TTG Chapter 390

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 390: The Sahara of Death (66)

“Don’t look at his mouth!”

When Wei Xun noticed the eyes in Zhang’s mouth, Chen Cheng saw them at the same time. He was surprised and immediately reminded him that Chen Cheng thought of the eye like ring made by the black snake in He Yun’s mouth.

This thing must not be seen! Better not be seen by it! Chen Cheng immediately commanded the team members to retreat outside the crack. He was nervous and counted the number. After confirming that there were no fewer team members and no one had problems, he was a little relieved, and then his face was dignified.

The figure in the crack is not much different from normal people. It is by no means a monster such as a giant. Can we say that there are normal human beings on this journey? Or

“Team, captain.”

At this time, Yu feiluan trembled and spoke. His face was pale and almost shaky: “Captain, that man, that man seems to be brother song!”

“What are you talking about?!”

Hearing what she said, everyone in Chen Cheng brigade changed his face. Yu Hexuan grabbed his sister’s shoulder and asked again and again, “are you sure? It’s really brother song?”

“It’s him… It’s his face…”

“Brother Song said… The fierce ghost in his body will get out of control after he dies. He asked me to use the sky fire charm if he dies…”

The voice trembled, and Yu feiluan could no longer continue to speak. She leaned against her brother and burst into tears. The dark, coke like face was burned by the flame of the sky fire symbol!

Chen Cheng held the sword tightly, and the corners of his mouth closed in a straight line.

Song Feixing is second only to him in the strength of his brigade. He has the purple title of “complaining ghost”. He has a very high talent. He has a bad temper and always likes to play tricks on others. He is haunted. Many people in the team don’t want to make deep friends with him, but Chen Cheng knows that his nature is not bad. What makes Chen Cheng strange is that song Feixing has a good relationship with the shy Yu feiluan.

In a journey, he saved song Feixing and their relationship improved. Song Feixing and Chen Cheng talked about a fierce ghost hidden in his body. That was his mother. After his death, the fierce ghost might completely collapse and get out of control, so please Yu feiluan burn his body with the sky fire symbol immediately after his death.

“Master adopted me”

That time, song Feixing drank too much and looked very gentle. He talked about the very famous Taoist temple, the immortal master and the naughty younger martial brother. Younger martial brother is ten years younger than him. He was still a child when he left.

“My younger martial brother and I were adopted by master and followed his surname. Song Feixing… It was my mother’s name. Shifu said she was a good person. She entrusted me to Shifu. ”

At the age of 18, master told song Feixing about it and let him choose for himself. Song Feixing didn’t understand why the master said her mother was very good. She left him and handed him over to the master? Song Feixing chose to go down the mountain to find his biological mother and wanted to understand all this.

He looked for it for seven years until he was twenty-five. As for how he got into the hotel and why his biological mother became a fierce ghost and was brought by him, this is another story.

Chen Cheng has no chance to hear more stories. At the whale valley scenic spot, song Feixing first found that the guide in the West had a different heart. When he was unprepared, he beat the guide to zero with Chen Cheng. But then the old disabled giant woke up. Song Feixing pushed Chen Cheng away, but he was eaten alive by the old disabled giant.

He was the first victim of this journey. He saved Chen Cheng and the brigade, but they were chased and killed by the old disabled giant, but they couldn’t bury song Feixing, so they had to leave him in the vast desert.

But now Song Feixing is back.

“No, you can’t let flying star be ruined like this.”

He Yunlai clenched his fist and said sadly that he had been controlled by the black snake and knew what a terrible feeling it was. If that figure is really song Feixing, he will bring him back whatever he says!

“And brother Hao Yun, he may also –”

Hao Yun was eaten by the old disabled giant after song Feixing. He may also be in the same situation as song Feixing!

“Calm down!”

Chen Cheng snapped and whispered, “the black snake can imitate people’s voice and probably create illusions. The flying star is chewed by the giant. Even if the giant doesn’t have half of his body to eat, he can’t be a complete human shape!”

Yes, Chen Cheng is right. The more this time, the more you can’t mess with yourself. Chen Cheng solemnly ordered everyone to form a team of at least three people. There must be no one left alone and the black snake should not take advantage of it. At present, in addition to him, there are nine people in the team, who happen to form three teams. However, after arranging his teammates, Chen Cheng went to the side of the ground fissure again and stood next to Bai Laoer and director C.

Wei Xun and half life have been standing by the ground crack to observe. The figure lies motionless on the rock wall, like a deformed gecko. After Chen Cheng and his colleagues retreated, he also closed his mouth and even hid deeper. Wei Xun couldn’t observe that eye more.

“His body seems to be stitched up”

Half life seriously said that he could see through the darkness even without the flashlight. The figure was shriveled and almost dried up. The burnt marks on his face were clear, and half of his life noticed that his blackened face was cracked. There were two blood marks where his eyes should be, which looked like blood and tears.

“It’s a bit like the blood and tears of a fierce ghost. It’s related. It’s a bit like ours. It’s not like Arabia. It may be tourists.”

As soon as they finished saying half life, they heard the conversation of Chen Cheng brigade behind them, which preliminarily confirmed the identity of the figure in the ground crack. Wei Xun finally understood how he Yunlai appeared in history and how Liu Hongyu touched his body.

Song Feixing is dead. People in Chen Cheng brigade hope to bring him back. After his death, the body will not be tortured by the black snake. If he Yunlai hadn’t died at that time, Chen Cheng and they would definitely try their best to save him.

“Guide C, number one.”

At this time, Chen Cheng came and stood at the edge of the ground crack. Wei Xun and banming saw that after Chen Cheng came, the corpse figure immediately moved forward and climbed with his hands and feet, revealing most of his body, his mouth half opened and half closed, and his eyes would open all the time.

“It seems to be aimed at passengers”

Half life, I’m afraid only passengers will be used as sacrifices. Wei Xun noticed the black snake with black eyes on Chen Cheng’s arm, which was obviously given to him by He Yun.

“Team Chen, are you going down?”

He Yunlai’s black snake can deter the sand snake. He gives the snake to Chen Cheng. It goes without saying what Chen Cheng wants to do.

“That’s right.”

Chen Cheng replied, “I have to find out.”

Whether it is a sacrificial teammate or any other monster, as a captain, he must understand the danger in the ground fissure.

“Too dangerous.”

Half life is rare to take the initiative to say, “the crack is deep. Who knows where it leads.”

Indeed, the end of the ground fissure is not visible to the naked eye from top to bottom. Chen Cheng broke a cold light stick and threw it down. He saw that the cold light spot hit the rock wall several times and rolled down, getting smaller and smaller. At this time, Chen Cheng suddenly took a breath of cold air. Through the cold light, he saw the dense black shadows climbing like leeches under the rock wall, like black snakes!

He had thought that there might be another figure controlled by the black snake, but he didn’t expect that there were so many black snakes hidden in the depths of the ground fissure! The cold light flashed away, and the black snakes and corpses were motionless, completely undisturbed. The cold light was completely swallowed by the darkness, and the depth could not be seen at all. It’s like this crack is infinitely deep and connects to the abyss.

Wei Xun thought that the black snake devouring the world lived at the bottom of the world. The deepest part of the ground fissure might be the nest of the black sand giant.

These small black snakes are definitely related to the black sand giant. The small black snakes are connected from head to tail, like circles of eyes. Can they be the “eyes” left by the black sand giant to monitor the sun altar? The crack in the earth is slowly opening to one eye!

At the beginning of the earth rift, black snakes appear. It’s time for them to find new sacrifices to make Anka completely degenerate. If you want to destroy black sand’s plan, you must blind it. Wei Xun has a lot of flash powder in his hand, but he is not in a hurry to use his cards directly.

“Bailaoer, please.”

Wei xunzheng’er’s eight classics said that half his life knew what he wanted to do. He wants to take risks and let the corn shoots swallow the black snakes! Anyway, David’s black snake is still in its fake mouth, and the black snakes in the ground crack can be regarded as their own snakes. How much can they deceive? By the way, see if these snakes have IQ and how deep they are connected with black sand.

David snake will leave in half an hour. Wei Xun is like a capitalist who squeezes employees. He wants to use David to the extreme!

Chen Cheng held his breath and looked at the bright yellow worm quietly drilling into the ground crack, opening his mouth and spitting out a large number of black snakes. This scene made people feel numb. He clenched the Hanshan sword and was always ready to move, while banming and Wei Xun also focused on the movement of corn shoots under the ground crack.

It was even smoother than they thought. In the presence of David snake, the black snakes had no resistance and ate all the corn shoots when they came. Only the corpse figure was quick and seemed to be haunted by some special black fog. David black snakes and corn shoots tentacles couldn’t wrap around it and watched it climb rapidly to the darkness under the ground crack.

But the corn shoot has a unique skill. Seeing that the prey wanted by his father is about to escape, it immediately opens its mouth, and the other false mouth formed by countless tentacles is the flash powder of a huge ox horn! Wei Xun can’t let the corpse slip away, but he also thinks these black snakes will never be so easy to deal with.

They can be used as the eyes of the black sand giant to monitor the sun altar. Wei Xun directly regards them as opponents with the same strength as the queen of the sun spider and Yvette. Maybe a more terrible black snake is about to appear in the deep crack of the ground, but Wei Xun had the corn shoots ready with a mouthful of glitter powder. At the same time, he took out his scarlet cloak and held the madman’s knife to prepare for the next battle.


But at the moment when Wei Xun put on his scarlet cloak, he made a sound of surprise. Seeing that the corn shoots were about to spit out, he had no time to shut up. He immediately took the corn shoots back into the magic insect ball. In a hurry, without considering communicating with half his life, Wei Xun jumped directly into the ground crack and rushed to the dried corpse——

The scarlet cloak had a weak reaction to the corpse! Wei Xun will never let it go even if he hasn’t found out!

“Entangle him!”

Without paying attention, Wei Xun jumped down the ground crack, and half his life jumped down without hesitation. Chen Cheng, who is next to him, is no slower than him at all – Guide C suddenly jumps down the ground crack. Chen Cheng thinks he is controlled by the black snake and the situation is dangerous. Of course, he has to save people!

The nearly vertical steep rock wall had almost no place to settle down, and Wei Xun didn’t step on any buffer. He fell vertically as fast as he could, and fell fiercely and directly on the body of the corpse entangled by David’s snakes. He stabbed it into its shoulder bone to stabilize his body. Wei Xun has been in contact with many mummies in northern Tibet, but this mummy is the hottest. Its body is as hot as fire, and it can burn people through the guide’s cloak.

At a close distance, Wei Xun felt the change of the scarlet cloak! Where he could not see, the color of one corner of the cloak became more and more black, like a shadow of crimson and nearly black blood. The feeling of this mummy became more and more gloomy and strange, but the next moment, a peach wood sword directly penetrated the sky cover of the mummy from top to bottom!

“What did you do?”

Half life Taoist arrived! Wei Xun didn’t care to explain. Half his life saw that Wei Xun wanted the corpse. The peach wood sword only pierced the tianlinggai, controlled the fierce ghost, and didn’t kill the corpse completely. In such a second or two, countless small black snakes sprang out of the crack of the dried corpse’s skull. David’s snakes lit a fire around them to control the dried corpse, but the dried corpse and the black snake were not afraid of fire. They could only be trapped but could not burn to death.

The big mouth was completely cracked, just like a crack in the face. A lot of small black snakes climbed outward, not only the mouth, but also the holes all over its body! Those black snakes are all connected end to end. The small circle bites its tail, and several snakes bite together in the large circle, like a vortex and a circle of eyes.

“Come on, blind it!”

David snake cried urgently. Everyone present felt an evil and cold power, which was very similar to the feeling when the black sand giant appeared on the hunting ground. Black sand can be ‘transmitted’ with its eyes. It can transmit everything it sees.

Needless to say, David Xun directly pasted a layer of glitter powder on the giant eye to be formed, but did not kill all the black snakes. He invited Dieda to wrap the dried corpse into a cocoon with cocoon silk, and then jumped deeper – there was also a dried corpse hidden there, which was the second person sacrificed by Chen Cheng brigade!

The scarlet cloak on the man did not respond. Wei Xun did not hesitate to paste his head and face with a large amount of glitter powder, and then repeated his old technique to let Dieda use “distortion” to pollute the dried corpse and black snake, and then wrap them up. Wei Xun also wanted to explore the deeper part of the ground fissure. The deeper he went, the more terrible the sense of pollution became. Wei Xun’s cheek was slightly itchy and grew several black granulations. As he guessed, I’m afraid the deep part of the ground fissure belongs to the black sand giant!

But it’s a pity that their strength can’t match the hard steel of black sand, and David snake’s time is running out. After searching for another ten minutes, under the condition of increasing pollution, they finally returned to the ground, left avant-garde Xun and poured a large amount of flash powder into the ground crack.

Hearing the deafening roar, more than a dozen giant fossil trees fell down in the petrochemical forest, and the cracked earth closed strangely and slowly after he sprinkled flash powder. Finally, only a dark crack with a palm width of 100 meters was left, just like a giant closing his eyes.

“Hiss, you’d better activate the sun altar!”

David snake quickly reminded him a few minutes before he disappeared, “he won’t be afraid for too long!”

The black sand giant’s eyes are closed, but who knows how many eyes he has? The flash powder poured by Wei Xun is the key to frighten it. If nothing unexpected, these flash powders representing the believer Semites will make the black sand giant worry about whether they will attract the attention of the sun.

But Anka will hatch in the early morning of this evening. If it doesn’t degenerate in the deepest night, it won’t succeed. There was not much time left for Wei Xun and them. David left at 11 o’clock. They had only one hour at most. Wei Xun did not hesitate to let David snake say a few words before he left.

[it has closed its eyes]

[keep your promise!]

The fossil tree on the edge of the petrified forest was not affected by the earthquake, and was quiet as usual. But the hot wind brought the resonance of the flame. The dark red corpse like figure in the tree cave gradually expanded, floating like smoke and fire clouds, and condensed into the figure of Yvette.

These two sentences were repeated three times. At first, evelett didn’t believe it, but he felt carefully that the evil and strange power had disappeared!

“Did they really do it?”

Yvette’s face was changeable, but her eyebrows were locked. He promised to deal with the rebellious God servant sun spider, but he cunningly didn’t set a time. If Vulcan forces him to go to Yvette, there are many reasons – the blasphemer is too powerful and evil, and his eyes have been watching here. Hasty action will only scare the snake, not to mention that the blasphemer has mastered the terrible and strange power, and even his Yvette can’t defeat him. If Yvette kills the sun spider and is found by the blasphemer, Yvette will die.

Either the Vulcan defeats the blasphemer first, or promises to swear that Yvette will not die. It’s not easy to do it anyway.

But now the blasphemer’s eyes are really closed! The God of fire and the fire snake forced each other. Yvette had no reason to delay. What’s more, he felt the pious and pure energy (flash powder). It was this energy that purified the dark forces!

That vague sense of familiarity made evelett afraid. He suspected that the God of fire might have brought many devout sun believers or sun powder! Do they really want to activate the sun altar? At the thought of this, Yvette dared not hesitate any more and said in a sullen voice:

[Yvette has always kept his promise. I will bring the God servant to you before zero]

Although it seems humble and soft to use you, in fact, the killing idea in evelett’s heart is becoming more and more prosperous. He doesn’t want the sun altar to be activated! Yvette did these things in the end, which can be called betrayal of the gods. God, who has forgotten him for countless years, will not expect his mercy.

Evelett just wants to make everything completely chaotic! Blasphemers, God servants, altars and God of fire. They fight together and even break the altar of the sun, which is his good opportunity for evelette to be free!

At the thought of this, most of the flame of Yvette rushed into the underground cave to deal with those God slaves and servants. The other half of the flame floated outside – the two powerful beasts and demons are probably coveting the power of the God of fire. Maybe it’s a good idea to add them to the scuffle.

Even Wei Xun was a little relieved to see that the power of Yvette really poured into the underground cave. He can’t believe ivlet. Fools believe it. Wei Xun replaced himself with evelett and could easily figure out what he wanted to do – I’m afraid he would look for the silver moon killer and the lizard Duke to make the water more muddy.

But this is also Wei Xun’s idea. He is thinking about a plan. The more muddy the water is, the more strong people participate, the easier it will be. But that’s also zero point. Now David snake has left, and those black snakes have been swallowed by corn shoots. All of them gathered around the two mummies wrapped in cocoon silk.

The mummy at the back is still struggling and twisting, but the mummy pierced by half of his life seems to be stunned and motionless. If it weren’t for the scarlet cloak and induction, Wei Xun doubted whether it had been killed by half his life.

At the moment, he no longer hid his scarlet cloak. The people of Chen Cheng brigade knew it well and showed no surprise. They all mourned and stood by the two mummies. He Yunlai’s eyes were red and pinched his black snake.

If it weren’t for director C, I’m afraid he would also be a member of the mummy.

“Stay away from them. The black snake is still sealed inside.”

Wei Xun reminded that although he wanted to study the special mummy, now is not the time. His eyes fell on Liu Hongyu – the dried corpse was wrapped like this. He could not be dissected and it was difficult to be killed by the black snake.

But was it really a black snake that killed him?

Although there was Zhu Yuande’s prediction, Wei Xun was thinking before. Anka Phoenix degenerates and devours the human soul. Liu Hongyu is attacked by the black snake, which is likely to fall into a state of suspended death, and then taken away by the black snakes to Anka Phoenix.

After Anka swallowed his soul, it is also possible that the black snakes killed his flesh and body.

Do people die when their souls die, or when their hearts stop beating?

This seems like a philosophical problem, but it is in front of Wei Xun.

Wei Xun goes to Tang Shuang and asks him to untie the bandage. Wei Xun observed the stone eggs in his abdomen.

If the soul is dead, the Anka Phoenix is the one who killed Liu Hongyu.

In other words, Liu Hongyu is not dead tonight. The person who wants to kill him is likely to be attached to ankafeng’s eggs like David snake.

Wei Xun held the stone egg in Tang Shuang’s belly. It absorbed a lot of pollution. The whole stone egg became different. The color was changing to golden red, but half of the color was still dark and had not been completely transformed. Wei Xun’s eyes fell on the crack at the top of the stone egg,

The crack seems to be getting bigger. During the day, Wei Xun saw that the stone egg crack was dark, but now at night, when Wei Xun looked into the crack again, he felt that there seemed to be something in it!

When he was far away, he couldn’t really see it. Wei Xun leaned over to see it, and his face was almost in front of the stone egg. He carefully stared at the crack of the stone egg. Suddenly, it was cold. There was a bloody giant eye in the stone egg. It stared at Wei Xun through the crack.


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