”

Yu Hehui joked that they did this and had never asked for Bodhisattva or Buddha before. But Yu he’an was shocked when he heard this, and his broad shoulders trembled slightly. He whispered, “if the great fairy name is blessed, our brothers will not come to this ghost place, no, no…”

“Well, brother, I’m sad.”

Listening to Yu Hehui’s voice, he choked. Yu Hehui quickly grabbed his voice and said optimistically: “you see, we’re all fine, right. The journey wasn’t so bad. Didn’t we also see many scenery we’ve never seen before? ”

“It’s not much different from the future you imagined before.”

Yu he’an held his brother’s hand and refused to release it. He thought it was very cold.

“Hehui, Hehui…”

He mumbled, but he couldn’t say anything. He turned his back and the circle was red.

“My name is self-protection, brother.”

Yu Hehui looked at him like this and hurriedly shook Yu Hean’s “comfort” and changed the topic: “brother, you trust your teammates. I remember you didn’t give cowhide to people before. ”

Yu he’an is real, but real people are also cunning. If you are a fool, you must not live now.

“It’s different. It’s different this time.”

Yu he’an said, “this time, it’s a big one.”

In the previous journey, everyone in the brigade kept their own lives and did not go to one place. It’s kind of you not to trip each other when you run away in danger. How can you lend the self returned props to people.

But this trip is different. Yu he’an has a steelyard in his heart. Director C has experienced so many dangers together, and their relationship is different from the beginning.

A trusted companion.

“We have to help each other to get through the difficulties.”

Yu he’an murmured and clenched Yu He Hui’s hand: “Miao team, brother Wang, they will help us. Huihui, don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid when you’re late. ”

As he spoke, he craned his neck like a goose and looked out at the direction of the ship. Seeing that Lin Xi had propped the boat in the middle of the river, Hou Feihu’s climbing rope was too long to see clearly. Yu he an hurriedly contributed the climbing rope from his bag and asked Hou Feihu to lengthen the rope again.

“Thank you.”

Hou Feihu nodded and accepted, but his feeling was particularly dignified. The climbing rope in his car was tight and dangerous, and he felt that a force of gravity was falling, and Lin Xi was in the river. What was the force of the fall——

“The rope, the rope is broken!”

Seeing that Hou Feihu didn’t have time for the time being, Yu he’an took the initiative to tie the rope behind his rope, but as soon as he left, he was stunned to see the tight rope in Hou Feihu’s rope, and suddenly went down like a dead snake.

Close his mouth, Hou Feihu pulled the rope back. The rope pulled back was short, and the ripples on the water were rippling, like dragging a big fish. Hou Feihu tightened his muscles in his arms and threw it with a fierce force. He threw the end of the rope and a piranha ball ashore and slapped it on the ground.

“Not really.”

Hou Feihu smiled bitterly and shook his head. Zhao Hongtu, who was waiting on the side, tightened his face and knocked the piranhas alive on the ground to death one by one with a mountaineering stick. One of the fish even bounced and bit the climbing stick, leaving deep tooth marks on it.

“Bitten off.”

Hou Feihu looked at the broken end of the rope. It was terrible to be bitten. He prepared polyester fiber (polyester) climbing rope. Although it is heavier, it has excellent wear resistance and will not lose strength in case of water.

But even so, it can’t resist the sharp teeth of piranhas. I heard Miao Fangfei say that he would bite the piranha at the bottom of the boat in the mourning stream. Hou Feihu thought this method was bad. Now it is expected.

He is not depressed, nor does he have time. Collect the remaining climbing rope. Hou Feihu came to see Yu he’an and what happened to them on the way of boating. Listening to the baby making trouble on the boat, he looked at Zhao Hongtu’s basket and was slightly stunned.

“I don’t cry now.”

Zhao Hong said that the baby made the most trouble on the road from the center of the river to the bank, and almost overturned the bamboo basket. But when they landed, they were as quiet as chickens and stopped moving. There are still ghost babies on the shore. Zhao Hongtu has been cautious and did not dare to lift the cover to see the specific situation of the babies, but in short, they are quiet.

“There are three dynasties wine at the edge of qiaobi village.”

The lively instrumental music in the rear is getting louder and louder, and the sky is getting darker and darker. It’s 6:55, and it’s about 7:00.

It’s still an hour before the three directions reception at 8 o’clock.

“The rope is broken, isn’t it?”

Wang pengpai on the other side touched his chin and didn’t hurry to get on board. Instead, he brought back the rope dragged at the stern. Sure enough, there was a piranha biting at the fracture above. He opened the fish’s mouth with a knife. He looked at it, knocked with a knife and said, “the fish’s teeth are very powerful.”

“It almost leaked. It almost leaked.”

Lin Xi trembled all over, her hair and clothes were wet, and she couldn’t tell whether it was the splashed river or a cold sweat. His face was pale, he held the bamboo basket he had returned, his mood was a little broken, and he said repeatedly:

“Almost, almost the boat was about to capsize.”

When the rope in the center of the river was bitten by a fish just now, Lin Xi wanted to pull the rope. As a result, his back was wiped off by the fish’s fangs. His teeth were sharper than a blade. He gouged out a piece of meat directly. His back was bleeding, and the blood smell attracted countless piranhas, which hit and gnawed the hull like crazy. Lin Xi was alone on the boat. He had to hide from fish, prop a boat and hold a ghost baby bamboo basket. He almost thought he was going to die on the river.

But at the most critical moment, the ghost baby in the bamboo basket sneezed at Lin Xi’s back. Like being frozen, the wound on his skin was frozen and turned white. He didn’t bleed out immediately. Even the blood smell was shrouded in Yin resentment. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Lin Xi gritted her teeth and propped up several times, and finally propped the shaky boat out of the surrounded by fish.

“It hasn’t leaked yet, but it may be a few more times.”

Miao Fangfei worried and said, “be more careful.”

“Hey, look at my fat man.”

Wang pengpai waved the cowhide, shook it, wrapped up the bamboo basket of him and Xu Chen in advance, and said happily, “Yu is really a real person, and this cowhide is really convenient.”

Although Lin Xi was so frightened that she couldn’t speak clearly, Zhao Hongtu on the other side had expected it. Hou Feihu wrote several small notes. Although they were wet by the water, Wang pengpai and they also understood the name.

“Wang pengpai, you –”

Seeing that Wang pengpai and Xu Chen got on the boat, Miao Fangfei stopped him and stopped talking.

“Don’t worry, team Miao. I’ll take a look at it.”

Wang pengpai patted his chest and promised to take a bamboo pole and prop a boat: “let’s go!”


The narrow boat broke through the waves and sailed to the other side again, carrying hope and worry. The river is not calm. The black water reflects the lead gray sky. The sky is gloomy. There is cold water vapor in the wind. It is about to rain.

“Brother Wang’s boat is really stable.”

Xu Chen sat beside the boat and looked at the basket on his back. He felt that the boat wanted to sail smoothly on the calm lake. Wang pengpai’s sleeves reveal two white and fat arms, and the boating is like a sense of rhythm, with a special sense of rhythm in the movement of the boat.

“Hey, the driver has to know everything.”

Wang pengpai was in high spirits: “I can also have two fishing songs. If it weren’t for the noise on the river, fat man, I would have to offer you two.”

Xu Chen said with a smile, “thanks to the fetal meat beard and cow leather, the baby is quiet.”

Leaving the shore, the baby automatically appeared in the bamboo basket. Although the baby’s flesh was covered with a lid and cowhide, it was far away from the baby’s flesh, and the baby really began to make trouble again. However, the noise is controllable. After all, Xu Chen is an adult man with long arms and legs. He can control the leather wrapping more than enough. The main thing is that Wang pengpai’s boat is stable. Don’t worry.

After laughing, Xu Chen pushed the mirror again, looked across the bank and said to himself, “brother Wang, are you sure?”

“What assurance? Xiao Xu, don’t worry. The ship will not sink in my boat. ”

Wang pengpai pretended to be stupid. Xu Chen sighed in his heart, but he didn’t speak at last.

I said something in my heart. It’s hard to really say it. His heart sank when he was not close to the other bank. It’s not that I don’t believe the Miao team, but when I really make a choice between life and death, no one will return to their lives without good words.

Will someone really prop up the boat and pick them up?

“Xiao Xu, you think we have great plans and Yu he’an.”

Wang surging said, “the ship will definitely come back.”

Don’t worry about others, but use Yu Hean.

Someone will come back to pick them up.

“In addition, you can try the way.”

Wang surging said, but he sold it. When Xu Chen saw it, he shouted, “be careful, it’s in the river!”

As soon as he looked aside, Xu Chen looked at the dense schools of silver and white fish under the water. The scene was numbing. They were like sailing on fish! Xu Chen suspected that Wang pengpai’s bamboo pole was still underwater. When he was constantly gnawing at the sound around the ship, Xu Chen, who had always been calm, couldn’t help turning white and clutching the basket tightly.

Suddenly  a big wave came and beat the boat sideways. Xu Chen almost tilted and was covered with black river water. Regardless of the fact that the river water was not poisonous, he clung to the cowhide package. Just now  in a flash  the cow leather bag jumped, just like a living  to break free from his arms and jump into the river!

“Whoa – whoa –”

Xu Chen hugged the package with all his strength, and his face was pasted on the cowhide. It was too close. In the water wave and the fish gnawing, he even listened to the thin, slightly inaudible cry.

Xu Chen’s face suddenly changed: “brother Wang, the baby is crying!”

Don’t cry or speak high in the mourning stream, or the Dragon King will lift the towering waves and bring the sacrifice back to the bottom of the river!

“Let him cry.”

Wang pengpai smiled and put on a double pole. He was also beaten through by the waves. The little girl who was almost squeezed by the fat burst out a fierce light like a shark: “I don’t think the waves are big enough!”

As he was talking, another heavy wave came. Anxious Xu Chen quickly grabbed the side of the boat and pressed his body firmly on the cow leather bag. 59.

“Here comes the wave -”

Wang roared and rowed with a bamboo pole, but somehow he pushed out of the range of the fish along the wave. The big waves on the river not only overturned the boat, but also scattered the fish. Wang pengpai drove the boat forward in the wind and waves. Despite the violent shaking of the boat, he never capsized and sank. I don’t know how long it took. After a long morning, I lost consciousness. I heard Wang surging: “it’s over!”

He finally breathed a sigh of relief. He handed the bamboo basket wrapped in cowhide to Wang pengpai, who came ashore, and returned to the station. This station almost fell into the water. He had been in a position for too long, his blood was blocked, and his body was already stiff.

“Good guy, Xiao Xu, hurry and dress up. The blood is very fierce.”

Almost all the meat on Xu Chen’s left back was eaten away by piranhas, bleeding and almost saw white bones.


Xu Chen wiped the misty mirror and looked at Hou Feihu and Zhao Hongtu in their direction. The feeling suddenly disappeared.

“What’s going on?”

He saw Zhao Hongtu holding a bow in front of Hou Feihu and being on alert. Opposite them was Yu he’an, who desperately apologized. The man’s back was completely bent, like a mountain peak.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Brother Hou, brother Zhao, I’m really sorry. It’s Huihui. He’s wayward.”


Zhao Hongtu hummed coldly, but he didn’t put down his bow and roared at the king. They made a color. Wang pengpai and Xu Chen stood next to Zhao Hongtu and Hou Feihu, and the scene suddenly turned into four pairs of two.

“Yu Hehui wants his brother on board.”

After they passed, Hou Feihu whispered. Xu Chen saw that his abnormally drooping right arm seemed to be dislocated and unable to exert force. But if it is an ordinary dislocation, Hou Feihu should have returned and connected himself. When he closed the door and opened it again, Xu Chen took a breath of air-conditioning. He saw a group of fox like grievances. The gray air was entrenched in Hou Feihu’s shoulder, like a bite joint.

No wonder it’s a dislocated right arm. I’m afraid the fox will bite it off even if it’s connected. But Xu chendao didn’t feel that there were too many malicious killing thoughts from this resentment. Obviously, the situation is still under control.

Xu Chen looked at Bing Jiu with his spare light. Seeing that he was standing nearby, it seemed that he would come up at any time to end the farce. Xu Chen was a little relieved.


Zhao Hongtu sneered. The bow and arrow still pointed to the tip of Yu he’an’s nose and showed no mercy: “brother Hou’s arm hasn’t been connected yet. What’s the use of your apology.”


Yu Hean’s face was very ugly. He was flustered and uneasy. He grabbed Yu Hehui’s shoulder and shook it: “come on, take it back, Huihui!”


Yu Hehui’s clothes were put on Yu he’an’s back. Yu he’an shivered with the cold feeling of his heart, but he held Yu Hehui’s clothes and begged: “Huihui, we have always been our own people, Huihui.”


Yu Hehui’s feelings are particularly calm. He clearly and Yu Hean are close brothers and don’t look like each other. Yu he’an has a big face with thick eyebrows. Although his eyebrows are shrinking, he is still dignified and atmospheric. Yu Hehui has a small nose, a small face and many handsome facial features. His tail is slightly lifted. His pupils are dark. At first glance, they are ordinary. When he looks closely, he feels that his eyebrows are haunting.

“The ship will come back anyway.”

Yu Hehui said, “I just went there with my brother.”

“Or –” he smiled, his eyes cold: “don’t you believe someone will come back by boat?”

“The little fox’s nature has been exposed.”

Wang pengpai chucked his teeth and said, “fat brother, I advise you to say a word. The dead man wants to pester the living. He takes his Yangguan road and you cross your single wooden bridge. From the time of death, you two brothers have nothing to do with each other, okay? ”

“Too paranoid, this is to harm your brother, brother, you have to think clearly.”

As soon as Wang pengpai said this, Yu Hean’s body trembled, his face became paler, maintained the posture of bowing and apologizing, and his broad shoulders and back trembled. Yu Hehui stood in front of his brother, roared at the king, opened his mouth and stared at the narrow knife he didn’t know when to take out. His throat roared like a beast, and a little green light flowed in his eyes.

“Huihui, brother Wang is right.”

Yu he was uneasy. He was clumsy and could not say anything. He rubbed Yu Hehui’s head: “brother Hou is going to send the ghost baby, right? How can I name it with you, huh?”

“Darling, let’s go and be obedient.”


Yu Hehui sneered, but did not give in, and the situation was deadlocked for a moment.

“Look at your strength of life and death. Is it necessary? It’s not impossible.”

Wang surging raised his eyebrows, took out a bundle of black and gold rope and threw it to Hou Feihu: “Feihu, come and take a rope and tie it behind the boat.”

Hou Feihu subconsciously took the rope and took it in for a moment. Not only because the rope is extra light, it’s like a cloud in the bag. Also because after the black rope, he heard the familiar hotel prompt sound in his mind:

[Wang pengpai rents * * climbing rope to you]

[rent time : half an hour]

[rental fee: 1 point]

[rent or not: Yes / no]

Hou Feihu is the first time to know about the rental business of the hotel. After all, when Yu he’an lent the cowhide to them, the hotel also reminded [you got the cowhide of the cattle] and [because you didn’t have the title of ‘repay the kindness of the cattle’, the effect of the cowhide was halved], but there was no rental agreement.

Hou Feihu is not stupid. He agrees every time he hesitates. After paying 1 point, he succeeded in renting, and then looked at some properties of the rope.

[Name: * * * climbing rope]

[quality: unknown]

[name 1: tenacity]

[name 2: binding]

[name 3:?]

[please take good care of the leased items and return them to the original owner on time, otherwise the original owner will have the right to obtain your props equivalent to the leased items]


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