TTG Chapter 391

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 391: The Sahara of Death (67)

Sure enough, the stone eggs will move at night!

The pupil is huge, and the whole crack is almost filled. When you think of the size of the stone egg, it’s like there’s only one eye in the whole stone egg. Wei Xun and Xuesi giant looked at each other for a while. Suddenly, he stretched out his finger and buckled it into the crack of the stone egg!

“Hiss -”

Tang Shuang took a breath of air-conditioning. He felt the stone egg bounce suddenly and hit his ribs! At that moment, it was painful. Tang Shuang almost felt that he was going to have a bone fracture.

“What’s the matter?!”

Hearing that Tang Shuang sucked the air conditioner, the crowd asked anxiously. Tang Shuang lifted up his clothes and asked guide C to observe the stone eggs closely. They were too close. The onlookers couldn’t see what they had made there. They could only see guide C’s head covered by his hood.

“No, it’s okay.”

Tang Shuang gradually eased his pain. Strangely, although he was covered with cold sweat, his muscles and bones seemed to relax. He just went to the massage shop to do a full set of massage. He couldn’t be comfortable.

“I’m fine, really.”

Tang Shuang is also curious. What did director C do?

Wei Xun poked two fingers into the crack of the stone egg and stirred it around. Unfortunately, he didn’t “touch” any big worms. The space inside the stone egg is not as big as it looks from the table. The interior is like infinity. Indeed, it is extraordinary. Wei Xun put out his finger and simply filled it with Vulcan pollution.

He felt that Anka Phoenix had not been completely tamed and transformed. He was not a little hostile to him. The first reaction was to absorb a lot of energy to become stronger and break the shell in advance. At the same time, he absorbed a lot of pollution from Tang Shuang and Huoshen, and the transformation progress increased sharply.

Would you like to stir it up and let the Anka Phoenix hatch in advance?

Wei xunro thought and took back his fingers, but he had better forget it.

If the person corresponding to Chen Cheng is an enemy, blood baron or lizard Duke, the uncultivated stone eggs can be better controlled than the hatched Phoenix.

“Why isn’t David awake?”

In the petrified forest, the horse Katie made countless rounds, and the sand was trampled by her.

“Soon, his soul will return at 11 p.m.”

The psychic Lily whispered and paused. She looked aside and said, “I’m more worried about the captain.”

It is said that mysticism is used to contain the silver moon killer and let an Xuefeng enter the petrochemical forest, so as to take care of David and share the secret information of the battlefield. However, the astrologer never gains little from doing one thing – he only looks at fate.

Since it was fate that made him choose, the astrologer could not let Katie and Lily besiege the silver moon – he would personally fight the last silver moon killer to get the answer given to him by fate. However, the astrologer is now limited by the hotel and can’t do his best. He can’t get the upper hand with the silver moon killer blessed by the lizard Duke, so the astrologer uses a clever move.

At the moment, the astrologer was sleeping in a tent not far from David. He released his soul. At the moment when Lily and Katie shot, he caught off guard and entangled the soul of silver moon with his soul.

This is very risky, because the lizard Duke is around the silver moon. Although the silver moon killer is not good at soul invasion, when the lizard Duke is here, he cannot be disturbed by the spiritual pollution of the astrologer, and the astrologer’s soul is unstable, which is more prone to accidents.

If David could persuade the astrologer, but David couldn’t sleep, Katie and Lily couldn’t persuade at all. They had to guard the astrologer and David’s body with worry.

“My God, I’m so worried. David, wake up.”

Seeing that the sky was getting darker and darker, Katie was very anxious. She squatted down and poked David’s forehead in the “fan” and accidentally pulled several of his hair. On weekdays, David is very valuable for his hair. Katie and her family also occasionally met David’s brother in reality. At the age of ten, he is half bald. It is said that his family has this gene, which is shared by his parents and grandparents.

David is a good hair care product. He takes care of his hair carefully. On weekdays, he pays no less attention to the maintenance of his hair than women. His hair is very thick and of good quality. Katie couldn’t help grabbing a few more of his hair, but the next moment her wrist was suddenly gripped.

“Well, little kitty, a lady shouldn’t wake people up in such a savage way.”

David is awake! He opened his eyes, looked at his hands and sighed, “God, it’s better to feel hands and feet -”

“Go and see the captain!”

Katie is not a lady. She kicked David’s ass with a rude horse’s hoof and hurriedly dragged him up and dragged him to the edge of the tent. On the way, David listened to the whispered story of the psychic lily, and his face became gloomy. Without Katie urging him any more, he bent down and got into the tent, and then directly hugged the sleepy astrologer out with his sleeping bag.

The next second, he looked east.


“Over there.”

David felt the power of evelett! As he expected, it will certainly set out to deal with the divine servants when oppressing evelett, but with evelett’s cunning, it may also allocate some forces to contact the silver moon killers and want to cooperate with them.

C had expected this early in the morning, but it seemed that this was what he wanted to see. He didn’t ask David to help solve that part of Yvette. David didn’t mention it.

Now he can directly lock the position of the silver moon killer through evelett’s flame energy!

No longer hesitated, the fire dragon possessed David directly opened the Dragon Wings and rushed with the astrologer in his arms.

Astrologers pester the silver moon killer. There’s a lizard Duke over there. It’s a good chance to do it!

“Looks like you’re in some trouble?”

Coincidentally, the lizard Duke is connected with the spirit of the silver moon killer. When evelett wants to trap the astrologer together, he comes. As soon as he saw the powerful and terrible wolf, he was unconscious. Only a golden lizard lay on the wolf’s shoulder and stared at him coldly.

This made Yvette a little relieved and complacent. It seems that the giant wolf was hurt in the war with him. It’s a good opportunity to talk about cooperation!

“Calm down, calm down, there were some misunderstandings before.”

Yvette said magnanimously, “Yvette won’t blame you for your action. Our common enemy, isn’t it?”

He sighed and said around what he said, “the solar energy blocks the brilliance of the silver moon. We don’t want the sun to rise again -”


The lizard Duke scolded coldly. At the moment when the stupid flame giant appeared, he forcibly called back the silver moon killer. The plan to besiege the astrologer failed. The opportunity to seize the journey of ten degrees north latitude and butterfly fragments disappeared again. A steady stream of dirty words were scolded from the lizard Duke, mocking and insulting.

As long as Yvette is scolded for losing his intelligence and approaching the hand, the silver moon killer who pretends to be still sleepy can immediately burst into Anti killing!

Unfortunately, evelett didn’t understand. It can understand the resonance of fire, the resonance of soul and ancient Arabic, but he can’t understand the modern English with these spoken languages. Looking at the little golden lizard, he said a lot of words with a cold face. It must be afraid of him, afraid of him, and threatening him with bluff.

Ah, evelett’s understanding was replaced by soul resonance, and he said his words again.

“The sun?”

The lizard Prince moved in his heart and stopped his curse. He seemed to think of something. If he thought, his eyes narrowed slightly.

“Oh, great Yvette, we really need your help.”

The next second, the tone of the lizard Duke suddenly softened. He connected with evelett’s soul resonance and showed the suspicious, eager and hopeful emotion incisively and vividly, “but what do we have to pay?”

“You don’t have to pay anything. Yvette is a kind spirit. After all, our goals are the same.”

Yvette laughed. “Those who want to wake up the sun should not appear on this earth.”

“Go back…”


David, who was flying towards the location of the silver moon killer, stopped suddenly in the air and looked at the man in his arms. The astrologer opened his eyes, his face became more and more pale, and his lips were not half blood. Soul power consumption made him feel weak, but David immediately lit a magic flame to burn the astrologer.

They have been together for ten years. Even without a guide, astrologers can supplement their power with David’s magic flame – it’s more like David transmitting his energy to him, which is also an alternative power connection.

Soon the astrologer recovered more than half, and Katie and Lily arrived. When they returned to the temporary camp, the astrologer quickly spoke briefly of the enlightenment he had received from the silver moon killer.

“The soul power of the silver moon killer has weakened.”

The astrologer said, “me too.”

Everyone frowned at what he said. The reason why the astrologer’s soul power may be limited, assisted by the silver moon killer lizard Duke, how can this happen?

“Is it pollution?”

“It’s silver moon. What do they hide to consume soul power?”

Katie Lily guessed, but David frowned if he thought, and said to him when the astrologer looked at him, “is it the sun, moon and star?”

The sun is God’s left, the moon is God’s right, and the stars are God’s disciplinary light. They are connected to each other. The strength of the moon and the stars has weakened, saying that the energy of the sun is weakening.

Why does the sun weaken?

The conspiracy of the black sand giant.

The black sand giant is the butterfly fragment of the ancient oasis, so it can calculate the God. It is the key to a journey of ten degrees north latitude. What is hostile to it and represents myth is likely to be another line of the journey of ten degrees north latitude!

With the weak power of the silver moon killer and the evidence of David, the astrologer speculated directly!

“C one, they count this line.”

David said directly, “I don’t think Duke lizard will help.”

Yvette went to them secretly. The lizard Duke was not a fool, and he could infer it.

In the past, Chen Cheng used to be the Heisha giant line. He cleared the customs and got butterfly fragments on the whole journey. Even if he did it again, he just made wedding clothes for others. They couldn’t get anything.

But the sun line that has never been before is different. They are likely to gain more!

However, the problem is that now they are the “enemies” of Chen Cheng’s brigade, while C-I has become a tour guide of Chen Cheng’s brigade. Even the best of the solar line will be obtained by the people in the third camp. They don’t care about mysticism, but the lizard Duke will never accept this result!

“Of course he will help.”

The astrologer smiled faintly. “Do you help kill the black sand giant and connect the solar line first, but what is it to activate the solar altar? If you don’t expect, I’m afraid you can really summon the virtual shadow of the sun when the stars gather with the power of the silver moon and the believers pray devoutly.”

“Ran -”

Astrologers five fingers together, down all “kill the sun.”

David suddenly got goose bumps on his back and subconsciously retorted, “isn’t this equal to destroying a journey of ten degrees north latitude?!” Killing the key people at the moment of opening up is very likely to destroy the ten degree journey of north latitude that has not been completely opened up! The journey to that ten degrees north latitude collapses and the pollution overflows. Everyone will be instantly polluted. It is the most terrible disaster!

“Is he crazy about the power of ten degrees north latitude?”

David can’t believe that even if these pollution will be mixed with ten degrees north latitude pollution, the risk is not directly proportional to the gain! However, when you think about it carefully, it is true that this is the means by which the lizard Duke can win the power of ten degrees north latitude as soon as possible.

“They must be stopped -”

Katie couldn’t help but “insert” her mouth, but Lily was deep in thought. She asked softly, “David, didn’t Bingyi let you stop evelette from contacting the silver moon killer?”

David shook his head. “No, he probably didn’t expect the lizard Duke. They’ll be so crazy. Katie’s right. We have to –”

“Hiss, crazy?”

The astrologer chuckled, “they are so crazy.”

“How do you know that Bingyi doesn’t think so?”

“That’s ruining a journey of ten degrees north latitude! Bingyi, Bingyi, he…”

Normal people think so! It’s amazing for David that Bingyi wants to stand on the opposite side of the black sand giant and try to open up a different ten degree north latitude journey, but if he wants to go further and even use the lizard Duke to destroy the whole journey, it’s too

Too greedy, too ahead, people feel terrible. This is not only a reward for opening up the journey of ten degrees north latitude, but also something that wants the journey to be destroyed! If he is too greedy and controls everything secretly, is he not afraid to roll over??

“Hum, ha ha.”

But David’s mood was disturbed by the astrologer’s laughter before he was fully raised. Astrologers rarely laugh. He is ironically aroused by the corners of his mouth. It’s really rare to laugh.

David stayed in the hotel for ten years, but he was still normal, so he didn’t understand them crazy.

What is a journey? It’s just a journey of ten degrees north latitude. What’s more, it’s just a repeat of the scene here.

Only by summoning the sun, betraying the sun, killing the sun, and completely collapsing this ten degree north latitude journey, can pollution get out of control make the sun crazy.

That’s the crazy sun!

C 1 probably wants to see what the crazy sun is and if it is formed! After all——

Thinking of someone, the astrologer’s laughter stopped and his expression became cold.

“Don’t worry about them.”

He said, “I’m likely to lose my soul in the early morning tonight. You protect me. It’s up to the lizard Duke. They won’t doubt it.”

The astrologer said, his double slightly closed, as if vague pictures flashed before. When the lizard Duke joined him in the fight with the soul of the silver moon killer, he saw some pictures faintly. Now when David came back, the original blurred pictures became clearer and clearer in front of him, adding several scenes he hadn’t seen before.

He seemed to hear the roar and the cracking vibration of the earth. Overhead is the dark sky. He seems to have been hiding in the depths of the earth. The earth is splitting in his position. He climbs on the nearly vertical rock wall and waits quietly for something.

This is the story of He Yun seen by the astrologer through David! “Mao” was extremely tenacious. Even if he was controlled by the black snake and turned into a mummy, he didn’t die. The mummy climbed on the rock wall and waited quietly until the light of a flashlight came from his head.

In history, Chen Cheng brigade finally found the undead he Yunlai! Without hesitation, they went down the ground fissure. After a hard battle with other black snakes, they successfully brought he Yunlai out. The ground fissure closed in the roar, as if it had never appeared.

He Yunlai was taken back to the camp and was urgently rescued by Doctor Liu Hongyu. No one knew what had happened to him. Liu Hongyu just suspected that there might be something wrong with the yellow sand he swallowed into his stomach, but he Yunlai’s stomach was empty by laparotomy. The black snakes had long hidden in he Yunlai’s throat and waited quietly.

Liu Hongyu has nothing to do with he Yunlai, but he refuses to give up hope. He was busy late at night. When Chen Cheng and Tang Shuang were ready to explore the ground fissure again, they were exhausted and went to heal other teammates. Liu Hongyu didn’t notice that he Yunlai, who had been motionless, quietly opened his mouth to his back. Black snakes surrounded him in his throat.

Tong Fu, who was with Liu Hongyu, found the difference in the first room. She killed the black snake with her double knives, but it was too late. He Yun suddenly got up and spewed a lot of black snakes out of her mouth. Tong Fu couldn’t kill her with her double knives at all. Liu Hongyu burst out a powerful force, hugged her tightly and stood between the black snake and her. He refused to let Tong Fu cry and struggle.

Chen Chengjian killed all the black snakes in less than five minutes, but it was too late.

When it was all over, Liu Hongyu still held Tong Fu tightly and refused to let go. His hand was like being welded, but he was “dead.”

With the help of the scene David saw, he Yunlai died instantly when all the black snakes left he Yunlai’s body. But Liu Hongyu was not killed by the black snake.

The astrologer had a faint premonition that he seemed to see the snake sneaking into Liu Hongyu’s body, like a sign, which also made Liu Hongyu enter a certain state of death. If people find it, or people will purify it, Liu Hongyu will save it.

But there was too little room left for Chen Cheng’s brigade. The astrologer vaguely felt that he had become a big black “color” invisible bird, quietly flew into the crowd at zero and fell on Liu Hongyu.

Chen Cheng and others are too weak. They can’t see the bird at all. Even Tong Fu, crying and holding Liu Hongyu’s body, didn’t know that the big black bird’s eyes boldly swallowed Liu Hongyu’s soul.

Liu Hongyu can no longer be rescued.

Astrologer Bai, he can see that because he corresponds to Liu Hongyu.

If the bird fails to swallow Liu Hongyu’s soul, his soul will go to the bird, just like David snake.

The astrologer looked at it. It’s eleven or twenty.

Forty minutes from zero.

“So, can Phoenix really hatch from this stone egg?”

In the petrochemical forest, everyone sat around the campfire to discuss the stone eggs in Tang Shuang’s belly. After listening to director C’s words, Tang Shuang was surprised and covered his stomach. “I really believe it. Director C, don’t tease me. It’s really not a big snake egg?”


Wei Xun felt the news from Nezha’s spirit. From the underground cave to deal with the sun spider Wei Xun secretly invited the lively Nezha spirit out and asked him to monitor Yvette.

Nezha’s spirit counted the fire, and Wei Xun’s ignorance of the true fire was the same as him. Yvette would only think it was the surveillance of the God of fire, and would work harder. But the sun spider is not easy to deal with. Yvette can’t bring the sun spider back in a short time.

The problem is zero.

Zero, Anka hatches, Liu Hongyu dies, Yu’s brother and sister and Zhu Yuande fall into a nightmare. There are too many things to do. Wei Xun first took the stone egg back from Tang Shuang. The provincial counterpart Liu Hongyu would hurt Tang Shuang if he attached himself to the stone egg.

“You don’t know another name of song Feixing?”

In the last few tens of minutes, Wei Xun hurriedly asked song Feixing about the two cocooned corpses. Wei Xun let the corn shoots swallow them into his false mouth, but he was still worried that he could not take them out of the journey, so he hurriedly asked.

Song Feixing’s mother gave him the surname song, which may be his father’s surname song, or he followed his mother’s surname. If the blood and tears on song Feixing’s face are the most trace left by his feeding of the fierce ghost, and the fierce ghost is his mother, their family is likely to be close to Hongjiang.

However, Chen Cheng and them didn’t know song Feixing’s family affairs, so Wei Xun thought about song Feixing’s master in the Taoist temple.

He was able to entrust the child to him instead of the hotel orphanage. He said that the master had an extraordinary status and was more trustworthy.

Unfortunately, this road is not smooth.

“I don’t know. Feixing never mentioned his name.”

Chen Cheng sighed, “Feixing said that raising imps is a taboo in their view. After raising fierce ghosts, his appearance has changed very much… His master is very decent and respected. He violated the sect ghost and humiliated the school. He has no face to see his master again and is not worthy to mention the name raised by his master, so he is just song Feixing.”

Wei Xun changed his script and asked several times, but the results were all the same. After listening to song Feixing and Chen Cheng, he really didn’t know the other name Chen Cheng.

“Hey, it’s really strict.”

Half of my life was very sad to hear this, and whispered to Wei xunbi, “it’s said that I’m learning the method of Maoshan sect. Raising zombies is also for our temple. No, I’m my master’s closed disciple. My master loves me. He’s also the temple leader. I’ll just take a few times with the ruler. Although he scolded me that he had to break my leg before, that’s to say, no one dared to say anything when I took Yu Xiangyang back several times.”

“Didn’t you come from Maoshan?”

Wei Xun is curious. He always thinks that half life and Mao Xiaole are Maoshan’s. after all, half life Mao token is Maoshan’s sword.

“Oh, of course not. This is my chance to change my life.”

The half life Taoist smiled and said, “you see, my God’s question is not the same as here. Alas, there’s no way. If I lose half my life, my life has changed!”

Wei Xun Ruo thought about it and asked, “disciples are adopted. It shouldn’t be common to follow master’s surname.”

Wei Xun found out what he asked Chen Cheng. Half life comes from the eight meridians Taoist temple. He should have a better understanding of this aspect from his small ears and eyes!

“Where? The Taoist priest who picked up children as his disciples is very. Master Mao Xiaole is here, and so is my master. If the parents of the children they picked up didn’t name their names and their bones were good enough to be liked by the master, they would almost all have the surname of the master, both as sons and apprentices. ”

Half life smiled and said, “Mao Xiaole’s master’s surname is Mao, my master’s surname is Cen, and all my disciples are Cen. Return that who, that who… ”

Mao Xiaole

Wei Xun frowns. When Yu he’an disappeared, an Xuefeng led a team to look for clues to visit master Mao Xiaole’s Taoist temple, which was involved.

Only song Feixing is 25 years old when he entered the journey. If his younger martial brother is 10 years younger than him, he is about 15 years old. It has been 20 years since Chen Cheng’s generation. In addition, if his younger martial brother lives to the present, he will be no less than 15 years old. He is the same age as an Xuefeng.

Although Mao Xiaole can’t be song Feixing’s junior apprentice according to his age, and his master is only his apprentice, an Xuefeng is a policeman. According to the income standard of Hongjiang, will master Mao Xiaole’s Taoist temple and Hongjiang pass?

Suddenly, Wei Xun’s eyes fell on half life.

The relationship between metaphysics and Hongjiang will only be deeper.

“Half life, how old are you this year?”

Wei Xun asked Leng Buding.

“Oh, it’s just a little younger than the ANN team and the hippies.”

Half life Taoist smiled. He is now a young model. Even a bad smile only looks naughty and cute.

The first half of my life was a 14-year-old model. This was 20 years ago. It can match the age of younger martial brother song Feixing!

“Half life, why did you come to the hotel?”

Wei Xun asked, just one age is nothing, but he suddenly found that he knew too little about half life Taoist.

“I don’t remember”

But half his life sighed. He knocked his head and said, “I’ve forgotten too much… No, it doesn’t matter. I should find all the things I’ve forgotten after this trip with you!”



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